MERRY DECEMBERWEEN!! – IT’S OUR 200TH SHOW!!! (Part 2) – And we celebrated by having a fantastic party at the studio. We invited all our lovely friends, and had 2 bands playing, and DJs DJing, and the Allstar Jam, and people danced their socks off til 4 in the morning. It was brilliant. Listen now, and find out just how fun it was. Forgive us for being very, very, very drunk. Last week we had La Roq Sportif, and this week we have Part 2 of the party, with Hello Bear playing a storming live set. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
More of the best of 2011, more rockin’ than ever… and it’s all right here on The Rock Show on B.T.R.!
Happy New Year! Can you believe that 2012 is here? And already it promises to be an exciting year for both fashion AND music. Today’s Sew & Tell guest is the perfect guide to help us look back and remember the trends and style developments of 2011, as well as anticipate what’s coming for 2012. Mary O’Regan is the senior fashion editor for Metro Magazine, a publication dedicated to all the great culture in the Twin Cities region. In addition, Mary maintains a fabulous blog called Art of Wore, and serves as editor-in-chief for several bridal publications. As evidenced by her sharp, incisive, instructive, witty writing and beautiful blog, Mary is plugged directly into the pulse of current fashion, and on today’s show, she’ll be talking about fashion in 2011, 2012, what it takes to develop a successful fashion blog, and she’ll even share her own fashion New Year’s resolution. I also have a playlist that I’m super excited about today, filled with my top tracks from the past year. It’s unabashedly weighted towards hauntingly beautiful, slightly sad music, but… what can I say? That’s what I love. So you’ll be hearing this year’s releases from Little Scream, Bon Iver, Timber Timbre, Levek, Tom Waits, and more. Turn up the volume, throw open your closet doors, and get ready for a brand new year of looking gorgeous.
Named for the ramshackle keyboards they first jammed on, Norwegian group Casiokids mix sparkling synths, Afrobeat, and techno for indie-pop that’s a bubbly and whimsical treat to the ears. The band carries a bit of mysteriousness around with them — for example, they only sing in their native language and their latest album Aabenbaringen over aaskammen (meaning The Revelation Over the Mountain) is about a hidden, almost mythical rain forest — but it only makes their pop hooks even more curiously infectious.
Nicolas Jaar. Bill Callahan. Richard Swift. Hudson Mohawke. Malachai. Chad VanGaalen. Battles. Dirty Beaches. Blood Orange. Rustie. Fleet Foxes. The Caretaker. Girls Names. JEFF The Brotherhood. And more…
Ohbliv. Alias. Malachai. Green Ova Undergrounds. Big K.R.I.T. Rustie. ASAP Rocky. Sepalcure. Africa Hitech. Spaceghost Purrp. And more…
We’ve got Social Studies playing their first show in a few months. They’ve been hard at work writing some new tunes, and we’ve got them right here for you in what might very well be their world premier. We’ve also got a quick set for you from Will Sprott, who is perhaps better known for his work with The Mumlers but absolutely a fine solo artist as well. And that is it for Bay Area Live in 2011, folks. Happy New Year!
For this week’s episode of BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker hit NYC streets to ask folks whether they know about the White House’s recently launched online petitions tool called “We the People.” As its name implies, the site allows for anyone with an internet connection the ability to officially exercise his/her right to petition and speak up on behalf of important issues like America’s public schools or the legalization of marijuana. We also look into how active and involved petitioners are as compared to the Occupy Wall Street protesters.
Continuing ye recap of 2011 In The Den, we’ll be checking out encores of my interviews with Brad Oberhofer, Tunabunny and Conveyor.
More Best of 2011 from the Best Show of 2011 (BTR Category)… Overnight Sensation!
Brooklyn band Teletextile features sweetly-sung, melodic vocals, sincere lyrics, and a unique range of instruments, from harp and violin to banjo and accordion. Here, the band is featured playing in the choir loft of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society church in Brooklyn Heights.
Here is the music I’ll listen to while I’m waiting to board my flight back to NY. Music from Rodolfo y Su Tipica, Tom Ze, Gal Costa, and Jose Alfredo Jimenez
This week, is pretty much like last week, only a bit better, in our humble opinion. Let us know if you agree, by waving out of the nearest window. One for yes, two for no.
DJRePete closes out the year with part 2 of his ‘best-in-mix’ 2011. Tune in for alternative from Bright Eyes and You Say France and I Whistle, mellow tracks with Bon Iver and The Head and the Heart, and electronica crossover via Thomas Tantrum and Pepper Rabbit. Plus more New Year’s Eve shows to highlight for any last minute concert goers, and the festivals abound as summer hits full swing down under. Ride out 2011 with this eclectic mix on BTR with DJRePete!
Happy Decemberween Everybody!! It’s the end of the year, so we’re having a round up of some of the songs we liked this past year, along with info on which bands split up, which new ones sprouted up, etc.. Let’s Radio!
Discovered and signed by Peter Gabriel in the mid-’90s, singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur has been a musician for over 15 years and has eight albums to his name. Arthur, who is originally from Akron, OH, is known for his poetic and melancholic songs. Whether done acoustically or with full, layered orchestration, his music feels intimate and poignant, as though it’s full of painful secrets. Also a distinguished painter and designer, his sleeve design for his 1999 Vacancy album was Grammy-nominated for Best Recording Package.
recorded in: Continuing my recap of 2011 In The Den, we’ll be checking out an encore of my first interview with White Birds. I recorded this beast after the band’s set at Pianos in New York City, back in the Fall. I love this palaver… 00:00 Intro 00:28 Latola says hello, friend… 01:51 Conversation with White Birds, outside Pianos NYC 06:48 Bee Hive – White Birds 10:16 Conversation with White Birds, outside Pianos NYC 15:59 Floating Hands – White Birds 18:37 Conversation with White Birds, outside Pianos NYC 22:05 Veins Lined With Rust – White Birds 25:13 Conversation with White Birds, outside Pianos NYC 29:09 Hondora – White Birds 31:44 Conversation with White Birds, outside Pianos NYC 35:05 Camaraderie At Arms Length – The Caretaker 39:50 Libet’s Delay – The Caretaker 43:25 Latola says goodbye, friend… 45:20 County Line – Cass McCombs 51:00 The Shrine/An Argument – Fleet Foxes 59:07 Finish (“White Birds” EP art) White Birds Live: Jan 30 at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY Feb 3 at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA (“Helplessness Blues” art) Fleet Foxes Live: Jan 2 at Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia Jan 3 at Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia Jan 4 at Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia Jan 6 at Palais Theatre in Melbourne, Australia Jan 7 at Southbound Music Festival in Busselton, Australia Jan 8 at Southbound Music Festival in Busselton, Australia Jan 10 at The Tivoli in Queensland, Australia Jan 11 at The Tivoli in Queensland, Australia (“An Empty Bliss Beyond This World” art) The Caretaker Live: No shows, probably ever. If this dude ever plays live, I can’t even fathom what it would entail. (“Wit’s End” art) Cass McCombs Live: Dec 31 at Boston Public Library in Boston, MA
On this special episode of Serious Business on BTR, host Travis Harrison is joined by a panel of music fanatics to look back on their favorite albums of 2011. Meet the panelists… – Matt Gross runs the music blog A Heart is a Spade – George Flanagan is in the band El Jezel and an organizer of events at Fort Useless – Maia Macdonald is a BTR DJ, host of BTR Live Studio, and a musician in the band Mitten – Phil Nguyen is a BTR DJ, frequent guest host of BTR Live Studio, and a BTR video editor – Jeremiah McVay heads up BTR’s video team and organizes music events at Fort Useless
DJ Wynn shares his favorite tracks of the year. Featuring music from Shannon and The Clams, The Caretaker, Bill Callahan, and Fleet Foxes
Revisiting some Boston Scene favorites like Sarah Rabdau and Self-Employed Assassins, The Slip and The Brew. Also, brand new tunes from Wheat!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Holiday Week we take a look back at the year that was and talk about our biggest sports stories of the year and discuss what we’ll be tuning into over the Holidays.
Right! So Mr Jason is visiting the lovely peoples of NYC and left me Dr Patel in charge. I dragged the nearest hobo off the street to help me record and his name is Owen. Can he radio? Let us find out!
ICHICUTS – This session was a lot of fun. Ichicuts are one of the most hands-on and creative duos I’ve ever met. They built their own studio, and they make equipment, and they make flightcases for their equipment stations, and they drive around in an Ambulance of all things. I’ve had a great time hanging out with Gordon and Erik, and hopefully you will too for the next 30 minutes. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
It’s my best hits of 2k11. What you gonna do about it?
Happy Holiday Week! I know that most of you probably have all of your holiday shopping finished, but just in case there are a few late gifters out there, I thought I’d compile a gift guide from this year’s Sew & Tell guests. And even if you have your list checked off, hey – it never hurts to start planning for next year, right? You’ll hear interview clips and get tons of gift ideas today from Sew & Tell guests over the last year, including Payal Luthra, Carrie Parry, Belinda Pasqua of The Sway, Abe and Tyler from Outlier, Erica and Claire from Of a Kind, and Jill Scharmen of Nola Bella. They’ve got everyone covered, from your mom to your man, yourself to your bff (best fashionista friend)! Plus, a great mix of music including some Christmas tunes from Caitlin Rose, Sufjan Stevens, and Saint Etienne, plus a track from Miike Snow and a special cover of The xx’s VCR by The Antlers. So get your wishlist out and prepare to make some additions, as we look back on the best buys of Sew & Tell 2011!
Glasgow-via-London foursome Veronica Falls blend aggressive garage punk with sweet Sixties pop, and morbid lyrics with sunny stories, making for unpredictable music that’s boldly ominous one minute and charmingly delightful the next. The dual moods give their songs an extra depth, but it’s their ability to straddle seamlessly between the haunting and the fun that makes Veronica Falls — especially singer Roxanne Clifford, whose vocal work calls to mind a more somber version of The Mamas & The Papas — stand out against other similar acts.
Mux Mool. Bill Callahan. Shearwater. Future Shuttle. Gang Colors. Death Grips. Suuns. Royal Baths. White Birds. Rustie. Chairlift. Death Grips. And so much more…
Gang Gang Dance. Surfer Blood. Budos Band. Mane Mane. Polymer Slug. Cold Cave. Babe Rainbow. Grimes. Gonjasufi. And so much more, my friend… Try it on.
Between our TVs, Google Reader feeds and Twitter, smartphone apps and stacks of the New York Times and TIME, there are countless ways for people to stay up-to-date on the headlines. On this episode of BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker asks New Yorkers where they go to get their news.
Today, an encore of my interview with Suuns, from SXSW 2011, as well as a classic conversation I recorded with Surfer Blood in January of 2010, shortly after “Astro Coast” dropped.
This is it baby… 2011 in a nutshell. Can U Handle It??
NYC-based El Jezel have been together for nearly a decade, combining elements of glimmering, wistful shoegaze and charging, melodic post-rock. The blend of male and female vocals, along with their ability to waver between various genres mid-song, keeps their music unpredictable and refreshing. For our BTR Hear and There Christmas Special, in front of a brightly decorated Brooklyn home, they brave the cold winter weather to perform (as a duo) an acoustic version of their holiday tune, “Working On Christmas.”
Listen to the sounds of Miami with music from Celia Cruz, Augustus Pablo, and Hector Lavoe
This week, Jason flies solo again, without a license; but with a great sense of rhythm, and a plethora (yep, I said it!) of magical tunes for your delectation and amusement. We also feature the 2nd of a 3 part live gig recording, by JT Nero & Allison Russell. What more could you want? (that’s rhetorical) Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Need a pause from the holiday music? Hit up BTR with DJRePete today as he’s wrapping up the year with a few choice mixes from artists who broke thru this past year! Tune in today for Deer Tick, Cut Copy, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Also hit up a rhythm & blues set featuring IAmOmni and Electric Guest, plus quirkier tracks via My Brightest Diamond and Shayfer James. Balance your festive spirit with BTR today!
Oh! It’s getting close to Christmas!! Are you excited or sick of it already? Our host falls in to the latter of categories and fills the show with some very un-Christmassy UK College Music…Just to balance it out a bit. Come on, whatd’ya say?… Let’s radio!
Electronic group Seekae create their music in the same way they’d put together a puzzle. The trio — made up of John Hassell, Alex Cameron and George Nicholas — take scores of sounds and piece them into a tapestry of music that’s hip-hop, indie-pop and ambient post-rock all at once. Each of their songs are like little soundtracks, moving through various moods as they sputter, crack, pulse, shine, and wind. Some sounds are actual live instruments, others digitally generated, and still others just everyday noises (they recorded random ruckus while in Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago and London).
Episode 271 is a “Best of 2011” episode, featuring interviews with John Maus, Chad VanGaalen and Will Wiesenfeld (of Baths).
Happy Holidays BTR listeners, watchers and readers! We are very proud to present the third installment in a recent series of holiday inspired stories. If you don’t remember, we adapted The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Halloween and then created a pretty twisted take on the story of Thanksgiving in November. We’re going out with a bang in 2011 with this, “A BTR Christmas Carol,” which tells the tale of the radio DJ personality turned sleazy businessman Ben Geezer and his redemption by way of ghostly intervention. Listen as the Bluesy Ghost of Music Past, the Hipster Ghost of Music Present, and the Dark Ghost of Music Future lead the fallen soul of Ben Geezer back to musical grace.
Don’t doubt Brooklyn four-piece Shark? despite their unusually punctuated name. They blend scruffy garage-rock and riotous post-punk for music that swerves from catchy lo-fi hooks to wild distorted yelping in the blink of an eye. The band — made up of Kevin Diamond (vocals/guitar), Andy Swerdlow (drums), Andy Kinsey (bass), and Chris Mulligan (guitar) — have toured relentlessly in and around New York City for years and finally, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, were able to release their first full-length album, True Waste, this past summer.
Now I’m downtown, now I’m Brooklyn / Does anyone know the difference?
DJ Wynn shares his favorite records of the year. Today’s mix features tUnE-yArDs, Toro y Moi, and Charles Bradley
The Backroom today is chock full of new talent, with rock blues from Tom Waits, international blues from El Rego, and ballad blues from Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. Tune in for info on the upcoming Actual Festival, and don’t miss crossover blues talent from Portland’s Blitzen Trapper and The Deep Dark Woods. Find it all in the Backroom today on BTR!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Conspiracy Week we take a look at the BCS and its unjust rule over College Football and College Sports in general, as well as look at the Jerry Sandusky trial and mull over the current events of the past week in the sports world.
DJ Meredith gives up the secret for the BEST Cookies-N-Cream, (Chocolate Chip & Oreo), cookies you’ve ever tasted! The recipe yields about 60 small cookies. Let the cookie baking begin!!!
AGENT RIBBONS – About bloody time! I’ve been waiting to record Agent Ribbons for over 3 long years now. I first had them booked for an OSS session when the studio was based in Great Witchingham, in the beautiful English countryside. They got deported a few days beforehand though, so I didn’t get to record them.. I’ve since been following the career of these criminals, and both of their LPs have been featured as “Album Of The Month” on the Planet Beet show, which I do with Iain. Anyway, you can imagine my relief at finally having my dreams come true. At last, here we are, live in the studio with Agent Ribbons! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
On December 12, 2011, while attempting to cover an Occupy Wall Street protest of Goldman Sachs at the Winter Garden in lower Manhattan, John Knefel, co-host of Radio Dispatch on BTR, was arrested by the NYPD and held in detention for 37 hours. John’s sister and co-host, Molly, was also on the scene and questioned police about the reasons for her brother’s arrest; while officers she spoke with were less than responsive to her questions, one officer was willing to offer, “I have a gun on me, okay? I don’t need people coming that close to me.” Here, John and Molly tell their story.
Your life will be better once you’re rockin’ around the xmas tree…
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Yes, thats right people, its christmas. And Sinista has a Santa’s sack full of heavy UK Hip Hop tracks for you to unwrap. Stark Note cant be with us this month due to his Arctic Expedition… But nonetheless we have music from the likes of Big Dutty Deeze, MCD, Blak Twang, and many many more. So wrap up warm, Take a seat next to the fire and relax to some of the freshest UK Hip Hop sounds.
Think that sustainable fashion means forgoing fur? Fur-get it! Time to shift your perspective, and there’s a fresh, made-in-the-USA line of fur outerwear called Iterrati to show you how you can stay warm & glam responsibly. Meredith Eggers and Lisa Federico are two friends in San Francisco who decided to take on a new adventure together. Last year, they launched their own line of re-claimed, re-purposed, re-designed vintage furs called Iterrati. Not only are these gorgeous pieces recycled, but Meredith and Lisa re-imagine them into brand new, chic, modern silhouettes that still preserve their vintage heritage. On today’s show, Meredith will talk about how Iterrati began, the process through which they develop vintage furs into new Iterrati pieces, and some of their work with non-profits. Plus, a fabulous playlist full of fun new “stocking stuffer” singles from some of the best names in indie rock today, including of Montreal, Islands, Fol Chen, Spector and more. So stay tuned, stay warm, and join us to learn about sustainable fur…
Alamo Race Track are a quirky quartet from the Netherlands who’ve toured alongside Arctic Monkeys and have even been featured on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. Incorporating a number of rock genres into their sound, their music has taken the form of dark indie-rock reminiscent of Interpol and more recently, stripped down, melancholy folk-pop in the vein of Fleet Foxes.
White Birds. Erik Gundel. Ford and Lopatin. Times New Viking. Man Man. Pure X. Austra. Chad VanGaalen. Thee Oh Sees. Amor Di Dias. And more…
Battles. Young Prisms. PJ Harvey. Son Lux. Yellowbirds. White Birds. Colourmusic. JEFF The Brotherhood. Peaking Lights. And more…
Winter is around the corner and NYC can feel it — temperatures are dropping and it seems like snowstorms are just a forecast away. BTR Pulse hits the streets of Herald Square and asks shoppers how they plan to deal with the season’s coming cold bite.
A mix of excellent songs from 2011 are In The Den for Wednesday – it’s that time of year ya’lls…
It could happen any night, overnight… It could happen to you!
Music from Orchestre Baobab, Onra, and Lucio Alves
This week, Jason flies solo, and also does the show by himself. But, don’t worry, because regardless of the lack of humour or charisma, there’ll still be chocks full of excellent music, including a new Album Of The Month, and Part 1 of an exclusive Live Gig Recording of JT & Allison Russell. Now that’s not to be sneezed on! Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Wednesday on BTR means DJRePete. Tune in for upbeat alternative from You Say France And I Whistle, a beat via Dice Raw of The Roots-fame, and new music from The Dø. And don’t miss artists playing Australia’s Falls Music & Arts Festival, including BTR newcomer The Head and the Heart. Plus recording news from Boston’s Swedish Suicide. Escape the holiday madness today with DJRePete on BTR!
This weeks show is presented by Iain on his own as Jason is away making holiday fun in New York! Never fear as there is still a whole pant load of great college related music to be heard with favourites old and new! Come on… Let’s radio!
