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Our special holiday broadcasts wrap up today with music and interviews from Half Waif, Bethlehem Steel, Adrian Daniel, and Greys!
Our holiday broadcasts continue today, with interviews and live music from Uni Ika Ai, Astronautalis, Coco Rosie, and Adia Victoria!
Our holiday broadcasts continue today, with interviews and live music from Fear of Men, The Spook School, Alex Napping, and Lucy Dacus!
Our holiday broadcasts begin today, looking at back at some fun sessions from 2016. We're kicking of the celebrations with sessions from Tank and the Bangas, Heliotropes, Fern Mayo, and Justin Peter Kinkel Schuster.
Grace Joyner has officially stepped out of the shadows. Whereas she used to sing harmonies in various bands around Charleston, South Carolina, she’s now come into her own with this project. Featuring dual keyboards without a guitar in sight, along with her band, she crafts evocative, dramatic, psych-tinged rock/pop music that’ll move you. Currently on her first full length release following an emotional debut EP, Joyner is clearly on to something, and developing as a strong songwriter and performer with this project. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to show us how they do it. Maybe Sometimes-in C by Grace Joyner is available now.
Walker Lukens’ EP, Never Understood, is available now from Modern Outsider.
The core members of Brooklyn world party band Balkan Beat Box -- Tomer Yosef, Ori Kaplan, and Tamir Muskat -- have been shaking things up with their deep grooves for over a decade now. Their Eastern European roots shine bright as they work in elements of hip-hop, reggae, punk, free jazz, and many more genres to fuel their anthemic, brilliant musical fire. They brought their massive sound to Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this episode of BTR Live Studio. Shout It Out is available now from Balkan Beat Box.
The Dan Pugach Nonet on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, with a set recorded at the Williamsburg Music Center in Brooklyn, NY.
Kendra Lou is a songwriter from Copenhagen, Denmark, currently living in New York City. Her music has strong roots in jazz and soul, resulting in a unique blend of genres that intertwine throughout her own alternative pop songs. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn with her band for this special performance. Songs Of The Black Moon is available now.
SUSTO is the musical project of Justin Osborne and his gang of “Acid Boys,” based out of Charleston, South Carolina. The band has had the benefit of a sort of mentor in the form of Band Of Horses’ Ben Bridwell, as well as various other musical luminaries (like The Lumineers, for one) who’ve taken the band out on the road. Appropriately, the band has a tasteful take on rootsy rock with a slightly fried sense of humor. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn while out on the road for this special session.
Today's episode features an exclusive in studio performance and interview with Lisa Prank.
Lisa Prank is the musical alter ego of Seattle-based songwriter Robin Edwards, backed by the ever-reliable rhythm section of her trusty drum machine. The Lisa Frank-nod in the band’s name hints at the colorful vibe and nostalgic touches of the music, which draws heavily on pop-punk and garage rock to convey Robin’s earnest tales. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUBMO, Brooklyn, to pour her heart out for us in this episode of BTR Live Studio. Adult Teen is available now from Father/Daughter Records with a limited cassette release on Miscreant Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
We celebrate this holiday weekend by looking back at some notable sessions of 2016. Today we feature Michael Nau, Tom Brosseau, Sonya Kitchell, and Mimes of Wine.
Racing Heart is the musical identity of Mathias H. Tjønn. Based in Oslo, Norway, and aided by the production skills of Hanne Hukkelberg, the band is a shapeshifting project that has seen contributions by the likes of Jenny Hval and Martin Langlie. The songs are definitely pop-oriented, but with a fascinating, experimental take on the genre, exploring a blend of conventional sounds alongside tried-and-true melodic structures. Mathias stopped by Serious Business On BTR to share this intimate look at his music. What Comes After by Racing Heart is available now.
Cody ChesnuTT emerged on the national musical landscape in 2002 with his appropriately-titled The Headphone Masterpiece. Truly a special record from a unique, soulful voice, it left so many wanting more -- and even moreso when the Roots covered/collaborated with ChesnuTT on their version of the single, "The Seed.” And though his recorded output in the following years was limited, it’s been less sporadic since 2010. Now, with a new album looming, he joined us in a backyard in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for an intimate performance of “ I Stay Ready.” My Love Divine Degree is due out in 2017.
Adia Victoria is a songwriter currently based in Nashville. With her “gothic country” take on rock n’ roll, sweetened by a poetic touch, Adia blends the slow and spooky with the crunchy and melodic in a unique way. She dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO while on the road to share some music from her new album. Beyond The Bloodhounds by Adia Victoria is available now.
Total Slacker is, according to their own description, a slimegaze band from Brooklyn. Comprised of Tucker Rountree, Lydia Gammill, and Mattie Siegal, the trio has gained considerable footing on the scene since the project took off in 2010. With heavy, catchy grooves and guitar-based hooks -- along with some serious shredding -- there’s definitely a bit of shoegaze and grunge going on, but what really stands out is the sprinkling of sparse 80s guitar throughout each song, often before a chorus shows up and kicks everything into overdrive. There’s some masterful pop songwork beneath all the musical acrobatics that shouldn’t be overlooked happening here as well. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a live look at how they make it all happen. Parallels by Total Slacker is available now.
Eros and the Eschaton is a Colorado-based indie rock band. Their pop tendencies are lightly coated in shoegaze touches, with the real hook being the vocal interplay between Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins, who founded the project in 2012. Fans of Broken Social Scene will definitely appreciate this group’s approach to the experimental indie-pop genre. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for this session. Weight Of Matter is available now from Bar/N0ne records.
Today’s live set on The Jazz Hole Live comes from the Pit Inn in Tokyo, Japan, where the NYC-based trio MURAL performed last year.
Fairweather by Dinowalrus is available now.
Queens five-piece Oxymorrons is a high energy, experimental hip hop collective. Falling somewhere between sample-happy hip hop breaks and beats and chart-topping pop choruses -- all on a bed of funk and rock -- everything these guys do is meant to please and make you dance. They’re serious about good times, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek bits to drag a smile out of even the most serious, jaded music fans. Their bag is full of musical tricks, and they pull out all the stops on their new EP to show you a good time. They brought the fun to the studio at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for this exclusive session. The Complex But Basic EP is available now.
