Enough of the BS promises--here are some New Year's resolutions that we might actually follow through on.
Sit back, relax, and take a journey with us as we recount the circus sideshow that was this past year.
Robotization and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the best and most innovative ideas of the last year.
Henry Chadwick seems to be the beach boy of our era, with a Brooklyn flair, straight from the West Coast. Tune in for some good vibrations.
BTRtoday staffers share the craziest stories of debauchery from NYE.
A magical night that was filled with rock’n’roll and losing all control! Keeping the D.I.Y. dream living on.
Swearing is an emotional language that can trigger bodily responses in certain situations that can lead to increased sense of well being.
From Russia's Father Frost, Finland's molten tin, and South American yellow undies, BTRtoday takes a look at some of the different NYE traditions from around the world.
Washington wasn't expecting this kind of change.
Alright you bums, we've got the perfect NYE plans for you. Check out our list of the coolest concerts to bring in the New Year.
Starbucks is releasing a brand new drink, and it might be worth a taste!
Your entire year is not going to be summed up and packed away with a smack of the lips.
BTRtoday staff share their favorite films of 2016.
Nordish Wildfish is a company looking to cut down the amount of waste associated with fishing efforts.
If you’ve never heard of Roberta’s pizza – shame on you. But it’s okay if you didn’t know about their holiday market set-up in the pizzeria’s backyard.
BTRtoday staff picks for the best albums of 2016.
Meet Faline--the sweet and feisty singer from South Caroline that'll be your new favorite musician!
Check out these delicious dishes for this special day.
Three holidays are about to converge together... is this the harbinger of the apocalypse?
Deck the halls with... well, whatever the hell you please. BTRtoday staffers share some of the strangest holiday decorations around.
Santa Claus might take a few ideas from the real world in order to give toys to boys and girls.
Roya makes you feel the feels you don’t ever talk about. They’re catchy with some gloomy undertones, old school punk, and catchy lyrics—sure to strike those heartstrings.
Want some tips on how to survive those seemingly eternal, awkward family reunions during the holidays? Look no further!
Get ready to dance your feels away! This line-up brings all the tunes to move and groove to, and the vibes to cry and sigh to.
Experts suggest that the health benefits are bountiful when you engage in activities that are reminiscent of your childhood.
From Kentucky to Chile, BTRtoday checks out some of the ways different cultures celebrate the holiday season.
Try your best to grin and bury it... but a shitty gift is still a shitty gift.
Beyonce has the best recipe for lemonade, because she is the best person. Period.
Gift ideas! Fun, sexy, whimsical gift ideas for most any budget. Many involve genitalia. All guarantee multiple orgasms.
BTRtoday staffers share the best damn gifts we've ever given and received.
Get your food photography right!
New York’s Santa Convention took place in Midtown on Saturday December 10th, bringing a lot of holiday spirit to the city as well as a lot of jolly, drunk Santas, reindeer and elves.
From world-renowned tomato fights, celebrations of time-traveling, and commemorations of absolutely nothingness, BTRtoday explores some of the weirdest holiday traditions from around the world.
Meet the wild rocker of folk music--Fletcher C. Johnson. His music is melodic and soothing, but also filled with chaos and lust!
BTRtoday takes an inside look at the cult of "Garbage Eaters."
Efforts to reduce childhood obesity and food-born illness fell short this year.
As it turns out, old folks love getting high just as much as the young bucks. Or perhaps even more so…
Is timing everything? Or is just an excuse we use to rationalize a context we actually don’t care to put the effort in to make work in the long run?
Meet these music masterminds, Mustardmind! They’re a little experimental, a little DIY, and a little grunge.
Nintendo has recently released a new system, the Nintendo NES Mini, which was met with wide acclaim and wider sales. It’s success may hint at the future of Nintendo.
BTRtoday speaks with SPJ president Lynn Walsh about the changing environment of journalism with the rise of fake news and the lack of trust in mainstream media.
A study from UC Berkeley finds that a lack of sleep impacts areas of the brain connected to decision making
Basically, it was a night full of face-shredding, danceable tunes, and tons and tons of confetti. SERIOUSLY, SO MUCH CONFETTI.
