It’s Best of Radio Dispatch 2019, featuring Ryan Devereaux and Neil Docherty.
Nazanin Noroozi is a New York-based artist whose work explores ideas related to family, the archive and technology.
It’s Best of Radio Dispatch 2019, featuring Kenzo Shibata and Sarah Jaffe. Kenzo Shibata, via Twitter
Twitter further entrenched itself as the social media platform for news, commentary and humor. And O.J. Simpson.
J. McVay presents his ‘Films of the Decade’ list. Plus some favorite 1st Person segments and BTR Live Studios performances. And we hear a couple of artists J interviewed earlier this year.
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with David Huerta on cybersecurity practices and Christopher Matthias on Steve King. Photo courtesy of David Huerta Photo courtesy of Christopher Matthias
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Charlotte Shane on eating animals, and John Carl Baker on nuclear weapon policy.    photo courtesy of Charlotte…
I’m not giving anything away. You need to tune in to listen to clips from my Top Five interviews of 2019!
It’s Best of Radio Dispatch 2019, featuring some of our oldest hits, The Insecure Chef and the Cartier story. Photo courtesy of Molly Knefel, via Twitter
We all know that the true spirit of the holidays lies in the receiving not the giving of the presents. Listen with envy as our storytellers share their presents of love, a purloined television, and the clemency of a small time hood!
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Shane Burley about the Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, and Melissa Gira Grant on decriminalization progress in New…
Katherine Wildman is a Boston-based artist whose work explores a grotesque Utopian world.
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Natasha Bannan and Todd Miller. photo courtesy of Natasha Bannan photo courtesy of Todd Miller  
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a movie trailer is good for a few hundred.
J. McVay and Jackie Soller on Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite.’ Plus some favorite 1st Person segments and BTR Live Studios performances. And we hear a couple of artists J interviewed earlier this year.
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Mike Konczal on the inverted yield curve and Warren and Sanders’ labor proposals, and Jesse Myerson on Heartland Rising.…
The best interviews on politics, news, history sports and more.
We don’t write about sports often, but when we do, it’s stuff like this.
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Jeff Abbott and Elizabeth Leiter
Looking back at the most infuriating, entertaining, disappointing and well-choreographed moments in broadcasting this year.
It’s the first half of a two-part series where I look back at my favorite interviews from 2019.
It’s Best of Radio Dispatch 2019, featuring Jeffrey Barrois on education reform and Piper Anderson on fighting for justice for incarcerated people.
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Eli Valley and Melissa Gira Grant. Eli Valley, via Twitter  
This year was a meme whirlwind. Luckily we captured the best of ’em.
Peter Emerick is a New Jersey-based artist who has been photographing traffic cones fro over 20 years.
It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Sarah Jaffe on the LA Teachers Strike and Peter Cole on Dockworker Power. Sarah Jaffe, via Twitter  
Meet Lottie Leymarie, longtime BTR producer/host, music director, and co-chief content officer. Also, we review new movie, ‘Honey Boy.’ Plus a preview of Pocket Protector’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
It’s the beginning of Best of Radio Dispatch 2019 and we’re revisiting two Frontline interviews
We don’t live in rational times. These books come the closest to making sense out of our mess.
Trump declares Judaism a nationality as the Federalist accuses Bernie of anti-Semitism, and CBP denies flu shots to detained children at the border. photo courtesy of CBP Photography via…
A sweeping tale of adventure and danger, innovation and corruption, and two women whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways on America’s first transcontinental train trip.
Pelosi formally announces two articles of impeachment against Trump, more on the IG report, and the Afghanistan Papers.   photo courtesy of United States Congress via Wikimedia Commons
Gil talks about how his passion project, drawing portraits for people in the park, has allowed him to meet and connect with people from all over the world.
Walmart apologized for their bizarre holiday sweater. But they shouldn’t have.
The Oddities Flea Market returned to Brooklyn once again, bringing skulls, clowns, crafts and more.
Joe Biden wants Democrats to have less power, and are we really more polarized than ever? Official White House Photo by David Lienemann
Kat Chamberlin is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work explores notions of language and form.
John’s in the studio to discuss what to expect before Christmas and in the New Year in the Trump impeachment and the 2020 primary. Also, Michael Bloomberg says no one asked him about Stop and Frisk…
We discuss new movies, ‘Marriage Story’ and ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire.’ Plus a preview of Queen of Jeans’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Jeff Abbott on Trump’s implementation of the safe third country agreement in Guatemala, John on Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, and Nancy Pelosi officially announces that the House will file…
Malcolm Harris on his new book, Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit: History Since the End of History. Also, Kamala Harris is out, and Giuliani and Nunes are connected on the impeachment…
Follow writer Skip Rozin, as he goes from being single to a married father of four, and then joins those other New Yorkers forced to leave the city by taking on adult responsibilities avoided in youth. 
William Barr will dispute the IG report on Trump spying, the House Republicans’ impeachment report says Trump did literally zero wrong, and the satisfying downfall of the Kamala Harris…
Lujayn shares the varying degrees of Islamophobia she has dealt with before and after removing her hijab, and the ways she has responded to people in those situations.
Impeachment updates, and Douthat’s Bernie column that tells us everything about conservatism. U.S. Representative & Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler photo courtesy of U.S. House…
Brian Michael Dunn is a DC-based artist whose work explores notions of abstraction, popular culture and craft. Michael received his MFA from Cornell Unviersity in 2013 and a BFA in painting from…
We’re continuing our Giving Thanks Best Of, revisiting our interviews with Anna Merlan and Patrick Blanchfield.
Matt Ruby talks with Arielle the Herbalist. Also, we review new movie, ‘Knives Out.’ Plus a preview of Arthur Moon’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
It’s Thanksgiving Weekend and we’re giving thanks by revisiting two of our favorite interviews of the year, Abby Ellis on the Flint water crisis and P.E. Moskowitz on their book The Case Against Free Speech.
A discussion of the Pete Buttigieg is a Lying MF piece, Obama’s disappointing ex-Presidency, and the upcoming impeachment hearings in the judiciary committee.
When it comes to side dishes, it’s important to prioritize.
A remarkable true story of life, its extreme challenges and triumph over the ultimate heartbreak.
An important judge ruling means Don McGahn can be compelled to testify, Rudy Giuliani has been subpoenaed by the Southern District of New York, and the optics of Bloomberg and Bernie in the 2020 race.
Princess shares an experience when she doubted herself and how she got over those feelings.
Look at these memes while you’re parked outside the office debating to go in or go drive off into the sunset never to be seen again.
The pizza chain founder is putting up Ninja Turtle-like pizza consumption numbers.
We promise no fruitcake. We promise no dry turkey nor drunken uncles nor anonymous cousins. We do promise tales of dental mayhem, solo “Frozen” viewings, and fly fishing in a parking lot. And we do wish all of our listeners a Happy Thanksgiving!
Devin Nunes’ Ukraine connection, Mick Mulvaney’s effort to retroactively justify withholding the aid, and Bloomberg makes it official. photo courtesy of the Office of Congressman Devin…
Emily Oliveira is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores notions of queer utopian futurity and femine labor. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and studied performance at Brown…
The NYC Winter Lantern Festival lights up Staten Island.
Takeaways from Fiona Hill’s testimony and the impeachment big picture. photo courtesy of Kuhlmann /MSC via Wikimedia Commons
A look back at the news and other stuff we wrote about this week.
Joe Virgillito talks with author & researcher John Cook about climate change communication. Also, we review new movie, ‘Ford v Ferrari.’ Plus a preview of Alpenglow’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Jeff Abbott on the rise of the ring wing in Latin America, and John on Gordon Sondland’s testimony. Jeff Abbott, via Twitter
The little green baby has taken the internet by storm.
Jim from “The Office” has taken a hard right turn since changing jobs.
Cora Currier joins us to discuss her story on an Occupy ICE activist and DACA recipient who was deported for his tweets. Also, John with the impeachment testimony roundup.