Kuroma has long been the dense, psych-laced pop project of Hank Sullivant, based in Athens, Georgia, who has played in notable acts MGMT and The Whigs. On the project’s latest release, they keep the Beach Boy-influenced vibes going, but add a new twist: inspired by a recent religious awakening of sorts, the trippy sounds are taken even further into the spiritual realm. Here, Hank joins us for an intimate, solo take on his music at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The Dark Horse Rides Again is available now.
Computer Magic is New York-based mastermind Danielle “Danz” Johnson. Danz grew up in the Catskills in upstate New York, moved to the city for college, then took off for Tampa, Florida, where Computer Magic began. Six years later, the project has generated a slew of releases, pretty much attained the mythical “big in Japan” status, and grown considerably. Currently based out of upstate New York again, with a music studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Computer Magic keeps adding to its growing catalog of cleverly-crafted pop music. Obscure But Visible is available now.
Tom Brosseau is a folk musician from North Dakota. We last caught up with him down in Austin, Texas, where we spent a fine afternoon with him in the backyard, so it was a pleasure to see him again back on our home turf in New York. Tom spent a decade in Los Angeles, making music and hitting the road, but has returned to his roots in the midwest, which seems like a more apt fit for his mild-mannered, friendly ways. He seems to be a bit out of time -- as if he’s somehow found himself navigating the world decades later than he expected to -- which brings a surprising, refreshing perspective to oft-treaded subject matter in his songs. Slow down, take a listen, and enjoy this personal appearance by Tom Brosseau, recorded live at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn. North Dakota Impressions is available now in a variety of physical and digital media formats for your enjoyment.  
Lafayette, Louisiana’s own Zydeco Radio! first came to our attention during SXSW a couple years ago, when they stopped by and took over our backyard with their lively take on the regional genre. Now, with a little more time under frontman Billy Mack’s belt, the band has whipped up it’s own solid batch of original tunes in the genre, blending in more and more roots and rock influences to stir things up and get people dancing. The gang -- with a few fill-in players for this time out on the road -- dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a taste of some of that good old Cajun-style fun.  
Lafayette, Louisiana’s own Zydeco Radio! first came to our attention during SXSW a couple years ago, when they stopped by and took over our backyard with their lively take on the regional genre. Now, with a little more time under frontman Billy Mack’s belt, the band has whipped up it’s own solid batch of original tunes in the genre, blending in more and more roots and rock influences to stir things up and get people dancing. The gang -- with a few fill-in players for this time out on the road -- dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a taste of some of that good old Cajun-style fun. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Bushwick’s own Not Blood Paint is back. Last time they joined us in the studio, they were aliens, speaking of new suits and mind control (we think?). Now they seem to have transformed into skeletal spectres, roaming the earth in search of that perfect guitar riff. The transformation isn’t just a physical one, though, as their music shifts in cosmic leaps as well… okay, to be honest, they seem to have many, many personas to choose and try on for any performance. Whichever persona they’re in, there’s an underlying art/prog rock element to every sound coming from this foursome, but they’ve apparently processed every musical genre in order to output a new, multi-dimensional version of rock that shifts from indie to metal to pop within just a few bars. It’s hard to wrap your head around what these guys are doing, but maybe that’s exactly the point… check them in this session, recorded live at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to try and figure it out for yourself. Believing Is Believing by Not Blood Paint is available now.
Alex Napping is a band that began just a few years ago in Austin, Texas (though now they're partially NYC-based), centered around the bedroom recordings of Alex Cohen. Now that they're one record, a couple singles, and a new label announcement (Father/Daughter Records) into their career, things are really starting to happen for this indie pop band. On the eve of their first proper Brooklyn show, the band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some tunes. Trembles Part I & II by Alex Napping is available now on cassette.
Check out a live set from the 55 Bar by the NYC-based band Walking Distance on this month’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
Uni Ika Ai is a Brooklyn band whose personnel reads like a supergroup of the borough's most notable acts from the past few years -- headed up by Maia Friedman (Bobby, Toebow), in collaboration with Peter Lalish (Lucius, Elizabeth & The Catapult), and rounded out with Tom Deis (Via Audio) and Dan Drohan. The band is still a relatively new endeavor, but the members' combined experience yields a masterful result. At its core, the project feeds on improvisation and experimental sounds, yet the output is wholly sweet and melodic, in a perfect blend of art and pop. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us just how they make their magical sounds work together. Keeping A Golden Bullseye In The Corner of My Mind is available October 14, 2016.
It’s been a minute since we’ve checked in with Brooklyn rock band Heliotropes. Principal songwriter/singer Jessica Numsuwankijkul has completely revamped the project, returning with all new faces, a new album, and a leaner, more focused sound. Things still get pretty heavy, but whereas in the past it seemed like the influence of metal -- particularly of the Seventies style -- loomed large over the band, with their latest full length there’s a whole lot more pop sweetness and psych vibes. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a live taste of it. Over There That Way by Heliotropes is available now.
Breanna Barbara is a Brooklyn-based musician, but don’t let the geography throw you -- her music is steeped in southern/blues rock traditions, as seen through the sweat-drenched eyes of New York City. Howling, yelping, and rockin’ with a furious intensity -- even at slower tempos, like a psychedelic waltz -- Barbara is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the local scene. Mirage Dreams by Breanna Barbara is available now.
Corbu is a psych-electronic band from New York. The band has a flair for the dramatic, with mesmerizing lights and an airy vibe that blends live instruments with electronics and effects to create an otherworldly atmosphere akin to the likes of Radiohead, M83, and -- yes -- Air. The band stopped in prior to hitting the road with Bloc Party to turn the live room at Serious Business Music into their own cosmic world of sound. Corbu’s debut album, Crayon Soul, is available now.
