This year, our readers flocked to stories on sex, TV and sex on TV. Other stuff, too.
Stories of sexual misconduct by powerful men dominated the year.
Donald Trump is taking his role as America’s first reality show president seriously. The White House has turned into political Chopped. Sean Spicer lost in the appetizer round, while Reince Priebus was bounced after a bland entree. Not even the sweet, Long Island ice tea sorbet of Anthony Scaramucci could satisfy the president. While he’s got a keen eye for entertainment and talentless hacks, Trump’s taste in food is trash. Be it his preference for well done steak, Trump Tower taco bowls or private jet fast food binges, America deserves better from its commander-in-chief. We deserve an administration that equally represents our undying obsession for celebrity and our overwhelming love for food. With that in mind, I give you the presidential cabinet re-stocked with celebrity chefs. They may be just as politically incompetent, but hey, at least they can cook. President Guy Fieri He’s a walking meme with a haircut no other man his age would wear or even conceive of. He’s the first and only mayor of Flavortown, USA. And his ad libs are legendary, perfect to throw in after signing a key piece of legislation. Immigration ban? “Wow.” Spiking tariffs on Chinese trade? “That’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Repealing healthcare for untold millions of Americans? “Now that’s gangster.” Like Trump, Fieri is a dry-rubbed meat slab of American excess. He’s personally finished every dish he’s been filmed preparing. Throw some flames on Air Force One and strap in--it’s gonna be one hell of a term. Vice President Paula Deen Swap homophobia for racism and we might have a perfect match. Deen and Mike Pence share snow white hair, a dead look in their eyes, and voices that make me wish I got some more sleep. But instead of gay conversion therapy, Deen’s quest to destroy the fabric of American morality will be through butter. Fry me up some cheesecake and let’s start breakin’ some legislative deadlocks, y’all. Secretary of State Gordon Ramsay Rex Tillerson reportedly struggles with eye contact while Ramsay, well, doesn’t. But sending the king of kitchen rage to negotiate with world leaders? The number of “fuck offs” would be too many to count. Give it a month before Ramsay yells “that’s pathetic!” and spits on an international trade agreement or squeezes Emmanuel Macron’s head between two pieces of bread to make an idiot sandwich. Secretary of Defense Emeril Lagasse James “Mad Dog” Mattis may keep other people awake at night, but Emeril’s sure to kick our national defense up a notch. Here’s how a dicey situation might go down in Secretary Lagasse’s office: General: Sir, we’ve confirmed a small group ISIS fighters are in the region, but there’s... Emeril: BAM! General: ...a large number of civilians in the... Emeril: BAM! General: ...area. I’m talking a lot, like two or three… Emeril: BAM! General: ...hundred. I suggest we... Emeril: BAM! General: ..wait for more info-- Emeril: BAM! BAM! BAM! General: OK, light ‘em up. If only we’d been this callous toward civilian life sooner, America would be so much safer. Oh, wait… Communications Director Mario Batali A sweet-talking Italian from New York? Check. If Batali’s smart, he’ll use Eataly to cater press briefings to keep the fake news media journalists happy. Based on TV and online videos, he’s the nicest person on the face of the Earth. Decent chance he’ll break from Anthony Scaramucci’s current strategy of using a morning talk show as a therapy session. Attorney General Bobby Flay No one’s quite racist enough to fill Jeff Sessions’ pointy-toed elf shoes, but the idea of settling legal disputes Iron Chef-style was too good to pass up. Special Advisor to the President Anthony Bourdain Bourdain is attractive, woke and supremely well-traveled. Steve Bannon is racist, scared of brown people, and looks like this. They don’t exactly match up, but we couldn’t help inserting a little rationality in the administration.
It's not the SATs. Look for love with people smart enough to look stuff up.
