An Only Child is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His album, ‘Prepare The Body,’ came out in December and was played enough on BTRtoday programming that he was named Top Artist of the Week on March 19th of this year. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features music from Stank Nitty, Money Mogly, Visionaries, and more.
This week I've got UK-based indie musician Zoey Mead, aka Wyldest!
Today features music from ElCamino, L-Biz, Kev Brown & J Scienide, and more.
Listen to the brand new self-titled album from Phoneboy & a chat with the indie-pop trio.
Joyful Noise Recordings is an Indianapolis-based eclectic indie label begun in 2003 by Karl Hofstetter. In this episode, we'll hear a ton of great music from the label's releases, along with an interview with Karl where we cover the label's beginnings, the importance of physical art objects, and how Joyful Noise has found success in super-serving fans and finding creative ways to support artists.
Shenna is a Syrian-African American pop artist based in New York City. Her single, “Try Another Taste,” dropped last year and is available on all streaming platforms. And she has new music on the way soon! This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features music from Stalley, Bumpy Knuckles, Justo The MC & DK, Tef, and more.
This week I chat w/ Los Esplifs from Arizona & spin their newest album '¡ESTRAIK BACK!' a day before its official release.
Manny Nomikos on the roles of identity and the pandemic in his music. Plus a discussion of the Paul Greengrass/Tom Hanks movie, ‘New of the World.’ And music by Veronica Bianqui & LAPÊCHE.
Today features music from Eloh Kush x Ras Beats, Justo The MC & DK, Montener The Menace, and more.
This week I feature Dutch rockers Queen's Pleasure—we chat & spin their newest EP 'Panic From Dublin' along w/ a past seven-inch. 
Mel Fine is a non-binary singer/songwriter based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their single “In Between,” which served as their coming out announcement, was released in January. [youtubelg][/youtubelg] This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features music from MeRCY, Roc Marciano, Ryck Jane, and more.
This week I chat politics & music w/ Kentucky's very own S.G. Goodman with her old-school country vibe & fresh Americana sound.
Jon Solomon joins us in this episode to talk about his long-running NJ-based record label, Comedy Minus One. Along the way we dip into his previous label, My Pal God Records, and get an exclusive announcement about an upcoming surprise release from Comedy Minus One.
Today features music from T.R.A.C., The Visionaries, Omen44, and more.
This week we chat w/Oceanator about pandemic life, music-making—past, present, & future—& spin her 2020 album 'Things I Never Said.'
In this episode we're featuring the Columbus, Ohio-based label, Lonely Ghost records, with a ton of great music and a chat with John and Shane about the young label's beginnings, their unique approach to working with artists and building community, and their expanding list of projects.
Sci-Fi is a Trans rapper based in Minnesota. Her album ‘Too Late Nights’ dropped in 2019 and she recently released the single “Bloom,” which is available now on all streaming platforms. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features music from Bumpy Knuckles x Nottz, Billy Danze, Saga, and more.
This week we chat with Canadian indie rock artist Jeen O-Brien aka JEEN.
Today features music from Lyric Jones, Dynasty, Young Old Soul, Liv East, and more.
A playlist of songs perfect to kick off your spring by female musicians who've been featured on The Music Meetup.
Aliah Sheffield is the singer/songwriter also known as Nikkie Aliah. Her song, “Earth is Ghetto,” recently went viral and she chatted with Nikkiesha about what led her to her viral moment, her musical inspirations, and what she hopes and plans to do next… oh, and tequila. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features music from Kev Brown & J Scienide, Johnny Burgos, Billy NoJokes, and more.
This week we chat with Human Growth—a gritty and raw rock 'n' roll band based in Copenhagen, Denmark & spin their debut album 'Reflex.' 
In this episode we're checking in with musician, podcaster, and record label owner Charlotte Carpenter of the UK-based artist-led label and community, Babywoman Records!
Today features music from Kev Brown & J Scienide, MC WhiteOwl, ELLI$, and more.
This week I chat with solo artist Lydia Luce & listen to her newest album 'Dark River'—tune in!
Mackenzie Shivers is a NYC based independent singer/songwriter. Her latest album, Rejection Letter, will be out on April 2nd. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features Loops & Lullabies by Young Old Soul.
A chat with Anya Marina & listen to the live recording of her show in NYC for her newest album.
Near Mint is an Indiana-based record label "with a passion for art & physical media." In this episode, I speak with the label's founder/own, Corey Purvis, about the label's history, unique vinyl pressings, reissues, and his artwork.
Today features music from Tragedy Khadafi, Roc Marciano, Ryck Jane, and more.
Ok Cowgirl is a dream-rock project fronted by singer/songwriter Leah Lavigne, currently splitting time between Detroit and Brooklyn. For this episode, the band delivers a memorable rooftop performance, and joins us from Detroit and Brooklyn for a conversation covering their musical past (full of meet-cute stories), and the challenges of relaunching a project during a pandemic.
This week I spin new and old tracks from Francis of Delirium and chat with frontwoman Jana Bahrich!
In this episode, we're featuring the Philadelphia-based "artist friendly, socially conscious" record label, The Giving Groove. Co-founder Matt Teacher joins us for a great conversation about the label's first few years, it's unique mission statement, and much more!
The Queer Songbook Orchestra is a 13-piece chamber pop ensemble based in Toronto that focuses on surfacing queer narratives in pop music. They released “Medicine for Melancholy” with Bonjay in November of last year. Nikkiesha spoke with Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, a poet in the group in mid-January. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features music from and more Prestigious & Ras Beats, Frank Knight & Chuck LaWayne, Greenlights Music, and more.
We know the holiday is cheesy, but we're desperate for any reason to celebrate love this year—why not do it with cool tunes?
Today features music from Wize Crack & Byrd Land, Bumpy Knuckles x Snoop Dogg, DMC, Ras Kass, and more.
This week I chat with Black Haüs, a four-piece band based in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Delilia Black is a queer Haitian musician and performance artist originally from Port Au Prince, but now based in London. While hopping among genres, the music could be called Alt-Americana or as Delila puts it: “Electro-Mountain, Country-Noire, Punk-Country, Afro-Billy, Roots-Rodeo-Rocknroll.” This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Today features music from Saga, Visionaries, Greenlights Music, and more.
Catch a chat w/ Jocelyn Mackenzie AND an exclusive preview to her debut album 'PUSH.'
Today features an interview with Frank Knight & Chuck LaWayne.
This week I feature the founding father of idiosyncratic soul Jerry Williams Jr. aka Swamp Dogg!
Today features music from Billy Danze, Deuce Ellis, Writers Guild, and more.
Welcome back to our regularly scheduled program—we kick off 2021 with the groovy Dante Elephante.
Today features music from Sick Boy, PA Flex, Roc Marciano, and N.B.S.
Here is part two—the final part—of all my favorite chitchats with bands I had in this year from hell, 2020.