How will our new president-elect uphold women's rights during his four year term?
The former secretary of state blames herself for the erosion of trust between her and the Russian people.
The infamous quote from "Dazed and Confused" about an older man getting with high school girls isn’t the first time mainstream media has made pedophilia ok—and that’s f’d up.
Fireball is now available in 1.75 liter boxes!
"Let's just let it happen naturally" is a terrible idea and anyone who employs such a response when you tell them what you like and don’t like is at worst a terrible person and at best an ignorant person.
The resistance camp at the Dakota Access Pipeline is doing much more than trying to save the planet’s drinking water: It’s creating a new legacy that will bring equality to communities that live on the same land; it’s a new commitment to peace and love; it’s a lesson to the generation of today that will be passed on to a brighter future.
Fill your home with the intoxicating and relaxing scent of...fried chicken.
Open to the public, the Winter Village at Bryant Park will be open from October 29th, 2016 to January 2nd 2017.
2016 was a shitty year. A giant fucking dragon balled up 2016, ate it, then vomited it up all over all of us. But hey, some good things happened too.
Paint Fumes is your next favorite band. They're catchy punk with a hint of destruction--they make you wanna get up and break some bones!
Astrologist and writer Anne Ortlee left her business career in computer programming to pursue a path that was more celestially oriented, BTRtoday investigates why.
Your favorite superfood, Kale, just might be getting a makeover.
Buckle up. It's Mariah's world, we're just living in it.
BTRtoday explores the secrets behind Bikram yoga's troubling founder.
Robot videos and political messages create a two-piece experimental band Job Creators, preaching to think about today’s issues in a new light.
More and more robots are being made and sold for common home use, many in time for the holiday season. Robotic toys and gadgets that make a great gift.
Humanity tends to be obsessed with its many quandaries and problems on the Earth's surface, but bigger questions about the burgeoning possibility of earth-like planets persist.
Union Pool isn’t my fav place to be, but I must admit, their venue is p chill. Plus, Breanna Barbara is one of the best musicians in all of NYC if you ask me—you’re not going to want to miss this!
By applying the concepts of should versus must, introduced in Elle Luna’s essay, individuals can immerse themselves in a more effective health routine.
We chat with cosmologist, and atheist, Sean Carroll about atheism in the cosmologist community.
The Queer Ghost Hunters created a ghost-hunting group that reaches out directly to departed LGBTQ souls! BTRtoday talks to producer/director Stud Maddux about it.
Starbucks' chief executive is stepping aside.
Society teaches men that if a woman requires or wants anything in bed besides the man’s giant, throbbing penis (lube, vibrators, porn, etc.) then she is a big fat sexual failure.
In the wake of this week's victory at Standing Rock, BTRtoday shares an inside look into some of the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance camps from the hard days leading up to their victory.
Anthony Bourdain has a leg up on Guy Fieri: here's why.
Are you ready for fresh baked apple bread, hot cider and unique Christmas shopping? Good. Because they also come with joy and holiday spirit at the Union Square Holiday Market.
Kino Kimino has the voice of an angel and the heart of a true rock star. In her newest album she eve pairs w/ O.G. rockers from Sonic Youth. Hear it here along w/ a chat with the frontwoman herself!
“Arrival” is the calm reassurance we all need that there will be a tomorrow, it might have aliens, they might not kill us, and we will all push forward as a species.
Stop acting like our periods are all-encompassing demonic forces which can at any moment overtake our bodies and our minds. Stop denying the truth of our pain, be it emotional or physical. While you’re at it, stop attributing our feelings to our vaginas. And please, for the love of all that is good, stop telling women to chill out.
Stop eating steak, start eating bugs.
Täo Porchon-Lynch is a 98-year-old woman whose keys to longevity include drinking wine and wearing heels. WTF?!
BTRtoday takes a look at the unsettling parallels between virtual violence and the atrocious acts that steal the headlines in our waking lives.
Exosuits and exoskeletons are valuable tools for commercial and military purposes, and more and more companies are developing the technology.
BTR undresses Kate Dressed Up with questions on feminism, politics, and the future of folk music.
