Their newest album ‘Love is for Lovers’ is a statement of just that in pop-punk form.
This week hear from Canadian pop-punkers Real Sickies—a chat w/ frontman Benny and their newest album 'Love Is For Lovers.'
The final part of the two-parter episode rounding up all the awesome artists I've featured in 2021 so far.
2021 started off very rocky and now the planet is literally on fire—BUT the killer new tunes never stopped a'flowin.
An upbeat power-pop thrasher—this relatable song is one you can listen to non-stop on repeat. 
If you were too scared to stand up for yourself before, watch this and you'll be ready to throw down.
She calls this track both "a question" and the "thesis statement" for her debut album coming out in October.
Part one of a two-parter episode rounding up all the awesome artists I've featured in 2021 so far.
Frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton says they’re all about inclusivity & are ready to get back on stage.
A chat w/ the frontwoman from Atlanta-based punk rockers Lesibu Grand & all their recent tracks!
Getting off the 4th of July weekend, so it's time to take a breather and check out some killer new songs.
Coming off the Strawberry super moon from last week, we're recharged & ready to rumble w/ killer new tuuuuunes!
With GYMSHORTS she's faster than NASCAR—but as a solo musician, she shows a more introspective & delicate side.
The German band started w/ early ‘00s pop-punk & has taken their final form as upbeat funky indie rock.
This week I share tracks new & old from Germany-based indie rockers, Rikas—they've come out with new singles all year & have lots more planned!
Hollyy is a refreshing retro-soul garage rock band from Chicago. Here, they deliver a stunning live performance - captured at Fort Knox Studios in September 2020 - featuring music from their debut EP.
This week I chat with Canadian artist Kelly McMichael and spin her newest album Waves. 
Juneteenth, Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, or Cel-Liberation Day—whatever you call it, it's time to celebrate, educate, & give back!
Let's get straight to it so we can enjoy this nice weather. CHECK OUT THESE NEW TUNES. K THANK YOU.
The experimental indie musician makes art come to life for this catchy new track.
The Hawaii based artist says he stayed breezy yet introspective with his very first LP.
A chat w/ Night Beats' Danny Lee Blackwell about life, old-school twang, & the new album Outlaw R&B—listen here!
Blues & outlaw country-inspired, the album wants everyone to just be cool with themselves.
Trippy & adventurous, join the Texan duo for a great song & a memorable experience through the woods.
Press that freakin' play button to get some killer brand new tracks to jam out to—it's hot out and so are these tracks. 
A rockin' melody relatable to anyone who went through a breakup in 2020.
Brooklyn indie rock trio The Planes deliver a fully amped-up performance with a single from their new record, Eternity On Its Edge, exclusively for BTR Live Studio at Home.
A soothing indie number that'll get the wheels in your brain and pumps in your heart working hard.
A video that shows what goes on between your eyelids when you close your eyes & get lost in thought.
Listen to previously featured-on-The-Music-Meetup artists & their summer-iest songs!
Listen to previously featured-on-The-Music-Meetup artists & their summer-iest songs!
We chat about exciting musical moments, surviving emotional hell, & lots of upcoming music.
It's my birthday THIS Saturday so this episode is dedicated to all my fellow May babies—happy birthday, ya Taurus & Gemini freaks!
Written after the loss of a loved one, Riorden is not only premiering a track but also telling you how she finds her way through darkness.
We chat w/ Dynamite about new albums, inspiration from his comic book-illustrator/author grandfather, & lots of future tunes.
I chat with Autogramm a Vancouver/Chicago-based band who released their newest album 'No Rules,' which I spin on the episode.
Brownholtz is someone who has worked & created within a DIY music scene & now she's written an epic story inspired by it.
We're getting funky this week with lots of brand new killer tracks.
The video documents the frontman's life and his experience going through a huge & relatable life change.
When you're lost, whether in outer space or in your own head, remember this rockin' song & you won't feel so alone.
It's finally time to enjoy some nice weather, so press play and get vaccinated!
A rock 'n' roll cabaret music video that we're already wishing would turn into an actual show on the stage.
The indie-pop trio says, no matter what there’s a way to keep things upbeat.
Listen to the brand new self-titled album from Phoneboy & a chat with the indie-pop trio.
It's time to recuperate from a now LEGAL IN NYC 4-20 holiday w/ some brand new tunes.
These fun & chill songs came out just in time for you to have a great high this weed holiday.
This week I chat w/ Los Esplifs from Arizona & spin their newest album '¡ESTRAIK BACK!' a day before its official release.
Fly across NYC and experience an emotional ride that's utterly relatable with "Sleep Well" and "Friend."
Turn up the volume and get ready to hear a killer playlist of brand-spankin' new songs!
This week I feature Dutch rockers Queen's Pleasure—we chat & spin their newest EP 'Panic From Dublin' along w/ a past seven-inch. 
He says, “I think it’s a great summary of five years of being in a band and making music.”
This week we get political but in a fun dance-y way! Get enlightened while finding you're new favorite song to dance to. 
The Black Black is a crucial part of their vibrant NYC music scene, and they make their return to BTR Live Studio with an at Home session from their vibey practice/performance space somewhere in Brooklyn.