Jonquil is a young four-piece from Oxford, UK. Headed by falsetto frontman Hugo Manuel — who also happens to perform under the solo moniker Chad Valley — the quartet play the type of shimmery indie-rock that’s interlaced with pretty guitar noodling and coated with elements of Afro-pop, à la Vampire Weekend and Local Natives.
It’s almost over! Latola and Wynn stroll through Williamsburg on a cold Saturday and start talking about the best of 2011.
On this special episode of Serious Business on BTR, host Travis Harrison is joined by a panel of music fanatics to look back on their favorite albums of 2011.
New music from Winter Hinterland, Kurt Vile, Cults, and Gotye
Live music this week from Keaton Simons and ALO. Also, news of LA’s finest singer/songwriters making their way to Philadelphia in January for Hotel Carolina, a 2-day festival. Feel free to find me on Facebook ( or email me ( to send in requests for future episodes. These shows are for YOU!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Competition Week we discuss Albert Pujols signing with the Angels and the rise and future of the Miami Marlins, look at the Derek Boogard story in the New York Times and talk more about announcers and broadcasting of sports.
This week, the Jason they call “Mr” is joined by his zany sidekick “Lefty Lucy”, in what turns out to be a great show. Yeah, right? It was as much of a suprise to us as I’m sure it is to you! Can we kick it? Let us radio and see!
KING LACONIC – After having to cancel twice at the last minute, Brendan finally made it, braving the snow. And we’re very glad he did. Beautiful voice, excellent guitar playing, good dynamics. What more could you ask for? (don’t answer that please..). Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
An extra-special, extra-long, xtraaaaaa-xmas episode of The Rock Show… Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ROCK SHOW all the way!
I have the best show EVER today! In honor of Competition Week, I had the enormous privilege of doing a follow up interview with Karen Stewart and Howard Brown, the pioneering forces of sustainable design behind the beautiful brand Stewart + Brown. They were first on Sew & Tell almost exactly two years ago, on the December 11, 2009 show, hosted by DJ Audrey II. Since then, their clothing line has grown even stronger in reputation and recognition, and in October of this year, Karen and Howard were awarded the WGSN Global Fashion Award for “Most Sustainable Brand,” beating out several other heavy-weight companies including Levi’s and Marks + Spencer. On today’s show, we have a rare opportunity to hear from these two experts in the field of sustainable fashion, who will talk about what’s changed in the industry over the last ten years, the significance of their WGSN award, the strange plight of hemp farming in the U.S., and even a few Stewart + Brown holiday gift suggestions. Plus, Karen and Howard were DJ’s with impeccable taste for today’s playlist, and have assembled a mix featuring some of the favorite artists from the BTR catalogue, including Akron/Family, Six Organs of Admittance, Wilderness, Unrest and more. So tune in, turn up, and get ready to learn about the state of sustainable fashion in the U.S. today…
Los Angeles-based PYYRAMIDS is made up of OK Go’s Tim Nordwind and He Say She Say’s Drea Smith. Although they initially began their collaboration via email, sending scraps of music back and forth, their debut EP Human Beings comes together as a strong, 6-track collection of sad, dark synth-rock. Smith’s voice has an air of chill nonchalance mixed with a hypnotizing seductiveness, which complements Nordwind’s piercing riffs and the hauntingly pulsing beats in the background. Here they perform stripped down versions of some of those songs…
Gang Colors. Cat’s Eyes. Gigi. Peaking Lights. Com Truise. Charles Bradley. El Sportivo. Wye Oak. WIN WIN. Toro Y Moi. And more…
Julian Lynch. Bill Callahan. Lumerians. Zammuto. Dirty Beaches. Leyland Kirby. Owen Pallett. Gang Colors. Panda Bear. More…
With the United States Postal Service on its way to bankruptcy, the delivery of mail and hundreds of thousands of jobs are at stake. On this episode of BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker asks New Yorkers what they think about the faltering government institution and whether they’ll be affected by a potential shut down.
In The Den for Wednesday, Latola talks to DJ Lottie about her favorite bands, artists and albums of 2011 (with cameos from DJ Wynn, and James from the BTR Video Team).
Julie Rozanksy, Kelly Irene Corson, and Lisa La are veterans of local NYC/Brooklyn bands The Art Of Shooting and Religious To Damn — projects where matching meticulously-crafted melodies to heady dissonance in an often aggressive, post-punk musical setting was the recurring norm. Now the trio brings their collective talents for matching melodies with dissonant counterpoints to this project, while somehow managing to mix in a different, quieter sense of urgency. For this shoot, we attempted to match the ominous tone the group haswrapped around the, at heart, seemingly hopeful message of the song.
Music from Eddie Palmieri, Orchestre Les Bantous, and Emahoy Tsegue
This week, we have the last instalment of our current “Album Of The Month”, the continuing story of “The Special Goodness”, and some rude songs by The Hoops, plus many more quality items for your delectation. All in the name of love. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
DJRePete has a Wednesday playlist sure to please. Amid the mix, you’ll discover electronica crossover from Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin, ubiquitously festive sleigh bells from Dreamers of the Ghetto, and a set that can only be described as ‘quirky’ headlined by Shayfer James. Also checkout info on the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival going down in 2012, and featuring BTR band Peggy Sue. Plus, some choice throwbacks including Gogol Bordello and The Kabeedies. Enlighten your week with this enlightened blend on BTR with DJRePete!
This week, it’s back to life, back to realty, with our powerhouse hosts, The Jason and That Iain. And also, as if that wasn’t good enough (and to be brutally frank, it REALLY isn’t enough), we also have a live gig recording for you, from The Woodland Creatures!! Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan infuses folk-rock with blooming, layered orchestration on Oh, Fortune — his first proper album on Arts & Crafts and the follow-up to his 2009 Polaris Prize-nominated Nice, Nice, Very Nice. His songs swell to become full-bodied, sweeping moments of textured arrangements and hearty vocals that are tinged with a roughness, sadness and even guttural power.
Finally! It’s the In Depth Remix of BTR’s First Thanksgiving! 17 minutes of aural lunacy!
Brooklyn group Gold Streets intertwine smooth, dreamy melodies and crunchy psychedelic rock, making for music that’s simultaneously slick and trippy. The contrasting male/female vocals of guitarist Norman Vino and drummer T. Almy complement one another well — hers light and angelic, his wailful and dissonant — and help to balance out the group’s overall sound. The emphatic drum and auxiliary percussion work intertwined with the bass playing of Gizella Otterson move their songs forward at a charging pace as the guitars of Vino and Johnnie Wang weave layers of psychedelia amidst it all.
New music from Black Star, Dive, Sealions, and Sharon Van Etten
It’s the last Wiretap Music on BTR for 2011! We’re goin out in style, with a new track by Mwahaha featuring Merril Garbus of Tuneyards, plus new music from The Dodos, The Drift, Religious Girls, and more. Hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you in 2012!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Fantasy Week we naturally take a look at the world of fantasy sports and the people who play them, plus we discuss television reporting of sports and discuss some current events from the sporting world.
For this week’s Cooking show, Latola makes a batch of Pain au Chocolat (bread and chocolate)
UMBRELLA ASSASSINS – Well, today’s a special day for The Jayman (that’s me, Jason!), cos it’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to hang out with my Umbrella buddies from Haverhill, Suffolk, in the UK. The band first did an OSS session about 4 years ago, back at OSS v2, in sunny Bury St Edmunds. They then went on to record records with me in that studio, the next one, in Great Witchingham’s beautiful countryside, AND in this one, OSS v4, in rainy Norwich. You couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of boys. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
00:00 Mic Break 00:38 That’s When I Reach for My Revolver – Mission of Burma 04:30 Shocker in Gloomtown – Guided by Voices 05:54 Gotta Rock N Roll – The Reatards 08:05 Forklift – Pavement 11:29 Mean God – Times New Viking 13:08 The Kid with the Replaceable Head – Condo Fucks 15:27 Dead Moon Night – Dead Moon 20:00 Water Into Wine – Cococoma 22:12 You Killed a Boy for Me – Henry’s Dress 23:36 Until the World Stops Spinning – Saturday Looks Good to Me 26:17 Mic Break 28:25 Have a Good Time – Gene Defcon 30:44 Space Boots – Gene Defcon 31:28 Dreaming Dreams – Sea Lions 33:15 Mabosani Ndako – Bemi 36:12 Telephone Wires – Mirah 38:41 Bass Drum Dream – The Microphones 41:48 Bayini Ngai Mpo Na Yo – Franco 44:49 Lovesick – Orange Juice 47:14 Normalcy – So Cow 49:04 There Is a Boy That Never Goes Out – The Lucksmiths 51:06 Such a Fool – The Vaselines 53:58 Blackout – Sloan 55:38 Mic Break 58:47 I Wanna Go Home – Handglops 62:34 Finish Times New Viking Sea Lions Gene Defcon
What’s your fashion fantasy? For the style editors of New York Magazine, that answer is found in Greenpoint-based designer Caycee Black, whose glamorous-but-edgy cocktail dresses they recently deemed utopian. With a background in dance and fine art, Caycee blends the influences of ballet and film into each season’s collection, resulting in patterns and garments that strike a perfect balance between bold and dreamy, dark and light, tough and feminine. On today’s show, Caycee talks about how she mixes the perfect cocktail of paint, dance, and fashion, what sci-fi films influenced her current F/W collection, and her fantasy picks for celebrities to dress (you will want to stay tuned for this!) Plus, fantastical tracks from some of Caycee’s musical clients including Asobi Seksu and Pains of Being Pure At Heart, along with new music from Sharon Van Etten and Blackout Beach. So turn up the volume, and get ready to daydream…
Denmark-based Icelander Snaevar Njáll Albertsson, the multi-instrumentalist mastermind behind Dad Rocks!, creates beautiful music that wavers between sparse, introspective folk and intricate, sonic bursts of orchestra rock. The straightforward guitar work is playful and the weaving arrangements are richly-textured — seemingly perfect for his songs, whose stories often reveal perspectives from both the naive, innocent child and the wise, serious parent. Similarly, his voice is tinged with a vulnerable tenderness, despite its deep and gravelly quality.
Chains Of Love. ASAP Rocky. Expensive Looks. Chelsea Wolfe. White Birds. Spectrals. Rustie. Plastic Flowers. Ty Segall. Memory Tapes. Grooms. And more…
Co La. Leila. Rustie. Broadcast. Boards of Canada. No Age. The Sight Below. Quilt. The xx. Bantum. Carl Stone. And more…
With Christmas and New Years only a few weeks away, BTR Pulse host Lauren Hawker walked the halls of the BreakThru Radio office building and streets of the surrounding Flatiron neighborhood to ask folks: “What are the Do’s and Don’ts of the holiday office party?” Not surprisingly, people had a lot to say about alcohol…
Today’s episode continues Latola’s exploration of the Personals section on Craigslist; specifically on the topic of Occupy Wall Street.
Oh my gawd! It’s Overnight Sensation! Like, as if you don’t have a cow! Whateverrr…..
We may be closing in on Winter in NYC, but it’s always Summer somewhere. For this segment of Sew & Tell, Carolina Rommel visits the J. Rosen Showroom for a look at their collection of bikinis and other beachwear and accessories.
Music from Franco, El Rego, Eddie Palmieri, and Monguito el Unico
Bizarrely, I can’t remember anything about this week’s show. Seriously, not a single thing! Weird huh? Well, I can only presume that it’s effin’ amazing, judging by our recent form. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
DJRePete closes the door on November with alt rock from Surfer Blood, electronica from Vega, and look back at a few bands who hit the metaphorical ‘airwaves’ last year. And speaking of Wavves, tune in to hear about a unique set of shows the band is playing, appropriately on the water. And while the thermometer spells cold in the northern hemisphere, festival season is just starting down-under where Stereosonic is currently going down; get the scoop. Catch it all today on your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!
This week, we’re more than a little surprised to find that the show is being hosted by Jason & Iain’s little sisters, Tash and Kathryn. How they got into the studio, we don’t know, but here they definitely are, so… Can they kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis, also known as Cosmo Jarvis, is a singer-songwriter whose musical breadth spans a number of sounds (folk, bluegrass, indie rock) and moods (dark, humorous, witty) with each and every song. Although the New Jersey-born, UK-bred artist delves into various genres, his emotive storytelling is what’s central to his music, keeping his releases — like the debut full-length Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch, which earned him spots on both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 — diverse, yet still cohesive.
Another fantastic Tuesday mix in store today! Enjoy 90 minutes of music alongside DJ Emily!
The first two parts of Latola’s in-depth remix of BTR’s First Thanksgiving (which originally aired last week) are In The Den for Monday.
Brooklyn-based Gunfight! play rowdy, stomping “post-country” — or what Serious Business’ host Travis Harrison jokingly re-dubs “Creedence-core.” Having formed while attending Boston’s Emerson College, the quartet sticks to rollicking arrangements, completely free of any digital bits and sampling (they claim to even avoid “Applebee’s samplers”). Whatever the genre or instrument preference, the band’s music, with its twangy roughness and whiskey-soaked, barking vocals, sounds like a boisterous brawl.
New music from Real Estate, Onra, Soley Stefansdottir, and Sea Lions
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Dance Week and Thanksgiving we take a look at the history and tradition of football being played on turkey day and debate whether or not dance and cheerleading are sports or not.
Well, after last fortnight’s storming “Foreigners Special”, it remains to be seen whether or not we can keep up that kind of pace with today’s show.. Am I worried? No freakin way Hose B! Cos we’ve got an absolutely packed full of jam show, and some stupid banter to back it up. Can We Radio It? Let Us Kick It & See!
INVISIBLE CITIES – Today’s session put me in a really good mood. Lovely chaps (and not just the ones that I’m wearing!) and lovely music. The only downside of the session is that there WAS an extra song, but the digital gremlins sabotaged it, and we didn’t find out until it was too late. So, you’ll just have to imagine what the song was like.. I can tell you that it was their eponymous song, Invisible Cities. But that’s enough miserable talk! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Ooooh baby baby, we rockin’ tonight!
Happy Thanksgiving! Well, sure, it’s a day late, but the holiday season is officially underway, and to celebrate, we here at BTR are throwing a dance party! We’ve got great articles on dance, awesome dance play lists and more this week, including the perfect guest for Sew & Tell. Candice Thompson is an incredibly multi-talented young artist, dancer, and designer, who began dancing at the age of five. She studied ballet at NYU, and was a member of the Milwaukee Ballet company for five years. During her time in Milwaukee, Candice began designing dancewear; when she moved back to New York, she turned her focus to costumes. Now that she’s built an impressive resume of costuming experience for a variety of dance, theatre, and live performance events, Candice has focused her stitching talents on visual art as a resident at Brooklyn’s Textile Arts Center. On today’s show, Candice will talk about how and when she began designing dancewear, her current work as a costumer, dancer, and artist, and a few of her favorite dance tracks! Plus, your very own private dance party play list, with songs from Fitz and the Tantrums, Peter Bjorn & John, Bag Raiders, Yelle and more. Get ready to dance off all remaining evidence of pumpkin pie, right here on Sew & Tell!
Robert Ellis is a Texan singer-songwriter who sings with an old soul. While his songs have the feel of classic country, they appeal to modern ears with their true-to-the-heart lyrics and timeless aura. Here he performs his song, “Friends Like Those,” off his new album ‘Photographs.’
Gonjasufi. Dive. Thee Oh Sees. Jesse Futerman. Steve Hauschildt. Sean McCann. The Hunches. Lambchop. Quilt. Cuckoo Chaos. And more…
Steve Hauschildt. A$AP. Lindstrom. The Stepkids. o0o00. Mister Heavenly. Girls Names. Girls Names. Dustin Wong. And more…
The BTR Staff does their own version of the First Thanksgiving! OH NO!
In anticipation of what’s promising to be a stellar December, we went ahead and did our annual wrap-up show early, taking a look back at some of our favorite sets of 2011. We’ve got James & Evander, Tartufi, and Bees Table, right here on BreakThruRadio.
On this episode of BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker walks through NYC’s Chelsea Market — its festive spirit in full gear with cute holiday decorations and delicious seasonal treats — to ask folks what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Continuing Monday’s exploration of the Personals section on Craigslist, Latola skips the Missed Connections and focuses on reading posts regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement.
What up m’nerds? Ever heard of Overnight Sensation? Well lock up your dirty floors, ’cause it’s sweeping the nation!
Brooklyn’s Bel Air is a sometimes-folky, alt-country rock band featuring sweet, harmonic vocals, smooth guitars, and a knack for writing catchy tunes. Here, they play “Wash Away” at a vintage hat shop in Dumbo called Cha Cha’s House Of Ill Repute.
Featuring music from Onra, Celia Fruz, and El Rego
This week, we continue with our current Classic Album “The Special Goodness’ “Bunny Album”), our Album Of The Month” (“Ike”, “Ike”), and we have all the usual idiots, and erm, that’s about it.. So, give us a chance..? :o) Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
DJRePete starts off your Wednesday with some alt rock from Peter Bjorn & John, a dreamy remix by Delicate Steve, and some chill beats by Jose James. Plus don’t miss a stream-of-consciousness track from BTR newcomer My Brightest Diamond. And a coincidental animal themed set. Really. It’s coincidence. All today, your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!
This week, will Iain get any surprise phone calls? I would tell you, but I genuinely can’t remember. It all goes in two ears, and out the other, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.. Anyway, one thing you CAN be sure of, is that’s gonna be another class packed full of jam show! Seriously! Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Named for the ramshackle keyboards they first jammed on, Norwegian group Casiokids mix sparkling synths, Afrobeat, and techno for indie-pop that’s a bubbly and whimsical treat to the ears. The band carries a bit of mysteriousness around with them — for example, they only sing in their native language and their latest album Aabenbaringen over aaskammen (meaning The Revelation Over the Mountain) is about a hidden, almost mythical rain forest — but it only makes their pop hooks even more curiously infectious.
Latola reads a fresh crop of Lost Thought Bubbles, taken from the latest Missed Connections on Craigslist. Plus, a bonus round of Rants and Raves!
Western Civ, a four-piece from Chapel Hill, NC, (originally from Florence, AL) follow in the footsteps of ‘90s indie staples Guided By Voices, Archers of Loaf, and Pavement with their brand of meandering, layered, spasmodic rock. Their songs are unpredictable, fierce gems — smoothly and melodically resting on a plateau before jump-starting into a dissonant, serpentine arrangement that’s then topped off by lead singer Rich Henderson’s potent yelping.
New music from The Do, Still Corners, Tom Waits, and Thee Oh Sees
Got the Monday blues? DJRePete’s got you covered with an hour of blues breakin’ thru from Joe Henry, rock blues with Deer Tick, and some international blues with El Rego. Plus, check out an artist playing a Rhode Island concert series. And don’t miss blocs by Bonnie “Prince” Billy and the musically diverse blues band Nation Beat. Catch it all in the Backroom on BTR!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Moving/Housing week we discuss the film Moneyball and how baseball is affected by science over the intangibles, like heart. We also focus on major trades and how that affects player’s lives as well as major team moves and what that does to a team’s fan base.
