This year, our readers flocked to stories on sex, TV and sex on TV. Other stuff, too.
Your cheat-sheet to 2017’s underground indie album releases.
For our final episode of the year, we present twenty songs by NYC-based artists who had new music out in 2017. We wholeheartedly recommend you support these artists by buying as many of these as you…
Ten of the most wild & crazy nights of 2017.
Underground shows to avoid the swarm of amateurs drinking in Times Square.
Instead of going through Hoops, just chill out with them instead.
A personal journey through his gritty, yet tender, discography.
The year is set to close out with lots of great rock shows happening around NYC. We’ve got a new track called “Sludgefucker” by The Royal They mixed in with music by Crazy Pills and El Silver…
Meet the synth-rock, Brit-pop band from Halifax, Nova Scotia—Walrus.
The Royal They is a fuzzed-out band filled with heart attack-inducing drum rolls, fuck-you lyrics and distorted guitar solos that’ll drive you mad.
The perfect lineup to convey the badass soul of the Brooklyn music scene assembled in Bushwick.
New Candys make music bursting with visual flavor--we chat new album & lots more!
Liza Colby’s theme song would be raw rock ‘n’ roll and her superpower is pure, strong and dangerous female sexuality.
You may have screamed it along with The Ramones, but do you even know what it means?
Cherry Glazerr, Thick and Dances had the room bursting with energy and excitement. Not bad for a Sunday night.
LuxDeluxe released 'Let’s Do Lunch' this past summer--heavily influenced by NRQB, they also experimented w/ the recording & creative process.
The song premiere for Freddie Nunez's old-school country influenced "Nights In This Town"--check it out here.
We have a lot of music and artists that are new to the podcast in this episode, including Bad History Month with a song off their new album, ‘Dead And Loving It: An Introductory Exploration Of…
No mouth-breathers allowed! Songs picked from both seasons, plus songs they should've included.
Guitarist and lead singer of Blis. Aaron Gossett isn’t afraid to sing about the ups and downs of his personal life—even when it’s mostly downs.
Pow Pow Family Band knows that all is right when they’re playing music—not just alright.
Meet the psych-rock band from Miami, Deaf Poets--come for the memes, stay for the music.
This Halloween season, you don’t want to miss these spook-tacular events.
There are a lot of shows going on between October 26th and November 9th...We’ve got brand new stuff by Winston C.W., pretty new stuff by Heaters, and exclusive BTRtoday live tracks by Marijuana…
The Swedish rockers were born to play garage.
I don’t recommend this as a cold remedy but this punk rock did me some good, for sure!
This NYC band will turn those hollers of terror into some gritty punk rock that’ll haunt your sleep.
Adult Books started with what they knew best, hardcore punk, and morphed into a full-on post-punk band.
A pop punk interview perfect for those w/ short attention spans or are maybe a little too high--meet The Dirty Nil.
The Black Lips, Diet Choke and The Nude Party set off an explosion of dirty energy.
They have a song about needing a burrito and drugs, and it’s beautiful.
BTRtoday Music Director, Lottie (aka ‘Ms. Lottie’) joins us this week as we listen to some of the tracks that end the new releases we added to our music library this week. What makes a final track a final track? How does Ms. Lottie pick the music she brings in? What’s Bryan’s new single sound like? Will we answer any of these questions? Spoiler alert: maybe.
Honey plays the kind of intense rock ‘n’ roll that would play in your head while you hide from a psycho killer.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are amazing—but this new song is more like No No No.
You can’t just leave Otis Mountain Get Down without lasting memories--or at least a stick-and-poke tattoo...
You don’t truly know what an all night party is until you’ve gone to Meltasia.
This week’s slate of new music leads Bryan and J to talk about many things relevant to the actual music, but also leads to tangents on how to not pack books when moving, game shows we can’t fully remember, cereals both for breakfast and dessert, the differences between glockenspiels and xylophones, Carnegie Hall and unions, … and oops, they say “homonym” when they mean “homophone!”
