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On today's special holiday broadcast, we feature sessions from Kuf Knotz, Innove Gnawa, Andy Shauf, and Zydeco Radio!
Happy Holidays! On today's special broadcast, we revisit sessions with Shana Cleveland, Matt Pond PA, Remi, and Rey Pila!
Today we kick off our special holiday broadcasts with music from Dar Williams, Bulletproof Stockings, Sophie B Hawkins, and Pearl and the Beard!
Donovan Wolfington is apparently a person. He's out there somewhere, but that's a story for another day... This is about the band from New Orleans who borrowed his name: four guys making poppy punk rock, with some heavy parts and some happy parts and some sad parts. They didn't name their album How to Treat the Ones You Love by happenstance. It serves as an exploration of their own lives' difficulties and lessons, and an honest, literate way to attempt to be a slightly less terrible person in a not-always-so-great world.
Although Lena Fayre is a young artist, she's already released an EP and two LPs, as well as had her music included in the hit tv show The Vampire Diaries. Where does that leave the 19-year-old Los Angeles-based indie pop singer? Looking towards the future, following her album full of post-relationship melancholy and beautiful songs. Her style is really about as flawless as it gets, with perfectly composed and arranged tunes to back up every bit of the hype. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play a few, and to share the story behind her album's concept and cover art. Lena Fayre’s latest album, Is There Only One?, is available now.
BTR Live Studio: Dilly Dally
Check out today’s edition of BTR The Jazz Hole Live with a brilliant live set by the Sam Trapchak Quintet, recorded at Silvana in Harlem, New York on May 20th 2015. Composer and bassist Sam Trapchak is joined by David Smith (tp), Kyle Nasser (ts, ss), Perry Smith (g) and Jay Sawyer (d).
Des Ark is the name of Aimée Argote's long-running musical project. Based in North Carolina, the band has taken many forms, but has always been guided by the focused and hauntingly beautiful words and music of Argote, from hushed tones to roaring rockers. Des Ark stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some of their latest songs -- which happened to have some of the most colorful titles we've seen in a while -- and to chat with Maia about where the music comes from and how it's heard.
Liz Vice is a musician from Portland, Oregon. With a soulful voice and love of storytelling, her jazz-tinged tunes are infused with a spirituality and warmth that recalls classic gospel. Liz stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO on a recent visit to NYC to play some music and chat with Maia.
On today's show we have an all new session from Frogbelly and Symphony!
On today's holiday broadcast, we revisit some of our favorite recent sessions!
Narc Twain is an indie rock band based in New York City and fronted by Jukebox The Ghost's Tommy Siegel. This particular project came about thanks to the inspiration of some thought-provoking 21st-century dystopian poetry, and the hard-edged, punk-tinged music pairs well with Siegel's dark perspective. The band stopped by Serious Business Music to give us a first listen to the new band's songs and to chat a bit about conspiracy theories and music (but mostly conspiracy theories).
Astronauts, etc. is the primary musical outlet for Oakland, California’s Anthony Ferraro. With a background in classical music, Ferraro crafted the project's initial recordings at home in his bedroom before fleshing them out with a solid stable of jazz players. Things took a decidedly indie turn when he wound up as a touring member of the band Toro Y Moi, whose chilled-out funk touches seem to have rubbed off a bit on Astronauts, etc.’s own psych-tinged pop. The group stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some tunes and chat a bit about the band.
The Lighthouse and the Whaler, whose name is inspired by the Herman Melville classic, Moby Dick, is a four piece indie rock band from Cleveland. The lineup has undergone some changes since its inception in 2008, while they have received national attention since the release of their debut EP, A Whisper, A Clamour, in that same year. The guys, who have maintained a heavy tour schedule (often with BTR faves like Surfer Blood and Matt Pond PA), dropped by during a recent stop in New York to share a few songs and talk with Maia about the new album.
No longer the “baby band” they were back when we last checked in with them, Brooklyn trio Boytoy dropped by Serious Business Music to lay down some of their latest twin-guitar-attack groovy pop vibes. Check out their great new tunes, and get a peek at their impressive paradiddle skills!
A phenomenal live set by the Simone Daclon Trio on today’s edition of BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Pianist Simone Daclon is joined by Marco Vaggi on bass and Matteo Rebulla on drums during this live recording at Milan’s Bonaventura Jazz Club on April 17th 2015.