Two New York Times education stories highlight inequality in the city, John on Israel’s bombing of Gaza, and listener mail. photo courtesy of Tdorante10 via Wikimedia Commons
Justice shares how he was able to embrace his identity and not change to meet any expectations when he moved to New York City from a small town. 1st Person is presented by Urban…
Our culture’s dominated by superheroes but it’s not enough. We need to believe it’s art.
Morning John is here to talk Yovanovitch, Sondland, Mulvaney, and the latest from the impeachment testimony. Also, Michael Bloomberg suddenly apologizes for Stop and Frisk, and Jake Tapper gets it…
J. Martin Strangeweather is a graduate of U.C. Irvine’s MFA program in English and fiction. He also holds degrees in philosophy and art history. In 2015 he won the Jennifer Cheng Foundation award…
John is in the studio to discuss Stephen Miller’s white supremacist email campaign to Breitbart and the significance of the Hatewatch story that uncovered them. Also, catching up on listener…
The law finally caught up with Roger Stone. The jokes weren’t far behind.
Matt Ruby talks with comedian Seaton Smith. Also, we review new movie, ‘The Report.’ Plus a preview of Color Tongue’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Natalie Shure joins us to explain the rising costs of insulin and the role of Medicare for All in the Democratic primary. Also, Morning John on Day 1 of the impeachment hearings, and listener…
Osita Nwanevu joins us to discuss his piece on what “cancel culture” really means. Also, 70,000 migrant children have been detained this year, and Mayor Pete’s rise in Iowa. Osita Nwanevu,…
‘Holding On To Nothing’ is a resonant song of the South, all whiskey, bluegrass, Dolly Parton, tobacco fields, and women who know better but still fall for the lowdown men whom they know will disappoint them.” ―Lauren Groff, ‘Florida and Fates and Furies’
The NYPD’s cruel crackdown on street food vendors in the subways, the Republican’s philosophical defense of criminal intent, and the coup in Bolivia. photo courtesy of CyprianLatewood via…
Letha talks about how she became a flight attendant and what personality traits she possesses that made her successful in that role. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured…
A look inside the annual craft fair.
We spend the hour on Kamala Harris’s proposal for an extended school day and what it could mean to imagine school, work, parenting and community in a more leftist, imaginative way. Kamala…
Giula Livi is a Baltimore-based artist who interposes objects of the everyday to distort our sense of space, explore our ability to inhabit rooms, and merge the dreamlike with the rigid. Giulia…
Michael Bloomberg wants to run for President again, pleasing no one but rich people on television. photo courtesy of Thomas Good via Wikimedia Commons  
Meet Wayne Ski, longtime BTR producer and host. Also, we review new movie, ‘Motherless Brooklyn.’ Plus a preview of Desert Sharks’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
David Klion joins us to discuss Joe Ricketts, the heartland billionaire who destroyed Gothamist and DNAInfo, and the Jewish left protests across the country under Trump. Also, Morning John on the…
The memes are sweeping the internet and enraging Boomers everywhere.
It’s the last election day before the big election day, and Morning John’s here to discuss the wins and the takeaways. photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons  
This unforgettable debut novel is a sweeping tale of forbidden love, profound loss, and the startling truth of the broken families left behind in the wake of World War I.
It’s probably a gassy coincidence, but the Pope’s timing stinks.
Beto has dropped out, new FOIA information shows the connection between Paul Manafort and the Ukraine conspiracy, and the United States is accepting record low numbers of refugees. photo…
Kevin talks about aging and how his perspective on life has changed over time.
Neil Docherty joins us to discuss tonight’s new Frontline documentary, “In the Age of AI.” Also, leaked audio confirms horrific racist Richard Spencer is horrifically racist.
Jemila MacEwan is an interdisciplinary artist whose work seeks out an empathetic approach to humanities destructive impulses.
Pratt’s annual Comic Arts Brooklyn celebrated comics in all its forms.
Morning John on the impeachment vote, Tim Morrison’s testimony, and Obama’s reactionary anti-wokeness. photo courtesy of United States Government via Wikimedia Commons
We discuss Scorsese’s latest, ‘The Irishman.’ Plus a preview of Maneka’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss Warren, Sanders, and leftist organizing in the lead up to 2020. Also, John’s in the studio to discuss the impeachment week in review and the Katie Hill…
A Facebook group has captured all the best protest signs featuring Simpsons characters.
Joe (briefly) reflects on Donald Trump’s dog pandering and his time hosting the show.
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss Brexit and the CTU strike. Also, Beltway John on Vindman’s testimony and the upcoming open impeachment hearings.
Dog Halloween costumes will always be better than people. And we have the proof.
In the spirit of Evicted, Bait and Switch, and The Big Short, a shocking, heart-wrenching investigation into America’s housing crisis and the modern-day robber barons who are making a fortune off the backs of the disenfranchised working and middle class—among them, Donald Trump and his inner circle.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the testimony of Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, how the White House has attempt to smear him, and whether congressional pushback could lead to something more.
Beltway John gives us a preview of what to expect from Tuesday’s impeachment inquiry testimony, Molly’s embarrassing familiarity with Morning Joe finally comes in hand, and the comic who stood up…
Kate recounts a time where she confronted a stranger as well how the aftermath of that event has affected her willingness to intervene again.
BTRtoday editor-in-chief Adam Bulger joins the show to discuss Dolemite is My Name and the time he met the legendary Rudy Ray Moore.
Trump gave an absolutely reckless press conference after the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the number of homeless students in New York City has remained at record highs, and Trump got…
Jane Szabo is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer, with an MFA from Art Center College of
Design in Pasadena, CA. Her work investigates issues of self and identity.
Joe discusses Trump’s World Series appearance and why greeting him with boos (and “lock him up” chants) is totally appropriate, no matter what Joe Scarborough thinks.
‘Jesus Is King’ has the internet divided, which usually makes for some good content.
The investigation of the Russia investigation is under investigation, what’s the deal with lifelong government servants turning on Trump now, and Harvey Weinstein showed us face in public and a…
Sean Sullivan & Joe look at the Mets 2020 lineup, talk more about managerial candidates, and discuss the organizational despair surrounding their unfortunate favorite team.
Favorite performances, directors, and more from the 2019 New York Film Festival. Also, we review new movie, ‘The Lighthouse.’ Plus a preview of Weeping Icon’s’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
John joins us in studio to discuss the storming of the SCIF. Also, AOC and Katie Porter embarrass Zuckerberg. Matt Gaetz photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Sean Sullivan (@s_sull_) returns to discuss the New York Mets’ hot summer, managerial search, terrible bullpen and more.
Ambassador William Taylor’s testimony on Tuesday was a very spicy meatball, and Trump invoked lynching to describe what’s happening to him.
We got our haunted hands on the best Halloween memes around.
From critically acclaimed ‘New York Times’ best-selling author Jami Attenberg comes a novel of family secrets: think the drama of Big Little Lies set in the heat of a New Orleans summer. 
John Cook joins the show to discuss his recent report entitled America Misled: How fossil fuel industry deliberately misled Americans about climate change.
Kenzo Shibata joins us to discuss why Chicago teachers are on strike, John explains Trump’s G7 debacle, and a few jaded thoughts on the Clinton and Gabbard feud. Kenzo Shibita, via Twitter
The HBO show resorts to tired, conservative cliches about liberal lawmakers enabling crime.
Doug talks about losing his home in Hurricane Sandy and what it was like to live in the NYC shelter system before getting back on his feet.
Joe discusses Trump’s absurd comments, legitimate criticism and finding the balance between real conversations and emboldening bullshit.
 What haunts your dreams? That work deadline? Zombies? A possible “Friends” reboot? How about having to watch “Cujo” with your trusted older brother? Or being possessed by a little girl?? Or reading paragraphs solely built on questions?? All of that and more in this month’s Nights of Our Lives!?!? Julia Whitehouse ( Matt Dennie ( Adam Wade (
Frontline producer Gabrielle Schonder joins us to discuss tonight’s new Frontline documentary, “Zero Tolerance,” about the architects behind Trump’s anti-immigration vision. Also, Morning John…
There will never be enough worthy unless we change gender roles and labor practices.
The definitive ranking of the vilest members of the vile Roy family.