Tank & The Bangas is a soul/hip-hop/rock band blasting forth from New Orleans and overflowing with spirit and energy. Led by poet/vocalist Tarriona “Tank” Ball and rounded out by a tight band of musicians and backing vocalists, The Bangas is a huge force to reckon with. Bringing a bit of a musical hodgepodge to the table, their style jumps from genre to genre, pulling in the fury of a gospel tent and the creativity of a poetry slam, you’ll be pulled in immediately. The whole band crammed into the live room at Serious Business Music in DUMBO to rock this one for us. The Big Bang Theory: Live at Gasa Gasa Is available now.
EZTV play easy, breezy pop -- like, seriously catchy, smooth pop. At times it’s so fragile that it feels as if it could fall apart, but these three Brooklyn guys are so good that it just coasts along. And it’s not hard to understand why they’ve been so busy lately, with an ever-ascending profile locally and internationally. High In Place by EZTV is available now.
Gringo Star is the Atlanta-based punky psych-rock outfit you know and love -- or, at least, should get to know and love! They deal in reverb and feedback and draw on the best of pop, garage, and rock, twisting it into their own warped sounds. Get crazy with them in this session, recorded at Serious Business Music in DUMBO. The Sides And In Between by Gringo Star is available now.
Jaw Gems is an electronic foursome based in Portland, Maine, crafting complex and groovy instrumental vibes -- they call it “drip hop” -- from their drums, bass, and keys combo. Forged under the heavy influence of a shared love for J Dilla, they worked it out on a weekly basis at a local bar as their chops and fan base grew and the road came calling. They can throw down on a rhythm for hours and make it sound fresh each time through, revealing new layers to their understated musical intensity with every round. Get down with them in this session, recorded at the dank basement studio at Serious Business Music in DUMBO.
Joe Michelini, whose much loved New Jersey-based band River City Extension recently called it quits, has launched a fresh project from his home base of Philadelphia. American Trappist is an artful punk/Americana endeavor with some epic Boss nods that we love. Joe stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some bare bones acoustic renditions of his new tunes. American Trappist’s self-titled debut LP is available now.
Oakland, California quartet Happy Diving is, simply put, a fuzzy, crunchy, tight rock band. Wailing guitar solos, screeching feedback like a laser beam to your brain, and slacker-cool vocals to rival the great J. Mascis all add up to a super-satisfying combo of grungy fun. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO on a recent tour to rock out for your pleasure. Electric Soul Unity is available now from Topshelf Records.
Jean-Michel Pilc recorded live at Laure Mayoud’s home in Lyon, France, plus two album tracks on this month’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live
Waterstrider is a project based in Oakland, California, led by the nimble guitar playing and tender vocals -- in the vein of Thom Yorke or James Blake -- of Nate Salman. As a live band and on record, the project incorporates electronics, lush ambient soundscapes, and broad dynamics to great, dramatic effect. For this session, Nate performs solo on guitar, where the fragility and emotion of his songs comes to the forefront. Nowhere Now is available now from 30th Century Records.
Toronto’s Greys return to BTR Live Studio. Last time around, lead singer Shehzaad was a bit under the weather and had to have some tour buddies fill in on vocals, so for their second time around, the band brought the full rock action. With a solid foundation of hardcore and noise rock, Greys head further into post-punk territory with their latest sounds, playing with structure and melody in highly creative ways -- all without losing any of their intensity. Outer Heaven is available now from Carpark Records.
Fear Of Men are back. The band, from Brighton, England, previously appeared on BTR Live Studio a few years ago, but now, more mature and taking a distinctively groovier, stranger turn with their music, the group returns to share some of their latest with us. Fall Forever is available now on Kanine Records.
At first glance, Arc Iris appears to have landed here from the future of music -- and it’s not just the flashy outfits and dramatic lighting, either. With a fortress of keyboards, some of the tastiest drumming around, and the magnetic whirlwind of Jocie Adams heading it all up with twisting stories and songs, this trio from Providence, Rhode Island, packs a lot of memorable punch through musical virtuosity that’s sure to make an impact on any audience. Adams may be familiar from her time in the innovative indie-folk band, The Low Anthem, but Arc Iris is truly its own creature, drawing comparisons to the likes of Björk and Radiohead with their unusual approach to pop music. Moon Saloon, the second album by Arc Iris, is out now from Bella Union.
From his homebase in The Berkshires of Massachusetts, Woodson Black crafted the elegant genius of Haux and the project’s first release of ambient pop. Blending acoustic and electronic elements with layers of sound, falling on each other like clouds rather than crushing the foundation, Haux is here to draw you in, calm you down, and tell you secrets. The full band joined our crew at Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this performance. The debut EP by Haux, All We've Known, is available now from Akira Records.
Big Eyes is a super tight, badass rock band from NYC. Kait Eldridge formed and leads the project, and it owes much to 70s riff-heavy power pop, which the band pulls off flawlessly. Kait’s pop-punk roots show at times, and they happen to blend well with the big riffs and catchy hooks. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to tear it up with music from their latest album. Stake My Claim by Big Eyes is available now from Don Giovanni.
Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster is mostly known as the lead singer of the Oxford, Mississippi trio, Water Liars. In contrast to that band’s raw energy and often heavy themes, Kinkel-Schuster’s solo project is much gentler, with softer tones and a bit less chaos, though no lack of musicality or catchiness. Justin stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a very stripped down -- just himself and a guitar -- taste of some of his music. Constant Stranger, the debut solo album by Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, will be released September 30, 2016, via Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records
Laura Loriga is the principal songwriter and performer for the band Mimes Of Wine. Currently splitting her time (and band members) between NYC and Bologna, Italy, Loriga drives the project with her stunning voice and tasteful piano playing. Though her newest release is the first to feature a full band, for this session Mimes Of Wine appears in its rawest form, as Laura Loriga solo, on keyboard and vocals at Serious Business Music in DUMBO. La Maison Verte by Mimes Of Wine is available now.
Pedro Giraudo Big Band (featuring Sofia Tosello) recorded live at Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC on this month’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live
NYC garage rock band Rich Girls -- usually a trio led by Luisa Black, but a duo here -- brings that gritty blend of post-punk and art-rock back to the forefront. Begun by Black in London, the band has grown and changed over several releases, but kept things nice and reverby all along. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some new music with us for this session. Rich Girls’ new EP, Love is the Dealer, will be available September 2016.
