Still coming at ya with lots of killer new tracks to keep the fire in your hearts burning—tune in!
Just cause the world is pure chaos right now, doesn’t mean you can’t reach for the stars.
This U.K. band takes inspiration from old-school twangy Americana—tune in!
The Buttertones take us on a dark and sultry adventure with their new album—see who else made the list!
Isolation is making everyone crazy, but this track will give you a taste of what really living used to feel like.
It's Memorial Day, the first day of summer, and I just turned 28—it's time to party.
We're really rockin' out w/ some great new tunes this week. So grab your quarantini and press play!
Get a taste of the tour life even while you're in quarantine with this rambunctious rockin' five-piece.
Chatting w/ & spinning the newest album from New Zealand psych-rockers Marlin's Dreaming.
Semisi Maiai talks new album ‘Quotidian,’ local ‘80s punk inspo, & drinking heaps of coffee.
Her fresh take on vintage sounds brings a whole new vibe to indie pop.
NYC indie rockers say hello from amidst this apocalypse & burn their new song for your pleasure. 
The grungy duo cracked the US Top 50 Viral chart this week, a place usually reserved for huge pop stars.
The duo discusses their freshly released debut EP & elaborate live performance.
The twangy rockers have been keeping the shenanigans going strong even in quarantine.
We chat new album 'Fine Forever,' quarantine shenanigans, and favorite tracks with Chicago-based indie rockers Varsity.
We chat predictions of music life post-pandemic & new album ‘Fine Forever.’
Check out who else made the top indie artists for this week & amp up that discovery music playlist of yours!
This is not a playlist for any 'ole regular moms, only the cool moms.
"SOS" meaning, "Save OWL Sessions"—live music via their Instagram to save their establishment.
‘You Won’t Be Here for Long’ is out May 29 and is exactly what you need right now.
We chat with the creative and introspective solo artist about life, death, and music.
One of our all-time favorites makes the top spot again! See who else made the list.
Drink the Kool-Aid & see the light with the rhythmic new 'A Reintroduction to Programmique' EP.
His sophomore LP 'Atlantico' is out 5/11 and the punk rocker digs up inspiration from his family roots.
Always coming through with the new tunes. Listen up! What else do ya got to do?
We chat with pioneering indie band The Dears and listen to some of their new tunes.
The sultry sounds of Anna Burch take the lead once again this week—see who else made the cut.
Don't worry, we've got the playlist to help you survive this quarantine. Every Wednesday, in fact. 
Don't let yourself get to a dark place while alone with your thoughts. Listen to this and feel at ease.
Even with a canceled tour & quarantined with their six y/o boy, they still give their fans what they want.
Time to rock out to Lancaster, U.K.-based duo The Lovely Eggs.
Welcome Dirty Projectors back from 2018 to the top of our list—see who else made the cut.
We're a little obsessed with King Pizza bands and we love to have them in for BTR Live Studio.
What better way to spend your quarantine then get to know this killer garage punk duo from Canada?
“Let's just have a good time—and if we aren't having a good time, [then] something's horribly wrong.”
Waxahatchee takes the top spot this week! See who else made the list.
‘Songs from the Great Indoors’ sends you daily downloads of songs created while in quarantine.
This music video will keep you sane by being totally insane during this quarantine season.
The UK band Catholic Action sings brutal truths about politics to some '90s rock-infused thrasher garage rock—tune in!
Overall, frontman Chris McCrory says they just want to write and release music on their own terms.
We're all Born Ruffians this week with them as our top artist & their frontman's solo project also making the top 10.
Shadow Monster is the Bushwick, Brooklyn-based duo of Gillian Visco and John Swanson who play a potent sort of grunge-inflected indie rock. With heavy lyrical themes dealing with loss, depression, and isolation, there’s a tension just under the surface of their music that explodes into a cathartic big-riffed, hair-whipping frenzy. The band dropped by Serious Business Music to give us a taste of their awesomeness in this session. Punching Bag is out now from Dadstache Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
This isn't a joke, y'all. This is still a playlist of BRAND SPANKIN' new songs. LISTEN UP!
They keep things cinematic and dark, but light and fun—hear all about The Buttertones.
Coronavirus might’ve canceled their tour, but it hasn’t canceled their musical momentum.
This will be your next favorite artist to leave on repeat while you're quarantined. Check out the entire list!
Here is some new chaotic darkwave/post-punk to keep you from completely going insane.
We know it's scary and boring in quarantine—here are some new tunes to get you through it!
The Canadian indie rockers reminisce on simpler times while gearing up to release their new album JUICE.
This week I get on the phone with Luke Lalonde, frontman of Born Ruffians.
Kevin Krauter takes the top artist spot this week and is perfect to play on repeat while you're quarantined.