Soda Shop is a New York band whose dreamy, shimmery indie pop evokes the same 50s nostalgia as their wholesome name. With songs centered around the songwriting/producing duo of Maria Usbeck (also of Brooklyn band Selebrities) and Drew Diver (formerly of The Drums), they rarely play live but have been making a huge impression with their fantastically recorded tracks. The band stopped by Serious Business Music to share a live taste of what they're capable of, and to chat about the meaning of their songs.
Vundabar is a young (as in they’re all just around 20 years old) Boston-based "sludgy jangly pop" trio. Like their local forebearers The Pixies, the band leans heavily on the satisfying loud/quiet/loud dynamic in much of their work. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music to share some of their catchy jams and chat with Maia about the project.
Brooke Annibale is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who credits much of her musical direction to experiences growing up around her family's music store. This musical direction led her to Nashville, where she attended college and lived, returning often over the years to record there even after returning to her home city. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some tunes and talk about how she crafts her timeless folk songs. Brooke Annibale’s new album, The Simple Fear, is available now.
Wet Nurse is a garage pop band from Orlando, Florida. Their music lands in the fast/short/catchy realm, and takes things even further with the secret weapon of Nina and Susana Chaplin's dual lead vocals. You really can't do better than sibling harmonies -- the Chaplins even remind us a bit of the Deal sisters, with their pleasing slight-raspiness. Musically, the band draws on surf, punk, and pop, all wrapped up with a nod to the 90s alt-rock that makes it feel just right. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to rip it up and chat with guest host Travis Harrison. So It Goes by Wet Nurse is available now.
Janie Price is an English/Irish musician who performs as Bird. Her sweet, synth-laden pop music is often centered around her main instrument, the cello, along with her voice. She stopped by the studio to share some songs and talk about how the process for each album has evolved, the latest of which was produced with Chris Kimsey (known for his work with the Rolling Stones). Figments of Our Imagination, Bird’s third album, is available now.
Jonah Parzen-Johnson is a Brooklyn-based experimental folk musician, previously seen on BTR leading the afrobeat group, Zongo Junction. Utilizing a baritone saxophone and analog synth, he uses circular breathing to craft his very unique style of indie and folk-inspired solo work.
Kagoule is a band of three teenagers from Nottingham, Great Britain. Growing up as friends and bandmates, the trio has a special chemistry that fuels their creative forces, from their 90s alt-rock sound to the artwork and visual approach of everything they do. Full of spot-on dynamics and verse-chorus-verse turns to make Dinosaur Jr, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pixies fans take notice, the band is poised to bring their big sound, which is already making waves in their home country, to the U.S. in a big way.
Gato Loco is an instant party -- a wild, instrumental explosion of horns and beats harnessed into an avant-garde "psycho-mambo" group with a dizzying array of influences, pulling from jazz, rock, and latin sounds and grooves. The whole New York-based crew of Stefan Zeniuk (tenor & bass saxes), Tim Vaughn (trombone), Joe Exley (tuba), Lilly Maase (guitars), Ari Folman-Cohen (bass), Kevin Garcia (drums), and Rich Stein (percussion) crammed into the studio at Serious Business Music to blow it out and chat with Maia about how their memorable sound got to where it is now.
Air Waves is the long-running musical outlet for NY's Nicole Schneit. With a 5-year gap between records, Air Waves has finally returned with a solid set of pop-leaning indie rock and a fresh band (featuring members of Hospitality). The group came by to play some tunes and chat with Maia about taking a break and then getting back into it, plus Nicole shares some useful advice for musicians.
Mal Blum is a New York-based musician who crafts excellent, revealing narrative-driven pop songs that tend to be endearingly sentimental. There's punk, anti-folk, and folk vibes in every word, whether the performance is solo or with a full band. In whichever form, Mal Blum (the person or band) is a special joy to be around and listen to -- not to mention, usually pretty hilarious. They brought the full band experience to Serious Business Music for this episode of BTR Live Studio.
BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus featuring live tracks by the Michael Eaton Individuation Quintet. Recorded live at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall on May 27th 2015 and July 12th 2015, extraordinary saxophonist and composer Michael Eaton is joined by Brad Whiteley on piano, Brittany Anjou on vibraphone, Daniel Ori on bass and Shareef Taher on drums.