Welcome to BTR’s Cooking Show. Tonight we will cook some delicious, out of the box, blueberry muffins. Perfect for breakfast or a nice snack. Music in the show tonight consist of some really chill hip hop including new music by Sir Mikey Rocks of the Cool Kids and the latest from Gym Class Heroes featuring Neon Hitch. Other artist in the mix tonight includes tracks by Chromeo, Sammy Bananas and Dan Black.
KHAN – Time to put in your earplugs, and wrap your head in thick duct tape, as the Khan boys are about to give you an aural battering of the highest order. And that can ONLY be a good thing. Trust me! Crunchy drums, crunchy bass, crunchy guitar, and dual crunchy vocals, recorded by crunchy ol’ Mr Jason, just like the doctor ordered. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Hello Rock N Rollers! This is the Rock Show. Rock fans ONLY!
Yes Yes!!! We are back people! The UK Hip Hop Show has arrived to supply you with another cornucopia of UK Hip Hop Sounds. Sounds so fresh you will not have to wash your ears for at least a month (wash them anyway though, as you may pick up an infection). Sinista & Stark Note are primed and ready to take you on a ride around the UK with the stereo cranked all the way up. So strap yourselves in and get ready for so heavy UK music.
“[It’s about] making space for the things you love.” – Korinne Kubena Belock What better way to wind down the year and welcome the cold than with a beautified nest? This week’s show is dedicated to spatial organization and design – those aesthetic and logistical choices that improve your environment, whether it’s work or home, and bring the best holiday gift a girl could wish for: sanity. Korinne Kubena Belock honed her organizational chops in the world of politics, working alongside Mayor Blumberg and other politicians, ensuring efficiency in their campaigns. Now she’s translated those talents for a new client: you. Korinne started Urban Simplicity last year, and offers civilians her one-on-one services in personal organization. From children’s bedrooms to office suites to hectic life transitions, she creates solutions for each situation and teaches her clients tactics that will enable them to better manage their own lives. Who couldn’t use some of that? On today’s show, Korinne graciously offers some organizational wisdom, insight into the impossible (aka storage solutions for small spaces), and even a few pointers of practical, but fashionable, holiday gifts! Plus, music on the show from Dark Dark Dark, The Do, Avey Tare, and a new track from Raleigh Moncrief followed by the Baths remix of… that very same track from Raleigh Moncrief. Remember that pile of papers in the corner you’ve been avoiding all year? Don’t worry – just turn up the volume! Korinne and BTR are here to help.
London-based Alessi Laurent-Marke performs her tender and charming folk-pop under the moniker Alessi’s Ark. Her music is innocent and quaint, but also vulnerable and intimate — qualities similar to artists like Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons, two acts that she’s shared the stage with many times. Though she’s only 21, she’s already recorded her debut album with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley), released a handful of EPs on major label Virgin Records, and crafted a sophisticated, impassioned sound that seems well beyond her years.
The Prefab Messiahs. Chains Of Love. Lower Dens. Flying Lotus. The Hunches. Bantum. Bon Iver. Tussle. Ohbliv. And more…
Chad VanGaalen. Lower Dens. Errors. The Twerps. Crystal Stilts. Surfer Blood. King Krule. Grizzly Bear. Das Racist. And more…
On this episode of BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker walks through NYC’s Chelsea Market — its festive spirit in full gear with cute holiday decorations and delicious seasonal treats — to ask folks what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.
In honor of Housing Week, Latola, Avi, Jake, Thompson and Patrick talk about New York City rents and living conditions.
00:00 Mic Break 00:44 Summer’s Always Coming – Mpala Garoo 03:52 Dreamy Hawaii – Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra 07:44 Cham Kwa Tok Tan – Phongsi Woranut 10:44 Weekend Blues – Jean Robinson 12:55 The Last Touch (Of Your Lips) – The Enchantments 15:00 Mic Break 16:16 Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen – Vernon Dalhart 19:44 Sky Haze – Deep Magic 29:54 Denomination Blues, Pt 1 – Washington Phillips 32:54 Spirit of the Lord – Abraham Brothers 35:42 Badger Song – The Extra Glenns 37:11 Mic Break 38:34 Perfect Life – Belong 43:00 Sirocco – Mandelbrot & Skyy 47:49 Crane – Chorale 51:14 Fatigue – Lida Husik 54:47 My Conversation – The Uniques 58:25 Mic Break 60:30 Finish Belong The Enchantments Washington Phillips
Host Carolina Rommel visits the New York City gallery of Beyond Vintage and speaks with the creators of the clothing line, which incorporates vintage inspirations from decades past. Creative Director Elizabeth Klein, Senior Designer Maggie Halpin, and Production Manager Sarah Raymond discuss various ensembles they’ve put together.
Music from King Sunny Ade, Mahotella Queens, and Orchestra Baobab
This week, we bring you a new Classic Album in the shape of The Special Goodness’ “Bunny Album”, and a new Album Of The Month” that looks suspiciously like “Ike”, by, erm, “Ike”, from Pittsburgh. So, it’s not ALL bad then.. :o) Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Your Wednesday starts with DJRePete and brand new electronica crossover from Chairlift, indie alt from The Generationals and Dan Mangan, and rock from the Dum Dum Girls. Tune in for info on the Crossing Borders Music & Literature Festival, and one BTR band opening tonight for the Foo Fighters in Boston. And it’s never too early to plan a New Year’s celebration, and one BTR band’s got their plans set in Austin. Check in with DJRePete on BTR!
This week, Iain gets a surprise phonecall from his Yoga instructor, and to be honest, that’s about the most exciting part of the whole show.. Also, we play “Guess The Theme Of Today’s Show”. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Glasgow-via-London foursome Veronica Falls blend aggressive garage punk with sweet Sixties pop, and morbid lyrics with sunny stories, making for unpredictable music that’s boldly ominous one minute and charmingly delightful the next. The dual moods give their songs an extra depth, but it’s their ability to straddle seamlessly between the haunting and the fun that makes Veronica Falls — especially singer Roxanne Clifford, whose vocal work calls to mind a more somber version of The Mamas & The Papas — stand out against other similar acts.
For Monday, a conversation with DJ Wynn – a man who has moved multiple times throughout New York City, and knows the pluses and minuses of living in different boroughs…
The latest compilation of music recorded during our BTR Live Studio sessions is out now. To receive your free copy, visit our Facebook page at and click on the “Bandcamp” tab on the left hand side. All you’ll need to do is enter your email address and you’ll receive a download link and be signed up for the BTR Newsletter to receive updates on what we’re doing at BreakThru Radio. Here’s a video playlist of all the artists featured on the compilation: [youtube_playlist] View the playlist on YouTube And here’s a listing of the artists included: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – view original post Radical Dads – view original post Reggie Watts – view original post Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – view original post Malkit Singh – view original post Milagres – view original post An Horse – view original post Miracle Fortress – view original post Helado Negro – view original post Darwin Deez – view original post Tim Fite – view original post Saint Motel – view original post Radiation City – view original post
Hailing from Portland, ME, Sunset Hearts play ‘80s/new-wave inspired pop that can easily pack a dance floor and even stir up some synchronized handclaps and bell jingling. Each of its eight members is a seasoned musician, having come from other local Maine bands. Lead singer Casey McCurry is an emotive frontman, immediately attaching himself to his microphone and allowing for Sunset Hearts’ contagious and synthy melodies to capture him. While the band’s size may cause some crowding on stage, the octet’s chemistry is solid, the sound strong and robust — proving that there is power in numbers.
New music from Toro Y Moi, Jonti, Carter Tanton, and Dirty Projectors/Bjork
Boston’s own Wheat has a brand new album out now and we’ve got a nice little listening party for you! Plus, tunes from Reed Waddle, Br1ght Pr1mate and State Radio.
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Inspiration week take a look at the recent scandal at Penn State University, talk about the NYC Marathon, the recent basketball game on an air craft carrier and Tim Tebow’s inspiration.
With the cold months approaching, I am going to teach you a delicious alpine meal “Alpler Magronen”, which basically means alpine macaroni.
This week, it’s the “Foreigners Special”. Everyone’s a “foreigner” to someone, and we have lots of fantastic music from loads of different countries, including some “pre-revolutionary Iranian Pop”, which I doubt many of our competitors/enemies can boast. The show is (self) sponsored again by ‘Kershaws Quality Foods’… We can’t get enough of their stuff, and that’s the truth! Can We Radio It? Let Us Kick It & See!
THE THINKING MEN – Today we go On Location to Norwich’s “The Bicycle Shop”, to present to you the headlining set from “The Thinking Men” at their EP Launch gig. A great night was had by all, and in future weeks we will be bringing you a few of the sets by the support acts from that evening. I’m gonna try to get The Thinking Men into Old School Studios for a “Not On Location” session at their earliest convenience, so look out for that! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Class warfare! Failing economic structures! Cute babies! BreakThruRadioTV’s ‘Month In Review’ has it all! Join host Chaz Mannenheim for an unbiased, unbridled look at yesterday’s top stories.
The Rock Show Rock-It Like Herb Hancock, GOT-IT?
It’s Inspiration Week on Sew & Tell, and I have two of the most inspiringly creative friends, designers and collaborators on the show for you today! Nana Spears and Naomi Clark began their studio in 2009 after a successful project in which the curator and artist worked together to produce Naomi’s MFA thesis show. The Brooklyn-based design collective Fort Makers quickly followed, and over the past two years it has been host to a wide variety of projects, from scarves to blankets, silk dresses to furniture. The unifying threads that run through these myriad expressions are a playful sensibility united with expert craftsmanship and functional design, yielding products that are perfected in both form and function. On today’s show, Nana and Naomi talk about the experiences that led to the formation of Fort Makers, the creation of their bold, unique silk garments, and plans for the upcoming Fall 2012 collection. All that, plus some inspirational new music! Tracks today off the latest albums from Cass McCombs, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Pterodactyl, and Peggy Sue. So stick around, pull out your notepad, and get ready for a whirlwind of inspiration!
Initially formed in 2003 as a cello/guitar duo, LUFF has evolved into a four-piece group comprised of Mike Hurst (bass), Aleks Gylys (drums), Robin Pickering (guitar), and Sheila Sobolewski (guitar/vocals). Together the Brooklyn band creates driving, layered post-rock, sounding like a cross between Mogwai and Silversun Pickups. Each of their songs conveys various moods and seems well-suited for soundtracks — one moment it quivers and weaves, and the next it dips from a crunchy climactic high to a softer, melodic respite.
Still Corners. Richard Swift. Weird Dreams. Dirty Beaches. Lindstrom. The Yolks. Yellow Fever. Wild Nothing. Green Ova Undergrounds. Main Atrakkionz. Casiokids. And more…
Four Tet. Boozou Bajou. Still Corners. Toro Y Moi. Muney Jordan. DSL. Bobby Birdman. And more..
On this week’s episode of BTR Pulse, we take a closer look at the controversy surrounding New York City’s horse-drawn carriages. Over the years, many have sustained serious injuries and even died, but the debate seems to have reached its boiling point after two horses collapsed in just the last two weeks. We hit the Central Park area to talk to protesters about their campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city and to gauge what locals thought about the matter.
A conversation between Latola, Thompson and Patrick, at the BTR office, regarding inspiration. Plus, Latola talks about new music that’s been inspiring him.
Some space sounds from today’s best Sensations.
When indie-folk musician Audrey Ryan performs live, she often switches between numerous instruments like the accordion, banjo, and electric guitar, looping and using each one as a layer for her songs. Although she’s only one person, with all of these parts combined — including her delicate and warm vocals — her music immediately builds up to a more robust and enveloping sound, similar to the full orchestration that accompanies artists like Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens. For this episode of BTR Hear & There, Ryan played around the corner from Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she later performed and celebrated the release of her book The Need To Be Heard, a collection of stories for and about DIY musicians like herself.
A recent road trip made me wanna set up a mix featuring The Lijadu Sisters, Tinariwen, Amadou & Mariam, Mulatu Astatke
This week, we continue with our Classic Album (The Vaselines), and our Album Of The Month is still Doog’s “Thoughts From A Bloated Boy”. Get ready for an astoundingly hilarious show, just incase that should happen in the near future.. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Midweek on BreakThru Radio with DJRePete is a mix of old and new. Tune in for brand new music from Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin, Clubfeet, and The Tallest Man on Earth.  Also check in with several BTR throwback artists including Neko Case, Elf Power, and Swedish Suicide. Plus, a chill hip-hop set via MaG, IamOmni, and Dam Funk. Your Wednesday Soundtrack solved, here on BTR with DJRePete!
This week, we herald the return of “Guess The Crisp”, which I guess we’ll have to change to “Guess The Chip” for our American cousins.. “But surely you’ll also be playing some great College-based music?”. Yes young sir/madame, your instincts are correct. I love you all so much that it’s time for you to go to sleep now. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Discovered and signed by Peter Gabriel in the mid-’90s, singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur has been a musician for over 15 years and has eight albums to his name. Arthur, who is originally from Akron, OH, is known for his poetic and melancholic songs. Whether done acoustically or with full, layered orchestration, his music feels intimate and poignant, as though it’s full of painful secrets. Also a distinguished painter and designer, his sleeve design for his 1999 Vacancy album was Grammy-nominated for Best Recording Package.
Last week, ahead of this past weekend’s ING New York City Marathon, BreakThru Radio’s DJ Meredith the Marathon’s Health and Fitness Expo to ask attendees whether they listen to music while they Run, why they do or do not, and what music they listen to if they do.
A conversation with DJ Wynn at his new apartment in Manhattan (first Queens, then Bushwick, then Williamsburg, now… Chelsea!)
Originally a solo endeavor, San Diego’s Tropical Popsicle eventually grew into a 4-piece fronted by vocalist Timothy Hines (Lights On, the Stereotypes). Playing shimmery, feel-good melodies soaked in a blanket of muffled reverb, the band’s strain of psychedelic surf-rock calls to mind a mix of Beach Fossils and Real Estate.
Ever been to downtown or Brooklyn? Now’s your chance…
New music from Dirty Projectors and Bjork, Tom Waits, My Brightest Diamond, and Surfer Blood
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Halloween Week we first ask why we put up with so much to live in a place like New York City, the recap the World Series, discuss the LSU-Alabama game, the NBA lockout, and the athlete Halloween costume, not Kory’s favorite.
JESSICA ALICE – Well, Jessica’s session was fun for me for a few reasons. The first is that she’s a great singer/songwriter. The second is that after the recording session we went out drinking, and a good time was had by all. So, all in all, it’s been a great day for me, the Jayman. Listen, enjoy, and send us your money. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Boo! Welcome to a special Halloween episode of Sew & Tell! What’s everyone’s favorite part of Halloween (besides candy)? The opportunity it offers us to get dressed up, to transform ourselves through clothes, makeup, and props, and become someone we’re not the other 364 days of the year. This permission to exercise creativity in costume embodies the relationship of style and identity in a way no other event can match – not even Fashion Week. So, in honor of this fashion-forward fete, I spoke with an industry professional this week. Kathryn Smith is a Maine-based costume designer and stylist for film and print. Her path to wardrobe was indirect, but it perfectly pairs her passion for expressive clothes and storytelling. Kate has built a reputation within Maine as the go-to wardrobe designer, and has experience with a wide variety of projects – from national print ad campaigns to feature and indie films. On today’s show, Kate talks about how she got from set painting to wardrobe, some of the considerations that make costume design unique, a few of her childhood style role models, and even shares some fantasy Halloween costume ideas. Plus, a wonderfully dark play list featuring tracks from Tom Waits, Surfer Blood, Spectrals, and even a collaboration between Dirty Projectors and Bjork. So turn up the volume and settle in to this week’s story – who knows? You might even get inspired to wear your costume again this weekend…
Brothers Nick and Pete Furgiuele, along with Peter DeLorenzo and Chris Kaufmann make up the Atlanta-based band Gringo Star. Together, the foursome infuses classic rock ‘n’ roll and garage rock with pretty indie-pop. Though most of their songs are simple and catchy — perfect for sing-alongs and continuous toe-tapping — they still retain a unique, Southern rough-around-the-edges grittiness.
Yellow Ostrich. Richard Swift. Bleached. Spaceghost Purrrp. Grimes. Youth Lagoon. Porcelain Raft. CFCF. So much more…
Spaceghost Purrp. Ava Luna. Pat Jordache. Exitmusic. Grimes. Memoryhouse. Curren$y. Main Attrakionz. Chad Valley. More…
For this week’s Pulse episode, host Lauren Hawker took to the streets to question folks about the White House’s new online petitions tool called “We the People.” As its name implies, the site allows for anyone with an internet connection the ability to officially exercise his/her right to petition and speak up on behalf of important issues like American’s public schools or the legalization of marijuana. We also look into how active and involved petitioners are as compared to the Occupy Wall Street protesters.
Today, a conversation with BTR’s own Jakob Schnaidt, regarding the horror story he wrote in honor of Halloween. Plus, an encore of the BTR’s staff comedic take on Sleepy Hollow…
It’s a deep, dark world. Let Overnight Sensation be your guiding light…
Gonzalo Cordova is a young comic in New York City who writes for Comedy Central Insider by day and makes the rounds of the stand up scene by night. Here he performs at Spit Take Friday, a monthly comedy showcase in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Piano Licks from Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou and a new tune from Mariachi El Bronx
This week heralds the return of Lorway, from Norway, where he’s been recording a record with his band, The Level 42s. With the old team back together again, this week’s show promises to be a real rip roarer. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
DJRePete’s all about the mix today on your BTR Wednesday, breakin’ thru with an enlightened blend to get your day started. Tune in for new alternative from Gregory Pepper & His Problems and Malajube, rock from the Dum Dum Girls and Love is All, and beats from Theophilus London and Amanda Blank. Plus, intermixed for fun, a few throwbacks from the likes of Sleeping In The Aviary, Hollerado, and the Violens. Check in with some new and vintage (?) today with DJRePete on BTR!
This week, Lorway’s back from Norway, so you can expect an exciting, magical show, full of hilarious quips, and gentle ribbing, for her pleasure. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Holy Sons is the one-man project of Portland’s Emil Amos. The multi-instrumentalist plays raw, lo-fi indie rock, and remains relatively enigmatic, despite having released music under the Holy Sons moniker for the past two decades and having played with bands like Om, Dolorean, and Grails. Amos’ introspective nature and penchant for obscurity, give his music an added haunted, mysterious quality.
Today, a lengthy conversation with The Banjees, a quartet out of Brooklyn, New York. Plus, a bonus chat with BTR’s own DJ Pat!
For our Halloween Special we invited Brooklyn three-piece EULA to the Serious Business studios. Festive and decked out in skeleton suits, the group raged through their loud, post-punk tunes, seemingly in their element in a dimly lit, cobwebbed room. Manic, amped up, and lead by frontwoman Alyse Lamb, whose vocals veer between a coaxing, calm voice and blaring, bone-chilling shrieks, EULA sound like an unbridled, and feral version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
To celebrate Halloween 2011, the BTR staff put together a very strange (and ‘R’-rated) telling of Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow. Not for the kids!