BTRtoday speaks with journalist Wesley Lowery about his new book “They Can't Kill Us All” about racial and social injustice around the country.
Modeling the concept of multi-day music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, Wellness Festivals drive engagement with a health-driven focus.
Carole Wilbourn has been a cat therapist for over 40 years. BTRtoday sits down with her to learn more about the fascinating aspects of cat psychology.
Gamblers will now have the opportunity to bet on the President-elect's tweets.
If a kid wants to dress in a way that reads as another gender, how does a parent approach that? BTRtoday investigates!
Chocolate isn't going anywhere; so find out the best places to eat it!
Sex isn’t therapy. It can, however, be therapeutic. Crying after orgasms isn’t uncommon, given the rush of endorphins and dopamine that ensues.
New Yorkers deal with a lot more stress factors than most Americans, so no wonder we have so many dive bars and happy hours. But what’s a better way to chill the fuck out in the city of dreams?
Plane food is gross, but it doesn't have to be!
This week BTR went to check out “Luminaries" at Brookfield Place, a mesmerizing light installation designed by LAB at Rockwell Group.
The blue and green of iMessage, meant to indicate when someone is using a fellow iPhone or not, is practically Machiavellian in how it is meant to pit iOS and Android users against each other. “Green bubble trouble” engenders a ridiculous amount of petty rage and classist spite.
Casey Hopkins ranges from funk/psychedelic to garage/punk rock. He joined us in the studio to chat about politics, Florida, funk, punk, and livin' that musician life.
Creator of food documentary "Supersize Me," Morgan Spurlock, has opened his own restaurant.
Despite its shittiness, 2016 leaves us with a few things to be extra grateful for.
Since the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the significance of the hoodie has been brought into the main stream; it has become a symbol of racial profiling and a garment at the center of the national debate over race and justice.
From punk-rock star to the new wave of kindie, this power wife-husband duo gives kids great vibes that parents can enjoy too.
The ability to translate words from one language to another is being deferred more and more to technology, and some of this tech coming down the pipeline will soon be available for commercial use.
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. Jane Thomas about American consumer habits on the ultimate shopping day of the year.
While many social gatherings are centered around eating during the holidays, it is important to note the effects that food indulgences can have over time and tips for avoiding overindulgence.
It was pop punk Lord of the Flies on this night, and it was amazing! These ladies really know how to rock out.
Rachel Dolezal’s introduction of “trans-racialism” to society could serve as a new remedy for America’s racial ails.
Out of all the heavy metal sub genres, black metal has the worst reputation, associated with murderers, racists, and Satanists--but is it really all that bad?
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Read about the favorite dishes of the BTRtoday staff.
The idea that pretending that physical appearance is irrelevant, or should be, when selecting a mate (or mates), is silly.
One hundred years later Einstein’s general theory of relativity has finally been proven. What does this mean to the future of astronomy, and why are black holes so fucking cool?
Cheese, whether you love it or hate it, turns out there's a scientific basis for why!
This week BTR went to go check out the Veterans Day Festival in lower Manhattan on Broadway from Liberty St. to Battery Pl.
Reading Odyssean levels of meaning into every facial twitch is only possible when you already know the plot and you’ve turn on subtitles.
We’ve gathered here today to rock out to Dearly Beloved--the dark and stormy Canadian band that aren’t afraid to spill it all out on stage!
BTRtoday speaks with journalist Brent Schrotenboer, who created a database of every NFL arrest since 2000.
The first week in the wake of Donald Trump's victory has been as hateful as his campaign.
An island off the coast of Japan might hold the secret to longevity, but American influence might be changing things.
In “Spiceworld” they had Clifford, in “Almost Famous” they had Dennis, and in “This Is Spinal Tap” they had Ian Faith. What do all these movie characters have in common?
Samsung’s Galaxy Note S7 was supposed to be a revolutionary phone, but ending up making a different king of bang in the industry. What caused this failure and what can the tech industry learn from it?
Sarcasm might come off as mean, but it requires more brainpower than you might think.
Harry Potter Yoga. Goat Yoga. Naked Yoga. It is undeniable that yoga is experiencing widespread popularity in America.