Worriers are a Brooklyn-based punk band. With Lauren Denitzio (formerly of The Measure [sa]) handling songwriting, vocals, and guitars along with an evolving cast of collaborators, the band recently released its first, Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me!)-produced full-length on NJ's Don Giovanni Records and has been on the road in support of it. The band's songs are fiercly honest and super catchy, and we loved having them in the studio at Serious Business Music for this session!
Good Old War found a great shortcut to a solid band name: combining elements of the three founding members' names (Goodwin, Arnold, and Schwartz). Now a duo, the Philadelphia-based band excels in the sort of foot stompin', clappin'-n-hollerin' indie pop that's been growing in popularity in recent years, and are known for their rousing live shows. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music to play some tunes and chat with Maia.
Shana Cleveland is a Seattle-based musician, artist, and writer. A member of the band La Luz, she also records and performs her own music under the name Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles. Her soft, mesmerizing vocal style and distinct acoustic guitar picking makes for both catchy and hypnotic folk songs. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO for an intimate solo performance, and to chat with Maia.
Will Sprott is a musician with a memorable voice and songwriting style. There's a timeless quality to his work, be it with his previous band, The Mumlers, or with his latest, solo effort. Originally from San Jose, CA and currently based in Seattle, there's a sort of melancholy paired with sunny, West Coast vibes to Sprott's tunes. He stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO, Brooklyn on his first solo tour (with La Luz) to share some tunes and talk about the project.
The Glazzies are the duo of Peter Landi and Dave Horn, based out of Sag Harbor, New York. With a heavy nod to fuzzy '90s alt rock, their songs touch on grunge, psychedelic, and punk. Their love of the heavy, hooky style is so deep that they even had Dinosaur, Jr. drummer Murph play on their EP. The guys came by Serious Business in DUMBO to rock out and chat with Maia.
PWR BTTM is the NY-based queer punk duo of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce. Switching off between drums and guitar, the band's latest release looks at their experiences with queerness, gender, and adulthood while living upstate. Full of fun, fuzz, catchy melodies, and extreme finger-tapping, their songs are just too good to not love. They stopped by Serious Business to rock out, share some stories of songs, and to give Maia a fabulous makeover.
The Black Lillies are and indie roots band from Knoxville, TN, headed up by Cruz Contreras singer/songwriter/producer. Drawing on Americana, rock, country, gospel, and more, this hard-touring Appalachia-inspired group are ready to stomp their way into your head with their tight, catchy tunes. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some songs from their new, PledgeMusic crowd-funded record.
Lisa Alma is a producer, vocalist, and visual artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. Her synth-heavy, downtempo pop music, often accompanied by her own striking video work, tends toward introspection and melancholy, making it perhaps better suited for soundtracks than dance floors. She stopped by while in NYC working on new music, and shared a few songs and stories with Maia at Serious Business Music in DUMBO.
Check out a new live set from the Blue Note Jazz Club New York by the Japanese pianist Manami Morita on this month’s edition of BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Musicians are Manami Morita (piano, voice, compositions), Kyle Nasser (tenor sax, soprano sax), Julian Smith (bass) and Thomas Hartman (drums).
Julien Baker is from Memphis, Tennessee, and currently in school at MTSU. Regionally, she may be better known as a member of the punk-influenced indie band, Forrister, though in recent months her solo work has caught the attention of the national music press. What makes her stuff stick -- beyond an undeniably great voice -- is the way she effortlessly spins heart-wrenching, brutally honest, confessional lyrics over sweetly melodic, looped guitar. Without much more than a few songs floating around to hear, she's managed to captivate more than a few new fans, ahead of the release of her full recorded debut. She stopped by Serious Business Music to play a few songs and chat with Maia about her upcoming plans for both her solo work and band.
The Brooklyn-based production duo of Devon Craig Johnson and Nasimiyu Murumba are musicians who play a variety of instruments in other projects, but here their powers combine to make the hooky pop hits of Baeb Rxxth. There are touches of trap, dance, rock, jazz, and soul in what they've got going on, but it all feels totally unique. They young band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some tunes and chat with Maia.