A Spooky mix from DJ Wynn featuring Blood Orange, Pepper Rabbit, Painted Palms, Hercules and Love Affair, and Wild Flag
Happy Halloween! This month we’re checking out some singer/songwriters who got their start in Southern California like Jakob Martin and Curtis Peoples. Also, tunes from some country rock bands like Chris Parish Band and Country Tea
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Radio Week we talk about our reactions to the World Series and how we choose who to root for when our team’s not in it, and how listening to sports on radio has changed in our lifetimes and how it will continue to change as well as how radio technology is used in sports.
The Alt-Country hour is jammed packed with tunes this week. New Wilco and Tyler Ramsey are in the mix!
Whole Wheat Apple Muffins Via Smitten Kitchen via King Arthur Flour Makes 10-12 Ingredients: 1 cup (4 ounces) whole wheat flour 1 cup (4 1/4 ounces) all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon cinnamon 1/2 cup (1 stick, 4 ounces) unsalted butter, at room temperature 1/2 cup (3 1/2 ounces) granulated sugar 1/2 cup dark brown sugar, packed, divided 1 large egg, lightly beaten 1 cup (8 ounces) buttermilk or yogurt 2 large apples, peeled, cored, and coarsely chopped Preheat the oven to 450°F. Grease and flour 18 muffin cups and set aside. Mix together the flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon, and set aside. In a separate bowl, cream the butter and add the granulated sugar and 1/4 cup of the brown sugar. Beat until fluffy. Add the egg and mix well; stop once to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl.Mix in the buttermilk gently. (If you over-mix, the buttermilk will cause the mixture to curdle.) Stir in the dry ingredients and fold in the apple chunks. Divide the batter evenly among the prepared muffin cups, sprinkling the remaining 1/4 cup brown sugar on top. Bake for 10 minutes, turn the heat down to 400°F, and bake for an additional 5 to 10 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean. Cool the muffins for 5 minutes in the tin, then turn them out onto a wire rack to cool completely. 00:00 Mic Break 01:23 1954 – Chris Knox 03:07 The Devil’s Eye – The Go-Betweens 05:05 Sister Ray – Mike Rep and the Quotas 09:49 Champion of the Rights of Monogamists – Monogamy 13:14 Snow Crush Killing Song – The Mountain Goats 15:50 Pudding Stone – Pumice 18:43 Move Your Hand – Stone Coal White 21:28 Weeping Pilgrim – Allison’s Sacred Harp Singers 23:55 The Fate of the Human Carbine – Peter Jeffries/Robbie Muir 27:15 Mic Break 28:22 Shady Grove – Kentucky Thorobreds 30:53 Gungru Tarang – Master Manahar Brave 34:06 Find a Fool Dub – Winston Riley 36:46 Double Dare – Yo La Tengo 40:05 Jeremy Parker – Swirlies 44:17 Lam Phloen Chuan Samakkhi – Sabaithong Phaophuri 47:27 Rak Phi Tam Sanya – Phongsri Woranut 51:13 Lao Krathop Mai – Johnny Guitar 54:10 Talking Instruments – Sir Victor Uwaifo 57:16 Sea Blues – Jen Paul / No Lakes 59:30 Mic Break 60:10 Dead on Arrival – Psychedelic Horseshit 63:18 Finish Monogamy Oct 31 2011 – Fright Night Fun Times – Ludington, MI Stone Coal White The Mountain Goats
Another Funk-A-Licious show for you boys & girls from the one, the only Mr Jason & his dashingly handsome sidekick, Dr Patel. This week the show is self sponsored by ‘Kershaws Quality Foods’… Can They Radio It? Let Us Kick It & See!
SHANE OLINSKI – You’ll have heard Shane on this show once before, with a band, but this times it’s a completely different set of songs, and just Shane on his lonesome. Over the years, Shane has recorded hundreds and hundreds of songs, in various recording studios, and at home onto 4 track, but he’s only released one LP. Over the coming months, friends of his are going to begin going through his vast backlogue of recordings, and putting them online. I, for one, can’t wait. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Rockin’ Rockin Pet Store / Rockin’ Rockin’ Twilight of the Gods
Happy Friday! What could be better than a week that celebrates fashion AND radio? Nothing… except maybe an interview with the creator of this very radio show, Sew & Tell. That’s right, today my guest is none other than the stylish, savvy DJ with impeccable taste in both music and clothes, Caroline Sloan. Carrie is better known around the station as DJ Audrey II, the voice and mind behind the masterfully-mixed nocturnal playlist on BreakThru Radio’s Night Show. But, as some of you might remember, DJ Audrey II was also the original visionary and host of Sew & Tell. On today’s show, Carrie will talk about her first interview, some of the challenges and surprising discoveries she found in creating a weekly fashion talk show, and a few of her favorite shops, fall wardrobe finds, and upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2012. Plus, don’t miss her awesome 80’s Halloween costume reveal! Also, great music in the mix today from Austra, Class Actress, Moby, Elliott Smith, Jens Lekman and more. So join us for a journey back in time to the start of BTR’s own fashion radio show!
Canadian-Sikh rapper Humble the Poet (Kanwer Singh), together with his producer and primary beat-maker Sikh Knowledge (Kanwar Anit Singh Saini), spit out smooth, yet fiery, socially conscious rhymes about the broken prison system, women’s rights, and immigrant life in America. Motivated by their mission to spread awareness of these issues, the two make for an electrifying and captivating hip-hop duo, their energy and flow seemingly inexhaustible.
Pusha T. Widowspeak. Teen Daze. Tunabunny. Chad Valley. Mountain Man. Rustie. White Birds. Real Estate. Toro Y Moi. More…
Washed Out. Pure Bathing Culture. Grizzly Bear. Conveyor. Beak. Ava Luna. Real Estate. More…
This time around on Bay Area Live we have two new bands hailing from the East Bay for you: Bees Table and Swanifant. Hope you enjoy listening to these shows as much as we did recording them.
CMJ draws hundreds of bands to the streets of New York City, but for this episode of Pulse, we set our sights on one act in particular: Sweden’s You Say France & I Whistle. It was the first time the 5-piece had set foot in the city, but they were kind enough to let us tag along and document their adventure. We also talked to audience members about their first impressions of the group.
An interview with Brigitte and Mary Jane of the Athens, Georgia-based band Tunabunny (recorded at Bruar Falls during CMJ 2011)
“Hey, T! Whatchu doin’ round my pad? You greened up? I’m light, dogg. Serious times. Smoke up a friend, holmes. I’m so bored.” “Weed, it’s what’s for dinner. Puff, puff, puff. Oh me, oh my.”
The Loom is a six-piece indie rock band from Brooklyn featuring male and female vocals, horns, guitars, banjo, ukulele, keys and percussion. In one of their “four word” CMJ reviews, The New York Times Arts Beat blog described The Loom as, “Appalachian garment, angst-y stitching.”
Double Shots of Casiokids, El Rego, and Nation Beat
This week, my best friend, Lucy The Hippy, is filling the shoes of Lorway, cos he’s in Norway. True story! OK, I know that she’s annoying, and not as funny as Iain, but she is better looking, so all’s well in Elmswell. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Inching you closer to the Halloween weekend, DJRePete has your midweek mix today on BTR. Tune in for French Canadian pop via Malajube, autumn twang from new Blitzen Trapper and Dan Mangan, and chill beats from Ras G.  Plus check in with a few BTR artists who hit the metaphorical BreakThru Radio airwaves this time last year, in a retrospective set. It doesn’t get more spooktacular than that; and we promise, no more puns.
This week, Jayman’s more-glamorous-than-Iain assistant is Malice. They’re a well known DJing team, and you should give them the respect they deserve. Oi! Stop laughing! Oh, OK, fair enough.. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
New Zealander Liam Finn might have gotten the music gene from his father, Neil Finn of Crowded House/Split Enz fame, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t grown to become a unique artist in his own right. Formerly the frontman of Betchadupa, Liam can channel the singer-songwriter somberness of the late Elliot Smith, while also evoking the lively, raw emotion of indie-pop groups like The Shins. The range of his sound makes him stand out against the mellow troubadour crowd.
A quick chat with Wally DeBacker, of Gotye, and a longer conversation with Brad Oberhofer, of Oberhofer, from CMJ 2011. Plus, Latola and Wynn talk about the music marathon…
Originally begun as a project called The Calendonia Mission by brothers Anthony and Angelo Lamarca, The Building has since grown into a full-fledged band based in NYC. Although Angelo still resides in their hometown of Youngstown, OH, the additions of a cellist (also Anthony’s wife) and a saxophonist/clarinetist (whom Anthony met when they both played with St. Vincent), have helped give The Building a hefty and robust, indie-rock meets orchestral-pop sound.
A Recap of DJ Wynn’s CMJ 2011 featuring Chad Valley, Grimes, Caveman, Casiokids, Guards, and The Stepkids
We’ve got tunes so new, many of them aren’t even available yet. Even we couldn’t believe this month’s show. We got the goods from Mwahaha, Future Twin, Jen Schande, Bees Table, and so much more. Feast your ears, friends.
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Book Week we discuss how well sports translate to fiction writing as well as what some of our favorite sports books, and Kory takes us through learning a playbook and we also discuss the recent revelations concerning the Boston Red Sox.
WHITE COLLAR CRIMES – There was a leak in the roof of the studio this week, so the band had to put up with the smell of damp. But did they let it stop them from rocking? Well, you’ll just have to listen in and find out! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
00:00 Rock Show Intro 00:54 Hessa – El Rego 03:46 Peace in the Valley – Rev. Lonnie Farris 06:12 Romance – Wild Flag 09:59 Mayday – PUJOL 12:59 Clang of the Concrete Swans – Comet Gain 18:03 Wasted Away – Dum Dum Girls 21:38 Mind Daze – Psychic Ills 25:15 Mic Break 26:34 Amazing and Wonderful – Peaking Lights 31:58 Your Own Nothing – Weekend 36:08 Total Decay – The Soft Moon 40:20 Please Stop – Common Grackle 43:09 Ladybug – Bumblebee Unlimited 52:55 Inside and Out – Warm Ghost 56:44 Rock Show Outro 58:29 Dreamin’ – The Twerps 63:09 Finish Wild Flag Oct 21 2011 – Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC Oct 22 2011 – 40 Watt – Athens, GA Oct 24 2011 – Bottle Tree Cafe – Birmingham, AL Oct 26 2011 – One Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA Peaking Lights Oct 28 2011 – Glasslands – Brooklyn, NY Dec 10 2011 – The Deaf Institute – Manchester, UK The Twerps
The sun shining, the weather is good and its….er….October. But that is where the strangeness ends, because Sinista and Stoke Note have resumed normal service when it comes to the UK Hip Hop sounds. We have a packed show with music from the likes Jehst, Lowkey, Blade and many more. We also touch on important issues such as Black History Month, Politics, Unemployment and Lord Nelson amongst other things, and we add our unique sense of humor into the mix. So Chill Out and enjoy the sounds of the UK Hip Hop scene.
Calling all fashion fans! As the weather turns cooler, what better time to curl up with your journal? Or, better yet, wear it? For today’s show, in honor of BTR’s Book Week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Margaux and Walter Kent, the husband-and-wife design team behind a beautiful line of wardrobe, home and garden accessories created from repurposed antique and vintage materials. They offer hand-bound leather journals, both in a traditional book size and as functional miniatures you can wear around your neck (!), beautiful repurposed wood pieces for home and garden, waxed canvas totes, and more. On today’s show, Margaux and Walter tell us the story of how Peg and Awl began, where they find some of the treasures they work with, and a few of their favorite reads. Plus, a great set of vintage country-folk-pop tracks from artists like Gunieafowl, Real Estate, Nikki Lane, and more! So settle in with your journal and get ready to take some style notes…
Pittsburgh trio Donora have a contagious, glowing charm — perhaps helped along by the fact that guitarist/vocalist Casey Hanner and drummer Jake Hanner are siblings. Their brand of indie-pop is like pure sugar — sweet, delightful and irresistible — but also incredibly creative. With Casey’s pretty and darling girl-group-style vocals set against upbeat grooves and layered synths, Donora present a hybrid of pop from the ‘50s/’60s and today.
Rustie. Casiokids. Still Corners. Plaid. White Birds. The Caretaker. Girls Names. Thee Oh Sees. JEFF The Brotherhood. Soley. Com Truise. More…
Young Magic. Gross Magic. Here We Go Magic. Computer Magic. Dark Dark Dark. And more…
For this week’s episode of BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker visits Park Slope, Brooklyn to speak with women about their concerns regarding the recent string of sexual attacks in the area. Lauren also interviews the Executive Director of The Center for Anti-Violence Education to discuss ways women can defend themselves.
CMJ 2011 begins In The Den: an interview with Hugo Manuel of Chad Valley, and Jonquil, plus another chat with Alex Tween, of The Forms, all outside Pianos in New York City. DJ Wynn co-hosts.
YOU are now listening to OVERNIGHT SENSATION. This week’s show is very good music for walking outside on a nice autumn day, relaxing with friends, baking a cake, whatever. Hoe you like it!
Music from El Rego, Casiokids, and Nation Beat
Octant is a synth-pop project comprised entirely of mastermind Matthew Steinke and a merry band of robotically-played instruments. The homemade blip-bleeping creations are genius and a sight to see, especially in a place like Sycamore — a Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, bar that also happens to double as a flowershop — where the rustic atmosphere brings out the surprising warmth of the robotics. The bots’ whimsical tunes combined with Steinke’s singer-songwriter tone give Octant a refreshingly futuristic sound — one that, despite all the metal and machines, feels warm and charming.
This week, and for the 2nd time in PB history, Jason and Iain manage to go the entire show without using any vowels!! How do they do it? Well, you’ll just have to listen and see! Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
CMJ is upon us in New York City, and if you can’t be there, BTR’s got you covered today, as DJRePete’s spinning an all-College Music Journal mix previewing the BTR talent playing the festival. Tune in for alt rock from Zambri and the Dum Dum Girls, electronica crossover via Clubfeet and Chairlift, and brand new music from emerging band Pepper Rabbit. Get ready for the festival or live vicariously with a CMJ mix today on BreakThru Radio with DJRePete!
This week, Iain and Jayman fight through Jason’s illness, and against all odds, build a mountain of a show for y’everybody’s enjoyment, and bemusement. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Slowdance, a Brooklyn-based quintet, have a penchant for edgy indie-pop and for crafting songs in French. According to the band, their moody, keyboard-heavy stylings were influenced by Blondie and ‘70s synth-wave, so it’s no wonder that here, they sound sultry and submerged in hypnotic, humming electronics. Frontwoman Quayar Quinn-Settel — seemingly mysterious and secretive, curtained by thick bangs — recalls a cross between Tennis’ laid back Alaina Moore and the dynamic Karen O. An intriguing vocalist and performer — beautifully delicate one moment, curiously detached the next — she is one of many reasons Slowdance is a band that’s hard to forget.
Many of the artists who have visited us for studio sessions for BTR Live Studio and Serious Business on BTR or for location shoots for BTR Hear & There are playing this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, one of the premiere music events of the year in New York City. We thought we’d take this opportunity to present a video preview to give you an idea of what you might expect while out and about during the week. Included are 5 previously unreleased videos for Balkans, Elk City, Great Elk, Savoir Adore, and The Stepkids. We hope you enjoy! [youtube_playlist]
Wynn and Latola go to Bruar Falls for a free night of music, and talk about horror film soundtracks, mushroom clouds, annoying NYC apartment brokers and the upcoming CMJ Music Marathon.
Originally starting as the bedroom project of singer-songwriter Henry Jamison, The Milkman’s Union has since evolved into a folk-rock trio heavily influenced by jazz and classical music, and channeling everyone from Iron & Wine to Radiohead. Based out of Portland, ME, the band weaves together complex arrangements, filled with melodies that twist and turn unexpectedly and rhythms that start and stop suddenly. Jamison leads the pack with impressive guitar-picking and his ability to use his rich, expressive voice to turn sullen stories into engaging ear-candy, mellow ballads into howling rock.
00:00  DJ Wynn 00:07  Please Don’t Bother Me Anymore – Golden Grapes 03:27  Replicate – Fanfarlo 06:40  Balance – Future Islands 10:43  Peculiar Paradise – Chairlift 15:36  Don’t Move – Phantogram 19:52  The Sea – EXITMUSIC 24:16  Answering Machine (Planningtorock’s Pizzo Remix) – Shit Robot 29:11  Scissors (Tokimonsta Remix) – Eight and A Half 32:34  Overkill – Gauntlet Hair 34:31  Machete Gang Holiday – Firehorse 38:29  Park – Radiation City 42:47  Steady Steady – North Highlands 46:20  DJ Wynn 47:06  Djobime – El Rego 49:36  Feeling You Got – El Rego 53:17  The Bump – Deer Tick 56:42  Always Looking – Dum Dum Girls 58:59  Yung Jun – Tammar 64:33  Hand It Out – Woods 67:39  Sleep For You – Nikki Lane 69:35  We Added It Up – My Brightest Diamond 73:37  Escape Routes – My Brightest Diamond 77:02  Dresinen – Casiokids 80:53  Selskapets Triste Avslutning – Casiokids 85:32  DJ Wynn 86:44  Club Paradise – Drake 91:24  Finish Chairlift Oct 23  Sonar – Baltimore, MD Oct 24  Mercury Lounge – New York, NY North Highlands Oct 21  Pianos – New York, NY Oct 22  Cameo Gallery – Brooklyn, NY Casiokids Oct 19  Public Assembly – Brookln, NY
The Backroom today features BTR blues talent playing this week’s College Music Journal Festival in New York City. Plus, tune in for brand new rock blues from Pack A.D., funk from Stacey Lane, and throwbacks form Lazy Poker and Leopold And His Fiction. Join DJRePete and the rest of the blues talent today in the Backroom on BTR!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Sibling Week we welcome Kristy’s twin sister into the studio and talk about how sibling rivalries translate naturally to the sports world. Plus we look at some current events from the sports world.
LATIN SPECIAL 3 – Well, not only is the lovely doctor away on his holiday’s, but Jayman is ill.. Will this stop them from bringing you a fantastic Latin Special? No! Of course not! I can’t believe you had the nerve to THINK that, letalone SAY it! Bad boy! Dirty boy! In you bed!! Let us radio and see..
That clang of pots and pans means DJRePete is back in the kitchen for another shift as guest chef on the BTR Cooking Show. Tune in for a quick and healthy cerviche that’s as packed with tang and spice as the playlist that accompanies, including cultural dance beats from Chilly Gonzales, southern twang from M. Ward, and rock from the Limes. Wet your musical and actual appetite today, with the BTR Cooking Show!