(Read Pt. 1 here.) Jeffrey Hamm signed his mother’s name, Marilyn Arlin, without her approval on a  $4500 check made out to “Jeffrey Hamm.” It wasn’t a surprise. He’d done things like this before. For years, he’s stolen TVs, DVD players and jewelry from the modest Boynton Beach home he shared with her. “The pawn shop owners knew Marilyn by name. She brought them receipts Jeff left around the house. One time she had to buy her own wedding ring back,” said Richard Ruth, Jeffrey’s brother-in-law. Marilyn learned of the account withdrawal while lying in a hospice bed, which she was admitted to days before Jeff withdrew the funds. Her daughter and sister, who had flown from New York for their final goodbye, spent the last few days of Marilyn’s life comparing documents, checks, letters and lists that contained her signature with hopes that they could get some of the money returned. “He is good, I’ll give him that,” said Marilyn’s sister, referring to her nephew’s forging abilities. Jeffrey abused drugs since he was a teenager, starting with pot in high school and escalating to crack cocaine. “I’ve heard many people say that once you start, you can’t grow past the age that you began using... It’s like Jeffrey is still 16,” said Donald Hamm, Jeffrey’s older brother. Jeffrey’s addiction caused him to miss out on skills average people learn in their young adulthood, according to Donald. “He lacks social skills, relationship skills, working skills, coping skills—basically life skills,” he said. This is why, his family agreed, Jeffrey never had a lot to talk about and why he always resorted to talking about cats or his computer. It’s why he never had a girlfriend or a job or a home of his own. It’s why he was unable to cope when Marilyn got sick. His solution was to get high at any cost. Shortly after hearing about the $4500 check, Donald kicked Jeffrey out of their mother’s house. “We didn’t know what else he would take, or what he would do if he were left alone,” he said. That night Jeffrey slept in the empty hospital bed next to his mother, his scrappy brown hair shielding his eyes from the parking lot lights that shone through the window that Marilyn kept open. Before Marilyn died she requested that Donald administer the money she planned to leave for Jeffrey, with strict instructions not to give it to him all at one time. “She was worried that he would spend it on drugs and get himself killed,” said his brother-in-law. Marilyn never got to say goodbye to Jeffrey. The day after he spent the night next to her in the maroon hospice room with parted curtains, he went on a binge. “Jeffrey entered hospice high,” said Donald, “and he ran into our youngest brother, James, who just walked out of Mom’s room.” The two brothers argued and Jeffrey stormed out. Two days later, Marilyn died. “Jeffrey’s addiction affects not only one person, but the whole family. All of our roles have changed,” said Donald. He said that his sister, who he described as being nourishing and filled with love and forgiveness, turned into his mother figure. “I turned into the father. I give him advice and deal with his money. Our father isn’t able to. He just can’t,” said Donald, as though it were an undeniable fact. “Dad was never there. He’d rather have a drink and not think about it,” said James Hamm, Donald and Jeffrey’s younger brother. “And James remains the angry brother,” said Donald. For years, Donald honored his mother’s wishes, giving Jeffrey money only when he saw fit. “It’s hard, though. He knows how to maneuver me,” said Donald. At a time when he thought Jeffrey was looking for work, he wired the halfway house he was staying at  $1500 so he can buy a used car. Within days, the money was gone and so was Jeffrey. He knew how to maneuver his sister, too. They had a weekly routine, even when he was on the streets. Every Wednesday, Jeffrey would call Lorri’s house phone and let it ring three times before hanging up. Lorri would then use the caller ID so she could call the pay phone back at no expense to Jeffrey. On a number of occasions when he was living on the streets, she mailed boxes of clothes that she purchased at TJ Maxx, Marilyn’s favorite store, to a local convenient store that she knew he was squatting behind; the owner knew her. It was he who called Lorri to tell her that Jeffrey was found dead on an old mattress behind the store. The third and final part of this story will run next week at
A too-cool-for-school kind of Friday night, brought to you by Flatbox Presents!
The pioneer punk rockers from the '80s got back together for one chaotic weekend & released a re-mastered vinyl!
From Australia, we're premiering Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads' newest album ‘Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven?’
How do you overcome the mental hurdles in achieving your fitness goals? BTRtoday offers three tips to keep you focused and positive on the road to a better you.
A wild night filled with chaotic punk rock and sultry sax—-shit got weird in the best way possible!
When MTV moved from music video content to reality television, many predicted the death of the music video--what happened instead was a renaissance. Brooklyn director Allie Avital Tsypin talks about her experience in an industry now defined by clicks, likes, views and shares, and how it can help propel filmmakers to the next stage of their careers.
Siervas, which means “the servants,” is a group of nuns in Peru who have started a rock band to preach the gospel. BTRtoday investigates.
The beloved indie food magazine is closing.
