Encore episode - first aired Mar 5, 2011. Laura Hillenbrand is a New York Times bestseller known for her famous freshman novel Seasbiscuit. Laura has recently published her second book, Unbroken, and is on Book Talk to discuss the fascinating, true story of Louis Zamperini--Olympic athlete, World War Two Air Force serviceman, Japanese P.O.W. and long-time survivor of one of the most interesting lives ever lived in the twentieth century.
Timing is everything. And this week on Book Talk I have a conversation with a psychologist turned Young Adult author whose debut novel, Cadillac Chronicles, follows the story of a young male in need of father influence to save him from a psychological downward spiral.
We invite you into the heart of our homeland. Economic recession defines the landscape of Middle America and the hard-working people of so-called "Main Street." Surrounded by loss, people throw their lots into Tea Parties, state-sanctioned torture, and the tenuous relationships shared with each other.
Books – Richardson vs. Fielding, Garcia Marquez vs. Llorsa, Hemingway vs. Fitzgerald, Eliot vs. Pound & Plath vs. Sexton.
Whether it is singing, accounting or swimming you are good at, chances are there is a role for you somewhere. This week I look at the art of doing that special think you love and how to make a career out of it. I also look at a book by U.S. Special Forces Navy SEALs member who was part of “Team Six” that killed Osama Bin Laden and a 2010 controversial book called The Big Short that examines the financial crisis of 2008.
What is plagiarism anyhow? Being “Knock-Off Week” here at BreakThru Radio, I wanted to take a look at the difference between copy write infringement, plagiarism, artistic license and influence.
Don’t Believe the Hype!
Dirty Secret is a tell-all memoir about the life of a daughter to a hoarder. Jessie Sholl takes you inside the embarrassment, shame, and adversity to overcome what living with a hoarder is all about.
This past week, parts of New York City and the surrounding area were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of this storm, hundreds of thousands of people are without water, electricity and Internet, including BreakThru Radio’s broadcast studio. Tune in to Book Talk with Kory for a special episode recorded from his home in Hell’s Kitchen, one of the lucky New York neighborhoods with power, as he looks through some hurricane-inspired literature.
The world’s preeminent word-of-mouth marketing experts demonstrate how in-person social networking, not online marketing, is the secret to soaring revenues. Even in today’s digital world, 90 percent of recommendations that lead to consumer action happen offline. In The Face to Face Book, marketing gurus Ed Keller and Brad Fay reveal the secrets to harnessing this power, showing readers how they can spread the word about their products and brands faster than the speed of Facebook and with far greater impact. is a definitive site for the mature widowed or divorced man. As healing after a breakup, divorce, or a death of a significant other takes time and can be very difficult to overcome, this site provides a positive sense of renewal, as well as offering valuable advice for men on how to move forward into this next exciting chapter of their lives. From condiments to condoms, has you covered!
In The Knockoff Economy (Oxford University Press, September 2012), law professors Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman reveal the hidden inner workings of disciplines ranging from fashion to finance to font design, provocatively concluding that the freedom to copy and bring knockoffs to market benefits creators and consumers alike.
This week we delve deep beneath the surface, coursing through the criminally under-explored arteries of the least estimated stuff we could find.
Fairy tales for children. Novels for and about children. And a guide to raising children. On Book Talk this week, I take a look at some classic tales that have survived, now, centuries, a fascinating novel about children on an adult-less island and a new theory on how to raise kids in today’s bubble-wrapped world.
Before we get to the vegan and meat talk, I will preview the upcoming New Yorker festival due to take place in New York from Oct 5 – 7. I also will have a discussion on the David Byrne new book taking the music industry by storm – How Music Works.
On a warm June day, Maura Corrigan is walking with her nine-year-old son, James, as he rides his bike to school when the unthinkable happens.  He darts on to the street and is hit by Alex, a 17-year-old neighbor.  What unfolds in the wake of the accident is an intricate web of relationships, secrets, and betrayals that ultimately create a story of resilience.
“Free” has a lot of definitions. But to BreakThru Radio this week, it stands for a free economy—a society where people, products and labor are all free. On Book Talk, I review a newly launched website by BTR’s own Sam Griswold that scores books for free. I review Nelson Mandela’s fight for freedom, and the state of South Africa in the state of his looming death. Finally, I look at how a Reverend from Brooklyn, NY argues for the morality of a free-market economy.