DEAD ENDS – I recently booked this band to play a Planet Beet gig, at B2 in Norwich. Their drummer let them down, and didn’t turn up to the gig, so the band played as a 3 piece. They impressed me, regardless of the missing drummer. They’ve since got an excellent new drummer, and I immediately booked them for a session. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
I wish i understood how this “rocks”… but it just doesn’t. I just don’t get it…
Greetings from Minnesotat! That’s right, fashionistas, I took the show out to the Midwest, where I’m visiting my parents and basking in beautiful fall colors. I’m also in one of the best under-the-radar cool scenes in the U.S. – forget the overhyped streets of Williamsburg, the Twin Cities have double to hip factor, with a thriving art and music scene. The fashion industry in Minneapolis and St. Paul is also growing, and over the years, several independent designers have emerged as fresh talent. Today, I speak with Laine Sou Weinberg, a member of that community who has seen the industry change over the last twenty years, and adapted her beautiful line to keep going strong. She and husband Richard Weinberg started KOKOON as college students, and as the business has evolved, they’ve perfected the art of contemporary-but-classic wardrobe basics that any woman will want. On today’s show, Laine tells us the story of how their business began, what’s behind the unique name KOKOON, and just what women she has in mind when she creates her fluid designs. Plus, tons of musical goodies in the playlist today, including brand new Joe Henry, My Brightest Diamond and Casiokids, plus a sneak preview of Deer Tick’s upcoming release. End of summer means the fun’s just started on BTR!
Brooklyn-based foursome Mainland (formerly Mainland Fever) play dreamy indie-rock, as much a suitable soundtrack for hazy, lazy Summer afternoons as for crisp, cool Fall evenings. Here, the band’s meandering guitar-work flows alongside Jordan Topf’s winding and sometimes melancholic vocals, as the song shifts seamlessly between drowsy, psychedelic verse and catchy, energized chorus.
Gauntlet Hair. AD+-. White Birds. Blood Orange. The Jameses. Don Juan. Radiation City. Black Lips. Toro Y Moi. More…
Getatchew Mekurya. Alias. Brilliant Colors. Porcelain Raft. Shabazz Palaces. Ground Up. Clams Casino. Gauntlet Hair. More…
PORN! Protesting! Agricultural Hazards! PORN! BreakThru Radio TV’s Month In Review has it all! Join host Chaz Mannenheim for an unbiased, unbridled look at yesterday’s top stories.
Below the colorful marquees of Time Square, BTR Pulse host Jess Westberg asks folks what movie or TV show best represents the Big Apple!
Interviews with Alex Tween, of The Forms, and Matthew Scheiner, of Tropic Of Pisces, are in El Den for Wednesday!
It can happen overnight… it can happen to you!
New Hampshire-born singer-songwriter Andrew St. Aubin, formerly of the indie-pop band Aldenbarton, is now embarking on a new project called Son of the Granite State. A talented multi-instrumentalist, here he demonstrates his masterful piano chops and ability to croon out a contemplative tune. Many thanks to the Yamaha Piano Salon in midtown Manhattan for providing the room full of baby grands.
Music from Papaito, Getatchew Mekurya, Gilberto Gil, and Tinariwen
This week, we’ll be speaking only in song titles, and quotes from famous, and not-so-famous Movies and TV Shows from the 70s. Will we manage to complete the whole hour, or will we cave? Only YOU can be the judge.. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Satisfying your thirst for new music, and the balance of a good music mix, check in today with DJRePete, who’s got a preview of the talent playing the CMJ Music Marathon as well as the upcoming Harvest Festival going down down-under in Australia. Plus, tune in for alternative from Bright Eyes, beats from M+A, and jazz-funk infused set with Da Cruz. Also, check in with BTR artists from this time last year with a throwback set from Your Youth, Rickolus, and Brass Bed. That about sums up the start to your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!
This week, Iain and Jayman continue to offend all and sundry, and a few others as well. There’a a possibility that they both might be slightly hungover, so don’t take them too seriously, K? Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Lizzy Ellison, Cameron Spies, Matt Rafferty and Randy Bemrose make up Portland foursome Radiation City. A group of genre-bending maestros, Radiation City marry together the dreaminess of indie-pop and the fog of lo-fi with just a hint of ‘60s doo-wop. As these different tones blend into one song, as here with “Park,” the result is a hazy, soulful, yet rousing sing-along, starring Spies’ edgy yelps and Ellison’s background crooning. Their music’s contrasting elements are refreshing and imaginative, and the fact that they all come together smoothly, make it immediately memorable.
Today, a conversation with Johnnie Cluney: artist and graphic designer for Daytrotter (amongst other things..)
Having played with the likes of rock bands Gem, Death of Samantha, Cobra Verde, Nada Surf, and a little indie outfit called Guided By Voices — you might have heard of them — it’s safe to say that Doug Gillard needs no real introduction. An accomplished guitarist and songwriter, he can shift easily between Guided By Voices’ loud, post-punk anthems, and the more mellow, muted ballads of his own solo repertoire.
New music from Gauntlet Hair, Twin Sister, Radiation City, and Moonface
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Genre Week we take a look at the upcoming NHL and NBA seasons, get caught up on the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand and discuss the various forms or ‘genres’ of the game of football and what it can tell us about regional identities.
CAMARILLA (from the vaults) – Well, I was rustling and rummaging around in the Old School Studios vaults the other day, and found this recording. I’d completely forgotten having recorded this session, and the band had forgotten too. It wasn’t broadcast at the time, as it was only a matter of months after Camarilla recorded a “Live @ Old School Studios” session, and so it languished in the vaults for two years. This will be the first time that anyone has heard it. It sounds powerful as hell, and I hope you enjoy discovering it as much as me and the girls have! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Fall has begun, and we felt it nip at our heels this week in New York! Yes indeed, it is time for the seasonal wardrobe change-over, and sad as I am to see those sundresses go into storage for the next few months, I am definitely ready to break out my fall boots, sweaters, scarves and hats! Just in time for the first frost, I have a talented designer whose debut Fall/Winter 2011 Collection offers a myriad of elegant solutions for stylish warmth. Shui Chen was born and raised in Taiwan, and after studying fine art there, she came to the U.S. to pursue fashion. And lucky for us! Shui’s fall collection is full of Alpaca wool, silk, and leather, offering the warmth of your grandfather’s sweater with the modern simplicity and versatility of today’s runway. On today’s show, Shui will tell us what brought her fine art to fashion, her sculptural approach to garments, what’s ahead for Spring/Summer 2012, and her favorite place to find fall leaves in NYC! Plus, in honor of both fall and BTR’s Genre Week, today’s playlist is a celebration of a few of my favorite musical genres. This is an autumnal mix of freak folk, alt country, vintage surfer-pop and electronica, including artists like Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Sufjan Stevens, Little Scream, Phophorescent, ceo, Bon Iver & more. So stick around and warm up some apple cider…
Brooklyn’s The Binary Marketing Show creates avant-garde soundscapes, spattered with spooky noises, eerie vocal work, and pulsing beats. With multiple releases of varying sounds in their repertoire, the group understand the art of unpredictability and mysteriousness, much like the bands Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear. Their songs, like “Unwilling,” never seem to start and end on the same page, moving along via clamoring segues and playful percussive arrangements, as ethereal crooning morphs into developing tapestries of sound. The Binary Marketing Show’s music feels like a journey in of itself.
Sufjan Stevens. of Montreal. Blanck Mass. Says She’s Ms. Blat. John Maus. Psychedelic Horseshit. Bobby. Mogwai. Austra. And more…
Lupe Fiasco. Jens Lekman. Surfer Blood. Africa Hitech. Konono No. 1. Cass McCombs. White Birds. Black Lips. More…
This week on BTR Pulse, to celebrate the announcement of a new bike share program in NYC via Alta Bicycle Share, we ask New Yorkers how they get to work. With all the bikes locked up all around town, we wanted to know who rides a bike to work, why they do or don’t, and if they’d consider riding more once the bike share launches.
Latola is currently on the road with White Birds, and today’s show will be the fourth of 4 documenting the experience, In The Den.
We love you Overnight Sensation, and all these new bands u play! 🙂 Jeep up all your good work!
Drawing from the likes of Feist, Broken Social Scene, and Iron & Wine, Sarah Aument is a folk singer-songwriter whose work is powerfully moving, raw with sincerity, and beautifully straight-forward. Emotions easily shine through Aument’s sparse and tender songs as her heart-felt narratives quickly grow from soft-spoken, introspective musings into loud, robust rock frenzies.
Tune in for global melodies from Number One du Senegal, Tito Puente, and Casiokids
This week, we bring you the crazy comedy (really?) stylings of Jayman and The Lorway. What scrapes will the chaps get themselves into this week? Only time, will tell.. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Your Wednesday mix is delivered today by DJRePete. Tune in for brand new alternative from Sleeping in the Aviary, rock from the Dum Dum Girls, and a beat from Speech Debelle featuring Roots Manuva & Realism.  Plus a jazzy set featuring a BTR throwback from the Maido Project out of Paris. And DJRePete weighs in on the end of the REM era with reflections on their breakthru beginnings. All today, on your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!
This week, Iain and Jayman bring you music from across the British Isles, but mainly from Norwich’s “Access To Music”, “City College” & “University Of East Anglia”. We’re also reaching as far affield as Lowestoft, so you KNOW it’s gonna be a rockin’ show! Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
After meeting at the Berklee College of Music while working on a film score, Passion Pit keyboardist Ian Hulquist and wife Sofia degli Alessandri formed the electro-pop twosome Aislyn, later adding drummer Joey Sulkowski to become a trio. Using their dreamy, synth-heavy stylings, they’ve remixed fresh, blissfully-layered versions of tracks for everyone from Neon Indian to the Freelance Whales. Here, Aislyn’s own “Spies” builds up slowly with Alessandri’s somber, yet angelic voice, and expands into a dizzying electronic climax of whizzing, whirring and whooshing effects. The backdrop of hypnotic sounds coupled with the airy vocals makes for a rich, mood-altering tune.
Latola is currently on the road with White Birds, and today’s show will be the third of 4 documenting the experience, In The Den.
Half-brothers Trent and Blair McGillicuddy operate musically and otherwise as Sex Admirals. These two sons of Admiral Bruce “Papa” McGillicuddy, clad in Hawainn shirts, bathrobes, and sunglasses, deliver the finest in drop-dead nautically themed party jams, presenting a mix of blistering bleeps, tropical beats, and raspy, alcohol-soaked vocals — an ideal soundtrack for a drunken, wild beach party.
New music from The Antlers, Twin Sister, Akron/Family, and Casiokids
This month we’re honoring Ryan Montbleau Band with a recording of their live show in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club on October 28, 2007 (the night the Red Sox won the World Series). Special thanks to Carl Daniel for taping this show.
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Social Media week, we take a look at the impact that facebook and twitter have had on the college recruiting process and also talk about how social sports leagues have become the new place to meet people.
00:00 DJ Emily 00:48 Open Mind – Wilco 04:16 Goodbye Crazy City – Big Harp 08:41 Miss K – Deer Tick 11:54 Fletcher – Blitzen Trapper 15:16 DJ Emily 16:04 Whole Love – Wilco 19:34 CruelKind – Gold Leaves 23:31 Of Vegas And Vanity – The Loom 26:33 When My Time Comes – Dawes 31:42 Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes 36:38 DJ Emily 36:49 Girl In A Coat – Blitzen Trapper 40:21 Picture of A Bird – Fruit Bats 43:57 Such A Beautiful Thing – Chris Mills 48:04 Let’s Do Something Impossible – William Elliot Whitmore 51:07 Arlee Hayes – Band Marino 54:50 DJ Emily 55:49 Black Moon – Wilco 59:20 Finish official album art from The Whole Love Wilco LIVE!!! Oct 02  –  The Ryman  –  Nashville, TN Oct 04  – Peabody Opera House – St. Louis, MO Oct 05 – Overture Hall – Madison, WI official album art from Divine Providence Deer Tick LIVE!!! Oct 12  –      The Met  –  Providence, RI Oct 13  –     The Met  –  Providence, RI Oct 15  –      Strand Capitol Theatre  –  York, PA Oct 16  –      930 Club  –  Washington, DC Oct 17  –      Cat’s Cradle  –  Carrboro, NC official album art from American Goldwing Blitzen Trapper LIVE!!! Oct 06  –  Amoeba Music  –  San Francisco, CA Oct 07  –  Mystic Theater  –  Petaluma, CA Oct 08  –  Soho  –  Santa Barbara, CA
Well Mr Jason & Dr Patel are still attempting to put the fun into the funk, but possibly not managing.. Have they Still Got What It Takes To Funk Your Faces Off? Let us radio and see..
GIRL IN A THUNDERBOLT – You may remember GIATB before, cos Maria did a solo set back when Old School Studios was out in the countryside. Well, Maria now has a 3 piece band, and so I was eager to get them into the studio for some live rock action. Here’s the pudding. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
00:00 Mic Break 00:51 Go Out and Get It – Black Lips 02:41 I Hate You – CREEM 05:12 Sludge River Mouth – Sleepies 07:53 Drama Mine – Sebadoh 10:33 Dial 666 – Night Beats 12:12 Build. Destroy. Rebuild. – Hanni El Khatib 15:08 Tally – Gold-Bears 17:16 Flying Into the Sun – Crystal Stilts 20:44 Blue Star – Seapony 23:06 Mic Break 24:28 Advice and Vices – Chelsea Wolfe 27:17 Summer Moon – The Raveonettes 30:16 Jukebox Dad – Alan Watts 32:56 Thousand Square – Mountains 38:08 National Parks – Ear Pwr 40:55 Pre-Human – Oneida 50:05 Poet (Take 1) – Paleo 52:31 The Park – Secret Cities 55:48 Mic Break 58:03 After Hours – City Center 61:48 Finish Sleepies Oct 15 2011 – Dead Herring – Brooklyn, NY Seapony Oct 07 2011 – Cairo – Seattle, WA Oct 21 2011 – The Moore – Seattle, WA City Center
Tomorrow is October, and you know what that means… the start of marathon season! With the Chicago Marathon next weekend, and the New York Marathon just a month away, runners are amping up their game to be in peak physical condition. And increasingly, the tradition of yoga is becoming a part of that preparation. For this week’s Sew & Tell, I got to speak with the lovely Sevda Holland, co-founder and designer for a line of organic yoga and performance wear called Prancing Leopard. Sevda and her husband, Bert, started the line in response to a lack of stylish, eco-conscious movement clothing, and their garments definitely fill an important niche in the athletic community. On today’s show, Sevda talks about what prompted her and Bert to start the line, some of the causes and communities that Prancing Leopard supports, and a few (exciting!) plans for new Spring 2012 collections. Plus, new Wilco, Dan Mangan, and Astronautalis, as well as two great remixes for you in the playlist! So do some yoga poses, get on those running shoes, and hit the trail with an all new Sew & Tell on BTR!
The indie-pop gems of Los Angeles group Saint Motel shimmer brightly and sweetly, with a radio-ready polished sound. Recalling the inviting keyboards of Keane, the whimsical tone of The Morning Benders, and the pitch-perfect harmonies of Local Natives, “Puzzle Pieces” is a rollicking anthem that swells up and sweeps smoothly through in all the right places. Although known for presenting themed concerts, like “Zombie Prom,” Saint Motel have also played alongside acts like Girl Talk, Ariel Pink and Best Coast, and seem poised to own the big stage.
White Birds. Secret Cities. Cornelius. Says She’s Ms. Blat. Com Truise. Peaking Lights. King Tubby. Africa Hitech. Chad Vangaalen. And more…
Girls Names. Glass Ghost. Chelsea Wolfe. SBTRKT. Mane Mane. Teengirl Fantasy. Flying Lotus. Santigold. Alias. And more…
We’re really excited to play some sets from the 2011 Rock Make Street Festival, including Tartufi and Birds & Batteries.
A group calling themselves “Occupy Wall Street” has taken over Zuccotti Park in the financial district with hopes of bringing attention to an array of causes and issues. And after a weekend that included NYPD use of pepper spray and, allegedly, other tactics some might deem questionable, we headed down to ask some of the occupier and bystanders about the goals of the protest and the tactics they’re using and having used against them.
Latola is currently on the road with White Birds, and today’s show will be the first of 4 documenting the experience, In The Den.
The gods must be Overnight Sensation!
After leaving indie band Le Loup, guitarist May Tabol started a new project called Pree. Their name a reference to the Neutral Milk Hotel song, “A Baby for Pree,” the D.C.-based group play charming and quaint folk. The instrumentation is warm and rustic, showered with the occasional bright tinkling of bells and tambourines, while Tabol’s front woman vocals are richly textured and feature a quirky bend reminiscent of Joanna Newsom. With music fit for a cozy cabin, Pree sounded right at home when they played at Brooklyn’s Permanent Records, a store with a tight squeeze and intimate ambiance where any audiophile can easily find comfort.
New music from Tinariwen, Malajube, and Dungen
This week, our dynamic duo (Jason & Iain) are in the comforts of the studio, rather than a shopping centre, or in space, or whatever. They bring you something old (a classic PB gig), something new (The Deers), something borrowed (they re-interpret the Classic Album jingle), and something blue (Jason does a swear..). Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Midweek on BTR and in an annual tradition, DJRePete highlights a few choice tracks in homage to his anniversary as on the station. Celebrate six years with likes of The Apples in Stereo, Throw Me the statue, and Peter Bjorn & John. Never playing favorites; it’s all about the mix! Also tune in for info on two upcoming music festivals, and a repurposed ad jingle for good measure. It’s your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!
It’s been another week, and this is another weak show for your delectation. We honestly do try our best though, and on behalf of the whole team, we’d like to apologize. We hope that this is some consolation, and we promise to try even harder next time. If just one of you laughs even once, then it’ll all have been worthwhile. :o) Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Atlanta foursome Carnivores play the kind of lo-fi, brooding rock native to the corners of a gritty, abandoned garage. Though hints of softer melodies peek through occasionally on “Prom Night,” the song is mostly blanketed in a prickly, thrilling layer of ominousness — especially when Caitlin Lang’s vocals twist and soar like a haunted soul or mad scientist. The song captivates with its dissonance and drama.
Latola is currently on the road with White Birds, and today’s show will be the first of 4 documenting the experience, In The Den.
Brooklyn hardcore band Violent Bullshit can launch from a standing start into a raucous barrage of guttural shrieking and razor-edged riffs in no time, shaking loose the floorboards as they go. Here they lead off with their own introductory theme song, frontman Jayson Green ferociously howling “Violent Bullshit! Violent Bullshit!” repeatedly like his throat’s on fire. If the intro isn’t enough to make the name stick, watch for the drummer’s fun “VIOLENT TANKTOP” and the DIY “VIOLENT BULLSHIT” banner made from a pink sheet and Sharpies.
Where do you want to go today? I really hope it’s Downtown and Brooklyn!
New music from Jens Lekman, Toro Y Moi, Wild Flag, and The Weeknd
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Small Screen Week we take a look at how the ways in which we watch and consume sports have evolved in recent years as well as look at the College sports realignment and the recent controversy from the boxing world.
