It's the holidays. That time of year of good cheer and smiles and joy. Except we all know it's not. So don't suffer alone and share your holiday woes with our pros. We got you covered with stories about Alien Erotic Fan Fiction (yes, this is apparently a "thing") to unrequited love. Light that yule log, sip that egg nog, and enjoy these Holiday stories!
Chelsea White checks out The Peoples Improv Theater, aka The PIT, to get the inside scoop on the improv school’s history and mission from founding member Ali Reza Farahnakian. She even faces her fears of going off-script and takes an improv class herself for the full experience. Music featured in this episode: "Wires" by Telekinesis // "Strange Love" by Winter Gloves // "Golden Facelift" by Broken Social Scene // "Whidbey" by Incan Abraham // "Candleholder" by Monomyth // "Dalai Lama Big Banana" by Dune Rats
Brooke's style in this episode could be described as "depressed stream of consciousness." The reality of global warming has been setting in since she first saw AI: Artificial Intelligence, and just like Brooke's mom who doesn't want to be bothered during her naps, people don't care. This is distressing, and Brooke just really can't do it anymore.
Doctors suck… but they are also kind of awesome… but... they also give you bad news and sometimes take your blood. Brooke doesn't think she has what it takes to be a doctor. Her mind is all over the place today. Maybe because she's sick. She could probably use a doctor.
We are all plagued by nightmares--things that go bump in the night and such. But has an antique bell ever terrified you? Or how about an order of chicken wings that your local bar refuses to make? Well that's what terrifies our temerarious storytellers! Enjoy the all-true nonsense...
Brooke is spotted outside of her bathtub as she travels to Staten Island (less formally known as "the L.A. of New York”) for a visit to… another tub. Actor Justin James Lang graciously opened his heart and his bathroom so that he and Brooke could bitch about things that come up in this autumnal time of year, including but not limited to creepy things, halloween costumes, and the terrifying reality that there are people out there who would rather we not be true to ourselves. This episode is as deep as Justin's tub, which, if you look closely, is pretty deep. Music featured in this episode: "Golden Girl" by Ladyhawke
Brooke gets animated (and cranky) while sharing her disgust for movie sequels. The titles, the storylines, and the actors -- she's bitching about all of it. Don't worry, she'll be in a better mood next time (maybe?).  
Synopsis:  Our storytellers bare all this month, well almost all as they did remain fully clothed throughout, as they share stories about their Body Issues. From tearing a designer dress in the dressing room to getting barged in on as you make a number two in the handicapped stall in the men's bathroom, we cover it all for you. Please enjoy laughing at and, possibly, with our performers! Recorded live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Nights of Our Lives Host David Martin Halle Kiefer Neil Goldberg Catie Lazarus Adam Wade
Brooke and her doppelganger, Amber Nelson, are fully clothed in the tub to discuss an expansive array of topics. They cover politics, various and disgusting forms of human excrement, and how to hire a hitman. Amber assures Brooke that she could get away with murder -- a good time had by all!
Brooke gets personal and talks about the recurring themes of the stress dreams that plague her naps. She also describes her bi-weekly stops at the bodega for Bitch Talk supplies. Spoiler alert: she's "that guy."
Synopsis: As summer comes to an end we charged our storytellers to provide us with one last heat wave of entertainment. And we got it. Metaphorically speaking, of course. We learned about floods in Missouri and the old adage no good deed goes unpunished and of summer trips to Latvia and of lost summer days playing baseball up in the Bronx. So sit back, listen, and enjoy one last sip of summer.
Brooke gets real serious with this month’s tubmate, James III, to talk about aliens. Aliens? Yes: Aliens. Aliens in real life. Aliens in the movies. And aliens in our memories… maybe?
Brooke unleashes her inner feminine goddess for what she calls "the most feminist episode" of Bitch Talk yet to talk about the struggle of having big boobs. From snacking on leftovers found in cleavage to custom bras and how horrible Victoria's Secret is for women with large breasts, Brooke covers it all. Also, be nice to women… and read Reductress while you’re at it.