The first tour I was on was a mission to Austin to play SXSW. I arrived, I played, and I partied. How will this year's experience differ from the previous? What is to be said about the importance of unofficial shows and the swelling consumerism and sponsorships associated with the official showcases?
These crispy, crunchy bits are totally worth the trouble.
TwoXChromosomes was made a default subreddit almost three years ago, and has changed significantly. Its intended goal has been “watered down” by “drive-by participants.”
Cool down and rev up to the sound of Calvin Love—a Canadian bringing the perfect blend of loveliness and coldness.
“People in a cult don’t know they’re in a cult; people being brainwashed don’t know they’re being brainwashed.”
Deceptively simple, undeniably delicious.
Ever forget you had four pounds of weed and accidentally donate it to Goodwill? Well, somebody did.
Hypocrisy has long been part of political perception, but with Republicans fast-tracking healthcare, Democrats pushing Russian conspiracy, and both sides cackling about leaks, how much deeper can we delve into the political slime?
Happy Saint Patrick's Day: The Mighty Irish of New York City join the celebration of cultural heritage in the Big Apple!
This is a group that sits well with the King Pizza family, consisting of bands like The Unders, Garbage Brain, and The Jeanies.
Ultimately, the responsibility to transform the beauty culture from toxic to celebratory rests in the hands of the oppressed population themselves: Women must have the strength to value themselves and each other for their more meaningful and sustainable qualities in order to shake off the burden of the beauty culture and find true beauty within.
BTRtoday gives you the best tips and tricks to shovel for fitness perks and stay safe during NYC’s Winter Storm Stella.
Some of NYC’s best acts played one last show before they hit the road for Texas—hear about the crazy antics here!
Founder of Captured Tracks Mike Sniper discussed with BTRtoday why working with a new artist is more engaging than working with an established musician.
In “High Fidelity” the characters question what came first, the music or the misery? We talk to indie writer Laura Roberts, author of "Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs" to find out!
Affording the astronomical cost of real estate in San Francisco is made even more difficult when the building houses such cinematic masterpieces as “Electrosluts” and “Butt Machine Boys.”
Though it still isn't nearly where it should be, there has been more body diversity in the fashion world of late than there has been in years, but is it just another trend or is it here to stay?
Want to slurp plant-based smoothies while wearing $90 t-shirts? I'll just stay home and eat pasta in my sweatpants, thanks.
New York Cat Cafe brings Pussy Hat Project for a women's day sit in for knitting with kittens.
D.C. has long been used as a hostage in Congressional horse trading. Chaffetz in particular has a penchant for fucking D.C. like a legislative fleshlight.
Let's get weird with Weird Omen--a dark and mysterious French band that sings explosive rock 'n' roll.
On "A Day Without A Woman," the BTR girls participated in the general strike. Here’s what happened.
This nonagenarian passed away, but not before living a pretty unusual life.
The underdog aura of SPRING/BREAK is what characterizes this playful (and downright fun) art fair; unlike the parent shows of yesteryear, which are dealer and market-driven, SPRING/BREAK is artist and curator-driven, resulting in work that is more participatory and ephemeral than it is sell-able.
The Molochs are a band that hits everyone in the right spots. Their music has everything you could want—a little darkness, a little love, and a lot of catchiness.
All Mars needs is a little elbow grease and a lot of money.
Frustrated fans would be less likely to call for a boycott or blackout if they felt a visceral, tangible stake in their favorite team's success or failure, even if it seems meaningless.
International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8th to commemorate women's rights movements. This year, the non-profit organization for women's rights, Women's March, organized #ADayWithoutAWoman rallies to show what happens when a woman steps down to voice concerns of the female population.
Melanie Potiaumpai from U Miami tells BTRtoday about the benefits of a high-intensity interval training version of yoga.
Just days after the election, Brad Lander and Rabbi Rachel Timoner founded Get Organized Brooklyn--a group founded to resist the policies of the 45th President of the United States.
What is responsible for the death of so many musicians over the years? It’s not deranged fans or loss of the limelight, it’s heroin. BTRtoday explores this epidemic.
For whatever puritanical nonsense reasons, we still put sex low on the list of things we need to live full and happy lives.
With rumors of funding cuts and the eradication of art and humanities programs entirely, it appears as if art and culture in America aren't valued by Republican officials. A recent report by The Hill claimed that the current administration is vowing to completely eradicate the NEA, NEH, and privatize public broadcasting in America. If we cannot afford arts programs, are we so sure we can afford no arts programs?