DREW MCDONNELL – Iain and I have been playing Drew’s stuff recently on those radio shows what we do, so I thought it was about time I got Drew into the studio, to play them for me in real time, and in a real place. And that’s exactly what happened. How did it sound? Well, you’re listening to it right now. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Lots of rock music this week; it’s the ROCK SHOW!
Remember when you didn’t have Google Maps on your phone? Printing directions off the internet, asking strangers for help, relying on paper maps… soooo slooooow. All have essentially become a thing of the past, thanks to the wonders and convenience of digital technology! For BTR’s Small Screen Week, and celebration of all things smartphone, I had the honor of hosting Jessica Moore and Bill Atkins on the show. This duo is responsible for one of fashion’s best organizational tools, the iPhone application Stylebook. Just some of Stylebook’s best features include a fully customizable wardrobe, which you can use to plan looks, a virtual inspiration board you can tote around while shopping, and a calendar that helps you keep track of what you wore on which day. It’s got all that and more, and on today’s show, Jessica and Bill will tell us all about the program development, some of the innovative ways in which customers are using it, and reveal a few details about new features to come in the next update. Plus, we’ve got a collection of great new folk/alt country/indie rock tracks from Blitzen Trapper, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Armistice and more. Stay on top of all the latest and greatest developments with BTR!
Los Angeles singer-songwriter Nik Freitas has opened for acts such as Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley and toured as a part of Broken Bells’ live band. Playing every instrument on each one of his five albums, Freitas’ brand of indie-pop is homey, light and sweet, with an easy-going, Beatlesesque tone. His performances are effortless serenades immersed in the emotion of the songs.
Secret Cities. Mister Heavenly. Konono No. 1. The Field. The Very Best. Mount Kimbie. Antibalas. Jamie Lidell. White Birds. El Guincho. And more…
Dirty Beaches. CFCF. Big K.R.I.T. Menahan Street Band. Budos Band. Teedra Moses. Lumerians. And more…
As reported in NY Metro, the recently instituted smoking ban for NYC parks has barely been enforced, so BTR Pulse went out and asked park-goers if they were aware of the band, whether they still see smoking in parks, and what they think of the situation.
In The Den for Wednesday, a conversation with Brooklyn’s own Bezoar (recorded after their set at Monster Island, in Brooklyn, New York, last night).
Fun with Luk Thung!
New Hampshire-born singer-songwriter Andrew St. Aubin, formerly of the indie-pop band Aldenbarton, is now embarking on a new project called Son of the Granite State. A talented multi-instrumentalist, here he demonstrates his masterful piano chops and ability to croon out a contemplative ditty, his own playing accompanied by a player piano he programmed himself — one of many in a room of baby grands at the Yamaha Piano Salon in midtown Manhattan.
New music from Digitaldubs, Da Cruz, and Woima Collective
This week, we find Jason moonlighting at his other job, selling fruit in the Liza Minellium Dome in Swaffham. Can Happley’s Shopping Centre cope with all the excitement? Will Iain keep his cool under high pressure situations? Let us find out. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
It’s Pygmalion day on BTR with DJRePete! The 5 day midwest festival kicks off today, so whether you’re getting psyched for it or want to live vicariously, BTR has you covered with the likes of Cut Copy, Asobi Seksu, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Also, check out alternative from Brass Bed, acoustic from Jessica Lea Mayfield, and a trippy set headlined by Bachelorette. Get your midweek dose of musical enlightenment today on BTR with DJRePete!
Well, I told you it wouldn’t be easy, but you didn’t listen. I warned you that living with me and Iain would lead to heartbreak, but you insisted that we’d be one big happy family. Well, the fan has hit the wall, and you’ve hit the road, and Iain and I are left here picking up the pieces. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
When not playing in the Brooklyn-based psychedelic group Here We Go Magic, Luke Temple channels a more stripped-down, introspective singer-songwriter spirit. His songs, stained with painful memories of broken love and haunting tales of regret, are perfectly devastating. In his performances, Temple’s raspy voice captures the poignancy of inconsolable loss.
In The Den for Monday, Latola and Wynn discuss the end of summer. Plus, live audio from the Brooklyn Book Fair!
Hailing from Brooklyn, Clouder produce roaring, guitar-driven music reminiscent of ‘60s and ‘70s rock & roll. The complex guitar work (sometimes alongside the Dan Bau, a Vietnamese monochord) wails and shrieks, giving rise to epic walls of sound that wind throughout each song. Clouder’s distinct vocals act as their own crazed instrument, able to shift seamlessly between droning pitches and invigorating screeches.
New music from Jens Lekman, Lana Del Rey, and Staff Benda Bilili
Feeling blue? BTR’s got you covered today with the BTR Backroom Blues Hour! Tune in for info on a pair of music festivals from Philadelphia to Poznan, featuring BTR blues talent. Also check out the latest R&B from Otis Heat, international blues from Ali Farka Touré, and alternative blues from Conor Oberst. It’s a packed house today on the Backroom with DJRePete on BTR!
Introducing new artists this month like Whitney Wood, and playing some tunes from LA’s finest male singer/songwriters who are making their way to the Hotel Carolina music festival this weekend, including Keaton Simons with the radio premier of his song “Thrill Of It All!” Also, thanks to your requests, more music from Paul Chesne Band off his brand new album.
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Fashion Week we discuss trends in team uniforms and what some of our favorite logos and jerseys are as well as talk about what attire is appropriate for certain sports.
Well Mr Jason & Dr Patel are still attempting to put the fun into the funk, but possibly not managing.. Have they Still Got What It Takes To Funk Your Faces Off? Let us radio and see..
MADAMES ET MONSIEUR – Well, erm, this is a bit awkward. I’m a huge fan of this week’s OSS victims. Maybe that’s partly cos I’m IN the band? I dunno, I was a huge fan of Mary and Tory when they were called “The Indie Girls”, and so me and my friend Mark asked if they wanted to form a band; which they did, and which we did. Lotty is now playing bass instead of Mark, and the band has developed a definite sound over the last 6 months. And this is it! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
00:00 Mic Break 00:39 You Can Come Over – Shannon and the Clams 03:02 Don’t Shoot Your Guns – Tijuana Panthers 05:24 Ramble Jamble – The Goodnight Loving 07:55 Dude’s Got a Tender Heart – The Fresh & Onlys 11:11 Boys Are Fine – The Smith Westerns 13:37 Destroy Everything – White Fence 16:06 If It Feels All Right – Woven Bones 18:49 Caroline – Harlem 20:44 Death of Me – The Box Elders 25:04 Mic Break 26:17 I’ll Be There – Lover! 30:01 Jane – The Yolks 33:26 Luck Charm – Lux Perpetua 36:50 T-Shirt and Shorts – Young Rival 39:12 Stick Up for Me – The Reigning Sound 42:21 Suspicious – CoCoComa 45:20 Colour Television – Eddy Current Suppression Ring 50:13 Sad Fuzz – Ty Segall 53:14 Reservoir Park – The Dutchess and the Duke 56:47 Mic Break 58:19 I Wanna Go Home – Shannon and the Clams 61:38 Finish Sep 19 2011 – One-Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA Sep 20 2011 – Waterworks – Tallahassee, FL Sep 21 2011 – Green Bar – Tuscaloosa, AL Ty Segall Sep 19 2011 – One-Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA Smith Westerns Sep 21 2011 – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV Sep 24 2011 – OAT – San Diego, CA Sep 25 2011 – Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood, CA Sep 28 2011 – Orpheum – Vancouver, Canada
Yo people!!! The UK Hip Hop Show is back for another installment for all you Hip Hop heads to digest. We got music that will bow your ear drums like the wind is blowing these autumn leaves. With Music from the likes of Mic Righteous, Blak Twang, Taskforce and many more you wouldn’t want to be listening to anything else. So pull up a chair and jam with Sinista and Stark Note to some of the best UK Hip Hop sounds…
It’s Fashion Week!!! Not just here in NYC, but on BTR, too! That’s right, a whole entire week dedicated to the substance of style. From new mod-retro spring collections (just how many designers are die-hard fans of “Mad Men”??) to the questionably ubiquitous, if daring, printed suit trend, to the Missoni for Target sell-out, this week has been a flurry of fashion news, scoops and scandals. And BTR’s got some amazing fashion articles this week as well, so be sure to check the editorial section for thought-provoking pieces you won’t find anywhere else! We have a very special guest this week, who has also been an active participant in all of Fashion Week’s goings-on. Jeannine Morris, founder and creator of Beauty Sweet Spot, is a style writer and beauty expert. Jeannine has been a spokesperson for some of the biggest names in the industry, like Elizabeth Arden and Coach, and she makes regular appearances on major networks including NBC, FOX, CBS, and E!, where she dishes on the latest beauty trends. This week, Jeannine and her team have been busy attending over twenty different fashion shows and parties, and you’ll find a ton of great coverage on the Beauty Sweet Spot blog! On today’s show, she’ll talk about a couple fall beauty trends, some make-up do’s and don’ts, and how to go “from drab to fab in five.” Plus, I’ve got a great set list of new music sprinkled with a few favorites from earlier this year – Alessi’s Ark, Little Scream, Young Empires, and a Mates of State remix are just a few of today’s great tracks. So stick around, turn up the volume, and get ready for your most beautiful fall ever!
Born and raised in Punjab, India, Malkit Singh celebrates the ornate and high-energy stylings of Bhangra — music that’s heavily influenced by traditional Punjabi culture, but also infuses elements of Western pop. He was propelled to the international stage in 2002 after his music was featured in the hit film Bend It Like Beckham, and has since proven his mastery of the genre. Singh’s intricately layered songs are titillating, flush with hypnotic drum thumps, vibrant rattles, and vocals that rise and fall beautifully with exceptional power, control, and fluidity.
Africa Hitech. White Birds. Blanck Mass. Deastro. Blood Orange. Washed Out. Salem. Shabazz Palaces. Secret Cities. And more…
The Field. Toro Y Moi. Spaceghost Purrrp. Choir Of Young Believers. The Sight Below. Devin the Dude. Caribou. And more…
BTR’s Lauren Hawker visited ground zero to explore the new memorial and ask people how they felt about security measures around the city the weekend of the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001
It’s time for fashion on BTR! Latola breaks down everything in store on the station this week, dealing with this theme, in which, one must always be on time…
WOW! Lots of new music this week from the likes of XO Kid, Loftons, Weylin’ Rose, Andrew Ashbrook, and MANY more. Plus some old new hits from Marie and the Atom and Exuma. Truly a wonder to behold 🙂
Octant is a synth-pop project comprised entirely of mastermind Matthew Steinke and a merry band of robotically-played instruments. The homemade blip-bleeping creations are genius and a sight to see, especially in a place like Sycamore — a Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, bar that also happens to double as a flowershop — where the rustic atmosphere brings out the surprising warmth of the robotics.
New music from Da Cruz, Fool’s Gold, and Digitaldubs
This week, we take a walk on the wilde side, as our camp heroes battle boredom, the bottle, several evil magicians, and your hearts. Will it end up shaping up, and getting fit, in time to reach a dynamic apex, before you, the audience, get bored and run away from your radios (computers) and leap out of the window screaming? Let us find out. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Midweek on BTR with DJRePete is all new with a touch of the classic. Tune in for brand new alternative from Tom Vek of Digitalism fame, folk from Jonathan Wilson, and hip/hop from Metermaids. Plus, check in with throwbacks from Bon Iver, Bedouin Soundclash, and Alexandra(H), ahead of an all-out classics show later this month in honor of DJRePete’s 6 years Breakin’ Thru! Get Wednesday dose of BTR and DJRePete!
All I’m saying is, I LOVE you! I don’t think there’s any point me hiding it any longer, as I can tell that you already know. And I think you feel the same. One bark for “yes”, and two for “no”. Good doggy! Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Melissa Ferrick is a singer-songwriter unafraid to bare all through music. With songs that tell stories evoking a raw vulnerability, her performances are full of spark and conviction, revealing her as a woman intensely connected, emotionally and intimately, to her art.
Latola and Wynn walk down to the waterfront, in Brooklyn, to look at the twin lights of the World Trade Center memorial. Plus, stories about awkward moments at the gym, playing basketball with Blood Orange, and why a bloody nose can be an aphrodisiac.
Originally from Canton, OH, multi-instrumentalist Chris Buckridge has called Brooklyn home since 2000. His sprawling music catalog features seven albums — some solo work, some with his band, the Ne’er Do Evers — full of lo-fi, psychedelic rock in the vein of staple ’90s indie rockers Guided by Voices and Dinosaur Jr. With his ability to crank up the fuzzed-out noise in a matter of seconds, turning softer, dreamy passages into distorted, jagged rock, Buckridge’s songs are often models of versatility.
New music from Blood Orange, Nurses, Pepper Rabbit, and Fool’s Gold
New music from the Bay Area’s own Religious Girls, Magic Trick, and Vetiver, plus from friends from up and down the West Coast, like You Are Plural from Olympia, WA. Hope you dig this edition of Wiretap Music on BreakThru Radio!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Party Week we talk about who are favorite athletes to party with would be and look at the party culture that surrounds sports, including both players and fans.
DJ Meredith visits Asian-fusion restaurant Republic, in New York City. Republic’s underlying motto is “Think Noodles: Fresh, Fast and Affordable.” Learn about her delicious (nutritious!), inexpensive dining experience and enjoy learning how to concoct Republic’s Asian Sangria! Invite a group of friends over for an end-of-summer sangria night, but with an Asian twist!
Jonas Reinhardt – Recorded on location at Cakeshop in New York, I was hanging out there with my friend Jason (a different Jason, although I was there too..), and Jason (the one who I just mentioned) was doing the live sound at the venue, so I setup my 8 track reel to reel tape machine in the sound booth, and let the good times roll, for your delight. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Whoohoo LOUD FAST & OUTTA CONTROL!! Comin’ at you LIVE, it’s the ROCK SHOW on BREAKTHRU’ RADIO!!
What were YOU up to last night? ; ) Did Fashion’s Night Out leave you feeling a little post-party blah today? Not to worry, this week’s Sew & Tell guest is here to save the day (and your skin!) Joanna Vargas is the founder and owner of one of New York’s top spots for stylish skin: the Joanna Vargas Salon & Skin Care Sanctuary. Joanna has worked as a skin care professional and esthetician for over fifteen years, treating people all over the world to a healthy glow using natural, non-invasive techniques. She’s prepped celebrities for the red carpet, and her work, insight, and expertise have been featured in ELLE, Allure, Vogue, Daily Candy, and more. On today’s show, Joanna talks about her myriad of beauty preservation treatments, from microcurrent and oxygen facials to LED light therapy and more, plus she shares some tips on how you can maintain beautiful skin. We’ll have you back and glowing for Fashion Week in no time! Plus, a party-worthy play list that includes new music from Oberhofer and ANR, and a set of funky soul grooves. The party’s just starting on BTR!
Los Angeles-based American Royalty is an energetic young trio that packs soul, synths and rock & roll swagger into a single neat package. On their single “Levrolution” (from the EP El Ardemo), watch out for harmonies that ooze blues, electronic beats that swell and surge, and classic guitar riffs that cut like a knife. It’s a genre-bending tune soaked in infectious melodies.
Big K.R.I.T. Aphex Twin. White Birds. Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Alias. Spoon. Sallie Ford. Clams Casino. More…
Aphex Twin. Russian Circles. Junip. Africa Hitech. El Guincho. Band Of Horses. So much more be in store…
Just in time for President Obama’s speech regarding his plan to improve the unemployment situation in the country, BTR has correspondents Lauren Hawker and Jess Westberg on the streets of Washington, DC, and New York City this week to ask people about their personal experience with finding and keeping a job. [blip]video2[/blip]
Latola talks to Mr. Adrian Camoens one last time, during a farewell dinner party at 5 Star in Queens. Adrian moves to Malaysia today ya’ll…
Lots of that “punk rock music” (PRM) this time around. Lots of fun and fancy free!
The Two Man Gentlemen Band has a new two-song 7″ vinyl being released on September 20th. One of those songs is “Tikka Masala,” which they played for us at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Gents play retro music that harkens back to decades past — but not pre-millennial so much as pre-war. Their old-timey tunes may be of a vintage style, but they definitely manage to incorporate themes that are as relevant today as ever.
New music from Helado Negro and Tinariwen
This week, our heros keep on the right side of the law, and your hearts, by avoiding any chance of an adventure. Will this make for a better or worse show, your you, the viewer? Well, to be brutally frank, it’s a bit disapointing.. But, they can’t ALL be amazing shows, can they? Hah! I fooled you, cos it IS another classic! Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Electrify your Wednesday with DJRePete headlining your lineup with ukulele-infused pop from Bourgeois Heros, grunk rock from Swedish Suicide, and a jazzy set headlined by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Also, check out a set of Remix Artist Collective (RAC) tracks, a remix of ‘the song of the summer’ by Foster the People, and Dent May before his recent electro pop album! Also, get the scoop on a trio of music festivals before the summer ends! Catch it all today on BTR with DJRePete!
We’ve decided. We’re gonna get a really good scientist on the payroll, so he/she can invent cool stuff for us, on a regular basis, and we can rake in the dough. Do you think that’s a good idea? One beep for yes, two beeps for double yes! Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Australian band Cloud Control plays guitar-and-keys-driven music reminiscent of early 80s pop and college rock. Here they play “My Fear #2” from their album, ‘Bliss Release.’
It’s the last day of summer, the last day to wear white, and the last Monday off for a while!
For this episode of Serious Business on BTR, Travis is the guest on his own show as we welcome guest-host Maia MacDonald — host of BTR Live Studio — in to quiz Travis on some rock n’ roll subjects near and dear to his dude-heart.
New music from Mister Heavenly, Blood Orange, and Jonathan Wilson
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Ritual/Addiction week we take a look at some superstitions, rituals, rites of passage and routines all associated with the sports world as well as look at addiction in sports.
Well Mr Jason & Dr Patel are still attempting to put the fun into the funk, but possibly not managing.. Have they Still Got What It Takes To Funk Your Faces Off? Let us radio and see..
FORMA – Recorded on location at Cakeshop in New York, I was hanging out there with my friend Jason (a different Jason, although I was there too..), and Jason (the one who I just mentioned) was doing the live sound at the venue, so I setup my 8 track reel to reel tape machine in the sound booth, and let the good times roll, for your delight. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
It’s Friday again, and you know what that means… the weekend, AND a new Sew & Tell on BTR! What could be better? This week, I have a very special introduction to make – my guest is Carolina Rommel, host of the brand new Sew & Tell video series! Carolina is not only a polished, gracious TV presence, but a professional model and Oxford literature scholar. She’s worked as both a print and fit model for more than seven years in New York, L.A. and London, for companies like Abercrombie and Fitch, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and many more. On today’s show, the lovely new Sew & Tell hostess will talk about how she got her start in modeling, her degrees in literature, some of the beauty rituals that help keep her fully charged, and of course, her plans for the exciting new video series! Plus, we’ve got the latest music on the show from artists like Blood Orange, Fool’s Gold, Sleeping in the Aviary, Deer Tick and more. We’re ringing in fashion’s favorite month with nothing but the best!