Bodega Bay are a New York-based art rock sextet. The band uses familiar musical ideas (think Velvets, Pavement, Wire) in tandem with improvisation, sociopolitical commentary, performance, text, disruption, and assorted experimentation to arrive at their own distinct creations. Their latest release arrives in the form of a 33 1/3 lyric and art book, accompanied by a download code for 33 songs (which are unsurprisingly overwhelmingly good). There's a freedom and playfulness in what their doing, underlying the very plainly stated truths of so many of their songs (which, again, are really, really good).
The Velvet Teen is a California-based indie rock trio. Begun as a solo project by Judah Nagler in 1999, the group has evolved over its 15-year career, and is currently playing in support of a strong new album. The band stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to rock out and chat with Maia about their work.
Lindi Ortega is a country/roots songwriter and performer from Toronto. Currently based -- appropriately -- in Nashville, Ortega's latest album takes a look at heartbreak, failure, fear, and misfortune in saloons, flophouses, and cheap motels. She stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to share her soulful style and chat with Maia about her music.
Sye Elaine Spence is a singer/songwriter living in Atlanta, though she is originally from New York City. Spence spent time as a professional songwriter, collaborating with artists and producers and releasing some of her own pop-rock and soul songs before taking a break to refocus her musical career. Here, she met Michael Lesousky and set off on her current path of a quiet, poetic style of songwriting. Sye and Michael took a bus up from Atlanta to play a few songs and talk about the music at Serious Business in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
Reservations is a rock band based out of Austin, Texas. Beginning as a collaboration between songwriter Jana Horn and guitarist Paul Price (who also leads the band Good Field), Jason Baczynski eventually joined on drums after the band's home-recorded debut EP. Now, with a fuller sound (achieved live with an expanded lineup) and a spectacular full length under their belt, Reservations is making their way around on tour and starting to get some much-deserved attention. Horn's soft, dreamy vocal style pairs perfectly with the band's fragile balance of reserved grooves and spaced-out guitars, drawing frequent comparisons to Mazzy Star. The band stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to play some songs and chat with Maia about the ideas behind their new record.
MYZICA is the Nashville-based pop duo of Isaaca Byrd and Micah Tawlks. Still a relatively new project, things got started when Micah crafted instrumental tracks and asked Isaaca to lend her vocals. Things quickly grew as the two began writing together, leading to the sort of catchy, anthemic synth-pop the twosome expertly delivered in a dreamy, danceable dose to the Serious Business studio for this session.
Ingenious Greek composer and pianist Petros Sakelliou on today’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live with a live set from NYC’s DROM, where he held his CD release concert for his new album Visual Music Circus earlier this year.
Busty And The Bass is a feel-good, nine-member party band that formed in Montreal. Incorporating elements of funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop into their eclectic music, there's no question that these guys mean business, and want to get you out on the dancefloor.
Krystle Warren is a songwriter originally from Kansas City, Missouri, and currently based in France. Known for her dedication to analog recording techniques (even going so far as recording her latest double-album live with 28 musicians and no editing), Krystle possesses a striking, soulful voice that leaves an impression, and has even made the rounds on tour with the likes of Green Gartside, Robyn Hitchcock, Joan As Police Woman, and Rufus Wainwright. Here, she stops by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to share a new song and chat with Maia about her music.
Laura Burhenn - an LA-based musician who has toured with Bright Eyes and The Postal Service - is the songwriter at the core of the project Mynabirds. The band - which is filled out by various friends in the studio and on stage - makes expertly crafted indie-pop, showcasing Burhenn's pristine, soulful vocals. Here, she presents some of her latest work in a uniquely raw, stripped down form.
Dead Stars is a Brooklyn rock trio with a huge, fuzzy, and explosive sound. Jeff, Jaye, and John wear their 90s alt-rock influences proudly on their collective sleeve (Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, etc.) and it comes through in their hooky, nostalgia-laden sound. They've played their way through the local scene for the past few years, catching the eyes and ears of plenty of critics and festival bookers, and are poised to keep riding high with their upcoming record.
Matt Pond (whose band, Matt Pond PA, many will be familiar with, already), recently released The State Of Gold, a rich album full of potential pop hits. Currently enjoying life in New York -- upstate, a bit outside the clamor of the city -- Matt and bandmate Chris Hansen joined us at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to share some tunes and chat with Maia.