Jennifer Omaitz is visual artist and a 2019 Ohio Arts Council grantee. She lives and works in Kent, OH. 
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the upcoming week in impeachment testimonies, Trump’s self-made G7 controversy, and Hillary Clinton’s comments about Tulsi Gabbard.
Get a first look inside the newly-renovated and expanded MoMA.
Mick Mulvaney admits to a quid pro quo, Gordon Sondland testified and tried to distance himself from Trump, and Trump endorses ethnic cleansing in Syria. photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via…
Joe talks about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders and why it’s so significant, particularly at this point in the primary.
Favorite films from the 2019 New York Film Festival. Also, we review new movie, ‘Joker.’ Plus a preview of Daughter of Swords’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss his long feature at The Intercept on the intersections of climate change, migration and militarization at the border. Also, Morning John on Bernie saying he’s not…
In Part 2, Dr. Steve Billet discusses what’s next in the impeachment saga and how the White House will continue slow-rolling the process.
Guy joins us to discuss his time in Rojava and what the withdrawal of US troops could mean for the YPG. Also, a debate recap, and Morning John on the Trump mass shooting video. photo courtesy…
A brilliant, timeless memoir about how the people close to us can break our hearts simply because they have access to them, and the lies we tell in order to justify the choices we make. It’s a remarkable story of resilience, a reminder that we need not be the parents our parents were to us.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the fourth Democratic primary debate, from Elizabeth Warren’s frontrunner status to Pete Buttigieg’s big night.
John Bolton tried to wash his hands of Trump’s Ukraine phone call, Trump self-owns by issuing sanctions on Turkey for doing exactly what he set them up to do, and thoughts on Zuckerberg, Warren, and…
Matt recounts the story of how he got Ariana Grande to follow him on Twitter, twice. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “A List Of The Virtues” by…
Joe discusses LeBron’s comments on Daryl Morey and the importance of societal context.
CNN hosted a Town Hall all about LGBTQ rights, and a deep dive on Ellen.
Aubrey Roemer is a multi-disciplinary artist who is pursuing a PhD in Anthropology.
What are the five biggest questions leading into the fourth Democratic primary debate? Joe asks ’em.
Two Giuliani associates were arrested at Dulles airport, Erdogan threatens Syrian refugees, and thoughts on the synagogue shooter in Germany.
A look back at the stories we covered this week here at
Joe discusses Trump’s rally in Minneapolis and how coverage of his rallies has shifted since his election.
We wrap up our 20yr Film Retro series with our favorite films of 1999. Also, we review new movie, ‘Parasite.’ Plus a preview of Color Collage’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The fallout from Trump’s Syria decision in Rojava, a Bloomberg story about Trump and Tillerson, and Warren has officially taken the lead over Biden. photo by BijiKurdistan via Wikimedia…
Joe discusses Fox News’ recent impeachment polling that doesn’t do wonders for the network’s cable news narratives.
The White House has announced it will refuse to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, conservatives try to “gotcha” Elizabeth Warren’s story about getting fired for being pregnant and the…
Best-selling author Tim O’Brien shares wisdom from a life in letters, lessons learned in wartime, and the challenges, humor, and rewards of raisingtwo sons.
Joe discusses the video of Bernie Sanders posted by CNN’s Ryan Nobles in which the Vermont senator looks a bit…pink.
We speak with James Jones, director of the new Frontline documentary “On the President’s Orders,” about the violent police war on drugs in the Philippines. Also, Republicans are criticizing…
Harmony describes feelings of nostalgia from childhood and reminisces about a favorite toy store that is no longer open.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss today’s Sondland saga and Capitol Hill reaction to Trump’s Middle East position.
BTRtoday visited the 2019 New York Comic Con at the Javits Center
Lawyers are before the Supreme Court today to argue three important sex discrimination cases, US troops withdraw in Syria, Rick Perry steers energy contracts in Ukraine, and a second whistleblower has…
Marina Dojchinov is an entrepreneur, journalist, gallerists and notable keynote speaker.
Joe discusses Trump’s controversial position on the U.S.’s presence in the Middle East.
Trump openly calls on Ukraine and China to investigate Biden, new texts between US and Ukraine officials are bad news for Trump, Trump raised Biden in a phone call with Xi in June, and the Trump…
A look back at the stories we covered this week here at
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump’s comments to reporters, the White House’s likely intention to make impeachment contentious and more Democratic fundraising totals.
Meet Maia Macdonald, longtime BTR producer and host. Also, we review new movie, ‘Pain and Glory.’ Plus a preview of Jesca Hoop’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The Democrats are getting their subpoena pens ready, Trump tried to drag Pence into the Ukraine scandal, Trump goes full on Taxi Driver at a press conference, and why it’s good that this is clearly…
How does your favorite food mascot stack up in a fight?
Joe discusses Trump’s comments to reporters this morning saying Ukraine and China should open investigations into Joe Biden.
We speak with Martin Smith, correspondent for this week’s Frontline documentary “The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.” Also, Morning John on Trump’s moat full of snakes and Pompeo being on the…
If you see these at a Halloween party this year, just leave.
Four children live on an island that is the repository for all the world’s garbage. Garbage arrives, the children sort it, and then they feed it to a herd of pigs. 
Joe discusses Bernie Sanders’ medical procedure and the uphill fundraising battle for Democratic primary candidates.
William Barr is proving himself to be Trump’s long desired Roy Cohn. We spend the hour catching up with all the news that broke in the last 24 hours around the Trump Ukraine scandal, and also look…
Vincent describes what it was like to break up with the person he thought was “the one,” and how he has been rebuilding his life since being on his own.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss everything impeachment including new developments, Democrats’ focus on the Ukraine calls and the devolution of Rudy Giuiliani.
We took two weeks off to raise a baby and Congress began an impeachment inquiry. We spend the hour catching up with the whistleblower complaint, the Biden part, the Congressional response, and the…
Heather Garland is a New York based artist who works primarily in painting and installation. Heather has had solo exhibitions at Honey Ramka (NY), Kent Place Gallery (NJ), Steuben Gallery at Pratt…
Joe discusses Robert De Niro’s CNN appearance and the raw emotionality of impeachment news.
Joe calls his dad to discuss Daniel Jones and the excitement surrounding the Giants’ new quarterback.
We look back on 1999 film ‘The Blair Witch Project.’ Also, we review new movie, ‘Ad Astra.’ Plus a preview of Shormey’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Joe discusses the semi-Twitter controversy surrounding a New York Times story about swing voters’ opinions on impeachment. Elated, Furious, Wary: Impeachment Divides Voters, Like Everything Trump
Scorsese’s newest movie offers up a gangster movie all-star squad. But does it offer much else?
Just don’t tell anyone where you got ’em from.
Joe reads Republican responses to the impending impeachment inquiry and predictable political plays from both sides.
Nifemi shares her thoughts on how an active childhood shaped her experience and the difference she notices in the way children are being brought up today. 1st Person is presented by Urban…
The comedian’s forays into “serious” movie roles might finally pay off. Maybe.
Joe offers his reaction to Nancy Pelosi calling for a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump. (Even before she actually did it!)
Few things traumatize a child like gym class. And thank goodness for that because otherwise we wouldn’t have had this month’s show. Please laugh at our physically inept storytellers as they recount tales of untold psychic pain—all for your entertainment! You’ll have to run a mile after. Jim O’Grady ( Adam Wade (
Lori Hepner is a Pittsburgh based new media artist working primarily in performative light painting, fine art photography, and community centered public art projects.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to talk about the renewed discussion of a Trump impeachment.
Arielle Martinez Cohen joins the show to discuss her climate activism with Zero Hour and Joe offers his thoughts on the NYC Youth Climate Strike.
Matt Ruby and Luisa Díez on controversial SNL hiring. J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller on ‘Hustlers.’ Plus a preview of Ryan Egan’s upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
“The Righteous Gemstones’” viral dance sensation is a masterpiece of editing.
Sarmishta Govindhan joins the show to discuss the New York City Youth Climate Strike and what people can expect to see from strikes across the globe.
