A look back at the full year of Book Talk with 5 of the best bits, and 5 more honorable mentions
In this episode, I took a detailed look at some of the best books out there to explain this magical time of year.
A collection of hilarious personal essays and political commentary from the charming, feminist and wickedly funny creator and host of the "Throwing Shade" podcast and TV show
The world of ragtime is the backdrop for a remarkable story about the price of freedom, the longing for immortality, and the human need to find forgiveness
Reimagining Our Tomorrows is for all the doers and dreamers anxious to ensure our best days are still ahead of us.
Inspired by true events, ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter’ is a sweeping historical novel that explores how our past shapes our present, and what it truly means to be courageous
A fresh, revelatory foray into the new science of dreams—how they work, what they’re for, and how we can reap the benefits of our own nocturnal life
A bold, heartfelt tale of life at Green Gables...before Anne
What We Owe is a novel of love, guilt and dreams for a better future, vibrating with both sorrow and an unquenchable joie de vivre
‘No Cameras Allowed: My Career as an Outlaw Rock and Roll Photographer’ tells the story, in words and photos, of how Julian David Stone, entirely by sneaking his equipment into concerts, amassed an incredible archive of over ten thousand rock and roll photos
In 'An Uncivil War,' Greg Sargent sounds an urgent alarm about the deeper roots of our democratic backsliding—and how we can begin to turn things around.
A piercingly raw debut story collection from a young writer with an explosive voice; a treacherously surreal, and, at times, heartbreakingly satirical look at what it’s like to be young and black in America
In 1928, less than a dozen American women had a pilot's license, making the few women who flew airplanes true radicals. ‘Fly Girls’ tells that story, their story. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative
Inspired by the story of John Walker Lindh, the “American Taliban,” Wray explores the circumstances that could impel a young American to abandon identity and home to become an Islamist militant
“Deeply moving...beautifully written...It is such an achievement, like running uphill against a strong wind.” — Joyce Carol Oates
A Southern Town, a country legend, and the last days of a mountaintop Honky-Tonk
A bold, page-turning novel that follows how a childhood abduction sets two sisters on very different courses
The Baffler turned 30 and threw a party with Deerhoof!
When the husband of a Queen’s Park aide runs off to escape his gambling debts, private investigator Dan Sharp is hired to track him down. As the city’s political landscape verges on the bizarre — with a crack-using mayor and a major scandal looming — Dan finds himself pitted against a mysterious figure known for making or breaking the reputations of upcoming politicians
Tango was an unlikely choice for Meghan Flaherty. A young woman living with the scars of past trauma, she was terrified of being touched and shied away from real passion. But by her late twenties, she knew something had to change. She dug up an old dream and tried on her dancing shoes
In celebration of The Simpsons thirtieth anniversary, the show’s longest-serving writer and producer offers a humorous look at the writing and making of the legendary Fox series that has become one of the most revered artistic achievements in television history.
Jo Weldon threw a cat-themed burlesque party in Coney Island!
An epic novel—based on true events—of wealth, race, grief, and love, charting one sweltering summer in Atlanta that left no one unchanged.
In a near future in which plummeting birth rates have ominous political and personal implications for women, a young man's search for his missing sister leads him into a disturbing and desperate underworld, where bitter freedoms are bought at a terrible price.
This is the story of a professional British tree climber, cameraman and adventurer, who has made a career out of travelling the world, filming wildlife for the BBC and climbing trees with people like David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Helen Macdonald
In honor of the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s death on June 6th, RFK: His Words for Our Times comes an inspiring collection of RFK’s most famous speeches, with substantial contextual narrative, and accompanied by introductory commentary from notable historians and public figures
In the vein of Wicked, The Woodcutter, and Boy, Snow, Bird, a luminous reimagining of a classic tale, told from the perspective of Agnes, Cinderella’s "evil" stepmother
From the author of Bond Girl and Lost Along the Way, comes a fiercely funny, insightful story of marriage, family, and the crooked path to figuring out who we really are
A list of fiction novels about music or written by musicians—books by Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Jimmy Buffett and more.
A book list of bios, memoirs, oral histories and more from all genres that every music lover needs to read.