Ishmael Osekre is a Ghanaian-born musician and writer who has made a name for himself as an active proponent of the Brooklyn indie music scene. Along with his rowdy band, The Lucky Bastards, Osekre drives the punk-and-ska-inflected afropop tunes with his distinctive raspy voice and crisp guitar playing, earning him the distinction of being called “the Fela of punk.” The band brought their positive energy to Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this fun performance! Osekre & The Lucky Bastards Why Are You Here? EP is available now.
Songwriter Michael Nau lives in Cumberland, Maryland. Initially gaining recognition for his songcraft in the band Page France, Nau then kept things going by collaborating with his wife, Whitney McGraw, as Cotton Jones. While writing and touring with that project, Michael was stockpiling the tender, sweet songs that would eventually launch his solo career with Mowing. He stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a few tunes with you! Mowing, the debut solo record by Michael Nau, is available now from Suicide Squeeze Records.
We last caught up with the Massachusetts-based duo, You Won’t, in Austin during SXSW a couple years ago, and they’ve only continued to grow and develop their two-man cacophony of experimental folk/rock pop since then. Together, Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri blend an impressive array of instruments and effects to create their own world of sound, full of vivid imagery and storytelling with just a touch of humor. We welcomed the band back to the studio for this up-close look at how they cleverly make all that noise together. Revolutionaries, the new album from You Won’t, is available now.  
00:00 BTR Live Studio: Amy Klein 00:38 Twenty Seven 04:41 Ocean Grove 09:37 Interview 12:15 Parallel 17:04 Interview 18:32 Valerie 23:43 Interview 26:12 Fire 31:02 Outro 31:13 Finish Amy Klein is a poet-musician who first landed on the radar of most music fans during her stint playing with the excellent NJ-centric punk band, Titus Andronicus. In the five years since, she’s led several bands (Hilly Eye and Leda) and worked tirelessly on her first full batch of catchy, psych-tinged rock songs under her own name. With her album finally out in the world, Amy brought her band to Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us an inside look at the tunes! Amy Klein’s debut solo album, Fire, is available now from Don Giovanni Records.
NYC songwriter Sonya Kitchell began her career in western Massachusetts, releasing her first gentle folk record ten years ago at the age of seventeen. In the decade since, her style has developed and her skills as a songwriter, performer, and in the studio have become highly refined. Sonya stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to bring us this raw, captivating look at her music. Sonya Kitchell’s We Come Apart is available now.
The Spook School is a wonderful group of people from Edinburgh, Scotland, who make upbeat, memorable queer indie-pop punk rock. We met them in Austin this year when they kicked off our party, impressively packing the house with an early crowd, and had to have them come by the studio while they were in town for NYC Popfest. Here, they share a tune crafted for the Slumberland/Fortuna Pop!’s upcoming Continental Drift split record. The Spook School’s Try To Be Hopeful is available now.
Chicago trio Tiny Fireflies came together in a perfect way: Kristine Capua (Tiny Microphones) and Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies) brought their own complementary pop sensibilities together as a one-off collaboration for a compilation, but the overwhelming popularity of their new “band” led to further collaboration, and eventually to the band we find in front of us today. As a trio -- unless you include the drummer, Tom the drum machine -- they make perfectly layered, shimmering indie pop with a super nostalgic, sweet vibe. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us how they make it happen. Tiny Fireflies’ debut album, The Space Between, is available now.
Iris Ornig The IO-5 on this month’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Check out their live set recorded at The Kitano in New York, NY on May 18th 2016 with Iris Ornig (bass, compositions), Jonathan Powell (trumpet, flugelhorn), Jeremy Powell (tenor sax), Billy Test (piano) and Allan Mednard (drums).
Dead Leaf Echo is a dream-pop band from NYC, calling their take on the genre “Nouveau Wave.” The group blends the classic jangle/noise dynamic with romantic, drug-laced scenarios, proudly bearing the influence of 4AD favorites such as Pixies, Lush, etc. Approaching a decade of playing in the NYC trenches and through frequent national touring, Dead Leaf Echo has kept the tunes coming with an impressive number of releases, along with artfully-crafted short films to accompany them. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a closer look at how they craft their big sound. The band’s split 7" with The Harrow is available now.
Weakened Friends is a heart-on-the-sleeve indie rock band from New England. Comprised of Sonia Sturino and Cam Jones (both formerly of The Box Tiger), along with Annie Hoffman (of The Field Effect), this trio of fairly tall humans play with a burning passion that’s hard to fake. This project seems a little more straightforward than The Box Tiger’s caterwaul in a pop-punk sort of way, and - if it’s possible - considerably more vicious. The band took a minute out of their busy regional tour schedule (which seems to include dominating Boston and Portland, Maine - with serious progress being made in NYC as well) to drop by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a live taste of what they’ve got coming up. Crushed by Weakened Friends will be released July 22, 2016.
free cake for every creature, with its adorable and almost sickly sweet name, is bringing twee back. Katie P. Bennett’s indie pop music, filled out by a full band that manages to play about as quietly as possible, has about as much of a 90s K Records vibe as any group of millennials could possibly muster. While references and nods are likely intentional to some extent, we’re forced to believe that Bennett really is just laying her soul out there honestly, sharing her own stories of love and confusion (you know, “growing up” stuff) in the most melodic way possible. Her soft-spoken vocals hook you from the start and make you ache for the rest of the story. The band stopped by the studio for this live look at one of their new album’s most memorable tracks. Talking Quietly Of Anything With You is available now from Double Double Whammy.
Astronautalis, aka Andy Bothwell, is a man with a lot on his mind. Let’s start with the basics: he’s a rapper known around the world for his hard-touring, indie/punk ethics living in Minneapolis, Minnesota -- a city that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites for music, thanks to the Doomtree and Totally Gross National Product crews, among plenty of other great acts in recent years. And while he’s certainly got the hip-hop chops to destroy any stage, Astronautalis quickly sets himself apart from the crowd by making his deep and passionate love of all genres of music -- and especially indie rock -- very apparent through conversation or even by checking out his list of collaborators on records. Smart, talented, and quick-witted, Astronautalis is changing the game. He dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to bring some fire with just a laptop and a microphone. Cut The Body Loose by Astronautalis is available now.