Celebrate with these yummy treats!
If you're looking for an amazing Spring Break getaway that has nothing to do with beaches, loud music and drunk people, then you should consider traveling to France. Here's your travel 101.
The ramen burger might well be a beautiful melding of cultures but it also tastes like a burger bun fucked a diving pool of bacon grease.
This week we listen to the new album "Bloodshot Tokyo" by The Dig and chat with bassist/vocalist, Emile Mosseri—-you’ll dig The Dig!
If you thought it wasn’t 1990, think again. Donald Trump’s old school rhetoric harkens back to Nixonian era attitudes towards narcotics. And if history teaches us anything, the results won’t be pretty.
Rihanna is a rockstar; not just because she belts on stage, but because she can put away some majorly delicious food.
Just kidding. But author Amy Kraus Rosenthal almost is, and she wants some lucky lady to step in and scoop up her loving husband Jason after she's gone.
Cassette sales increased by 74 percent in 2016. As a fan of good-sounding music and technological progress, BTRtoday investigates the phenomenon.
A band of strong and motivated ladies, Ex-Girlfriends take their art seriously while never failing to have a great time. Their unique and complementary personalities and tastes meld together to create an unmatched energy and live music experience.
Nintendo’s newest system continues to bring innovation nobody asked for.
Comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have been both rationally considered and wantonly overblown. Does his presidency really signal the early stages of American fascism?
A night when all of the domesticated punks howled at the lights of the stage and to the sweat of the moshers and transformed into punk rockers once again!
BTRtoday discovers how you can use the Dr. Paul Arciero’s PRISE protocol to maximize your exercise and diet regimen.
This year's Super Bowl commercials took a stand against Donald Trump's recent political machinations. Some are saying that rebellion through consumerism isn't rebellion at all. Others are saying that sending out a message no matter the forum is important in and of itself.
Riot Grrrl culture not only created a door for women into punk rock, but also into anarchy and political rebellion. BTRtoday researches the rise of this culture and where it stands today.
Researchers are mapping the disappearance of bees in America, and it ain't pretty.
That vanilla, that gorgeous, gorgeous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Turns out that shit belongs in the buffet at a retirement home, smothered in brown goo that isn’t hot fudge.
Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth served as a beacon of acceptance to the lonely and misunderstood young people of the late '80s and early '90s. Now, as we enter a time of prejudice and hatred toward those whom we perceive as strange or different than we are, The Temple’s message of self acceptance and the celebration of the individual seems more necessary than ever before.
Pregnant women claim that eating Taco Bell can help to induce labor. Seriously.
In lieu of the current election, on President's Day the people of New York organized a rally to voice their concerns of the president-elect, Donald Trump.
What remains a murky swamp of mystery is the sex lives of older generations. “Grace and Frankie” aside, what happens to our sexual quality of life as we age?
The epitome of badass rock'n'roll blues--this Pittsburgh-based band will knock your socks off. Meet Nox Boys and swoon your little heart out!
Inspired by the lies of President Trump, staffers here at BTRtoday delved into their memories and shared times in their lives when they decided to opt for some creative truth-telling.
Somebody invented a Flamin' Hot Cheeto Bagel. What has the world come to?
Dr. Dan Dopps has come up with a “revolutionary” alternative menstrual product. It's one that is literally designed to seal together the “the lips down-under during the period.” THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE.
Have you ever been told that you were a selfish, inconsiderate, manipulative, lying asshole by someone who identifies more strongly with those characteristics than you do? Were you aware of the reality of the dynamic but still beat yourself up with feelings of guilt and regret?
Don’t try to make meaning of the name, just listen. You’ll hear music that sets off all of your triggers and strokes all of your fears in the most enthralling way!
Sun power is hot, hot, hot, right now.
BTRtoday interviews longtime technology journalist and author Brad Stone about the recent wave of corporate social awareness from tech companies.
“The One-Minute Workout” teaches you how to employ interval training to increase your fitness in a timely manner—by way of reading.
A celebratory night at the Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn filled with moving & groovin’, live ‘60s soul music, and all the good vibes you’ll ever need!
With what’s happening in the news so far, seems like we’re gearing up for a WWIII. BTRtoday explore how that may affect music!
Go on, click, I dare you. Please.