Everyone should own a bicycle, especially if you live in a major city such as New York. A lot is being done to make cities more bicycle-friendly. This week on Book Talk, I discuss philosophy (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance), overcoming great odds (It’s Not About the Bike: My journey Back to Life), and a fictional quest for inner-peace (It’s All Downhill).
I take a look at how literature and self-help guides play a role in understanding any generations current economic state.
There is as much sound in reading as there is in radio. Taking a look at the use of the word of “sound” in literature, we philosophize on sound, the south and depression in this week’s episode of Book Talk.
I couldn’t find much to do on Promo in terms of books, so I took a look at some recent publications. Two books in particular: one based in art and science, the other political. It’s an educations show this episode as I discuss two professorial writers from Columbia University and their recent works. I start off the show reviewing David Remnick’s piece on Bruce Springsteen from the July 30 issue.
Controversy and scandal in the literary world as Jonah Lehrer, the upcoming star and staff writer for the New Yorker is forces to resign after admitting he had made up Bob Dylan quotes to support his theory on creativity in his most recent publication Imagine. It being Shark Week at BreakThru Radio, I review a collection of shark attack tales from Australian writer Robert Reid. Finally, I revisit an interview from March 2011 with Laura Hillenbrand who writes the harrowing tale of Captain Louie Zamperini, the World War Two bombardier who crashed into the Pacific Ocean and survived weeks at sea, fighting off, and even hunting, sharks.
Books all around the topic of production
What makes a good trilogy or a good sequel? Is it the character development over multiple volumes or is it the gem of a story? During Sequel Week at Breakthru Radio, I take a look at three great trilogies and try to understand what formula works best when writing a sequel to a book.
We look at a list of books with birthday as their theme. Oddly enough, each one of them is from the UK. A zodiac text, a play, a thriller and a comedy—all with a Birthday theme.
What is the Great American Novel? I would argue it is the author’s ability to capture the spirit and consciousness of an entire society at one particular time and then reflect that spirit back to them through metaphor, journey and resolve. Today on Book Talk I look at five novels from four different moments in American history that best capture that zeitgeist and as a result can be considered part of the Great American Novel canon.
What is the role that the government should and should not play in the content of mandatory education-system textbooks? Does Texas go too far when they edit theories of evolution and homosexuality? I will then look at a re-release of one of America’s more comical novels about the power and mania of capitalism in Raymond Kennedy’s Rise A Cockhorse. Finally, I will review a newly released book my mass-media personality Glenn Beck called cowards—a book that calls for the voices and leaders of America to stop pursuing their own agenda and start sharing the truth on matters that really affect Americans and their way of life.
Subject – Food Week Books – The Grapes of Wrath, Fried Green Tomatoes & Fast Food Nation A story about the Joad farming family who are displaced from their Oklahoma tenant farm during the Great Depression. Trapped in the dustbowl, they head for California in hopes of a better life. A Story about Evelyn Couch meeting Cleo Threadgoode who tells the story of the Whistle Stop Cafe in Birmingham, AL. in the 1930s. What was once an article on the depressing state of the American diet in Rolling Stone Magazine in 1999, Schlosser looks beyond just the dietary side effects of American fast food in an unveiling of how the fast food nation mindset contributes to the degrading quality of American life. 00:00 Book Talk Intro - Kory French 02:17 Fat Girl - Megan Falley 04:19 Boe Money - Galactic  07:29 A reading from The Grapes of Wrath  11:12 Grapefruit Moon - Tom Waits 15:51 The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck 22:04 Furr - Blitzen Trapper 26:03 Fried Green Tomatoes - Fannie Flagg 31:35 In the Kitchen - The Tough Alliance 35:43 Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser 42:30 Canned Food - Surf City 45:00 Finish The Grapes of Wrath Fried Green Tomatoes Fast Food Nation Galactic Upcoming Shows: July 4 – Milwaukee Summerfest – Milwaukee, WI July 5 – High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, CA July 6 – High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, CA July 7 – Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival – Portland, OR July 9 – Quebec City International Summer Festival – Quebec City, PQ July 14 – Forecastle Festival – Louisville, KY July 20 – All Good Music Festival – Thornville, OH July 26 – Floyd Fest – Floyd, VA July 29 – Fuji Rock Festival – Niigata, Japan Tom Waits Upcoming Shows: There are no upcoming shows scheduled at this time. Blitzen Trapper Upcoming Shows: June 25 – Red Butte Garden – Salt Lake City, UT June 26 – Idaho Botanical Gardens – Boise, ID June 27 – Whiskey Jacques – Ketchum, ID The Tough Alliance Upcoming Shows: There are no upcoming shows scheduled at this time. Surf City Upcoming Shows: There are no upcoming shows scheduled at this time.