Acid Dad are a no-nonsense psych-punk band. In the vein of the likes of Thee Oh Sees, Parquet Courts, and The Strokes (with nods to classics like The Zombies, The Kinks, Television, The Stooges, etc), this quartet uses riffy rock and reverb-heavy vocals to pull you close and make you move. Comprised of Vaughn Hunt (Vocals, Guitar), Danny Gomez (Vocals, Guitar), Kevin Walker (Drums), and Sean Fahey (Bass, Vocals), the band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to take us on a pretty sweet trip. Let’s Plan A Robbery by Acid Dad is available now.
Dentist is an indie rock band based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, whose music hits the sweet spot between surf, punk, and pop. Having honed their skills locally for a few years, they’re ready to get out on the road, and we’re pretty sure they’ll find that kids everywhere dig their sound. Here, they made the trip to the city to rock the live room at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for us. Dentist’s self-titled debut is available now, with their second full length coming in 2016.
Violet Sands is the new project from Deidre Muro (who has been on BTR Live Studio previously with Deidre & the Dark and Savoir Adore), David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion) and Derek Muro (Love Like Deloreans, Mighty Five). Their music builds a psych-pop vibe on top of electronic beats and textures, for some super-smooth, catchy grooves. For this jam, Doc from Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue joins the band on vocals for an extra touch of soul in the studio at Serious Business Music. Violet Sands’ Strange Attractor EP is available now.
SAVAK is a Brooklyn band composed of some very experienced musicians. Having previously played in such notable groups as The Obits, Holy Fuck, Nation of Ulysses, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and The Cops, the members of SAVAK collectively and unsurprisingly possess a deeper knowledge of music, more time in the punk trenches, and a more mature sound than the average band that’s only been together since 2015. The jerky rhythms of post-punk and the jangle of 80s college/early alternative rock blend perfectly with psychedelic swirls and hooky rock riffs under the shared guitar/vocal duties of Michael “Jaws” Jaworski and Sohrab Habibion. The band officially consists of six members, but has been known to expand on record and at some live shows, while we lured a quartet version to Serious Business Music to see what they’ve got going on… spoiler: it’s a lot, and it’s really, really good! SAVAK’s debut LP, Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors, is available now.
Brooklyn psych-surf-garage-rock band Fruit + Flowers’s appeal is centered around the interplay between Caroline Yoder, Ana Becker and Elizabeth Wakefield. Catchy, gritty, and maybe a little unhinged at times, the band has been going hard for the past year, touring and playing so many local shows that it can almost be assumed that if there’s a cool bill at a new or underground Bushwick venue, they’re on it. While they’ve released almost no recorded music yet, we know they’ve got a lot up their sleeve, so we had them drop by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us just how they do it. The song “Turquoise” from Fruit + Flowers is available online now.
Lissie is originally from Rock Island, Illinois. She landed in California as a young singer-songwriter and learned a lot in her time in the industry there before returning to her midwestern roots by moving to Iowa. Her music is folk with a pop/country touch, but most notable here is her remarkable voice, which gives every word sung a life of its own. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a raw, stripped down performance with us. Lissie’s album My Wild West is available now.
This month’s episode of BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus features a great set by the Sam Trapchak Quartet performed at LIC Bar in Queens, New Yok on February 2nd, 2015. Sam Trapchak (bass, compositions), Jeremy Powell (tenor sax), Jeff Miles (guitar) and Nick Anderson (drums).
Tangerine is a Seattle-based garage pop trio with a rough and dreamy style that complements their straightforward, catchy songs. The band doesn’t waste much energy on frills beyond some sweet guitar solos, opting to save it for their fun music and touring around the country instead. We were lucky enough to get them into the studio at Serious Business Music to brighten our day with this special performance. Tangerine’s Sugar Teeth EP is available now.
John Mark Nelson is a musician from Excelsior, Minnesota. While young, he’s far from inexperienced, having spent the past decade writing, recording, and playing music. Stylistically, Nelson's work falls somewhere in the rock/pop world, but he has a melodic sensibility that makes every moment of his songs compelling while his words and compositions set him apart from your average artist. He stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO recently for this special performance. I’m Not Afraid by John Mark Nelson is available now on GNDWIRE Records.
00:00 BTR Live Studio: Del Water Gap 00:33 Vanessa 04:53 Let's Pretend 08:52 Interview 15:04 Alright 17:57 Don't Read the Mirror 20:33 Interview 25:43 Cut The Rope 30:33 Outro 30:42 Finish
Guerilla Toss seems to exist in an acid-drenched cartoon world of future music. Stylistically, there’s some sort of punk/funk/jazz jam going on, but never mind the ingredients, this band’s all about the end result, which is a strange, morphing blend of totally mind-bending goodness, pulled together by the vocal performance of Kassie Carlson. Though they originated in the Boston area, the group has since found its way to New York, where their collaborators in the DFA-related and Brooklyn experimental/art scene provide some pretty fertile ground for collaboration. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to blow our minds. Eraser Stargazer by Guerrilla Toss is available now from DFA Records.
Audacity is a garage punk band from Fullerton, California. They’ve been bashing out fun, uncompromising tunes since they were kids, and while still young, they’ve already got more than enough years (we’re talking 10+) under their belt together to show all the newcomers exactly how to do it right. Turn this one way up and enjoy. Hyper Vessels by Audacity is available now.
Miwi La Lupa, a NYC-based songwriter who previously visited BTR Live Studio around the release of his debut album, is back with an excellent sophomore release. Continuing his evolution as a songwriter and band leader, MiWi La Lupa draws from folk and rock inspirations to tell personal stories through highly catchy pop songs. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to share some of the new sounds.