“I think that I’m just adding a little color to a picture that’s been started a long time ago,” she says.
This week I chat politics & music w/ Kentucky's very own S.G. Goodman with her old-school country vibe & fresh Americana sound.
April Fools Day might be tomorrow, but this is no prank—we've got TONS of KILLER new tunes you gotta listen to. 
This is the kind of track where you should lay down in a meadow and let all your worries just melt away.
This week we chat w/Oceanator about pandemic life, music-making—past, present, & future—& spin her 2020 album 'Things I Never Said.'
NYC musician Elise Okusami has been rockin’ out since she was nine & has no plans of slowing down.
Here are some albums we're REALLY looking forward to this spring & you should be too.
If you hate Mondays, despise 9-to-5 jobs, & just wanna curl up w/ a good lasagna & a Ramones album, then this song is for you.
This week we start off dance-y and end on a calm note. We're SO ready for warmer weather. Hope everyone is staying safe out there!
This week we chat with Canadian indie rock artist Jeen O-Brien aka JEEN.
The Canadian musician is excited to get back in the music scene groove, but is also wary.
After months quarantined away from each other, New York’s Mala Vista recently reunited to head to the studio and record some fresh tracks for an upcoming release. Here they gather for an exclusive performance of three of those unreleased songs. Western Beef EP is available now on Kafadan Kontak Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Whether you're a metalhead or not, this NYC trio will have you wrapped up in its soothing dark thrashers.
Kick off your spring by with this playlist from female musicians who've been featured on The Music Meetup.
A playlist of songs perfect to kick off your spring by female musicians who've been featured on The Music Meetup.
A song that sounds straight out of a dream diary—feel both relax and empowered with this song.
So much new music that I KNOW you'll love! We're in the middle of fake spring here in NYC, so enjoy the sun while you can with these new tracks! Also, here's the link to the three-legged husky I'm fostering if any of yinz are interested in adopting. Tune in! xoxo
This week we chat with Human Growth—a gritty and raw rock 'n' roll band based in Copenhagen, Denmark & spin their debut album 'Reflex.' 
Born & raised in New York but now based in Denmark, these rockers stay true to their roots.
It may feel like the apocalypse out there, but let this garage/pop rock song assure you that it's survivable.
Sick your earholes on this rager, before its official release tomorrow from King Pizza Records.
In this song, even during a pandemic 'Romeo & Juliet'-level romance and heartbreak is possible.
Little did she know ‘Live & Alone in NY’ was to be her last live performance before COVID-19 hit.
A chat with Anya Marina & listen to the live recording of her show in NYC for her newest album.
A dark and grey video that feels spooky, but actually represents the beauty of friendship.
It's been a tense recent past, and the future is feeling the same—take an early listen to this new EP to soothe you into 2021.
So pumped for all the bands coming out with new music this year! What would we do without them?? 
This week I spin new and old tracks from Francis of Delirium and chat with frontwoman Jana Bahrich!
Their upcoming EP stays true to their gritty garage sound, but gets melodically poppy.
2020 changed this four-piece and now they're packing a hard punch with "Feel The Pain."
This video shows that sometimes getting lost in your thoughts can feel just as real as getting lost in real life.
This week we've got lots of tracks from upcoming albums, so keep tabs on these artists!
We know the holiday is cheesy, but we're desperate for any reason to celebrate love this year—why not do it with cool tunes?
We know the holiday is cheesy, but we're desperate for any reason to celebrate love this year—why not do it with cool tunes?
Hollyy is a refreshing retro-soul garage rock band from Chicago. Here, they deliver a stunning live performance - captured at Fort Knox Studios in September 2020 - featuring music from their debut EP. Miss The Feeling is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
From floors almost collapsing, to being backstage with Alicia Keys, Black Haüs is destined for big things.
This week I chat with Black Haüs, a four-piece band based in Greensboro, North Carolina.
An epic and sweet indie/folk track that anyone with a heart can relate to.
Celebrate the end of that nasty Cheeto in office, but don't forget we're still fighting injustice—use these new tunes to keep you fired up.
"I hope it reminds the listener of their own pets or person they just can’t wait to get home to see," Family Dinner frontwoman says.
Sometimes you just have to embrace your anxieties—why not do it with this new shimmering track?
This week we've got a beautiful hodgepodge of brand new racks—so, tune in!
Come Monday, let's celebrate MLK Jr. day with musicians making a stance against our nations' systematic racism.
We’re kicking off the new year with plenty of music, featuring tracks from Gaspard Eden, Laura Groves, Call Me Spinster, Calexico, Made Kuti, Menahan Street Band, Arlo Parks, Leathered, and Femi Kuti. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Some of the best albums from underground artists that the dumb charts decided to ignore.
These babies might have flown under your radar—catch up on them today & we promise you won’t regret it.
Here is the final part to the best of New Vibrations 2020 to give you some new year pep in your step. Enjoy!
Slam the door in 2020's face & start your new year w/ music that satisfies every mood.
Here is part two—the final part—of all my favorite chitchats with bands I had in this year from hell, 2020.
Chatting with these artists gave us life in 2020—check them out!
Our favorite music videos that we got to premiere to the apocalyptic world in 2020. Enjoy!