To save both democracy and a decent economy, here’s why it’s crucial that Americans elect a truly progressive President.
Joe discusses Eli Manning’s benching, why he was great to root for and how the New York Giants failed him.
Pat reminisces about what it was like to be involved with boxing as a young man, and how things have transformed over the years. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “A Day In The Park” by Those Pretty Wrongs
Ben Friedman joins the show to discuss Trump’s foreign policy, creating proxies for war with Iran and seeming deference to the Saudi regime.
Lindsey Guile is a New York-based artist whose work deals with the space between ourselves and the photographic lens. Lindsey received an MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2014 and BFA and an MA in Painting…
Joe discusses Ben Shapiro’s newest (dumb) viral comments, particularly about Brett Kavanaugh’s genitalia.
The Spongebob meme has people cracking up on every corner of the internet.
The massive photo exhibit is back in DUMBO once again.
Lantz Arroyo on being part of a cooperative Print Shop. Also, a round-up of the third Democratic debate, the bad anti-AO ad, and Uber’s outrageous response to California’s new law. Photo…
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the third Democratic primary debate.
We look back on 1999 film ‘The Iron Giant.’ Also, we review new movie, ‘Brittany Runs A Marathon.’ Plus a preview of Big Bend’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
David Huerta on cyber security, helping journalists protect their sources, and easy end to end encryption. Also, the Trump administration plans to round up homeless people in California, and the…
Joe offers up his opinions on the odd nostalgia for “the America of 9/12.”  
Huffington Post’s Christopher Mathias on the far right. Also, John Bolton has left the administration, Netanyahu again promises to annex much of the West Bank, and California upends the exploitative gig economy. Photo courtesy of Christopher Mathias
Does college still work? Is our system of higher education fair? And how can we help more young Americans achieve success? Paul Tough is back with a powerful, mind-changing inquiry into higher education in the United States. 
Joe offers his thoughts heading into the third Democratic primary debate tomorrow night.
Charlotte Shane on factory farming and climate change, and Hannah Cohen joins us for a pop culture round up. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Shane
Reflecting on raising her son, Edie shares what she believes were poor choices in parenting. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “After You” by Joyero
Joe discusses John Bolton’s firing/resignation and how the Trump administration is trying to frame the president as anti-war. 
Counting your words in real time is a death knell for writing anything.
Frontline’s Abby Ellis on Flint’s Deadly Water. Also, Trump is diverting funding from Puerto Rico to build the wall, and DC fondly remembers the Bush years. Photo courtesy of Frontline
Stephen Eakin’s recent work explores the connection between objects and their associated meanings, and how the context for that meaning comes to exist.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Donald Trump’s decision to cancel talks with the Taliban to end the 18-year War in Afghanistan and former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s primary run against Trump.
John Carl Baker on North Korea’s latest missile tests. Also, David Brooks is losing it, and Trump remains fixated on Alabama. Photo courtesy of John Carl Baker
Dr. Steve Billet discusses the three candidates at the top of the Democratic primary: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
We look back on 1999 film ‘The Matrix.’ Also, we review new movie, ‘Ready or Not.’ Plus a preview of Dub Trio’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
PE Moskowitz on The Case Against Free Speech. Also, the FBI is surveilling border activists, and Trump draws on a map. Photo cCourtesy of PE Moskowitz
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the confusion surrounding Boris Johnson and Brexit as well as Donald Trump’s disregard for truth.
Melissa Gira Grant on how the Boston Police did the dirty work of the Straight Pride activists. Also, the US might be guilty of war crimes in Yemen, and Ross Douthat misses the mark on white…
Books you may have missed. The Booker Prize. Books to check out.
Joe discusses Donald Trump’s alteration of a National Weather Service forecast and Ben Shapiro’s bad Walmart take.
Patrick Blanchfield joins us to discuss his upcoming book Gunpower. Also, Boston cops riot at a so-called Straight Pride parade, and celebrating Labor Day by celebrating unions. Photo courtesy of Patrick Blanchfield
Marsha reminisces about her time living in Afghanistan more than four decades ago and shares what memories stand out most.
In Part 2, José Olivares discusses his reporting, the number of mentally ill detainees in ICE custody and the impact of individual stories like Efraín Romero de la Rosa’s. How Solitary Confinement Kills: Torture and Stunning Neglect Ends in Suicide at Privately Run ICE Prison EXCLUSIVE: Correction Staff at ICE Jail Skirted Rules with Mentally Ill Detainee who Hanged Himself
Anna Merlan joins us to discuss her new book Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and their Surprising Rise to Power. Also, seven far left ideas that are incredibly popular, and listener…
Kirby Miles is a Tennessee-based artist who utilizes the term of biomythography to concoct feminine composites.
Journalist José Olivares joins the show to discuss his feature story about the suicide of Efraín Romero de la Rosa, a Mexican immigrant with a history of mental illness diagnoses who spent four months in ICE custody—and died on the 21st day of solitary confinement at Stewart Detention Center.
Shane Burley joins us to discuss the Proud Boys march in Portland. Also, Leaked emails show the Daily Caller hired a Nazi, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of Shane Burley  
If everyone blocked Ben Shapiro, would he even make a sound?
Our 2019 Fall Movie Preview. And a preview of Diane Coffee’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Mike Konczal on democracy in the workplace. Also, Boris Johnson suspends parliament in what some are calling a coup, and where the white support for Trump is coming from. Photo courtesy of Mike Konczal
Joe discusses Kirsten Gillibrand’s decision to drop out of the 2020 Democratic primary and ABC’s formatting for the third debate. Democratic Primary Exit Survey: Kirsten Gillibrand
Todd Miller on his new book Empire of Borders. Also, millennials will be screwed by the next recession, Trump wants to use eminent domain for the wall, and the BretBug saga continues. Photo courtesy of Todd Miller
We count down the 21 books high school students should be reading.
Joe discusses Paul Farhi’s profile of Stephanie Grisham, and why she’s the ideal press secretary for the Trump administration. Stephanie Grisham is Trump’s communications czar. Only most people…
Jesse Myerson on his new Heartland Rising initiative. Also, Bret Stephens fails to intimidate a professor who called him a bedbug, Israel bombs several targets throughout the Middle East, and Bolsonaro waffles on taking foreign money to halt Amazon destruction. Photo courtesy of Jesse Myerson
Melissa talks about how she became a hairdresser before sharing some of the highs and lows she’s experienced throughout her career. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured…
The home of The University of Iowa’s famed Writer’s Workshop is a must-see for word-loving travelers.
How do you get a New York Times opinion columnist to abandon all integrity and threaten your job? Call him a bedbug on Twitter.
There will be no homework. No wedgies. No swirlies. (Do kids even do any of these anymore anyway??) There will be takes of vigilante justice, obsessive love, and unrequited crushes. So not much different from your non-school days. We hope you learn something…
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss labor fights in Ohio, what Brexit could mean for Ireland, and the creativity of the working class. Also, Trump wants to nuke hurricanes, and NYC cops are angry about…
Max Colby is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work reframes traditional notions of domesticity, power, and gender through a queer and non-binary lens.
Dr. Steve Billet talks Trump’s confusing G7 presence, how the media discusses his mental state and whether Joe Walsh or a more moderate Republican offers any real primary challenge to the president.
The 5th Annual Red Hook Regatta, presented by Pioneer Works, hit the water in Brooklyn.
The terrifying implications of a mental health database, we somehow found the money to invest in schools to make them school shooting-proof, and the DOJ sent a racist blog post to immigration judges. Photo by rmackman via Wikimedia Commons
Jay Inslee’s presidential campaign may be over, but his climate concern and loud drunk uncle energy will live on.
Trump on Jewish Loyalty (and “The Squad”). WaP theater critic on Elizabeth Warren. HBO’s ‘Succession.’ New movie, ‘Blinded By The Light.’ A preview of Taali’s BTR Live Studio session.
Trump calls himself the Chosen One and doubles down on his charges of disloyal Jewish Americans, and Bernie Sanders calls for the working class to win the class war.   Photo by Marcela via Wikimedia Commons
In Part 2, Joe and J.McVay discuss Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood’s ending, Tarantino’s depiction of Bruce Lee and Brad Pitt’s machismo performance.