The beautifully colorful surf pop/ glitter rock band is trying to stay positive.
We understand why they had to cancel the festival, we're still bummed we don't get to see these awesome bands.
We chat with The Memories—one in the studio and one at Disneyland—and listen to their newest track.
Their newest album ‘Pickles & Pies’ comes out this May and they’re already celebrating.
Shadow Show takes the top spot this week—see who else made BTR's list.
Get dark and gothic while preparing for the end with this new EP from post-punkers Gláss.
I'm back at it w/ new songs form killer bands—we start off w/ some pop-punk MUST listens so tune in!
So many bands are coming through for Bernie Sanders—it's a beautiful thing for Democracy and your ears.
Thick and I sip tequila sodas while we chat debut album & their musical evolution.
A lot has happened for the pop-punk trio and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
Time to see who's spinning the best tunes this week!
Banana is a rock trio from Boston, MA. With heavy riffs, deep hooks, and the full range from jangly to full on wall of sound, they’re out to give you more than just your daily dose of potassium. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn while passing thru NYC to show us how they do it. Post-Grunge Revival is available now from King Pizza Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
You need this fun short horror video about a vampire drummer in your life.
Tune in to hear new Hockey Dad and a fun chat with half of the duo.
BTR loved the Arbor Labor Union this week and you should too! Check out the rest of top 30.
Yee-haw and rock on to this new trippy banger strictly for cowboys and outlaws.
We've got some really great new ones for you this week—so, tune-in, close your eyes and let the music take over.
What reason do you need to dance other than the somewhat optimistic thought that things could be worse?
The indie quartet Clever Girls on Bernie Sanders, the creative process and their newest singles—tune in.
The indie quartet chats new music, touring, band mottos and feeling the Bern.
TORRES takes the lead with her strong vocals and catchy melodies—check out who else made the list.
Watch out Wall Street—these punks are coming for you, so you better get ready to buy, sell AND die.
It’s not easy finding yourself when you’re busy paying bills, touring & spending time w/ loved ones.
Lift those winter blues and let the sunshine in with this new EP from NYC solo artist, Ryan Laetari.
This Presidents' Day say, "F U" to the establishment and cry out for rebellion with these rock 'n' roll thrashers.
The first single off their upcoming album will have you dancing before you even know what hit ya.
Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're in love, got a crush, or just plain jaded, this playlist is for you. Love yinz. Tune-in! xoxo
Take your honey to a badass show in Brooklyn & you'll have one unforgettable day of love.
This holiday says "I love you" with the sounds of Thelma & the Sleaze, passion of GRLwood, The Shivas and more.
While enjoying a glass of red, we chat new music, morbid raps and hip-hop’s roughness.
Let our top artist of the week break your heart and have you falling in love all over again.
The emotional new song will take over your entire being and leave you in pieces.
The chaotic quartet left their upcoming album’s debut track up to chance.
A gathering not meant for the weak of heart with thrash rock, loud hogs and tattoos galore.
There’s at least 20 hours a day of darkness in the winter—perfect for an angsty indie band to release a new album.
Catchy and edgy—listen to Sløtface's newest album here and an interview with the frontwoman.
Quit missing that cool underground band you’ve been meaning to catch.
It’s been a big year for the Los Angeles thrashers. Now they’re looking to the future.
We're getting really ahead of ourselves this week with some albums that don't even come out 'till March.
Learn to love your blisters and scars while swaying to the Illinois power pop punk band's new song.
He was getting pretty bored with the whole music scene thing—until he met the Eastern Medicine Singers.
Getting rockin' & indie with Luke Lalonde this week. Check it out!
When you put three garage bands on a large stage together, rules are bound to be broken.
The first interview of the new decade is with indie rocker Erin Anne!
The indie-rock goddess wasn’t always this bold—she used to think she sucked.
Check out the dark & rockin' tunes of our top musician this week.
The music made by Brooklyn band Kissed By An Animal is a perfect sonic parallel to musical mastermind and illustrator Dima Drjuchin’s visual aesthetic - bright, colorful, bold, and often, totally tripped out. With everything from psychedelic riff-loving wailfests to 00’s-esque sweaty dance party vibes, the band rolls along through the many genres at their disposal to great effect. They brought the party to the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a taste of their world. Kissed By An Animals’ self-titled debut is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Why not play punk they way it’s supposed to be played—with zero f*cks.
Dawn in the new year w/ the final part of THE TOP SONGS of 2019—the only good thing to come out of this year.
These are songs from artists who I had the best interviews with in 2019—they'll rock your socks off. (Part 2 of 2)
Anything can happen when an interview is face-to-face.
Dawn in the new year w/ this part two of THE TOP SONGS of 2019—the only good thing to come out of this year.