As a Chasidic, all-female, alt rock band from Crown Heights, Bulletproof Stockings stand out from the crowded Brooklyn music scene, and they've drawn considerable attention for their music, as well as their female-only rule for audiences. Musically, they manage to blast out heavy rock with the unconventional instrumentation of drums, piano, cello, and violin -- without an electric guitar in sight. The quartet stopped by the new Serious Business Music in DUMBO to rock out and chat with Maia about their music.
Diet Cig, which may or may not require a government warning, is actually New Paltz, New York-based duo Alex and Noah. They're a young band cranking out satisfyingly concise and pointed slop-pop tunes with a thousand volts of fun. The two are caught in a whirlwind of touring, but found some time to stop by the brand new Serious Business Music in DUMBO to talk about their experience and to help break in the new live room.
Dar Williams is a folk songwriter currently two decades into her music career. Her latest release, Emeralds, draws heavily on that accrued history, crowd-funded through Pledge Music, recorded in studios all around the country, and involving a wealth of guest musicians and co-writers. Here, she visits Saltlands Studio in DUMBO to share some of her latest tunes and to chat with Maia about the inspiration behind her work.
The Washington, DC-based "technicolor pop" band Pree has a way with color. Visually, their art (and instruments) tend toward bright and vibrant hues, while musically, they shimmer and shine with a chaotic take on pop that can weave from a hush to explosive bursts. They stopped by Saltlands Studio to share some of their latest tunes and chat with Maia.
Rey Pila is the NYC-via-Mexico City rock quartet of Diego Solorzano, Rodrigo Blanco, Andres Velasco and Miguel Hernandez. Their driving garage rock has drawn considerable international acclaim, including shows with some of the biggest names in indie rock. Here, the band talks a bit about how landing a fan in Julian Casablancas of The Strokes affected the course of their new album.
One of New York City’s finest Big Bands recorded live at one of New York City’s finest jazz clubs. Check out the Pedro Giraudo Big Band recorded live at the Jazz Standard. Pedro is originally from Cordoba, Argentina and since moving to New York City in 1996, he has established himself as one of the city’s most important bandleaders, bassists, composers and arrangers.
Mariachi el Bronx is the Mariachi flipside of long running punk band "The Bronx." Earlier this summer they put on their Mariachi suits and performed for us at Saltlands studio in Dumbo.
Happy 4th of July weekend! We're celebrating today with sessions from Roz and the Ricecakes (Providence, RI), Kabaka Pyramid (Kingston, Jamaica) and Landlady (New York, NY)! Fire up the grill!
Linda Oh is a jazz bassist, born in Malaysia, raised in Australia, and currently living in New York. With a background in classical music, composing for film, and playing constantly with various groups, her own compositions - particularly here with her Sun Pictures album and group - have an exciting experimental groove. She stopped by with her quartet to play some tunes and chat with Maia about her work.
Gnawa music blends ancient African/Islamic spiritual religious songs and rhythms, while incorporating poetry and dancing. InnoVe Gnawa is a group of artists from different parts of Morocco, led by master Maalem Hassan BenJaafer and celebrating the trance-inducing folk genre in NYC.
Laser Background, the hazy dream-pop brainchild of Philadelphia's Andy Molholt, plays around in that murky field of tape hiss and slow grooves. There's a playfulness here, falling somewhere in the fuzzy, psychedelic territory between the Beatles and Pavement, where pop melodies definitely rule, but everything sounds just a little bit… well, strange.
Tavche Gravche are an NYC-based group taking a fresh approach to traditional Balkan music, blended with original tunes. Composed of Clarinetist Vasko Dukovski, guitarist Dan Nadel, and bassist (and founder) Daniel Ori, the group blends Macedonian and Mediterranean sounds in an improvisation-fueled blast of dance-able rhythms.
Solid Goold (previously Albert And The Solid Goold) are a prog-leaning pop trio, headed up by keyboard player Albert Goold. Jammy, self-deprecating, and all around cheery, the band has a feel good vibe that's almost impossible not to love.
Kuf Knotz is an experimental indie/hip-hop artist based in New York, though the Philadelphia roots definitely show through at times. Blending classic rap, soul, and hard rock styles to shape the group's sounds, Kuf Knotz bring a seriously strong feel-good vibe to any room, headed up by an ultra-smooth vocal style. For this session at Saltlands Studio, Brooklyn's Mr. Reed joined the fun to provide some super soulful choruses and the group spoke with Maia.
