We all know that the true spirit of the holidays lies in the receiving not the giving of the presents. Listen with envy as our storytellers share their presents of love, a purloined television, and the clemency of a small time hood!
We promise no fruitcake. We promise no dry turkey nor drunken uncles nor anonymous cousins. We do promise tales of dental mayhem, solo “Frozen” viewings, and fly fishing in a parking lot. And we do wish all of our listeners a Happy Thanksgiving!
Matt Ruby talks with comedian Seaton Smith. Also, we review new movie, ‘The Report.’ Plus a preview of Color Tongue’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
 What haunts your dreams? That work deadline? Zombies? A possible “Friends” reboot? How about having to watch “Cujo” with your trusted older brother? Or being possessed by a little girl?? Or reading paragraphs solely built on questions?? All of that and more in this month’s Nights of Our Lives!?!? Julia Whitehouse ( Matt Dennie ( Adam Wade (
Few things traumatize a child like gym class. And thank goodness for that because otherwise we wouldn’t have had this month’s show. Please laugh at our physically inept storytellers as they recount tales of untold psychic pain—all for your entertainment! You’ll have to run a mile after. Jim O’Grady ( Adam Wade (
Matt Ruby and Luisa Díez on controversial SNL hiring. J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller on ‘Hustlers.’ Plus a preview of Ryan Egan’s upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
There will be no homework. No wedgies. No swirlies. (Do kids even do any of these anymore anyway??) There will be takes of vigilante justice, obsessive love, and unrequited crushes. So not much different from your non-school days. We hope you learn something…
Matt Ruby and Joe Zimmerman on relationship attachment styles. J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home + MCU Phase 4. Plus a preview ofAnnie Tivel’s upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
Unless you’re Ryan Gosling or Penelope Cruz you probably have body issues—be honest with yourself. And for our show this month our brave storytellers spilled their most personal bodily peccadillos for your entertainment! We’re laughing with not at…
Matt Ruby and Raanan Hershberg on silent meditation retreats (and comedy). J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller on new movie, ‘The Farewell.’ Plus a preview of Prateek Kuhad’s upcoming BTR Live Studio sessions.
For better or for worse, we’ve all had a dad. Our storytellers for this month take the decidedly “for better” approach, as they share with us tales of dads getting bullied at Disney World, cheering on daughters at talent shows, and showing their love in their own ways. Now go and mow the lawn. Julia Whitehouse ( Jeff Hiller ( Adam Wade (
Too many men on the internet can’t be trusted to judge female comedians.
Still want to ride that high from Mother’s Day? Then do we have the show for you. All moms, all true, and best of all—all guilt free. Just be sure to call home after listening.
After 12 years and 11 months at the UCB Theater we move to our new home at the Magnet. Here’s to another almost baker’s dozen years worth of stories. We start with tales of childhood journals,…
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With the holidays now firmly behind them, David Martin and Adam Wade return to the BTRtoday studio for a one on one episode, sharing stories about favorite and memorable gifts they’ve received for…
He’s skilled enough to bounce back if he’s willing to make the effort.