Oh we have some wicked secrets to reveal for all you loyal listeners. From coming out of the closet, to skinny dipping with strippers in a jacuzzi--be prepared to be shocked and awed by our tales of Coming Clean.
Brandon Scott Wolf, creator of and Empty Plates of New York, joins Brooke in the tub to complain about time. Not really though since Brandon doesn’t seem to like bitching. Instead, the two discuss a myriad of topics until Brandon almost drowns himself.
Brooke gets comfortable in the tub to discuss Tinder. She shares some of her great opening lines and the proof behind her exclamation that chivalry is dead. Now you can watch us on your iPhone or iPad! Check out the BTRtoday App!
No one has ever been scarred quite like our storytellers have. From a broken relationship, to bad skin, to the scars of a high school Vice Presidential election gone awry the Nights of Our Lives brings you some deep tissue scarring. And we pick our scabs too.
This month our storytellers get all hot and bothered as they share with you tales of their most passionate nights. And boy does it get steamy. From a critical exegesis of Scorsese's The Last Passion of Christ to a bittersweet reminiscence of freshman love gone awry, our performers are going to get you and a loved one (or perhaps a complete stranger) very very lucky tonight.
From suffocating a mouse to raging against pork, our storytellers have suffered through it all amidst the perils of pecuniary obsolescence. Listening to this is free though
Check out tales of Delusions in this month's offering from the Nights of Our Lives. Storytellers Brian Finkelstein, Ophira Eisenberg, Mike Kelton, and Adam Wade take you from the heartbreaking to the absurd as they regale you with stories of anal sex gone awry to defecating all over a New Jersey Path Train. Why wouldn't you want to listen to this?? Enjoy and we apologize in advance.
The funny and charming Mary Houlihan drops in to talk to George about whether there’s a duality in her work as an artist and comedian. They also discuss classic rock favorites and their shared fandom of The Best Show.
The hilarious Dean Masello stops by on his very own birthday to talk mustaches and his upcoming fatherhood! He also fills George in on his one man show “I’m So OCD”, as well as his lawyering past and MMA preferences.
The best of the best comedians and writers in New York get together at the end of every month to share their wild and crazy stories, hosted by David Martin. This episode is the show’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and features Anthony Atamanuik, Laura Willcox, T.J. Mannix and Adam Wade.
Charlie Hankin and Matt Porter of Good Cop Great Cop stop by the studio to talk huble beginnings and how they evolved as performers. George tests their closeness and gets them to punch up his New Yorker cartoon ideas.
The lovely and talented Giulia Rozzi drops by to talk with George about their shared Massachusetts roots and her new album True Love. Then later, George and Giulia play a game of “Let's Make A Power Couple" in which they seriously ponder whether Axl Rose and Little Richard might be capable of having a successful romantic relationship.
The best of the best comedians and writers in New York get together at the end of every month to share their wild and crazy stories, hosted by David Martin. The theme for this month's show is "Vice" and features Jeff Hiller. Jim O'Grady, Laura Wilcox and Adam Wade.
George welcomes the hilarious Brett Davis onto Spit Take Comedy and asks about his character work and winning the prestigious Andy Kaufman award. Later, Craig Evanhalen of the art punk band Bananazzz stops by to talk with and beat up George.
George welcomes the electrifying Nick Vatterott to the Spit Take couch for a high energy episode. They discuss Nick's appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump's supporters and even squeeze in time for a little freestyle rap session.
The best of the best comedians and writers in New York get together at the end of every month to share their wild and crazy stories, hosted by David Martin. The theme for this month's show is "Best Presents" and features Sharon Spell, Jeff Hiller, T.J. Mannix, and Mike Kelton.
The hilarious Nick Turner stops by the Spit Take Comedy lair to discuss Donald Trump's master plan, his new sexless dog, and how to handle hecklers. Things get really nostalgic when Nick and George discuss what they miss most about old New York.