The best cure for seasickness is booze, confetti and live rock ‘n’ roll--this is High Waisted At Sea 4: Rock 'N' Roll Booze Cruise!
Nothing can stop them now, ‘cause they’re The Duke of Surl--a catchy & danceable garage rock project born in NYC.
Take a peek into the Pandora’s box of rock ‘n’ roll with the Fat White Family zine by Alec Castillo & Sacha Lecca.
Now that Adams has burned the bridges with The Strokes, Har Mar Superstar and Father John Misty, the question remains: who’s next?
This party is like your birthday, plus New Year's Eve, plus your senior prom, plus your wedding all in one night.
Center yourself by pressing play on Native Sun’s new single “Palindrome.”
Lovesick London-based singer/songwriter L.A. Salami performs with such passion you can’t help but feel all the feels for him. He has looks, style and a dangerously adorable British accent.
Ryan Adams fired shots at frenemies the Strokes and fans are wondering; can’t we all just get along?
Raise a glass to a band as effervescent and effortlessly cool as their name suggests.
I made a fashionably late entrance this year. I brought my sunscreen, sunglasses and wore my most summery outfit. But the joke was on me. I avoided sunburn but left the fest drenched and shivering.
LCD Soundsystem was meant to be an intimate project. But their reunion has offered nothing but huge exclusive shows with expensive tickets that sell out impossibly quick.
City scenesters escaped the concrete jungle for two nights of fun in Rockaway Beach.
The Nude Party put on an epic music festival called 'Send It Week' before moving to NYC. These are the pictures from it--complete with dicks & dildos.
A music festival that's the epitome of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.
Long gone are the sweaty and shirtless performances of Nick Cave. Hello to a transcendent experience hosted by a haunted man in a suit.
There’s no need to focus on how lady-centric these bands are, but you can't deny these gals kick ass.
It was an educational night of punk rock by seeing three generations of the genre.
Pairing mesmerizing rhythm guitars with vocals that are rich in harmony but hit harsh peaks, the Cool Ghouls make music that’s catchy as hell.
Evolfo's catchy, punk-inflected tunes are ready to put you in a trance.
This week we chat with Nashville's Daddy Issues & listen to a SNEAK PEEK of 'Deep Dream'--out May 19.
Webster Hall put on a sinful evening of music blessed by the gods—plus a special appearance from Sean Lennon.
The King of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, turned 80 this month, and surf rock is back. 
Check out Side Eye—the Pittsburgh-based band comprised of some badass chicks spitting out your new favorite punk/doo-wop/surf rock inspired tunes.
A too-cool-for-school kind of Friday night, brought to you by Flatbox Presents!
Culture and lifestyles are different everywhere—this is no exception to music! BTRtoday explores the music scenes around the world.
Meet Monograms! They're a mixture of synth pop and punk rock, and who could ask for more??
We chat w/ NYC music pioneers Sharkmuffin, and, boy oh boy, do they have a killer record coming out May 5--check it out!
The pioneer punk rockers from the '80s got back together for one chaotic weekend & released a re-mastered vinyl!
Bleeding Knees Club is a garage, pop-punk Australian band that was on a small hiatus until recently. Now, they are back with a vengeance!
Cult Records & Alt Citizen get together to create Cult Citizen—an event featuring awesome artists you NEED to know about!
Wyldlife is a supercharged 70s-style punk rock ‘n roll gang from New York City. These guys are the total package -- fast, tight, and overflowing with catchy riffs behind a wicked sense of humor and a sneer, all clad in the requisite leather jacket. The guys stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to tear it up for this session! Out On Your Block is available now from Wicked Cool Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
From Australia, we're premiering Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads' newest album ‘Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven?’
"It wasn’t a punk scene like the rest of the world was having ,it was more of an explosion of creativity..."
Wyldlife is a supercharged 70s-style punk rock ‘n roll gang from New York City. These guys are the total package -- fast, tight, and overflowing with catchy riffs behind a wicked sense of humor and a sneer, all clad in the requisite leather jacket. The guys stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to tear it up for this session! Out On Your Block is available now from Wicked Cool Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.