Jonny Couch has been through the punk rock ringer and has come out stronger than ever! He recently released his debut solo EP, and we were there to watch all the shenanigans unfold.
A BTRtoday staffer remembers what happened when she was thrust into a reality television show.
With the fingers of his right hand straining under the weight of an unreasonable amount of groceries, he considered the unthinkable.
Some artists might be total dicks, but we still go to their show and ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ at their work. Why the hell do we still do that? BTRtoday explores!
Now you can read us on the go! Check out the BTRtoday app for iOS and Android. For fast-paced techies and disinterested food-is-fuel millennials, Soylent seemed like the perfect answer to combat hunger in their busy lives. But recent developments, regarding reported gastrointestinal issues associated with their new nutrition bar, prove that this meal replacement might not be all it’s cracked up to be. A quick background recap for those who are unfamiliar: Soylent was developed by a small group of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. They had been given a small grant from an incubator company to create the next big thing in tech, and after a half-baked plan to create cheaper cellphone towers failed, the guys were low on cash and growing desperate. The hopeful businessmen began cutting down costs in their daily lives in order to make their loan stretch a bit further, but there was one inconvenience that was a necessary part of being alive that one simply can’t go without: eating. Rob Rhinehart, one of the dudes, began to dread his meals. It seemed like he was just throwing money down the toilet! And wasting time while he was at it. Plus, the mental energy that it takes to choose what you want to eat, then purchase or prepare it--who wants to deal with that? Rhinehart told The New Yorker “Food was such a large was also the time and the hassle.”  After ruminating on this simple fact, it hit him: what if there was a way to eliminate both a large amount of the cost associated with food, and the annoyance of organizing well-balanced meals.  Of course, meal replacement was already a product on the market. But Rhinehart figured out that if he broke down the formula of meal replacement into some sort of engineering issue, than he could figure out the most efficient way to provide the body with all of the nutrients that it needs. He studied biochemistry, and he began to see food as “a system that’s too complex and too expensive and too fragile.” He mixed up his first batch of liquid-nutrient-rich-shake-juice, kicked food altogether for thirty days, and posted his experience online. The response was extremely enthusiastic. People wanted to find out how they could incorporate this life-hack into their routines, and streamline their lives. Thus: Soylent was born. All has been going pretty swimmingly for the company, with some saying that the advent precludes the need for meals altogether; meaning that for the non-culinarily-inclined amongst us could build a life completely void of food. However, a recent hiccup regarding the digestibility of Soylent nutrition bars has left many grabbing their stomachs--and, presumably, wondering why they didn’t just reach for a grilled cheese like the rest of us! After multiple reports, the company posted on its blog: “We are going to continue to look into this further and share our findings with the FDA so that they can do their own evaluation.” They have also promised to reformulate the product, and ideally roll out an updated version by the new year. In the meantime, just eat some goddamn pizza guys.
Wildlife populations have fallen an average of 58 percent from levels in 1970, and are expected to fall by 67 percent from those levels by 2020. The planet is being stripped of flora and fauna and it's humanity's fault. Will we be able to survive this wave of extinction?
Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg team up for the weirdest, highest, yummiest show on television.
This week, BTR went to protest the results of the 2016 presidential election in Columbus Circle, NY.
The line between comfort and real life is made murkier than it is because of our inability to come to terms with hard reality.
Slothrust is a classic example of a band of talented artists shredding their instruments and producing some must-hear garage/indie/rock’n’roll tunes!
I never thought I’d see the day when the potato chip, one of the least fussy and most delicious foods out there, would become a luxury good...but it's happening!
London-based artist Mary Stephenson creates life-like props for her art pieces. Her work displays themes of delusion, parody, and make-believe, and explores why daydreams are sometimes better than reality.
Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. Wait--Donald Trump?!?!?!
Body positivity is alive and well, but some lingerie companies like Victoria's Secret still market an unattainable (and silly) standard.
The evolution of the technology that makes our lives easier is the same evolution that is making technology more dangerous. As AI and robotics become more complex, so too is the possibility of deviant behavior.
BTRtoday gets a one-on-one with La Femme frontman Marlon Magnée, to tap into all the dark secrets of the French band with a '60s flair and burlesque approach.