Trump’s latest anti-Semitic remarks, the administration won’t vaccinate kids at the border, and the continuing rehabilitation of bad men. photo courtesy of Kenneth Lu via Wikimedia…
An insider’s view of life inside the CIA following 9/11, when all the old protocols were off … A revealing and engaging account of life in the shadows.
J.McVay returns to discuss Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film. Click here to listen to BreakThru Radio Weekly’s feature episode on OUATIH.
Planned Parenthood pulls out of Title X funding rather than stop providing abortions, Daniel Pantaleo has been fired from the NYPD more than five years after killing Eric Garner, and listener…
Samantha describes how she feels after finding out that one of her professors is part of an alt-right group on her campus. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the…
What’s the difference between a ringing endorsement and an unintentional own? And why are Biden’s people already discussing electability and party unity? Dr. Jill Biden answered both questions.
The former Second Lady’s phrasing suggests a fear surrounding her husband’s candidacy.
Bernie Sanders releases a massive and good criminal justice platform, Antifa and Proud Boys meet again in Portland, and listener mail. Photo by Tiffany Von Arnim via Wikimedia Commons
Kiran has earned an Honors BA from St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University, a BFA from Lesley University’s Art Institute of Boston and an MFA from Hunter College. She has exhibited in solo and…
What kind of political impact would a recession have? Does Donald Trump take credit for Obama’s economy? Dr. Steve Billet discusses.
The British actor reminds us that choke jobs can be really, really funny. At least when they involve hot wings.
Natasha Bannan joins us to discuss the #RickyRenuncia protests and the growing fight for political power on the island, the saga of Israel banning Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, and Steve King, still a…
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the impact of Israel’s decision to deny congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar entry into the country.
We look back on 1999 film ‘American Movie.’ Also, we review new movie, Luce.’Plus a preview of Lapêche’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Updates to our conversations about Epstein and Hoarse Whisperer, and the bond market experienced an inverted yield curve for the first time since 2007. photo by Carol M. Highsmith via Wikimedia Commons
Eddie Murphy’s Netflix movie ‘The Name is Dolemite’ honors a uniquely talented man who drew from an overlooked storytelling tradition.
How does a bland centrist with zero charisma and no personality fit into the 2020 Democratic primary? He doesn’t.
The difference between Sanders’ criticism of the Washington Post and Trump’s, and listener mail. photo courtesy  of The Circus on Showtime via Wikimedia Commons
A mystery linking Manhattan circa 1991 to eastern Afghanistan in 2012, ‘Blue Hours’ tells of a life-changing friendship between two memorable heroines.
Corporate media’s bias against Bernie Sanders isn’t necessarily personal, but it is clear.
Jeff Abbott joins us from Guatemala to discuss the election there, the student protest movement, and Trump’s safe third country policy. Also, Trump’s latest war on immigrants, and the gutting of…
Gil describes how a close friend betrayed him and why he was able to forgive that betrayal.
Is Fredo an anti-Italian slur? And is Chris Cuomo actually like the most inept Corleone brother? Joe discusses.
Chris Cuomo took offense after someone referred to him as the inferior Corleone brother.
Jeffrey Epstein is dead and conspiracy theories abound, and the ghouslish Trump photo with the baby whose parents were killed trying to protect him. Photo courtesy of Florida Department of Law…
Alex Paik is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work explores visual, material, and social interdependence through site-responsive geometric modular wall installations.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Anthony Scaramucci’s recent comments, Joe Biden’s campaign gaffes and the potential political impact of Jeffrey Epstein’s death.
A Joe Biden gaffe reveals how liberals think about race and racism, Quillette gets trolled by a 24-year-old set out to prove how untrustworthy they are, and thoughts on sharing photos of the…
Joe discusses Bernie Sanders’ appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast and Joe Biden’s bad slips. Also if you’re running for president, come on the show.
We discuss Tarantino’s latest, ‘Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.’ Plus a preview of Verdigrls’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk about how “felony murder” charges can lock people up for murders they didn’t commit, freedom for Cyntoia Brown, and the end of the Tiffany Caban recount. Also,…
Don’t believe the Times hype about NYC’s Financial District.
Ben Shapiro’s got some smart takes on people cancelling their Equinox subscriptions.
Joaquin Castro rightfully shames Trump donors in Texas and gets accused of putting them in danger, the risks of a federal law against domestic terrorism, and the ridiculous media coverage of Trump and…
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the ramped up rhetoric following the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso and the renewed discussion of white supremacy in the U.S.
The New York Times gives Trump infinite chances to redeem himself, the myth that law enforcement needs more resources to combat bigotry, and the El Paso shooter’s eco-fascism. photo courtesy of…
Kristen describes a recent situation in her workplace where she was wrongfully accused of behavior that she did not commit. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “Why I Say No” by Jay Som
Is the New York Times changing a bad headline actually bad? Are bad faith arguments about “changing the news” actually good? Well, no. To either.
Chance the Rapper is having a tough time with tweets about how much he loves his wife.
We spend the hour on the two mass shootings that happened over the weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Central El Paso photo courtesy of Smguy101 at English Wikipedia via Wikimedia…
Katherine Mitchell DiRico uses drawing, sculpture, light, and sound elements to create multimedia installations that investigate how we negotiate connectivity and sense perception in today’s networked world.
Donald Trump condemned white supremacy earlier today. What does it really mean? (Hint: nothing.)
Conservatives want the Democratic nominee to be a boring conservative. Photo credit: By Joyce N. Boghosian
Yes, just like the headline says: there really was a cat fashion show at New York City’s Algonquin Hotel.
At what point is a piece of clothing an act of political violence?
We look back on 1999 film ‘The Sixth Sense.’ Plus a preview of Dead Swords’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
We spend the hour on the second night of the Democratic debate.
Welcome to ‘Kicking And Streaming,’ a column devoted to kung fu movies available for free on streaming services.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to recap the second Democratic debates, including Joe Biden’s performance, the Sanders-Warren dynamic, and which low-polling candidates are trending upward.
We spend the hour on the first infinite night of the Democrat Debates.
Three books that you should be reading in 2019. Crawdad’s, a Sixties summer, and seventy-two virgins.
J.McVay joins the show to discuss The Irishman trailer, Joe Pesci’s triumphant return to the big screen, Netflix’s release model and more.
An infuriating AP story speculating whether Trump is losing support with affluent white women, and the assumptions of who is racist in the US. Donald Trump Rally in Harrisburg photo courtesy…
Devin talks about getting turned down by a crush and offers advice to anyone who might be about to share their feelings with someone else. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music…
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the second round of Democratic primary debates, including Sanders and Warren, Beto’s last gasp and why the second night should be more explosive with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
John is in the studio and we’re catching up on Trump’s weekend of attacking Baltimore and Elijah Cummings, and the NYPD’s criminalization of water. Elijah Cummings photo courtesy…
Beatrice Glow is an interdisciplinary artist whose work highlights human interconnectivity while amplifying stories lying in the shadows of colonialism, migration and inequality.
Trump knows he doesn’t need voters in blue states. Is Trump’s racism strategic or just baked into his worldview?
The Battle For Mau Mau Island hit Jamaica Bay this weekend.
Ilhan Omar gets attacked for correctly pointing out that white men are more likely to commit acts of domestic terrorism than Muslims are, William Barr reinstates the federal death penalty, and servers…
Zak Witkower joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring how head tilt influences our perception of dominance.
Mueller’s testimony largely reiterates what’s already in the report and Dems are split about what to do next. Also, Ricardo Rossello has resigned as the governor of Puerto Rico, and listener…
Matt Ruby and Joe Zimmerman on relationship attachment styles. J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home + MCU Phase 4. Plus a preview ofAnnie Tivel’s upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
In Part 2, Alan Scarpa discusses Feelin’ Radical’s merchandise design and the sustainability of their business model beyond the 2020 presidential election.