How is this election cycle effecting art across America? How are artists responding and getting involved?
How is this election cycle effecting art across America? How are artists responding and getting involved?
As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, you hear those cries and you said “nah brah, I’m busy looking into a cartoon puppet running wild with your tax dollars.” What patriotism.
Jordan Corso, aka Cotillon, puts out music that soothes the soul--it's relatable in so many ways! We chat with and listen to his first album and a brand new single off of his upcoming album, “The Afternoons.”
Days ago Beyoncé lost out on the Grammy for Album of the Year. Could it have to do with racial bias? Read to find out.
Scientists are attempting to splice woolly mammoth DNA into that of elephants...
Founder of King Pizza Records Greg Hanson talks with BTRtoday about creating a community through a record label.
Is there an app for setting people up with dating apps?
Ariana van Gelder is an ambient artist in Brooklyn, New York who calls her style “Dream Drone.” She is an intelligent and inspiring woman who’s able to envelope her audience and transform the atmosphere of any room with her unique vocals and collection of effects pedals.
With President Trump pressing for even less privacy restrictions than was previously imposed during the Obama administration, a world of private searching and private communication is becoming as small as the possibility of finding that infamous needle in the piling haystack. Thankfully, there are still ways to browse anonymously.
Martin Gibala, Ph.D., author of “The One-Minute Workout,” discusses the new kid on the exercise block: interval training.
The perfect night for lovers, heartbreakers, criers, and partiers. Valentine’s day was spent with over 15 artists raising money for Planned Parenthood!
In an era of severe media distrust, watchdog organizations like FAIR are holding news outlets accountable to their audiences.
The participants shook hands and even smiled and laughed with one another while cleaning up.
Science has figured out what kind of music you should listen to throughout the day to keep you going, help you sleep, etc. BTRtoday explores!
Melted and dirty snow with hidden pockets of ice did nothing to sway the marchers on their journey to activist canoodling.
Drug abuse doesn’t just apply to the lowest common denominator. In fact, more and more young professionals are struggling with drug addiction. Law students make up the highest percentage of any other career.
The dish was developed in an attempt to capture the local seasons of The Bay area, and that’s exactly where the Crab Meat Sandwich will be available. At just four stores in good old California.
Women often aren’t as interested in STEM because they learn at a young age to not be interested in “smart people interests.” I.e., boy interests.
Have your ears pet Soft Lions and, trust me, you'll be in for a treat! Meet the west-coast band bringing in the dark vibes to the dance floor.
protest signs existed long before Trump became the 45th president of the United States
There’s a reason why the phrase “Too many cooks in the kitchen” exists.
I’m going to go ahead and stick to my guns here and say that Stevie Wonder is probably really blind. But, truly, what the actual fuck?
Computers can play poker, but are they capable of developing a crippling gambling addiction?
Meet the new generation’s LCD Soundsystem—Palm Springsteen. They bring the best of both coasts for you to dance your woes away!
Extinction isn't just for dinosaurs anymore--according to scientists, the Earth is undergoing its sixth mass extinction, which could spell trouble for the planet.
BTRtoday speaks with Rob Sulaver, a founding trainer at Rumble, to learn what you need to know about this new boxing-inspired workout.
Numerous studies this year have provided solid psychological evidence that messiness, rather than being symptomatic of poor standards or effort, may actually provoke creativity.
After five championships, the Patriots' QB aims to transcend time and space.
Since he-who-cannot-be-named has become president of the U.S., it’s not enough to just protest anymore—everything is working towards a cause now.
We learned that it’s not at all like the movies say, like your mom says, like your sex-negative congressman says it is, or even like other college students are claiming it is.
The world of sound is as deep and boundless as the universe…The world of ambient music reflects this vastness. When does ambience/noise music become art? How does it affect our brains and the ways we perceive and listen?
I am launching a theoretical investigation into what Donald Trump eats on the daily.
Let's remind Trump that refugees are welcome here: no hate, no fear!
President Trump has nominated the conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He has a fun history of denying women’s reproductive rights and his appointment brings the upending of Roe v. Wade closer to being reality than a mere nightmare.
Max Pain & The Groovies is a rock’n’roll group that makes you think about death and stuff, but still get you partying! Check 'em out here!
Antinatalists assign a negative value to birth, asserting that the act of being born is a cruelty in and of itself. If it were up to them, it’d be bye bye babies!