You probably didn’t even know you were an outgoing introvert.
Was it a birthday? Was it a funeral? It was the dark and stormy band Stuyedeyed’s single release/tour kick-off show!
With trolling at an all-time high, what does the future look like for social media's saltiest crusaders? BTRtoday explores.
Everyone needs a nice, fat, juicy cheat day once in awhile.
The communications giant's share prices skyrocketed by 45 percent after the deal was announced.
BTRtoday's music reporter is extremely immersed in NYC’s underground music scene and has watched beloved DIY venues come and go all too often--here’s what she has to say about it.
Khe-Yo, in TriBeCa, serves Laotian-inspired Southeast Asian cuisine. And it's downright delicious.
New York’s program to trap-neuter-release street cats has been effective in repelling rats. But how humane is it to leave abandoned animals on the curb yet again?
This winter, drinkable bone broths are in!
This week, BTR went to check out "Positive Pathways," an exhibition by artist collective GCC which focuses on the increasingly popular trend of healthy living and positive lifestyles gaining momentum in the Middle East.
The ever-so-popular “devil’s advocates” are just doing the Lord’s (in a manner of speaking) work in advancing arguments they totally don’t mean and just want to throw out there in defense of those that need no defense.
Whoever said saxophone and punk rock don't go together hasn't heard Pill. The uber-creative group creates melodic tunes with dark undertones sure to get you swaying and praying!
This Tuesday is Election Day. Of course, a new president will be elected, but what do you really know about the smaller branches of government, and those running to fill them?
Carlos Danger is back, and stronger than ever.
To the liberal among us, support for Donald Trump may feel inexplicable, but the frustrations he’s accentuated won’t quiet down anytime soon.
Electronic voting machines have been used for presidential elections since 2000, and many criticize them for being unreliable. But their bad reputation may be undeserved.
You better be voting on Tuesday—the fate of America is in our hands! So naturally we talk to Justin Sane from the heavily political band Anti-Flag about sticking it to the man.
With the election just around the corner the issue of student loans is one that it is at the forefront of many young voters’ minds.
Monday/Shmonday—it was Halloween! How could we not get into costume, explore a spooky warehouse, guzzle booze, and dance to live bands playing tunes like The Cramps, Siouxsie Sioux, and much more!
BTRtoday talks with entrepreneurs who have boldly taken back Trump's nasty comments and turned them against the candidate through strategic marketing of satiric products.
After revelations of new Clinton emails, Trump reasoned that the election couldn’t be rigged.
Bands with heavy political agendas amass huge followings, but do they actually help shape our government? BTRtoday looks into this and talks to Anti-Flag front man to find out.
Forty-percent of voters are registered independent, although the race still seems to be red and blue. For whom and why are we voting for and why should we care about third party candidates?
A batch of Oreos distributed across the country has been recalled, due to a failure on the part of the company to declare that the cookies contained milk.
Some of the most popular diet pills are of the stimulant variety, with potential for short term weight loss but also dangerous side effects.
Mail-in voting means no 5-hour lines and no racist and classist ID laws. It means low-income voters don’t have to miss work to get to a polling station, sometimes hours away, before they close at 8pm. It means in increase in shamefully low voter turnout.
Thick is a three-piece pop-punk/ garage band comprised of the wildest girls you’ll ever meet. We chat w/ them about music, exploding cars, and moms--hear their newest EP here!
A word to the wise about what you're in for if you're looking to date an outgoing introvert.
Uh oh, tomorrow is Halloween. And that means a whole lot of spooky treats are coming your way.
Ice Cube is making a film adaption of a Charles Dickens book... seriously!
Before the media descended on the Calais “Jungle” to cover its demolition, which occurred this week, BTRtoday traveled there to get a close up look at the human elements involved.
On the essence of nature and nurture, moving to Nashville, and becoming a warrior of acceptance.
Halloween may be a time of candy and childhood and over-drinking, but in 2016 tech companies are tackling novel approaches to make people wet their pants. VIrtual Reality is one of the most powerful tools in a Halloween fiend’s arsenal, and here's why.