A vibrant, propulsive literary thriller that charts the high-stakes journey of a young man trying to find his place in a country that has lost its way
"THE ULTIMATE DINOSAUR BIOGRAPHY," hails Scientific American: A sweeping and revelatory new history of the age of dinosaurs, from one of our finest young scientists
‘Can’t Help Myself’ is the extraordinary (and often hilarious) story of a single woman navigating her mercurial love life, and a moving and poignant portrait of an amazing community of big-hearted, love-seeking allies.
Coming of age on the perilous frontier of revolutionary New York, Elizabeth Schuyler champions the fight for independence, and when she meets Alexander Hamilton she’s captivated by the young officer’s charisma and brilliance
Death Doesn’t Bargain is the second historical fantasy title in New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Deadman’s Cross series. Where Deadmen tell their tales, and every soul is damned or redeemed by the final choices they make
Tom Wolfe was my first favorite writer and the one whose influence I regret the most.
In the glittering hotbed of turn-of-the-twentieth century Vienna, one woman’s life would define and defy an era
As a deadly cancer spread inside her brain, leading neuroscientist Barbara Lipska was plunged into madness—only to miraculously survive with her memories intact
A coming-of-age story set in modern day China centering on the friendship between an American and a Chinese boy who meet while training with Beijing’s Junior National Tennis Team
From the author of the internationally bestselling ‘The Lake of Dead Languages’ comes a gripping novel about madness, motherhood, love, and trust.
Emma Gray, Executive Women's Editor of The Huffington Post, releases a ‘How To’ guide to joining the resistance
“What you see here, what you hear here, what you do here, let it stay here.”
"If not you, then who? If not now, then when? We need more women to speak up and make their voices heard. Young women have valuable experiences and perspectives. We need you in this fight.” Senator Elizabeth Warren
An expert financial reporter says China’s economic growth isn’t what it seems. What does that mean for China—and the world?
China is poised to overtake the United States, and the rest of the developed world, economically by the year 2030. Or is it? To gauge by this account, Western capitalists can breathe a little easier.
If the history of America is the story of organized crime, how should we view immigration?
A fascinating, cinematic, multigenerational history of the Cuban mob in the US from "America’s top chronicler of organized crime" and New York Times bestselling author of ‘Havana Nocturne.’
Portraits and art from the 2018 NYC Feminist Zine Fest at Barnard College.
A riveting and cinematic true tale stranger and twistier than fiction, ‘Hiding Out’ is an astonishing story of self-discovery, family, secrets, and the power of the truth to set us free.
Lorna Shultz Nicholson joins me on the phone from Edmonton, Alberta Canada to talk about her award-nominated ‘One-2-One’ Series based on a real buddy program in Canada; writing for Young Adults in the 21st Century; and of course—hockey
‘Running: A Love Story’ is Jen A. Miller’s witty, brutally honest account of her lifelong relationship with running, and an exploration of the many ways that the sport carves a path to empowerment
For the first time ever on Book Talk, we have a Literary Agent on the show to talk our listeners through the process of writing to becoming the novelist, playwright, or screenwriter they have always dreamed of
A (painfully) true story about love, life, and sex... without a penis
A sharp and bitingly funny novel about a professor whose calm-ish midwestern life gives way to a vortex of crises—and her attempts to salvage the pieces without going to pieces herself
A pioneering physician reveals just how deeply our bodies can be imprinted for life by childhood adversity–and what we can do to break the cycle.
Once-errant stoners score the biggest load of Colombian pot that had yet to reach our shores. And this all really happened.
From the author of Paris, My Sweet comes the story of a modern woman embracing love, motherhood and all the courses life has to offer
Rev. Yolanda shares stories and music with children at Park Church Co-op for Drag Queen Story Hour.
A pioneering psychologist reveals how three emotions can provide the surest, quickest route to success in any realm
Poetry reading "whores" celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their brothel at Brooklyn's House of Yes.
From the best-selling author of Fosse, a sweeping yet intimate—and often hilarious—history of a uniquely American art form that has never been more popular.
The dramatic, pulse-pounding story of Harry Truman’s first four months in office, when this unlikely president had to take on Germany, Japan, Stalin, and the atomic bomb, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.