The Trump administration wants to detain up to 4 million unaccompanied minors indefinitely rather than place them in the community, a US citizen was detained at the border for almost a month, and de Blasio is gallivanting around Radio Dispatch’s home state of Iowa while its adopted state of New York floods with superfund water. Homestead Florida Unaccompanied Minors photo courtesy of Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Refugee Resettlement via Wikimedia Commons  
Rosbottom masterfully explores the crucial role played by the young people of France, many still in their teens, in resisting the Nazis during World War II.
Alan Scarpa joins the show to discuss Feelin Radical, a merchandise company that donates a percentage of each purchase to Democratic candidates and progressive causes.
ICE will expand its authority for expedited removal, the Trump administration wants to kick 3 million people off of food stamps, the good budget deal is actually bad, and listener mail.
John shares his thoughts on movies and TV and how they have influenced his outlook on life. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “Levitator” by Deep State
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss congressional leaders’ debt ceiling agreement and Elizabeth Warren’s detailed student debt forgiveness plan. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative…
A film writer blasts Tarantino for violence against women but overlooks the director’s most alarming moments of violence against women.
Unless you’re Ryan Gosling or Penelope Cruz you probably have body issues—be honest with yourself. And for our show this month our brave storytellers spilled their most personal bodily peccadillos for your entertainment! We’re laughing with not at…
Ted Cruz is trying to criminalize anti-fascism, Jane Mayer does an autopsy of Al Franken’s demise, and listener mail. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
New research shows background checks make kids safe, a conclusion gun advocates have tried to kill for decades.
Rachel Frank grew up near Big Bone Lick, Kentucky, the birthplace of American paleontology, where large mammoth and other megafauna fossils were found, altering Western views on extinction and…
Was Al Franken really treated unfairly, or is this the kind of accountability we deserve from our elected officials?
Trump pretends he was against the “send her back” chant, too many defenses of Ilhan Omar revolve around her being a patriot, and let’s talk about Cats! Lindsey Graham photo by courtesy…
Philippe Mourrain discusses sleep signatures found in zebrafish, the functions of vertebrate sleep and the potential impact of the study findings.
We look back on 1999 film ‘Fight Club.’ Also, we review new movie, ‘Midsommar.’ Plus a preview of Juan Wauterss’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Trump thrives with a new chant targeting Ilhan Omar, why Omar and Tlaib don’t get to be Midwestern, and listener mail. Ilhan Omar photo courtesy of Lorie Shaull via Wikimedia commons
Philippe Mourrain joins the show to discuss his recently published study exploring the similarities of sleep across vertebrate species. Click here to learn more about the study. Philippe Mourrain is an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine. Click here to learn more about the Mourrain Lab.  
Five years after Eric Garner was killed by the NYPD, the DOJ announces there will be no federal charges for the officer who killed him. We spend the hour on how the lack of accountability for…
A middle-aged housewife turned aspiring reporter pursues the murder of a forgotten young woman.
Patricia Pendry joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the effects of Animal Visitation Programs on university students.
People who talk about politics for a living have used Donald Trump’s racist tweets as an opportunity to have a meaningless discussion about what racism really means. We take a look at the worst responses since Trump’s original tweets telling four women of color to go back to where they came from. Chris Cillizza photo courtesy of Miller Center of Public Affairs Flickr page, Charlottesville, VA, via Wikimedia Commons
Grace discusses how hear fear of noodles came about and how it has impacted her over the years. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “Waiting For The…
Joe discusses the #ObamaWasBetterAt hashtag and why it’s a little too idealistic for his liking.
Trump’s extremely racist tweets about the Squad, Pence tours detention camps in Texas, and the ICE raids that kind of were and kind of weren’t. Rep. Ayanna Pressley photo courtesy of Franmarie Metzler via Wikimedia Commons
The bizarre Facebook event has inspired meme accounts everywhere.
Carole Loeffler is a Philadelphia-based artist whose text work and found object based sculptures are a reaction to the post-election environment
Trump’s racist tweet storm was enabled by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats’ treatment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashia Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.
The Williamsburg Giglio Lift took place this weekend.
The Border Patrol Chief was in the bad Facebook group, Trump’s goofball social media conference, and the building tension between progress and reaction. Carla Provost acting Chief of the United States Border Patrol photo courtesy of Dept. of Homeland Security via Wikimedia Commons
Joe discusses Arizona governor Doug Ducey’s Nike flip flop and why political disingenuousness is now a viable media strategy.
The Trump administration is once again promising nationwide ICE roundups of immigrants, a new HHS child camp has opened in the Texas desert, and listener mail. Protest Against Child Detention…
Matt Ruby and Raanan Hershberg on silent meditation retreats (and comedy). J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller on new movie, ‘The Farewell.’ Plus a preview of Prateek Kuhad’s upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
J.McVay (@thejlm) joins the show to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s bad week and bizarre leadership as Speaker of the House.
Epstein and Trump’s relationship is detailed in a new New York Times article, the euphemisms the media is using to describe Epstein’s crimes against children, and a new story about retaliation…
A doorman at a posh apartment building gets lost in the mean New York City streets, battling his demons as he searches for life’s higher meaning.
Joe discusses Amy McGrath’s campaign announcement and her choice to use seeming pro-Trump messaging in her 2020 Senate race against Mitch McConnell.
State lawmakers target Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner in an effort to undo his efforts to decriminalize, and more thoughts on the connections between Jeffrey Epstein and Trump. Larry…
Justin talks about how he got involved with performing magic and how it allowed him to connect with others while also shaping how he perceives each moment. 1st Person is presented by Urban…
Dr. Steve Billet discusses the Democratic Party’s leftward shift and whether it might hurt or help the party in 2020, and offers his reactions to the first primary debate.
Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested on sex trafficking charges, a white supremacist stabbed and killed a black teen over rap music in Arizona, and the Intercept archived the posts from the CBP Facebook…
The former quarterback was a legend on the field and an inspiration off of it.
Jeremy Olson is an American artist working in painting, video, sculpture and photography. His references range from the commercial still-life to science fiction.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump’s 4th of July military parade and his administration’s efforts to get a citizenship question on the 2020 census.
Casanova Valentine and a rowdy bunch of no-ring wrestlers took over Our Wicked Lady for The Great American Trash 4th of July Extravaganza.
The Trump administration is reportedly trying to figure out a new justification for including a citizenship question on the 2020 census, and Kamala Harris has flipped after her good attack on Biden…
In Part 2, Emilia Petrarca discusses The Sopranos’ fashion influence and interacting with a passionate show fandom. Emilia Petrarca is a fashion news writer for The Cut and the creator…
Jackie and J discuss new movies, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Toy Story 4.’ Plus a preview of Be Forest’s and Ames’ upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
New photos from the Office of the Inspector General reveal absolutely horrifying conditions at five camps in Texas, catching up on two big Supreme Court decisions from last week on gerrymandering and…
The Instagram account celebrating the show’s iconic fashion.
Emilia Petrarca joins the show to discuss creating @sopranosstyle Instagram page and why The Sopranos fashion is overlooked and worthy of celebration.
It’s the Fourth of July and we’re encouraging you to celebrate however you like to revel in summer as long as it doesn’t involve creepy allegiance to our nation. John explains Julian Castro’s…
On September 14, 1969, Private First Class Judy Talton celebrates her nineteenth birthday by secretly joining the campus anti-Vietnam War movement. In doing so, she jeopardizes both the army scholarship that will secure her future and her relationship with her military family. But Judy’s doubts have escalated with the travesties of the war. Who is she if she stays in the army? What is she if she leaves?
In Part 3, Sean Sullivan and Joe openly discuss why they (or anyone!) bothers rooting for the Mets, the team’s abysmal payroll and incompetent ownership.
We are BACK after our time away and we’re catching up on the ongoing news from border concentration camps including the Congressional visits, a new round of Antifa panic, and just a little bit about…
The classic sitcom is leaving Netflix in 2021. It’s time for the show to leave Twitter, too.
Kim talks about her educational journey and how it has taught her the way that work is valued in academia.
In Part 2, Sean Sullivan and Joe discuss terrible Mickey Callaway, whether the Mets will trade their veterans, and the numerous absurd ways the organization has made this season unbearable.