Moving Panoramas is an Austin-based trio that plays shoegaze-inspired pop, bouncing through chill grooves with soft, reverb-laden vocals floating on top. Comprised of Leslie Sisson on guitar/vocals (who previously visited BTR Live Studio with The Wooden Birds), Rozie Castoe on bass/vocals, and Karen Skloss on drums, the band has developed a perfectly locked-in style that works well to create the sort of “panoramic” sound that they’re chasing under those big Texas skies. Moving Panoramas’ debut LP, One, is available now.
Atlanta punk trio The Coathangers just cruised into their 10th year of rockin’ -- and to say they’ve come a long way is a huge understatement. The band began as a wild, no wave/garage-inspired ball of fun and chaos made up of friends who didn’t totally know how to play but wanted to start a band. Along the way, they’ve matured and picked up a broad range of inspiration, all while honing their sound and musicianship to a fine point. This charmer of a kiss-off single nearly burned down the damn studio, and all with the best, most punk instrumentation we’ve seen in awhile: drums, bass, and dog toy! The Coathangers’ new album, Nosebleed Weekend, is available now from Suicide Squeeze Records.
Ryan Keberle & Catharsis performed a killing set at London’s PizzaExpress Jazz Club on March 18th 2016. Check out a large junk of it on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Also check out the band’s brand new album Azul Infinito. Ryan Keberle (trombone, melodica, compositions), Camila Meza (voice), Mike Rodriguez (trumpet), Jorge Roeder (bass) and Eric Doob (drums).
Journalism is a Brooklyn band fronted by Kegan Zema. Kegan recently staged a multimedia exhibit at the Bushwick, Brooklyn venue/collective Silent Barn, f which he is a member, called “American Icon” in which he, as “ZEMA,” took on the personas of David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, and more. Musically, Journalism explores similar territory as the early 2000s wave of post-post-punk and garage rock, straddling the line between brooding and dancing, but Zema’s awareness and interest in musical and pop culture theory clearly influences his lyrics and the band’s performance. The group stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a tune.
2001 is a bit of a supergroup. With an impossible to Google band name, unconventional pop rhythms and song structures, and an impressive NYC music scene pedigree, this collaboration between Joan Wasser (of Joan As Policewoman) and Benjamin Lazar Davis was sparked by a fascination with Pygmy music while in Africa. Here, they share a Joan-led tune with looping guitar stutters, tight grooves, and pointed lyrics. 2001 currently has two singles, “Broke Me In Two” and “Overloaded,” available.
The Dead Ships is the Los Angeles-based garage rock trio of Devlin McCluskey, Christopher Spindelilus, and Alex Moore. While still a relatively young project, the band has already recorded an EP with Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning, rocked the stage at Coachella, and is currently on track to release a full length (again collaborating with Canning). Here, they blast through their hard-rockin’ anti-authority anthem of a single, “Company Line.” The Dead Ships is currently working on their full length follow up to 2015’s EP1.
Sons Of An Illustrious Father is the Brooklyn-based trio of Osh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller. The band has a strong, family-like connection and often swaps instruments during their set, trading off lead duties on different songs. There’s something special to their “future folk” and we could totally feel it in the studio as they came by to share this version of “Tendrils.” Sons Of An Illustrious Father’s new album, Revol, is available now.
Flora Cash is the folk-pop duo of Shpresa Lleshaj & Cole Randall. Their story is a classic modern romance: meeting across the globe via Soundcloud, collaborating, falling in love, moving back and forth between Stockholm, Sweden (where they’re currently based) and Minneapolis, Minnesota to be together… and their music reflects their story. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share an intimate look at their song, “For Someone.”
Paul & Kris Masson are the duo at the core of the Baltimore-based Great American Canyon Band. Their dreamy folk rock has a certain beautiful heaviness at times, carried by the couple’s well-worn harmonies. Though the full four-piece band is in the midst of a year packed with tour dates, Paul and Kris stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this stripped-down session.
CocoRosie is the eccentric and fascinating musical project of sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady. The duo first gained notoriety in the 00’s scene of Brooklyn musicians and artists experimenting with pop, rock, and other genres, and has since continued to evolve their sonic perversions. Making great use of blending two disparate vocal styles -- one crooning and nostalgic, the other childlike and rap-influenced -- as well as their unique use of toys and children’s instruments, CocoRosie continues to make highly innovative music. The band, including a beatboxer and synth player, rolled up to the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016 to take over the backyard, completely making it their own for this very special performance under the big tree. Heartache City is available now.
Lucy Dacus is a young musician based out of Richmond, Virginia, who came out of nowhere and immediately caught our attention. In a similar vein as other recent favorites Courtney Barnett and Julien Baker, Dacus has a clear and honest style of storytelling and perspective through song that we just can’t get enough of. While on tour with her band at SXSW in Austin, Texas, she stopped by the BTRhouse to play some music for us in the comfort of our front porch. Lucy Dacus’ debut single, "I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore,” is available now.
Check out Arun Luthra’s Konnakol Jazz Project today on The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Tracks from two different sets, one at The New School as part of the ”Jazz Presents" concert series at The School of Jazz of The College of Performing Arts here in NYC in March 2015, the other one from a July 2015 show in Easton, PA at The Lafayette Bar. Arun Luthra is also interviewed on this show, discussing his Konnakol Jazz Project and more.
Mise En Scene is a Canadian band from Winnipeg whose music is centered around the collaboration between Stefanie Blondal Johnson on vocals and guitar and Jodi Dunlop on drums. Sunny and with a healthy dose of reverb, their music is catchy and fun -- aka, perfect for an afternoon session on the porch of the BTRhouse in Austin! The four-piece group stopped by for a stripped down performance in the middle of a busy week at SXSW! Mise En Scene is currently preparing to release their sophomore record.
Guts Club is Lindsey Baker. Currently residing in New Orleans, Baker writes and performs striking, flowing stories in folk song form, righteously unadorned and straightforward, with minimal accompaniment on record. Guts Club joined us in Austin during SXSW 2016 for a special performance under the big tree in BTRhouse backyard.