For once, I am speechless. There’s nothing to say or do, but to wait patiently until these tiny little cherubs enter the universe and touch each and every one of us with their splendor.
Many studies have proven that voyeurs who have spent a significant amount of time with a character (whether TV watchers or readers of literature), can actually lose themselves in their character, and that scares me.
They’re just three protozoa that crawled out from under the pillars of creation and picked up instruments. But what happened after they picked up those instruments is a pivotal point in the history of Brooklyn’s music scene.
The new space race is more cable television than Cold War.
By simply absorbing news coverage of crime and violent conflicts, it's easy to conclude that humans are incorrigibly brutal creatures with little sanctity for life and even less hope for progress.
In our day and age of constant questing for the best of everything, is paced, moderate exercise better for you than extreme exertion on the weekend?
Brian Chillemi, aka CHILLEMI, released a scenic and tranquil music video for his single “Child Of The Earth” filled with breathtaking Irish scenery--it'll get you lost & wondering.
Most of us are emotionally depleted from President Trump’s first two weeks. Little do we know we are all pawns in a larger puzzle of a power grab. This is what is happening to you.
The exact venue of the date, which won't happen, is yet to be determined.
When it comes to listening to music, does watching a doc on the artist make you even more biased about what you’re listening to? Or do docs bring you closer to the music? BTRtoday explores!
We already know that technology is creating a dearth in the job market for manufacturing and service jobs. However, these advances are also beginning to affect the creative industry.
When we tout the “peacefulness” of the marches, we forget that white feminists have the privilege of being able to march with the support of law enforcement, a privilege that women of color don’t enjoy.
A Philly-based band that brings the hard core and the smooth tunes. The best for people who wanna rage, but also want to fall in love.
Minimalist Ryan Nicodemus joins BTRtoday to talk about how much you can gain by simplifying your life.
This just in: in an effort to curry favor with his fellow senators, the notoriously terrible Ted Cruz has organized a weekly senate basketball game, to be held in the Russell Building, the oldest of the United States Senate office buildings. Now, if this isn’t an elaborate nightmare scenario dreamed up by the devil himself I don’t know what is.
Reflecting on a spontaneous journey abroad that conjured feelings of awe, creativity, and a desire for change.
On James Joyce's "fuckbird," why the Cake Shop is awesome, and how to start a band from scratch.
Is Twitter dying? Well, the diagnosis isn’t good...
Even without complete cohesion, the women's marches provided a glimmer of hope for the scattered American progressive movement.
The NYC-based band Lady is calling it quits and they’re making sure to go out with a bang at Shea Stadium this Friday! Also playing are Gingerlys, Holy Tunics, & NO ICE—all ages and only $10!
Sure, you know you should be exercising, but the repetitive motions can become boring enough to find “House of Cards’” third season more captivating. Music, however, might change your outlook on exercise.
Sweden and Denmark, who are often described by liberals as utopian countries, have been transformed right before our eyes.
Bowie, Prince, Haggard, Cohen, Jones—they were millions of people’s idols and will be for millions more. How are their deaths and the deaths of many other music heroes going to affect the industry?
As one of his first presidential actions, President Trump has signed an executive order to reinstate the global gag rule, officially called the Mexico City policy, which prohibits federal funding to go to foreign nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that discuss abortion with patients.
With high rent, fines, strenuous permit processes, and prejudice targeting, established and iconic DIY NYC venues are being bought out or forced to close their doors. How do venues and creative spaces get ahead and keep up? We must form an alliance with artists, audiences, and the city to stay afloat, stay safe, and become legit.
From classist boarding procedures to CIA-levels of physical torture in cramped seats and humiliating walks past first class, commercial flying is the modern aristocracy and it stinks.
Americana, alt-country, folk or indie rock--whatever you wanna call them, Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six are putting the real emotions back into country music!
In an effort to raise awareness about this archaic practice, filmmaker James Burns voluntarily entered solitary confinement for 30 days at Arizona’s La Paz County Jail--and he arranged a live stream to document and broadcast the entirety of his experience.
The deed is done. Trump is the President. Short of revolution, the best thing that we can do is to stay frantic, stay critical, stay alert and hold onto reality. Not to let ourselves be lulled into submission, and to forget the danger that might lie ahead.