Gavin Rhodes and Greg Nelson are Lightouts. The duo plays tightly-structured guitar-driven rock songs with a pop sensibility. Here, they play “Only the Smart Ones” from their recent maxi-single for “See Clear.”
Chelsea Wolfe. Nicholas Jarr. Says She’s Ms. Blat. J Dilla. Gonjasufi. Babe Rainbow. Africa Hitech. Spaceghost Purrp. More…
Burial. King Tubby. Lee “Scratch” Perry. Das Racist. DJ Spooky. Jamie Lidell. John Maus. More…
Strolling around Madison Square Park in NYC’s Flatiron District, we ask people if any of the Republican candidates for President in the 2012 election cycle look enticing…
In The Den, a series of audio transmissions documenting Hurricane Irene, recorded by Latola between 11 AM 8.27 and 10:30 AM 8.28, the night/day of the storm. With sound effects.
Love all these new, up-and-coming artists (our specialty here @breakthruradio)!
Nine-piece, New Orleans-inspired Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds perform their sultry song “Hollow Bones” at Molloy’s Irish Pub in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. How many band members can you fit on a single bar? Watch to find out.
Listen to global melodies from Tinariwen, Ernest Ranglin, Joao Gilberto, and Astor Piazzolla
This week, Iain gets Jason into another fine mess, by way of an unexpected adventure of epic proportions! Will they get back home safe in time for the peak of the party? Well, you’ll just have to stay tooned to find out. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
DJRePete closes the month and edges you closer to the holiday weekend with electro pop from (otherwise-ukulele-enthusiast) Dent May, folk from Laura Veirs, and a set with a beat headlined by G-Side.  Also, tune in for info on an upcoming festival going down next month in the US heartland. And check out a love for steel beings from Vancouver’s Dan Mangan. To recap: ukulele-turned-electronic, rockin’ the cornfields, and robot love = today on BTR with DJRePete!
We are now officially back into the swing of things. I’m glad we got that swing fitted. It makes the ceiling sag a little bit, and the neighbors don’t complain as often as I expected them to, so it’s all good Jerry. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Helado Negro, the musical outlet of Roberto Carlos Lange, is a blending of cultures and sounds — electronic and indie rock music infused with Latin rhythms and vibes. Here, Helado Negro, plays “Lechuguilla,” from the recently released album, ‘Canta Lechuza.’
A mixtape in honor of Hurricane Irene is In The Den for Monday
Minneapolis’ Gospel Gossip plays a noisy, shimmering brand of post shoe-gaze rock and roll. Sarah Nienaber sings in a full toned whisper while wielding her guitar like a weapon as Justin Plank and Oliver Moltaji, on bass and drums respectively, round out this powerful trio with the collective force to match.
New music from Mister Heavenly, Peter Wolf Crier, Active Child, and jj
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Melting Pot Week we take a look at the recent Georgetown basketball brawl in Beijing, debate FIFA’s decision to ban the Iranian women’s soccer team and discuss how sports can encourage and aid multiculturalism.
Latola whips up a batch of kale chips for the cooking show. You know, it’s a healthy snack!
CLOUDLAND CANYON – Recorded on location at Cakeshop in New York, I was hanging out there with my friend Jason (a different Jason, although I was there too..), and Jason (the one who I just mentioned) was doing the live sound at the venue, so I setup my 8 track reel to reel tape machine in the sound booth, and let the good times roll, for your delight. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Obsessed with ROCK? We got your ROCK fix, right here’s on The ROCK Show!
It’s been a CRAZY week here in New York between earthquakes and hurricanes – but not to worry. I have a brand new, natural-disaster-free Sew & Tell for you this Friday. Katie Wright-Buckley and Megan Pflug are launching CAIRO, their line of hand-painted, one-of-a-kind silk scarves, this fall, but buzz is already building about these beautiful accessories. The designs offer aesthetic allusions to disco, Ancient Egyptian culture, and menswear tailoring, blending unlikely sources to create perfectly feminine fashion. On today’s show, Katie and Megan talk about how CAIRO got started, their use of Kickstarter to raise funds, and their unique vision for the line as an art studio that offers specialty fashion pieces. Plus, exciting new music that ushers in the upcoming fall albums! Pepper Rabbit, Peter Wolf Crier, and Male Bonding all have new releases and fall tours, so take a listen and check out the BTR calendar for shows near you! Take shelter from the storm with good style and good radio…
Fronted by Andrew Kenny (American Analog Set, Broken Social Scene) and including members of Matt Pond PA, the Wooden Birds play a brand of rock that at once sounds as akin to 70s era rock like Fleetwood Mac as it does to more modern fare like Wilco. Here the band plays “False Alarm,” from their latest album, ‘Two Matchsticks.’
White Birds. Laurel Halo. WU LYF. Bobby. Blanck Mass. Grooms. Azeda Booth. Ty Segall. And so much more…
Tinariwen. Laurel Halo. The Saps. Born Ruffians. Son Lux. The War On Drugs. Levek. Ghostkeeper. And so much more…
Kissing Cousins came back through the Bay Area in support of their new EP Unfortunate End, and The Aimless Never Miss were there to rock with them. We’ve got both sets for you right here on BreakThruRadio.
A scene recently played out at a Brooklyn L train station in which several onlookers avoided assisting a man who’d fallen on the tracks and was bleeding. Instead, one onlooker shot video of the situation and uploaded it to YouTube — and all this as there was 13 minutes until the next incoming train.
In The Den for Wednesday, a conversation with Le Blorr from last night, recorded before their set at the Cameo Art Gallery, in Brooklyn, New York.
A true olde-style Overnight Sensation this week. Hope u like it!
The Two Man Gentlemen Band plays retro music that harkens back to decades past — but not pre-millennial so much as pre-war. Their old-timey tunes may be of a vintage style, but they definitely manage to incorporate themes that are as relevant today as ever. Ever the consummate showmen, the duo took a bit of time out of their seemingly never-ending touring schedule to play a song for us at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
00:00  DJ Wynn 00:47  Jah Guide – Big Joe 03:58  Likembes – Hoquets vs. Konono No.1 06:27  El Twist del Guayabo – Pedro Jairo Garces 09:09  Entre Rejas – Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto 13:02  Ala Il Hanash Madgouga (The Bedouin Tattoo) – Omar Souleyman 17:57  Forca do Amor – Alcione 21:21  Tcha-Tcho – Super Biton de Segou 25:50  DJ Wynn 26:17  Hoy Supe Que Viajas – Juana Molina vs. Kasai Allstars 31:15  Pablo in Dub – Augustus Pablo 34:42  Hunting on the Moon – Lonely Drifter Karen vs. Kasai Allstars 37:29  Fiesta de Cumbia – Pacho Galan 40:24  Eu Tambien Quero Beijar – Jose Orlando 43:16  Balanco da Canoa – Toinho de Alagoas 45:28  No Mercedes – Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco 49:44  DJ Wynn 50:26  Gbe Sou Ve Gnin – Bentho Gustave Titiou & L’International Poly-Rythmo 59:17  Finish Big Joe Super Biton de Segou Celia Cruz
Thanks fudge, Iain’s back! It’s the old team, back together again! Iain’s been away, filming his new TV show, “It’s Lorway or the Norway”, but he’s taken time out of his busy schedule to help Jason out of the “talent slump” that he’s been in.. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
DJRePete is spinning an all new program today including an electronica remix of Noah and the Whale, folk from Caithlin De Marrais, and a bloc from the chill beats of Grieves. Plus, tune in for info on a Japan relief album featuring new music from Asobi Seksu. And hit up info on a few festivals going down this weekend in the UK. It’s all today, on BTR with DJRePete!
Thanks the baby Jeebus, Lorway is back from Norway, and here he is, walking through the Doorway! Not the whole of today’s show is gonna rhyme, or neccesarily be funny, but we’ll certainly give it our best show. Time to get back into the swing. Of things. Can we kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Brooklyn’s Me You Us Them plays straight ahead rock music with plenty of loud guitars and a driving rhythm section. Here they play “As Of Now” off of their album, ‘Post-Data.’
recorded in: Episode 236… (photo by Marty Perez, taken from …Features Latola talking about Melting Pot Week, quitting Facebook, the new Miranda July film, the new album from JEFF The Brotherhood, and other things. Plus, snippets from an interview Latola did with JEFF The Brotherhood & Screaming Females back 2010. 00:00 Delta Juliet Latola 09:35 Hey Friend – JEFF The Brotherhood 13:42 Interview with JEFF The Brotherhood and Screaming Females, from 2010 20:05 Delta Juliet Latola 27:07 Cool Out – JEFF The Brotherhood 30:06 Interview with JEFF The Brotherhood and Screaming Females, from 2010 37:50 Bell – Screaming Females 40:12 Interview with JEFF The Brotherhood and Screaming Females, from 2010 54:29 Delta Juliet Latola 56:23 Diamond Way – JEFF The Brotherhood 58:49 Finish (“We Are The Champions” art) JEFF The Brotherhood currently not touring, boo (Screaming Females Blog screenshot) Screaming Females (The Future film poster)
Poison Control Center is a quintessential rock ‘n’ roll band — guitar rock with a healthy dose of showmanship. Says Travis: “Straight outta Ames, Iowa come The Poison Control Center. These tireless rockists have opened for Pavement and play hundreds of shows a year all over the country. Their shows are sweaty, visceral, anti-shoegaze fun-fests brimming with rock and roll abandon…” [blip]video2[/blip]
New music from Mister Heavenly, Thee Oh Sees, and Active Child
Back in Boston this month and bringing you tunes and news from the Bean, including Hot Day at the Zoo who’s got a show coming up September 9th at the Brighton Music Hall. Also, news from Ryan Montbleau and some beautiful sounds from Wheat.
Well Mr Jason & Dr Patel Are Reunited And Once Again Putting The ‘Unk’ Back In ‘Funk’? Have they Still Got What It Takes To Funk Your Faces Off? Let us radio and see..
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Cheating Week we take a look at the recently unearthed scandal at the University of Miami, run through some hypothetical situations that could potentially be called ‘cheating’, and look at some of the most absurd sports cheating scandals of all time.
PUBLICIST – This was a fun one! Recorded on location at Cakeshop in New York, I was hanging out there with my friend Jason (a different Jason, although I was there too..), and Jason (the other one) soundchecked this guy with drums, synths, vocoder and stuff, and it sounded pretty awesome, and he was the sweetest guy. But then when it came his turn to burn, he had a lazer pointer thing, pointed at his white tshirt. And a thick gold chain, circa 1983. And the crowd went wild, even if you can’t tell from my terrible photos. It was pretty impossible to get got photos, partly cos I’m a terrible photographer; partly cos Cakeshop gave me free drinks, and partly cos it was pitch black in the venue, apart from the lazer pointer.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Where’s the Rock? It’s not enough…
Hello!!! With all the trouble we have seen in the UK lately, Sinista and Stark Note have a sack full of tracks to help you get over the riots we have seen. However, we do touch on the matter, the reasons for it happening, our views, and what it will achieve. But the music is what reigns supreme round here, and it shines through on this month’s show. With music from the likes of Opus One, MCD, Mic Righteous and many more. So sit back and chill out to the fresh sounds of the UK…
I have a real treat for you today! I’m joined on Sew & Tell by two real-life “What Not To Wear”-style wardrobe warriors: Jenny Wilensky Zalkan and Kimberly Sussman Bridges. These two Miami beauties are professional style consultants, offering not just pro-level makeovers, but genuine fashion therapy. Their business, iStylie, is an online haven for any woman who doesn’t quite know what to do when she opens her closet (and which of us hasn’t been there before?!) On today’s show, Jenny and Kimmie talk about the origin of iStylie, their custom-tailored therapeutic approach, a few of their own treasured wardrobe pieces, and a quick trick to achieving a polished look in under 10 minutes. Plus, we have new music today from some great female singer-songwriters like Jenna Nicholls and Maria Taylor, as well as a set of vintage surfer-tinged rock just in time for late summer. Even though it’s hard to believe that fall is around the corner, Jenny, Kimmie, and BreakThru Radio are here to help you get ready…
Lauren Shera plays inspiring folk music with heart. Her emotive voice and lightly strummed guitar portray the poignancy of her music with ease. Here she plays “Red Paint” from her album, ‘Once I Was A Bird.’
Africa Hitech. Suuns. Craft Spells. TV Colors. Says She’s Ms. Blat. Fruit Bats. Balam Acab. And more, oh, so much more…
WU LYF. Yellow Ostrich. Fol Chen. Terrible Truths. The American Analog Set. Austra. And a fine story about overweight cops in Bushwick…
There have been a few articles floating around the web this week that discuss the clash of bikes on pedestrians on NYC bridges. We set out to ask pedestrians and cyclists if they’ve encountered any problems, and what they think about the possibility of banning bikes from bridges.
A dense conversation with Adrian Camoens about metal-flavored music, and cheating, is In The Den for Wednesday…
Travel back in time to a time called 2007! Taking a wyld tryp thru tyme!
Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers create upbeat pop music with layers of harmonized vocals, grooved out melodies, and plenty of intricate and energetic rhythms. Their music is catchy, expertly-played, and lasting.
Music from Eddie Palmieri, Very Be Careful, Amadou & Mariam, and Chico Alvarez
Well, it’s me again, the J to the A.S.O.N, all on my lonesome, and I can’t say that I’m happy about that. There’s still no Lorway, cos he’s only just got back from Norway.. So, I’ll be doing my best to cope until next week when he returns to the fold. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Get through the hump day with BreakThru Radio and DJRePete… Tune in for brand new music from Digitalism, Fruit Bats, and the Memory Tapes as well as recent BTR hits from Miike Snow, Passion Pit, and Dan Black. And festivals abound, with four upcoming to highlight today. Plus, four languages comprise a BTR international set, headlined by French “First Lady” Carla Bruni. Get your midweek fix for a mix, here on BTR with DJRePete!
This week’s show is hopefully the last with just Jason flying solo. We’ve had an email come flooding in, asking when Lorway’s returning from Norway. Well, he’s back already, but just not on today’s show. So, next week you’re in for a real treat, with the old team, back together again. It’s gonna be emotional. But for now? Can I kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Brooklyn Singer-songwriters Annie Lynch (of Annie and the Beekeepers) and Michaela Anne make acoustic folk music graced with honey-sweet voices that are flush with emotion.
Today, an epic conversation with 75% of the up-and-coming Brooklyn band Conveyor, recorded on a rooftop in Williamsburg, near Kent Avenue (right before the rain came down)…
Brooklyn’s Bandana Splits is a trio that sings doo-wop-inspired pop music. Lauren Balthrop, Annie Nero, and Dawn Landes keep their music sweet, simple, lively and catchy – just as their musical inspirations from the 50s and 60s did before them. Travis says, “The Bandana Splits are Dawn Landes, Lauren Balthrop and Annie Nero. Their debut record is called Mr. Sam Presents the Bandana Splits and it is out on BoySkout Records. These women are the best. They are my friends. I love their songs and their singing and their sweet musical spirits. And the outfits don’t hurt either.”
I frequently go to Brooklyn; in fact, I live there! Don’t know if I have ever been to Downtown though? Not sure where it is…
Monday’s mix starts off with a rainy day set featuring Man Man, Toro Y Moi, John Maus, Mount Kimbie, and Beirut
DJRePete fires up the Backroom, debuting the rock vibes of The Kills, twang blues from William Elliott Whitmore, and new age blues with Gardens & Villa. Also tune in for a look at talent playing a trio of festivals this month, including the NY State Fair in Syracuse. Catch your hour of the blues today with DJRePete on BTR!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Leadership week we start at the top and talk a little politics, take a look at the riots in London and what that might mean for the 2012 Olympics in London, plus talk about what makes a great captain in sports and hear about Kory’s experiences as a captain growing up.
THE SIZE NINES – Norwich’s premier “shoe size” themed band are today, to sooth your minds with their brand of indie rock. I noticed some good influences in there, including Cameo, Stereolab, Dinosaur Jr, , Lemonheads, The Gigolo Aunts. Quite how many of these bands The Size Nines have actually heard though is debatable. I certainly like all the bands on that list, and I also like The Size Nines, so everythings alright in OSSville. :o) Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
We all rockin’, it’s really happenin’
Welcome to Sew & Tell! The weather is juuuust starting to hint at fall’s arrival, so I thought I’d feature a designer whose work can juice up your wardrobe no matter what the season. I’m joined today by jewelry designer Jill Scharmen, whose work with her Nola Bella line has garnered attention from media sources like Nylon, Redbook, Glamour, and Daily Candy. A recent transplant to New York City, Scharmen works in the fashion industry by day, still finding time to create her original, elegant, and sculptural creations. On today’s show, Jill will talk about her vintage-inspired designs, some of the materials she works with, and what’s ahead for Nola Bella. Plus, we’ve got music on the show from Miike Snow, Mister Heavenly, Moonface, Bon Iver, and new Active Child! So stick around and jump-start your weekend on BTR!
Robert Ellis is a Texan singer-songwriter who sings with an old soul. While his songs have the feel of classic country, they appeal to modern ears with their true-to-the-heart lyrics and timeless aura. Here he performs his song, “Friends Like Those,” off his new album ‘Photographs.’
White Birds. Thee Oh Sees. Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Hudson Mohawke. City Center. Serengeti. AND MORE IS IN STORE.
Mountain Man. Sean McCann. Washed Out. Memory Tapes. Beach House. Erik Gundel. AND SO MUCH MORE BE IN STORE.
Always a difficult thing to decide: When is it time to dump/break up with one’s boyfriend/girlfriend. We asked some people on the street how they know when it’s time…. Featured song: “Justin In Time”
Another Poll Question is In The Den for Wednesday! And that query be: 8 months in, what band/album is in the lead for your most favorite of 2011?
Overnight Sensation is in the house. Make some Noise! We got a set of Hit Records from Thailand, Finland, Nigeria, India, and America! Hope you like it!
After a brief hiatus, Gold Streets was just back in the studio to record a couple of new songs. One of those is called, “Frequency,” and features the band’s signature sounds — post-punk rhythms and shoegaze/new-wave guitars with dual male/female vocals. Here, they play that song at a DIY artspace in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Music from Getachew Kassa, Pacho Galan, and Sonny Okosun
Well, I’m back in the U they like to call the K, all on my lonesome, and I can’t say that I’m happy about that. There’s no Emily on this week’s show, cos she’s still in the US of the A, and there’s no Lorway, cos Lorway is in Norway.. So, I’ll be doing my best to cope. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
BTR is all new today with DJRePete. Tune in for info on a trio of festivals featuring BTR talent, ranging from an airport runway in the Hamptons to a summer festival in Japan.  Also check out a remix set with the likes of Passion Pit. Plus, tracks from Handsome Furs, Cold War Kids, and Florence and the Machine. And, if you dig werewolves, we’ve got that too. Check out your Wednesday mix with DJRePete on BTR!