Dreamers is telling it like it is, singing about what they know. This Brooklyn-originating trio bashes around with punk ethos in a power pop cosmic state, making super accessible music that still has a coat of grit. The guys stopped by for an intimate, stripped-down session on the porch of the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016.
Holy Esque is a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. With sweeping soundscapes and dark themes, the music on their recently-released LP has a huge feeling that can be at once overwhelming and totally captivating. The band reigned their sound in considerably for this intimate, stripped-down session on the porch of the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016.
Pearl Charles is a young songwriter from Los Angeles. At just 23 years old, she already has about five years of touring experience under her belt from her time with The Driftwood Singers and The Blank Tapes (which is where we met her, when they visited BTR Live Studio a while back). Setting off on a solo career over the past year, Pearl has been finding and developing her own voice and timeless, bluesy psych-folk style. She stopped by the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016 to share some of her new tunes with us, under the big old tree in our backyard.
Adan Jodorowsky (formerly operating under the name Adanowsky) and Xavi Polycarpe (of the rock band Gush) are French natives and old friends who found themselves collaborating after each going through simultaneous breakups. The duo diverges from their own musical pasts while maintaining their own sensibilities -- rock for Xavi and pop for Adan, whose time spent in Mexico comes through in his Spanish singing. Heading more for the warm, smooth pop rock of George Harrison and Harry Nillson, the two are aided by their choice to record mostly live and direct to 8-track tape before filling things out with the rhythm section, Los Imanes. Adan & Xavi stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn on their first trip out performing in support of the project.
Tiny Hazard are an impossible-to-define experimental Brooklyn pop band. Fronted by the dynamic singer Alena Spanger, the band moves between sparse, pretty pop and explosive, caustic noise on a whim. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us just how they do it.
Eskimeaux is the musical project of Gabrielle Smith, a founding member of Brooklyn collective The Epoch. Begun in 2007, it has served as an umbrella for everything from noise experiments to rock combos, while currently existing as a tight four member bedroom-pop band. Eskimeaux stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some songs and talk a bit about their history.
Emanuel & The Fear (aka songwriter Emanuel Ayvas and his gang of musical cohorts) returns to BTR Live Studio with their latest orchestral-pop rock sagas. With a leaner lineup than past incarnations, the group now leans pleasingly and more heavily on the folky, storytelling side of indie rock than ever before. Here, the band stops by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a live take on their newest single.
We’re pretty sure that mood ring pop isn’t an actual genre, but Half Waif’s self-description does feel pretty spot on. The band is a Brooklyn trio spearheaded by Nandi Rose Plunkett’s flawless vocals and piano-led compositions (the Tori Amos influence is strong and readily professed by Nandi), along with the rhythm section of Zack Levine and Adan Carlo. Their version of pop is jazzy and, at times, a little disjointed in the best way possible, making excellent rhythmic use of a blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some tunes and to talk a bit about how they found the sounds that make up their songs.
The Jazz Hole Live presents a set by the Grammy-nominated trumpet legend Tim Hagans and the NYC-based German drummer Joe Hertenstein recorded live (by sound engineer Onur Gul) at Nublu as part of the 2015 Nublu Jazz Festival in New York, NY on December 13th 2015. Their duo project The Bad Duets began as a bi-weekly concert series of freely improvised music and usually features a special guest. This time they were joined by two internationally-acclaimed saxophonists: Ravi Coltrane and Jon Irabagon.
New Brunswick, New Jersey, has developed a reputation as a hub of DIY/punk music over the past decade or so and, while the trio of Long Beard certainly come from that scene, their music plays more to the understated, pretty, and melancholy side than some of their contemporaries. With half-whispered vocals that sound like late night bedroom secrets (appropriately, singer Leslie Bear actually recorded them that way), the band delivers a strong, no-frills base for the stories they tell to play out. They stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to share some music and chat a bit about how the songs traveled from demos to fully executed recordings.
Hellrazor -- formerly known as Dead Wives -- is among the grungy spawn of New Haven, Connecticut. Fronted by Speedy Ortiz drummer Michael Falcone, the trio is heavy on groove and bass, with big riffs, dissonance, and those sweet loud-quiet-loud dynamics that every 90s kid goes crazy for. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some tunes and talk about their humble beginnings covering Rancid.
Growing out of the bedroom recordings of Montclair, New Jersey’s Cody Fitzgerald, Stolen Jars has evolved since its inception in 2009, growing to include vocal contributions from collaborator Molly Grund as well as a full band. Stemming from folk and indie rock, Stolen Jars often plays with unconventional pop sounds and circular rhythms alongside warm, sweet vocals that surprise the ears. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some music and chat with Maia.
Spritzer is a new project from Friend Roulette’s Matt Meade. Like the refreshing beverage of their namesake, the band is all about keeping it fun and chill while creating a home for music that didn’t quite fit elsewhere. If the songs weren’t so catchy and the band wasn’t full of seriously killer musicians, it could be easy to write it off from that description, but Meade is a great songwriter, and every song that passes through the Spritzer prism is full of irresistibly bright, memorable vibes. When you’ve got songwriting chops like this, it turns out that just trying a sound or song because it feels good can be exactly the way to go.
Now you can watch us on your iPhone or iPad! Check out the BTRtoday App! Adrian Daniel is a musician from Brooklyn, New York, whose music is a funky, soulful take on alternative rock and pop. He brought his full band to Serious Business music in DUMBO to play some songs, and to talk a bit about the issues that his single, “Pride,” brings up.
It was a couple of years ago that we last caught up with songwriter Sean McMahon’s folk ensemble Workman Song in a church (watch one of our favorite episodes of BTR Hear & There to see for yourself: Now with a more fully-formed lineup -- though still including the significant contributions of Sean’s brother, organist Griffin -- and more psych-inspired vibes with the distinct folk touches of Bruce and Bob (you know who we mea,n here), as well as a brand new batch of songs, the band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to chat with Maia and offer a first look at their latest sounds.
The Perennials are Pete and Amanda Wells. The band began in Spokane, Washington, but has spent the past few years in Brooklyn, New York, collaborating with renowned producer Thomas “Doveman” Bartlett on their debut EP. Vibrant, dramatic, and mature, The Perennials’ music tells stories that swoop across vast landscapes of sound. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a first look at their songs, and to chat about the project with Maia.