Writing for men—in today’s literary world, I feel like we are overwhelmed with chick-lit or kid-lit. Harry Potter, True Blood and Fifty Shades of Grey dominate the bestseller lists. Today on Book Talk I celebrate literature for men by looking at two great American authors of the same name: Henry and Arthur Miller; and a third book by David Deida that aims to celebrate and conquer masculinity.
The Olympics always provide a lot of material for social scientists to observe the human race, our behavior and the basis for humanity. Three books featured on Book Talk this week look at both history and future of the Olympic games and what they mean to the world and its people.
Just about everyone is desirous of some sort of travel. Whether it is a quick one-week vacation while staying local or an extended world journey, travel is in our blood. This week on Book Talk, I take a look at some of the classics in the journeyesque form: Gulliver's Travels, The Sun Also Rises and On the Road.
What makes a great entrepreneur? Is one born with it? Or can it be learned? This week on Book Talk I take a look at some of the more classic books that teach the formulas to success.
Time Travel -- you know you wish you could do it. Would you look into the future at spy on the past? This week I take a look at three books themed on time travel. I move from H.G. Wells introductory book The Time Machine through our scientific understanding of the possibilities of time travel and into the limits our minds set when we create and define time in space.
In the wake of the recent success of E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey, Book Talk takes a close look at three major female writers from the past who have challenged the conventions of their day. I first look at the life of the Greek poet Sappho, one of the first ever known female writers. I then move stateside and examine the social challenges brought forward in Kate Chopin's The Awakening. I finally, I discuss why so many women today are gobbling up Fifty Shades of Grey.
An arching range that tries to cover science and technology in literature. I begin with perhaps the most popular science book ever read, A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. From there, I look at a recent release in the Science Fiction genre through a collection of short stories by Robert Sheckley titled Store of the Worlds.
Facebook has impacted just about everyone who is living in this world today. With 800 million active users (and constantly growing) it is hard for anyone to ignore the effects of this company. This week I look at three books on the topic.
Levon Helm was one of America's greatest musicians. Whether you want to classify him as an R&B man, Rockabilly, Rock n' Roll, drummer, singer, guitar player or all round song and dance man, we lost a legend this week. Book Talk takes a close look at Levon Helm's life through the written word that has honored him.
Video Games! Personally, I was never allowed to play them as a kid, so I never got into them that much. I think a true gamer is fostered from the point he/she is a child. Video games are a cultural phenomenon, no doubt. This week on Book Talk I look at three different books around video gaming, First, a history; then a sociological study; and finally a fun young-adult fiction about a young girl who becomes trapped inside a video game.
This week on Book Talk, in honor of the Masters, I take a look at one of the greatest golf novels ever written - The Legend of Baggar Vance. Being collaboration week on Breakthru Radio, I will also take a look at the art of collaborative writing, focusing on two co-authored books Freakonomics and Will Grayson, Will Grayson.
I take a detailed look at three books with protest as subject. Saturday by Ian McKewan takes a look at a day in London in 2005 when the UK protests its involvement in the Iraqi War. Occupy is a series of collected pamphlets by Noam Chomsky that takes a look at the uprising season of occupation that was 2011. Strange Fruit is a detailed history by David Margolick that examines one of the most famous and well-known protest songs of all time.
Kids need travel guides too, as do stuffed animals. The team at Cooper’s Pack Publishing have created a series of travel books written for the young, and young at heart. Whether you want to visit Seattle and see Pike Place Market, or head off to Alaska and see why you should take a helicopter tour, Cooper’s Pack guides are fun, entertaining and memorable.
If you’ve ever become irritated with the willful misuse or redefinition of important words in 21st-century politically correct discussions of religion, politics, economics, or philosophy, then this is a book for you. Authors Cipher and Nassivera confront the contradictions of sloppy speech and sloppy thinking head on, in this updated re-do of the humorous American classic by Ambrose Bierce. This book will make you laugh, make you think, make you argue, and make you mad. It will give you plenty to talk about with your friends–and with your enemies.