Millennials don’t even own TV sets anymore due to the ease and affordability of streaming shows and movies on their computers with popular services like Netflix. Statistically, with every passing year it becomes less and less likely that the premium cable channels that once ruled the world of primetime television will be able to bounce back.
On meeting at an orgy, using depression to write, and odd time signatures.
Donald Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States of America, but his administration could tread into murky waters when it comes to Constitutional law.
Have you ever had trouble losing weight? Does it seem like you gain twice as fast after you lost some pounds following an extreme diet? Fear not.
A sold-out show of doo-wop, rock’n’roll, and melodies that definitely got stuck in everyone’s heads—and we’re all glad they did!
Carl Colpaert, veteran indie filmmaker and founder of Cineville, is building a “Netflix of indie streaming.”
Did the little organisms that eventually evolved into fully-developed beings have a little melody stuck in their heads? Is music inherently human? BTRtoday explores!
There are new rules to become an eligible food stamp retailer, what does this entail and why are we changing the standards for food consumption?
Twitter should ban President-elect Trump’s official account on the basis of their own rules against hate speech and threats. Doing so would demonstrate that Twitter takes hate speech seriously, especially when coming from the President of the United States.
Listen to Plastic Pinks when you need to get your ass up and going--they aren't afraid to rock hard!
Dechen Thurman is an actor and yoga guru, who began exploring the practice of Jivamukti yoga while he was in theater school. Thurman sits down with BTRtoday to discuss ways in which yoga can be both a form of exercise and guide for daily life.
It’s the end of an era, to be sure, and we’re entering into unknown territory. Unfortunately, with the direction things are headed, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be pretty.
Actress Merly Streep's impassioned call for empathy amidst a turbulent political landscape can help us remember the inherent power of artistic expression.
Whether it be new developments in bicycles and skateboards, or even new ways of moving like the hoverboard, ridable tech is getting a major upgrade. Thanks to developments like carbon fiber, tiny engines or even just new sleek design, the world of bicycles and scooters is changing just as much as the world of phones.
On playing hot potato with instruments, lyrical patterns, and staying focused and positive.
BTRtoday sits down with Trent England of the Save Our States Project to talk about the importance of the Electoral College and what the United States might look like without it.
BTRtoday chats with Lindsey Gardner, manager of up-and-coming musician Ron Gallo, about the ways and the woes of working the music scene.
Salt, the sneaky assassin, has been confronted by NYC health authorities who are regulating sodium levels in city food to help reduce death caused by heart disease.
Meet the mystical-psychedelic dreamer Dean Cercone. An artist and a musician—he’s giving the world a completely unique form of creative skills!
Mo-cap is being used more and more in movies to age and de-age actors, and the new trend is to use it to replace dead actors. With the recent death of Carrie Fisher, mo-capping actors and actress might become the new normal. Will our future be defined by watching new movies with long dead actors?
BTRtoday sits down with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to discuss the prevalence of theocracy in the Muslim world and what he hopes will lead to widespread reform in Islam.
Oh My Rockness and Baby’s All Right have gotten together to feature some of NYC’s hardest working bands--so declared by Oh My Rockness!
The closest thing to the popular show “Westworld” (where rich vacationers get to live in a fantasy world) is Hilton’s Conrad Maldives.
Sources confirm it's neither his wife's birthday or his childhood mutt, Rodney.
The story of one BTRtoday music reporter’s transition from sneaking into grungy basement shows to being put on the list for all kinds of NYC rock concerts.
The #cook90 challenge asks you to cook every meal, every day, for the entire month of January.
It is a mark of extreme privilege to be able to ignore the political beliefs of your date in favor of their favorite soup or their funniest childhood anecdote.
With freeing the nipple, we’re also freeing women of ridiculous standards and expectations about how our breasts should look and what they should be encased in. How do bras affect our breasts and those looking at them?
Since 1933, the Grand Central Holiday Fair has been a shopping destination during the holiday season.
Steve Katz has one of those names you might recognize but not quite remember. He witnessed and took part in history and he remains a strong voice in preserving and strengthening some of America’s greatest musical legacies.
Betty & The Boy paints such beautiful imagery of nature and life with their acoustics and vocals of an angel. Check them out here!
BTRtoday staffers reflect on both their doubts and best wishes for 2017.
There are a few things from 2016 that won't be missed...