Check out an all-improvised set on this month’s episode of “BTR The Jazz Hole Live”. Rock-infused experimental trio SPACEPILOT with Elias Meister, Leo Genovese and Joe Hertenstein were evidently feeling it at Nublu in New York City last month. Check out their energetic set today on!
Turbo Fruits perform live in our studios!
Today's show is very special! Legendary songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins joins us for an exclusive in studio performance and interview.
One of our new favorite songwriters, Andy Shauf joins us live in the studio along with his band!
Today's broadcast features an in studio performance and interview with Pearl and the Beard, here to discuss the latest evolution of their sound!
Brooklyn band Howard joins us for an exclusive in studio performance and interview!
Brooklyn rockers A Deer A Horse join us live in studio!
Caverns performs live in our studios!
Brooke Fraser joins us for a very special in studio performance and interview!
A highly energetic jazz festival set by Jowee Omicil recorded live at the Kriol Jazz Festival 2015 in Praia, Cape Verde. Check out for more information and to purchase his music.
Paper Garden recording artist Color Collage joins us in studio!
Doe visited BTR from London back in February. Today we air their exclusive in studio performance and interview!
Highly Suspect joins us live in studio for a preview of their upcoming album "Mister Asylum", due out July 14th!
Australian hip hop artists Remi & Sensible J perform live from our front porch during SXSW 2015!
Cajun band Zydeco Radio joins us for a very special Live Studio broadcast, recorded in our backyard during SXSW 2015!
Orenda Fink performs live from the backyard of BTR house during SXSW 2015!
Fred Thomas performs songs from his new album "All Are Saved" live from the BTR house in Austin, TX!
Chesapeake, VA family band The Last Bison performs a very special set from the backyard of the BTR house during SXSW 2015!
NY-based band Tavche Gravche bring energetic Balkan music to today’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Daniel Ori, Vasko Dukovski, Dan Nadel and Aleksandar Petrov (along with special guests Ismail Lumanovski and Frank London) merge haunting Macedonian and Mediterranean melodies, both traditional and original, with dynamic improvisational elements.
Our SXSW porch sessions continue with today's amazing performance from Jamaican band Kabaka Pyramid!
Summer Heart performs live from the BTR House in Austin, TX. Recorded during SXSW 2015!
Our special SXSW 2015 BTR House sessions begin today with this exclusive performance and interview from Son Little.
Leave the Planet performs live in our studios on their first trip to the United States!
BTR Live Studio with Old Monk
On today's show we revisit some of our backyard sessions from last year's SXSW festival, as we prepare for this year's special sessions!
Today we're featuring some Live Studio alums who are performing at this years SXSW Festival!
Felix Pastorius’ Social Experiment on The Jazz Hole Live with Linus.
Heaven for Real joins us from Halifax, Nova Scotia!
Bonsai performs live in our studios!
Today's show features an exclusive in studio performance from DRGN King!
Cariad joins us in the studio for a live exclusive performance!
On today's show we feature an exclusive in studio performance from Maquina Supervium!
Today's show features a live in studio performance from Crying.
The Jonathan Saraga Quintet recorded live at the University of the Streets in New York, NY on today’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Tune in! Check out for more information and to purchase his music.
Lazyeyes is in the BTR Live Studio!
Exit Verse. BTR Live Studio. Mandatory.
Team Spirit performs live in studio!
Memphis rockers Nots join us for an electrifying in studio performance.
The Blind Shake performs live in our studios in Brooklyn, NY!
Invisible Familiars join us for an in studio performance and interview. Check out their album release on January 30th!
Eliot Bronson joins us for an exclusive live in studio performance and interview.
On today's broadcast, we're visited by Popstrangers for an exclusive in studio interview and performance. Enjoy!
Mike Pace And the Child Actors perform live for BTR, recorded at Saltlands studio in Brooklyn.
Irish rockers Dott join us in studio for a live performance and interview!
New York-based pianist, keyboardist and composer Manu Koch with a set of his group “Manu Koch & Filtron M” recorded live in his home country Switzerland on today’s BTR The Jazz Hole Live. Plus an extra track from his most recent New York City show at the Iridium.
On today's broadcast we're ringing in the new year with live studio sessions from Paper Castles, Picastro, Future of What, Sally Seltmann, and Gardens & Villa!