Courtesy Tier exist in New York City, but come from all over the world. Their diverse backgrounds, both personal and musical, blend together perfectly for a smart, fresh take on rootsy, bluesy rock. While they’ve certainly got the catchy, anthemic thing down, there’s more to their music, allowing the band to stretch their songs out, creating room and drama for a uniquely epic style. Here they brought their big sound to Serious Business Music and chatted with Maia a bit about the band.
Enjoy a quality set by the Curtis Nowosad Sextet on today’s edition of BTR The Jazz Hole Live. All compositions by bandleader and drummer Curtis Nowosad, featuring Adam O’Farrill on trumpet, Matt Woroshyl on alto saxophone, Grant Goldstein on guitar, Billy Test on piano and Adrian Moring on bass - recorded live at Manhattan School of Music on April 1st 2015.
Bethlehem Steel, a Brooklyn trio of fuzzy, poppy-punk loving rockers, has a real way with dynamics. It’s that loud-quiet-loud with some sing-screaming that works so well, and the band puts it to excellent use in their nostalgia-tinged songs. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO share a brand new song and to chat with Maia a bit about how they ended up named for a defunct company.
Old Man Canyon is the Vancouver-based project of musician Jett Pace. This is total pop, from the shimmery guitar and keyboards to the perfectly tight percussion. It’s no surprise the band has found themselves sharing the stage with the likes of the like-minded Foster The People and Paper Kites. The band stopped by on their way through NYC to share some songs and chat about the project at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
Fireships is the latest project from NYC-born songwriter Andrew Vladek. This Brooklyn-based (and Brooklyn-inspired) project brings together a group of Vladek’s talented musical friends in creating timeless, rock-inspired folk music. While the songs are well-crafted and performed by stellar musicians, it’s really the vocals that stand out and make these songs unique, thanks to Vladek’s weary, confident delivery and sharp storytelling.
The New Tarot is a young Brooklyn-based band with the Walker sisters - Monika (vocals/guitar) and Karen (vocals/keyboard) - at the center of its wild world. Shapeshifting between 90’s-style alt-rock to indie psych to metal pop (or something like that, in keeping with the TNT abbreviation of their band name), the sisters keep your ears guessing as to what they’re going to do next. There’s a fantastical side to their songs and imagery that made for a memorable session when they dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this live taste of their music.
Starlight Girls is a Brooklyn band of self-proclaimed “genre-undefining hyper weirdos” with a flair for theatrics. Drawing on psychedelic rock, indie pop, surf, and more to craft their own strange and beautiful sounds, the band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some tunes and talk a bit about the process behind their debut album.
Fern Mayo is a Brooklyn-based trio of 90s-style skronky, fuzzy, poppy punk-loving indie rock devotees currently leaving their mark on the local scene. Singer Katie Capri’s vocal style is forceful and feels cathartic, as if every line is exorcising some sort of demon, matched by writhing grooves and explosive, anthemic choruses. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some songs and chat with Maia about the band.
Miranda Lee Richards is a San Francisco-based musician whose roots lie in the folk and Americana worlds. Though her story includes some heavy hitters in rock -- for instance, being taught guitar by a member of Metallica and playing in the infamously volatile indie band Brian Jonestown Massacre -- Richards’ work is grounded, beautiful, and dreamy with a mystical edge. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, along with Sammy Smith on vocals, to share a stripped-down, acoustic take on her songs in an intimate environment, and to offer some background on her musical history.
Gramma’s Boyfriend is the latest project fronted by the twin cities’ own Haley Bonar. A household name in certain musical circles for her years of output under her own name, this time around she’s joined by Jeremy Ylvisaker (Cloak Ox, Andrew Bird), Mark Erickson (Cloak Ox), Luke Anderson (Rogue Valley), and Jacob Hanson (Actual Wolf, Haley Bonar, All Tomorrow’s Petty). The band play fun, raucous rock music - think somewhere between B-52s and Dead Kennedys - with an infectious danceability and catchiness sure to leave the room sweaty, happy, and exhausted. During the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon, they tore it up at our showcase then came by the studio to rock out some more and chat with Maia about the project.
Today’s edition of BTR The Jazz Hole Live features live and studio tracks by the Novas Trio (Jeff Miles, Carlos Vera L. and Rodrigo Recabarren) and special guest Dayna Stephens. Some of the tracks were recorded live at The Cornelia Street Cafe in New York, NY on April 24th 2014, others were taken from their debut album Borderfall.
DeQn Sue’s music is difficult to define. The Los Angeles-born singer, whose stage name is an ode to both her father’s character on the TV show S.W.A.T. and her mother’s first name, is currently at least partially based in Alabama. Drawing on just about any genre of pop music you could name, DeQn Sue twists from soul to rock to funk to dance music, all capped off with an unforgettably charming vibe that’s quirky without being schticky.
Sweet Spirit began as a sort of side project for Austin’s Sabrina Ellis. Launched as a more country and soul-inspired singer-songwriter outlet to balance the wild, punk side of her musical life in the band A Giant Dog, the project quickly changed course, as her AGD bandmate Andrew Cashen joined, and the duo recruited more players to fill out their new songs. Now, a full on wild party of sound onstage - not to mention buzzy as hell thanks to praise from Austin heroes Spoon, Sweet Spirit is dominating their local scene and getting attention nationwide. They reigned the chaos in just enough to rock out for this session at Serious Business Music in DUMBO in the midst of a stop in town for CMJ.
Raya Brass Band is a Brooklyn-based five-piece group with a reputation for starting a party everywhere they (and their horns) go. Drawing on Balkan music, New Orleans brass, punk rock, out jazz, and other international inspiration, the band crafts a whirlwind of high energy, body-moving tunes. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a taste of the magic and talks about some of the inspiration behind their music.
Happy New Year! On today's fourth and final installment of Live Studio: Holidays, we feature sessions from Des Ark, Astronauts, Etc, Narc Twain, and Diet Cig!