This week’s show marks another triumverate return of the Jason they begrudgingly like to call Mr. Is this show anywhere near as good as Iain & Phoebe’s show was? Well, to be brutally honest, no, no it isn’t. I mean, it’s obvious, right from the start.. But that’s an unfair comparison. Two against one! That’s so unfair! Can I kick it? Let’s Radio and see!
Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside play a well-blended mix of roots, blues, country, jazz, and rock. At first, it may seem anachronistic, but Ford’s edgy voice pulls it all together and into the present in a way that makes it as vital as any contemporary rock outfit.
recorded in: Episode 232… …Features a fresh edition of Lost Thought Bubbles, in which Latola reads Missed Connections from Craigslist, set to the sound of crashing waves. For, the ocean has no memory… Missed Connections from NEW YORK CITY (’cause they always the bess) 00:00 Latola talks of Lost Thought Bubbles… 01:30 Lost Thought Bubbles: NYC (part 1) 09:15 I Do Not Think We Are Beyond The Old Mistakes – Dear & Glorious Physician 13:45 Lost Thought Bubbles: NYC (part 2) 19:48 I Wish You Could Talk – Squarepusher 24:41 Lost Thought Bubbles: NYC (part 3) 32:36 Bring Us Closer Together – Hooray For Earth 37:03 Sad Sad City – Ghostland Observatory 40:08 Lost Thought Bubbles: NYC (part 4) 47:18 Life Fantastic – Man Man 52:01 Latola says goodbye, and speaks of free headphones for you… 54:56 Silent – The Field 62:32 Finish (“Life Fantastic” art) Man Man Live: Sept 12 @ Cargo in London, UK Sept 13 @ Jam in Brighton, UK Sept 14 @ L’Antipode in Rennes, France Sept 15 @ Nantes Festival in Nantes, France Sept 16 @ Cafe de la Danse in Paris, France Sept 17 @ Leffingeleuren Festival in Leffinge, Belgium Sept 18 @ Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands Sept 19 @ Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg, Germany Sept 20 @ Le Romandie in Lausanne, Switzerland Sept 23 @ BAM Festival in Barcelona, Spain Sept 24 @ Charada in Madrid, Spain (“True Loves” art) Hooray For Earth Live: 09/20/11 at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA 09/22/11 at The Space in Hamden, CT 09/24/11 at Black Cat in Washington, DC 09/26/11 at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC 09/27/11 at The Earl in Atlanta, GA (“Go Plastic” art) Squarepusher Dude never tours. (“From Here We Go Sublime” art) The Field Currently not touring…
Says Travis: “These guys love rock and roll. This is a true rock band. I’m not just saying it. It is for real. You can download all of their records for free. And now you can hear them live in the studio here at Serious Business and they sound like the hottest of hot hot rock fire.”
New music from Moonface, Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces), and Erik Gundel (Motel Motel)
Some of SoCal’s finest singer/songwriters are gearing up for this year’s Hotel Carolina festival happening the weekend of September 22nd in Isle of Palms, SC. Music from some of those artists this week including Tony Lucca, Keaton Simons and Ernie Halter.
This week, Mr Jason comes at you from the other, other, side of the Atlantic. In other, better words, he’s back home, in the U to the K. He’s still missing the company of sexy Dr Patel, whose 42nd birthday it is today.. Will Jason ever win the good Doctor’s love? Let us radio and see..
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Peter Pan Complex week, we take a look at how sports keep us young and whether that’s a good or bad thing, plus we look at the NFL’s decision to test for HGH, Tiger Woods’ return to golf and Jurgen Klinsmann’s appointment as the U.S. Soccer national team coach.
It’s time to prepare you for fall and winter. Learn how to make delicious homemade mashed potatoes with a nice Filet Mignon
THE DREEBS – I was hanging out at Cakeshop, on Ludlow St in Manhattan, and my friend Justin was telling me that the next band playing were really great, and well worth seeing. So, just incase they were indeed great, we set up a bunch of mics, and recorded them onto analogue tape. Turns out they were great after all. Incredible dynamics, going from whispered vocals, to screaming, at the bat of a lash. Check it out. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Rockin’ around the xmas in august tree!
This week’s guest on Sew & Tell is one of two artists and designers behind the inventive clothing line Feral Childe. Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson met while working on an art project, and what began as a friendship soon became a collaborative creative partnership. On today’s show, Alice will discuss the start of Feral Childe, where the women find inspiration for their original prints, their recent copyright infringement suit against Forever21, and a few of her thoughts on the challenges inherent in change as the fashion industry begins to move slowly toward sustainable production practices. Plus, a rockin’ playlist that features music from Zee Avi, War on Drugs, Asobi Seksu, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver (of course), and more. Educate your inner fashion child on BreakThru Radio!
Dzian! is a band that plays retro Asian garage-pop. While mixing in vintage sounds and vibes, their sound is vibrantly original.
Four Tet. Dylan Ettinger. Tussle. Konono No.1. Toro Y Moi. Blanck Mass. Squarepusher. Holiday Shores. And more…
Babe Rainbow. Colourmusic. Fever Ray. Paco De Lucia. Laurel Halo. Leyland Kirby. More…
Support beams from the September 11th wreckage, in the shape of a crucifix, have become a topic of debate — the question being whether or not it’s appropriate for them to be featured in the World Trade Center memorial museum. Some people, including atheists are upset (see: ), so we went down to the neighborhood to see what people thought.
A fresh Poll Question in honor of Peter Pan Week: If you had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to your 15-year-old self for 60 seconds, what would you say?
YO, you ever heard of a little band called PUMICE???? Overnight Sensation’s got it, have you?
Brooklyn’s Spanish Prisoners are about to release their sophomore album, ‘Gold Fools’ – a psychedelic pop record filled with a unique electronic ambiance. Here they play “Rich Blood” at Bushwick DIY space, the Schoolhouse.
Hop on this flight for flamenco by Beni de Cadiz, Samba from Alcione, and Dub courtesy of The Lone Ranger
Yep, lucky boy that I am, I’m still on my holidays in the S of the UA, but it’s all coming to an abrupt end, all too soon. For this, my final Planet Beet from NYC, I’ve employed the talents of voice-under artiste ordinaire, Emily Youssef. You may have heard her on The Funk & Soul Hour a few months ago. Realistically though, you probably didn’t.. Listen on, and Thor Out to some great music for the next hour of your stupid life. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Your Wednesday dose of BTR means DJRePete, and we’re just days from Chicago’s 20th Lollapalooza in Grant Park. Whether you’re hungry for a preview or can’t make it, DJRePete’s got you covered today with a preview playbill from the likes of Bright Eyes, Lykke Li, and Noah & The Whale! Plus, check in with longtime BTR artist Haley Bonar and her marathon concert schedule this weekend, including a double appearance in Grant Park. Also, don’t miss a remix set, capped by a Crystal Castles collaboration with Robert Smith—yes, THAT Robert Smith. Catch it all today, your midweek mix with DJRePete on BTR!
This week Iain is joined by a new co-host for the UK College Music Show – Phoebe O’Donnell. In between all the great music you can listen to their senseless banter. This week’s show also features some exclusive new tracks from James Eliot Taylor, recorded live last week!
Richard Buckner plays a deep, soulful hybrid of rock and country. His powerful voice conveys a wisdom that compliments the poignancy of his lyrics and is backed by a forceful guitar style that adds urgency to his songs.
In Monday’s Den, Latola broadcasts for the last time from the 659, and for the first time from the new apartment (with commentary on Ikea, bamboo fences and his grandpappy’s pipe).
Fort Lean is a rock band whose tightly-structured, excellently executed songs belie the fact that they’d only been playing together for about five months before visiting Travis at his studio. Check out their catchy sound with its powerful rhythm section, and masterful guitars.
New music from Moonface, Eleanor Friedberger, and Fruit Bats
It’s an awesome explosion! From Phantom Kicks to Grand Lake to Wooden Shjips to Thee Oh Sees, it’s the best of the Bay Area, right here no BTR!
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Summer Week we talk about the Tour de France, more soccer action in this country, some NBA lockout news and weigh in on what summer sports are all about and how athletes use the offseason to improve.
BONNIE MONTGOMERY – I’ve been lucky enough to see Bonnie play a couple of gigs whilst on my Holidays in NYC, and I’m even more lucky that we’re now friends. We recorded this session at Cakeshop, a music venue, in the Lower East Side. But beforehand, we went to Katz’s Deli, to get overpriced, but delicious, sandwiches. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Where’d you get that rock from?
BTR is celebrating Summer Week, and what says summer like bikinis and sunglasses? On today’s Sew & Tell, I’m speaking with designers behind two different lines of independent, hand-crafted, vintage-inspired, sun-and-sand style. Clara Herrera and Barbara Warren of New York’s Lumete Eyewear, and Nadia Dayan of Miami-based CameloPardus bikinis both offer ingenius solutions to your beachwear blahs. On today’s show, the ladies will discuss how they launched their lines, their creative and material process, and the aesthetic inspirations behind these fresh summer looks. Plus, music from Bon Iver, Birthmark, Starfucker, Casiokids & more will get you in the mood to lounge on the beach. So grab your towel and start this summer weekend early with BreakThru Radio!
Self-proclaiming their genre as “Psychefaeriedelica,” Australia’s Sherlock’s Daughter features aesthetically sweet rock graced with airy voices, thoughtful lyrics, and great melodies.
Colourmusic. The Caretaker. Cults. Son Lux. Girls Names. The Weeknd. MORE.
00:00 Delta Juliet Latola 00:48 Cler Achel – Tinariwen 05:12 Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) – Peaking Lights 13:00 Little Garcon – Born Ruffians 17:09 Fall Song – Colourmusic 20:35 Never Cry – Pine Hill Haints 25:34 Venus Shaver – Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers 29:12 Promises – The Morning Benders 32:20 Delta Juliet Latola 33:11 In Our World – Yellowbirds 36:17 Dolphins & Unicorns – Colourmusic 39:59 Slow Jabroni – Surfer Blood 45:58 The Other Shoe – Fucked Up 50:55 The Plains / Bitter Dancer – Fleet Foxes 56:55 Delta Juliet Latola 57:58 Aerial Sapphire Show – Sean McCann 65:30 Finish (“David Comes To Life” art) Fucked Up Jul 29 at The House of Vans in Brooklyn, NY (“Helplessness Blues” art) Fleet Foxes Live: 08-11 – Oya Natt Festival in Oslo, Norway 08-12 – Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden 08-13 – Haldern Pop Festival in Rees-Haldern, Germany 08-14 – La Route du Rock Festival in Saint-Malo, France 08-16 – Brighton Dome in Brighton, England 08-18 – Pukkelpop Festival in Hasselt, Belgium 08-19 – Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands 08-20 – Green Man Festival in Brecon Beacons, Wales 09-06 – Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA (“My ____ Is Pink” art) Colourmusic (“The Capital” art) Sean McCann (“To Win Or To Lose” art) The Pine Hill Haints Live: Jul 28 at St Florian Gymnasium in St Florian, AL Jul 28 at Rivertown Coffee Co. in Florence, AL Jul 29 at Rosie’s in Florence, AL Aug 4 at Sluggos in Pensacola, FL , US Aug 5 at Alabama Music Box in Mobile, AL Aug 6 at Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, LA Aug 7 at The Mohawk in Austin, TX Aug 9 at The Big House in Flagstaff, AZ Aug 11 ay The Rocket Boat! in Long Beach, CA Aug 12 at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, CA Aug 13 at The Alibi in Arcata, CA
This month we kick things off Phantom Kicks, a band we’re super stoked about. They recently played a show sponsored by Wiretap Music at San Francisco’s Cafe Du Nord, along with Bad Bibles, a band who also played Wiretap’s benefit to protect Glen Cove back in June. We’ve got Bad Bibles’ set from that Glen Cove benefit concert, as well as the set by James & Evander from that show. Hope you enjoy!
Lately I’ve noticed more and more GOURMET food trucks parked around my labor-hood around lunch time. It’s great to have more options, but I’m guessing that the local restaurants (actually most of them are chains anyways) are getting pissed off because they are the ones paying the rent and losing the business. Or maybe not??
Latola catches up with up-and-coming quartet White Birds, directly following their show last night in New York City.
It’s good music; it’s just for fun! 🙂
y/y is a Brooklyn-based duo Jason Meeks and Conrad Burnham. Together they craft experimental rock music that weaves together sequenced and manipulated-on-the-fly beats and electronics with live guitars, percussion, and vocals (often pleasingly drenched in reverb). The results usually bob back and forth from ambient sounds to danceable beats and riffs. Here they perform in a Bushwick art and events space.
00:00  DJ Wynn 00:36  Asleep – Astor Piazzolla with Kronos Quartet 05:57  Si Tu N’etais Pas La – Frehel 09:23  O Morro Nao Tem Vez – Antonio Carlos Jobim 12:19  Round About Midnight – Gotan Project 19:26  So Tinha De Ser Com Voce – Elis Regina 23:10  La Noyee – Yann Tiersen 25:09  Foxes’ Song – Amor de Dias 28:12  DJ Wynn 28:44  Asa Branca – Forro In The Dark feat. David Byrne 32:02  Gloria – Tom Ze 35:18  Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Seu Jorge & Almaz 40:12  Poka Terra – Sara Tavares 44:35  Domingo No Parque – Gilberto Gil E Os Mutantes 48:15  Anagrama – Os Mutantes 52:20  DJ Wynn 52:54  Assouf – Tinariwen 56:43  Oualahila Ar Teninam – Tinariwen 60:29  Finish Astor Piazzolla Amor de Dias July 30  Indietracks Festival – Derbyshire, UK Aug 26   Tapestry – London, UK Tinariwen July 27  Zold Paron – Budapest, Hungary July 29  Haus der Kulturen der Welt – Berlin, Germany July 31  Fujirock – Niigata Prefecture, Japan Aug 26   Back to Black Festival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Yep, lucky boy that I am, I’m still on my hodilays in the S of the UA, and I’ve been scour the small venues of New York (so much better than the old one..) finding a load of fresh victims to debut for your ears on this fine institution. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
Your Wednesday is jampacked! Tune in for brand new music from Bon Iver and Vetiver, and get the scoop on several area festivals including arguably the only NYC area festival of the season. Plus, DJRePete continues to celebrate BTR’s 6th birthday this month with a few sets highlighting some of the talent that’s Brokin’ Thru on the BTR airwaves. Catch it all today on BTR with DJRepete!
Forgive the tiredness of this weeks narration. Iain, your host is just back from the Latitude Festival and hasn’t quite recovered yet… Still, there is some great music in this week’s show. Oh.. Go on then… Let’s Radio!!
Brooklyn band Milagres plays a brand of rock that’s more dynamic than most — unafraid to shift from atmospheric and soft to forceful and loud within a mere moment or over the progressive course of a song. Their music can be upbeat or melancholy, relying on the traditional rock combo of guitars, drums, and bass along with rich vocal harmonies, keys and electronic elements, extra percussion, and even orchestral arrangements.
In The Den for Monday, Latola talks about Amy Winehouse, Deathly Hallows, Maira Kalman, and multiple aspects of the moving process.
Les Sans Culottes, a vibrant band of seven, play their own catchy, fun take on pop-rock with a French twist.
New music from Zola Jesus, Freddie Gibbs, Son Lux, and Wooden Shjips
BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Fitness Week we take a look at some of the current trends in the world of personal fitness, and hear some of our own stories and some testimonials of people who are trying to stay in shape. Plus we look back at the Women’s World Cup and also talk about the NFL’s nearly resolved lockout.
Today’s cooking tacos with DJPATRICKK! (It’s just for fun!)
This week, Mr Jason comes at you from the other side of the Atlantic. He’s on his Summer Holiday, but will his relaxed condition (OK, he’s hungover.. Happy now!?) make for excellent radio? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Let us radio and see..
MOONMEN ON THE MOON, MAN – This session was a sonofabitch to nail down. We tried to schedule it for a few weeks, and each time, one of more of us couldn’t make it, or had to cancel. We finally pulled it together, got a rockin sound, I pressed “record” on the tape machine, and away we went! It sounded awesome, but at the start of the 2nd song the tape machine switched off, and wouldn’t switch back on, so we had to abandon the session! I fixed the tape maching, and here we are, a few weeks later, and luckily everything went as planned this time. I love this band, and all the people in it. There. I said it. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
00:00 Mic Break 00:57 Playboys – The Deadly Snakes 03:38 Keys – The Airwaves 06:36 Everything Looks Better in the Sun – Obits 10:00 A Pearl Is Not a Diamond – White Fence 12:19 Hybernation – Malachai 15:57 Mystery Chant – Jeff & Jane Hudson 19:53 Spinning – Blank Dogs 22:40 Come See – Belong 28:04 Mic Break 29:09 The Glow – The Microphones 40:08 I Saw God – Night Terror 42:24 Didn’t It Rain – Songs Ohia 50:09 They Will Appear – Akron/Family 56:33 Mic Break 58:04 Yes, My Goodness Yes – Velma Perkins 60:55 Finish Obits Jul 23 2011 – Life AND Times – Cafe Ornutt, CA White Fence Jul 24 2011 – Kung Fu Palace – Los Angeles, CA Akron/Family Aug 02 2011 – Headliner’s – Toledo, OH Aug 03 2011 – Lager House – Detroit, MI
Feeling the heat? BTR is turnin’ up the burn with Fitness Week! On today’s Sew & Tell, I’m joined by Peter Kallen, Design Director for Nau Clothing, a Portland, OR – based company that creates subtle, elegant, multi-purpose, moveable clothing for men and women. Whether you’re cycling or doing downward dog, the Nau garments keep you covered while remaining unobtrusive, freeing you to focus. Not only that, but as a company, Nau strives to make socially and environmentally considered choices in every aspect of their business, from design to production to distribution. On today’s show, Peter shares about how he got started with Nau, the company’s approach to developing sustainable practices, and his own design criteria for Nau garments. Plus, we’ve got tracks from artists like Washed Out, Azure Ray, Lovers, Mirror Mirror, Janelle Monae and more. Don’t change that browser – things are just heating up on BreakThru Radio!
Rapper Grieves and producer Budos stop by BTR Live Studio to perform their song “Tragic” off their album, ‘Together/Apart.’ debuting with the popular, Minneapolis-based hip hop label, Rhymesayers Entertainment.
Puro Instinct. Peaking Lights. Black Lips. Erik Gundel. Washed Out. Laurel Halo. Com Truise. Dylan Ettinger. 1990s. And more…
Blanck Mass. Grouper. Bon Iver. Timber Timbre. Burial. And more…
Recently launched is the new Google Plus (currently in beta testing) – it has some interesting features but will it be enough for people to ditch Facebook?
…Features the secrets behind the perfect, 42 minute Stairmaster playlist. Latola details his workout mix from the other day, with explanations behind each song selection. Plus, anecdotes about the Puerto Rican Hulk Hogan, a funny event involving silverfish and a Thermos, and the story behind a cat-related song DJ Wynn recently made…
Loner Music for Loner People