This is an encore episode, first aired Aug 13, 2011. Equal parts hip-hop memoir, razor-sharp analysis of the current political climate, and self-help manual for the progressive movement, Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs: A Midterm Report on My Generation and the Future of Our Super Movement (Akashic) hits bookstores this fall. Considering the author is venerated political organizer Billy Wimsatt, it's no surprise that the release date is just ahead of the November 2 midterm election.
Absurdist Fiction. This week I take a look at the style that focuses on the absurd world we live in. There will be discussions and reading from playwrights Edward Albee and Tom Stoppard and novelists Joseph Heller and Tom Robbins.
"Poker is the new golf,” says Ellen Leikind, founder of PokerPrimaDivas™, a company dedicated to teaching professional women how to play poker. “Every guy in America is playing poker and the skills they hone at the poker table give them a big advantage in business.” Women need to get in the game. “PokerPrimaDivas gives women the opportunity, confidence and forum they need to learn poker to improve their business and social life.”
Some of the greatest American literature centers on place. This week on Book Talk, I celebrate the great writing inspired by New York City. Excerpts include: Elizabeth Hardwick, Tom Wolfe and E.B. White.
Encore episode - first aired Mar 5, 2011. Laura Hillenbrand is a New York Times bestseller known for her famous freshman novel Seasbiscuit. Laura has recently published her second book, Unbroken, and is on Book Talk to discuss the fascinating, true story of Louis Zamperini--Olympic athlete, World War Two Air Force serviceman, Japanese P.O.W. and long-time survivor of one of the most interesting lives ever lived in the twentieth century.
This week, Kory talks to the author of A Saint In The City: Coaching At Risk Kids To Be Champions, Coach Scott Glabb.
Subject - The New Inquiry Guest - Atossa Abrahamian Thinkers and writers of our generation face an unprecedented set of cultural realities. The growing supply of career academics has flooded the university job market, and 21st century technologies have thrown traditional media into crisis. Although the future of higher education and print remains obscure, these cultural sea changes have yielded one definite side effect: an abundance of young writers and thinkers resolved to pursue a public intellectual life for its own sake--a pursuit ordered and enabled by Internet technology. The New Inquiry is a space for discussion that aspires to enrich cultural and public life by putting all available resources--both digital and material--toward the promotion and exploration of ideas. 00:00 Book Talk Intro - Kory French 01:40 When They Fight, They Fight - The Generationals 04:55 Interview with Atossa Abrahamian Part 1 18:17 Girls - The Stumblebums 21:12 Going Lebron by Atossa Abrahamian - A reading by Kory French 26:38 Oh You, Oh Thing - Wolf Parade 32:22 Interview with Atossa Abrahamian Part 1 44:24 Say For Certain - The Generationals 48:25 Finish Web site: Atossa Abrahamian The New Inquiry The Generationals The Stumblebums Wolf Parade
Not long ago we were spectators, passive consumers of mass media. Now, on YouTube and blogs and Facebook and Twitter, we are media. And while we may be watching more television than ever before, how we watch it is changing in ways we have barely slowed down to register. No longer content in our traditional role as couch potatoes, we approach television shows, movies, even advertising as invitations to participate--as experiences to immerse ourselves in at will. In THE ART OF IMMERSION, longtime Wired contributing editor Frank Rose talks to the people who are reshaping media for a two-way world--people like Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (Lost), James Cameron (Avatar), Will Wright (The Sims), and dozens of others whose ideas are changing how we play, how we communicate, how we think.
This week on Book Talk guest Sam Griswold joins me in the studio to discuss the secret effect of listening to music in public space, the effects of listening to music while reading and if genres of music can say something about intelligence.
Here, then, is a dictionary of the dead, an encyclopedia of the embalmed. Ludicrous in scope, whimsical in its arrangement, this wildly entertaining tome presents pithy and provocative biographies of the no-longer-living from the famous to the undeservedly and – until now – permanently obscure. Spades in hand, Lloyd and Mitchinson have dug up everything embarrassing, fascinating, and downright weird about their subjects’ lives and added their own uniquely irreverent observations. Jessie Sholl bravely throws herself (and her family) into her haunting and amusing memoir. The best thing about this book is that it's 100% readable, a page-turner really, and it's also extremely informative about hoarding and having someone with a mental disorder entwined in your life.