Molly’s still traveling but back tomorrow, so in the meantime, we’re revisiting our episode with Eli Valley from February 15th, 2019, on the right wing’s weaponization of anti-Semitism.…
Lizzo’s “Boys” has raised the meme bar to the highest it’s ever been.
Vanessa Albury is the Founding Artist and Director of Coral Projects, an artist-run, site-specific art exhibition underwater.
Sean Sullivan joins the show to discuss the New York Mets’ brutal 2019 season, poor roster construction, minor league bullpen and more.
The NYC Pride Parade took over the streets of NYC this weekend.
It’s Monday July 1st and Molly is getting her last Traval Bash in before new baby comes. Today’s show we revisit our episode from January 24, 2019, featuring Sarah Jaffe on the LA Teachers Strike.…
J.McVay (@thejlm) joins the show to recap the first Democratic presidential primary debate.
Jared Kushner’s got a “Peace Plan” again, the ongoing trauma of family separation, and the Democratic Wife Guys. Beto O’Rourke Rally photo courtesy of Luke Harold via Wikimedia Commons
We look back on 1999 film ‘American Beauty.’ Also, we review new movie,’Maiden.’ Plus a preview of Meg Myers’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Joe offers a (very) brief Democratic debate recap and discusses NRATV’s downfall.
A prominent New York advice columnist comes forward to describe being assaulted by Donald Trump. Stop Brett Kavanaugh Rally photo by Charles Edward Miller via Wikimedia Commons
Rebel, seeker, traveler, observer, vagabond. Writer and poet Jim Christy has been called all these things and more. Inspired at age twelve after reading Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ one summer while running wild in the streets of a tough Philadelphia neighborhood, Christy began his life-long habit of following the wind.
When are millions of people not actually millions?
The baffling responses to Bernie’s plan to abolish student debt, a brief check-in on Luis CK’s ongoing comeback effort, and Trump’s monstrous response to E. Jean Carroll’s rape…
Sam recalls the worst teacher she encountered while in school a particular moment that has stuck with her many years later.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the key issues and potential climbers in the first Democratic Primary debates, set for Wednesday and Thursday nights.
For better or for worse, we’ve all had a dad. Our storytellers for this month take the decidedly “for better” approach, as they share with us tales of dads getting bullied at Disney World, cheering on daughters at talent shows, and showing their love in their own ways. Now go and mow the lawn. Julia Whitehouse ( Jeff Hiller ( Adam Wade (
Sanders unveils the biggest student debt cancellation policy of them all, Trump terrorizes cities with threats of massive ICE roundups then delays to terrorize further, and E. Jean Carroll has accused…
Jacqueline Bell Johnson is a California-based artist whose work explores the intersection of organic and architectural structures.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the latest developments with Trump’s Iran escalations and how outside voices factor into his decision-making.
The United States very nearly attacked Iran on Thursday night, multiple reports detail atrocities being committed to children at the border, and Joe Biden meets Cory Booker’s demand for an apology…
Donald Trump called off his approved strike against Iran at the last minute. But who’s to say he won’t change his mind over the weekend?
Jackie and J discuss new movies, ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ and ‘The Souvenir.’ Plus a preview of Divino Niño’s and Munya’s upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
Reclaim Pride Coalition’s Natalie James joins us to discuss their organizing around this year’s Pride, Chuck Todd pretends he has something profound to say about concentration camps, and Biden…
What’s the power of a phrase? How accurate it is and how uncomfortable it makes political opposition.
AOC ignites a conservative firestorm by calling the camps at the southern border concentration camps, Joe Biden praises the civility of segregationists, and listener mail. Alexandria Ocasio…
With hairpin twists and immense psychological acuity, Kelsey Rae Dimberg’s ‘Girl in the Rearview Mirror’ is as seductive as the glamorous, privileged family at its center—and as cunning.
Jose Martinez (@JMartinezNYC) joins the show to discuss the MTA’s renewed crackdown on farebeating on NYC subways and buses.
Conservative Parkland survivor and activist Kyle Kashuv’s Harvard admission was rescinded after it was found that he used racial slurs online. Also, more troops have been sent to the Middle East,…
Mareda recalls how having her mother as the director of her pre-school gave her a sense of authority and what she would tell her younger self today. 1st Person is presented by Urban…
Broken hotel elevators. Denying Puerto Rico statehood. These are both because of socialism. And so is everything else conservatives don’t like.
The rhetoric from both the administration and the New York Times around war with Iran has escalated significantly in the last few days. Also, Trump sees coughing as a sign of weakness, and Ross Douthat thinks dads don’t get enough credit.
Mark Addison Smith is a New York-based artist whose design specialization is typographic storytelling that allows illustrative text to convey a visual narrative through printed matter, artist’s…
Joe talks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and wonders if the Trump administration really needs a press secretary.
A look at the delayed justice for the Central Park Five, and the recent capitalist success of fake meat.
The wild, immersive Bushwick nightclub experience runs through August.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the Trump administration’s transparent attempts to create conflict with Iran and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ horrible legacy as White House Press Secretary.
In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Trump claims he didn’t accept foreign intelligence but totally would in the future. Also, Biden continues to be the world’s biggest creep to children,…
Jackie and J discuss new movies, ‘The Last Black Main San Francisco’ and ‘Wild Rose.’ Plus a preview of Dark Tea’s and Warpark’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
In Part 2, Lisa Walsh discusses how researchers measure happiness using self-reports and the adaptability of positive and negative emotions. Lisa Walsh is a doctoral candidate in social/personality psychology at the University of California, Riverside. Her work has been published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and Emotion, among others. Click here to listen to Part 1. Read the piece: Happiness doesn’t follow success: it’s the other way round Explore the research article: Does Happiness Promote Career Success? Revisiting the Evidence
A jury in Arizona was unable to reach a verdict in the trial of an activist for leaving out water for migrants in the desert, and thoughts on Jon Stewart’s Congressional testimony over funding healthcare for 9/11 first responders.
Today’s required reading is a little too lax on political corruption, a little too happy about Twitter brands and a little too worked up about logos.
Don and Rosie are back in Melbourne after a decade in New York, and they’re about to face their most important project.
Lisa Walsh joins the show to discuss her research and writing exploring whether happiness leads to career success. Lisa Walsh is a doctoral candidate in social/personality psychology at the…
His career appears indestructible, no matter how uncool or offensive he gets.
Biden has always loved the Republican party and 2020 is the absolute worst time in history to embrace it. Joe Biden Official White House Photo by David Lienemann via Wikimedia Commons
One does all his own stunts, the other has years of choreography under his belt. So who wins in the octagon?
Anastasia recalls an incident where she could have intervened to help someone in need but did not, and what means to be a bystander today.
Axios markets editor Dion Rabouin joins the show to discuss his recent piece exploring why the super rich and big companies are hoarding unused cash.
Today in required reading, I mull over an editorial bashing the diet and fitness industrial machine.
There’s an actual bill to decriminalize sex work coming to the New York state house, and Melissa Gira Grant is here to break it down for us. Also, a Pride roundup, from Straight Pride in Boston to…
Sophia Krupsha was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania in 1998. Her work explores local history, cultural identity and the industrial landscape
Joe discusses the Boston Straight Pride Parade and why news organizations and regular people shouldn’t fall for this fascist troll…
Get inside the secret immersive experience of Shadow Traffic’s Lost Horizon Night Market.
A deep dive into how New York City’s specialized high school purged Black and Latino students in the last few decades, John on a conservative media debate, and listener mail on the Straight Pride…
Sean Sullivan (@MetsExaminer) joins the show to discuss the possibility of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks signing marquee NBA free agents this summer.  
We wrap up our 10yr Film Retro series with our favorite films of 2009. Also, we review new movie,’Late Night.’ Plus a preview of James Supercave’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Joe Biden confirms he isn’t in favor of repealing the Hyde amendment. A clinic escort outside the Planned Parenthood photo courtesy of Robin Marty via Wikimedia Commons
Joe discusses YouTube’s recent controversy and how its ignorance of context leads to real, dangerous censorship.
Children sat in vans for days at a time waiting to be reunited with their parents, Youtube sides with a homophobic harasser, and David Brooks fears the youth. David Brooks photo courtesy of…
In the Hamptons, no rules apply, especially in matters of money—and the heart…
Steffanie Strathdee joins the show to discuss her book The Perfect Predator, her exploration of phage therapy, the escalating superbug crisis and more. Steffanie Strathdee is a
It’s not a harmless novelty when it’s organized by dangerous alt-right hustlers who don’t deserve a platform.
A new analysis shows how many cops are openly and explicitly racist on Facebook, an architect of gerrymandering has it in writing that the census citizenship question is meant to help whites, and Joe…
Madeline recalls what brought on the most trivial fight she was part of and how it was resolved. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “Propagation” by Com Truise
His latest tuxedo proves Trump is all about body positivity.
In Part 2, Andrea Carcamo discusses the problems with incarcerating asylum seekers, how it affects their mental health and how the media tends to overlook the trauma and humanity of migrant refugees.
Elizabeth Warren very convincingly explains why she won’t go on Fox News, Mike Pompeo disagrees with boy prince Jared Kushner’s Israel policy, and Charlemagne tha God criticizes Warren’s Native…
They want to use Aunt Becky as proof that the rich and powerful are punished. Don’t fall for it.
Katy McCarthy is an artist based in Brooklyn and working primarily in video and sculpture. Her work laminates historical moments with contemporary experience, often focusing on the role of…
Andrea Carcamo joins the show to discuss visiting the U.S. southern border at El Paso to see firsthand the conditions in detention centers and to meet with refugees and asylum seekers.
Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp took over the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC this weekend!
A Trump tariff explainer, the politics of boycotting Georgia, and Louisiana passes its own six week abortion ban. John Bel Edwards photo courtesy of Richard David Ramsey via Wikimedia…
Too many men on the internet can’t be trusted to judge female comedians.
Joe discusses Elizabeth Warren’s appearance on The Breakfast Club and how media members disingenuously spread “controversial” clips on Twitter.
Candidate Profile: Kamala Harris. Also, we review new movie, ‘Brightburn’ and preview Jo Schornikow’s BTR Live Studio session.
Robert Mueller spoke publicly for the first time about the conclusions of the Mueller report, Mitch McConnell is a constant reminder that the Democrats need better strategy, and a New York school…
Some rules are meant to be broken. Others should be ignored entirely.
Joe talks about the media’s framing of the Mueller Report and investigation in light of Robert Mueller’s statement yesterday.
Bernie Sanders unveils two policies to benefit workers, author Jennifer Silva gets to the heart of millenials, and the Washington Post editorial board comes to the defense of charter schools.…
We got a sneak peak at the updated SummerStage at Central Park.
‘Dear Scarlet’ is a poignant and deeply personal journey through the complexities of new motherhood, offering hope to those affected by PPD, as well as reassurance that they are not alone.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Robert Mueller’s statement, the potential for impeachment, Trump’s inevitable spin and more. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative Affairs Masters and Chief of Staff of the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University.
A look at the European Parliamentary elections, Theresa May’s personal Brexit, the election in India, and how to connect the dots between the recent successes of far right governments around the…
Jo talks about what it’s been like to live life on the road since retiring and how her travels have given her a new perspective on life.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump’s Kim Jong Un comments, his muddled foreign policy and ongoing battle with the House Judiciary Committee. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative Affairs Masters and Chief of Staff of the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University.
Still want to ride that high from Mother’s Day? Then do we have the show for you. All moms, all true, and best of all—all guilt free. Just be sure to call home after listening.
The Washington Post treats Elizabeth Warren’s history of billing hours as a lawyer as some sort of hypocrisy, thoughts on Moby’s incorrect assumption that he dated Natalie Portman. Elizabeth…
Sarah Walko is a multi-media artist whose work is inspired by literature and by the structure of storytelling
David Tomasi joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the effects of prescribing nutritional and exercise plans in inpatient psychiatry. Click here to read more about the study.
The Washington Post treats Elizabeth Warren’s history of billing hours as a lawyer as some sort of hypocrisy, thoughts on Moby’s incorrect assumption that he dated Natalie Portman. Elizabeth…
Joe discusses the recent trend of tossing milkshakes at far right politicians and why it’s such an effective nonviolent protest.
Jared Kushner is miraculously still in charge of the middle east, Trump is pardoning war criminals to trigger the libs, and John Bolton’s Iran rhetoric seems to have cemented into the mainstream.…
Our 2019 Summer Movie Preview. Review and Discussion of Olivia Wilde’s ‘Booksmart.’ And a preview of DAD’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Stanley Fritz (@StanFritz) joins the show to discuss Let’s Not Be Trash, his piece about Alabama’s abortion ban, and communicating with other men about how we view women. Alabama Is Trash For This…
The IRS can’t refuse the subpoena for Trump’s tax records, Don McGahn is a no show for his Congressional testimony, and more Dems move towards impeachment. Don McGahn photo courtesy of…
The New York Times bestselling historical novelist delivers her biggest, boldest, and most ambitious novel yet—a sweeping Victorian epic of lost love, lies, jealousy, and rebellion set in colonial Barbados.
J.McVay returns to discuss the series finale of Game of Thrones and how television has evolved and changed the way we view it.
We talk with Gabrielle Schonder, producer and reporter on the new Frontline documentary Supreme Revenge. Also, the disingenuous criticism over Bernie Sanders’ history of anti-imperialism and leftist…
In this episode, Molly shares her thoughts on the drawbacks of too much screen time.
Everybody knows your name when you’re there. But what’s the name really worth?
In Part 2, Robin Marty discusses possible political recourse to anti-abortion legislation, preparing for a Post-Roe v. Wade America, and reasons to remain optimistic.
Missouri passes an 8 week abortion ban, a Mueller scandal roundup, and Bret Stephens throws a hissy fit about millennials. Rally to support Planned Parenthood photo by Fibonacci Blue via…
Kirk Maynard is a mixed media artist and educator whose work focuses on the political undercurrents of culture and identity in America.
Writer and activist Robin Marty joins the show to discuss recent anti-abortion legislation, why abortion is such a galvanizing issue for Republicans and how soon Roe v. Wade might be overturned.
The New York Times exists to make conservatives feel comfortable, and a listener mail catch up. photo courtesy of Lorie Shaull
A look back at a week in our coverage of music, culture, fitness, food and politics.
Joe reacts to recent anti-abortion legislation, feelings of political helplessness and the importance of continuing the conversation.
The takes on Alabama are just so, so hot, and a roundup of immigration and Iran news. Kay Ivey photo by Tech. Sgt. Matthew Garrett via Wikimedia Commons
Our favorite performers, directos, and more from the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Discussion of new Swedish sci-fi film, ‘Aniara.’ And a preview of Pip Blom’s BTR Live Studio session.
Here are the stories that changed our lives or briefly entertained us this week.
Bill Marcellino joins the show to discuss the RAND Corporation’s recent report which found U.S. journalism has become more subjective. Click here to read more about the report.
A group of white men in Alabama has effectively banned abortion completely. photo courtesy of internets_dairy via Wikimedia Commons    
A powder extracted from a Latin American flower has been called the most dangerous drug in the world. But separating fact from fiction is difficult.
What makes a child successful in life? What about raising a successful student? These questions and more answered in one of the best books on raising children.
Carl Beijer (@carlbeijer) joins the show to discuss the merits of Democratic presidential candidates appearing on Fox News and his skepticism of boycotting the network. Carl Beijer: The case for a Fox News boycott is extremely weak – 4/19/19 Carl Beijer writes for Jacobin.
Stephen Miller wanted to conduct coordinated nationwide ICE raids, John Bolton rachets up his desire to go war with Iran, and Trump meets with the far right Hungarian prime minister as he hurls…
Jane talks about how being the oldest sibling taught her to take the lead and delegate when it came to chores and responsibilities among her and her siblings. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: “Chinatown” by Barrie
J.McVay returns to discuss Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode, including Dany’s heel turn and Cersei’s lame death.