As a result of the stigma and lack of understanding associated with transgender men and women, most criminal justice systems handle the prison placement of this community improperly.
The classic garage punk rock group The Mummies played in Brooklyn this week and it was a gloriously spooky time!
During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump lauded the aggressive policing program as a success in New York City, but statistics say otherwise.
We’ve all had bad first impressions, a total melt-down of a situation, or just a straight up totally absurd happenstance. Here are some BTRtoday staffers who have shared their real life fiascos!
Girl Scout Cookies are going to launch in cereal form!
An overview of the current Montreal proposal of regulation of breed specific legislations against pit bulls.
Now, there's a bigger (and better?) way to consume soup dumplings.
This week BTR went to check out Eataly NYC Downtown, which opened its doors last month to join its flagship store in Flatiron.
Recent studies have found that stretching regularly could improve the fitness of those unable to exercise.
Satan kicked them out of hell and they ended up on the West Coast playing the dark melodic tunes of heartbreak & despair we've all been yearning for--meet The Abigails!
I sympathize with Condoleeza Rice?!
Ben Logan is the marketing coordinator for KeyARt, an augmented reality app which allows users to interact with artwork in a whole new way.
On a rainy afternoon at the BTRtoday office, my coworkers and I got a grand idea. Something that would cheer us up, pull us all out of our downtrodden lazy-day slump. Meatloaf.
The completion of the Five-hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in China could allow astronomers to see more clearly into deep space than ever before.
Win Son is a Taiwanese joint in East Williamsburg with some delicious fixings.
On the future of funk, mariachi-playing dinosaurs, and what it takes to manage a large band.
Apple’s iPhone 7 has recently hit the market, and the new device has already garnered considerable controversy. One of the biggest changes to the phone is that there is no headphone jack. Instead, users of the iPhone 7 are given a set of wireless earbuds that can be paired with the phone via “bluetooth-like” tech. Other companies have jumped onboard the trend, and wireless headphones may become the new normal.
Whether you call it an instinct, gut feeling, or sixth sense, the innate sensation is difficult to express. However, recent studies suggest that acting on intuition occurs on a daily basis and can be effectively applied to many contexts.
What is "the listening face," and is it really an authentic way to tell that somebody cares about what you're saying?
Halloween is just around the corner, and your food--just like everything else--is about to enter some super creepy territory.
A voice is an instrumental piece of one's identity and personhood. But what if others hate your voice?
Tonight is the third and final presidential debate. So, what better time than to delve in to another--equally important--dynamic discourse. The tomato debate.
In the male-dominated music industry, being a girl sound technician can be a real uphill battle. BTRtoday talks to some females killing it on the soundboard and making their mark in the industry.
One of the biggest secrets on the campaign trail is a Clinton staffer's bomb-ass risotto recipe.
This past week, BTR went to go check out the Columbus Day Festival in downtown Manhattan, on Broadway from Liberty St. to Battery Pl.
One fitness expert attempted to hack the human body for optimal performance and helped popularize a diet with no carbs or sugar.
Dating apps and social networks have officially fused into a cyber lovefest of hookups and friendship, blurring the boundary between romantic or platonic love.
I love coffee. But if there's one thing I love more than coffee, it's beer.
Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos take you on a musical journey of sultry and feisty vocals with blues, soul, funk, and rock’n’roll infused melodies. Check out their newest album here!
Your friends probably don’t like you that much.
Chipotle wants to give you free food!
What’s in a #hashtag? Aside from dominating social media networks and creating endless humor, humiliations and trends, hashtags also bind communities together. A hashtag can reveal telling information about a person.
Y’ALL. Hummus and falafel is chickpeas on chickpeas.
Ever since their acquisition by Google, YouTube’s advertising system has garnered controversy from content creators, and the latest changes are no different. The latest system has pulled advertising from videos deemed “controversial,” and some contend that this is unfair censorship.
Meet Jonny Couch—he’s been in the punk scene for a while in multiple cities, but he’s finally releasing his solo album in November, which takes a more melodic punk/synth ‘80’s vibe. Check him out here!
Phone apps like Tinder and Bumble may rule the dating scene these days, but a wholly more interesting way to connect exists on Craigslist.
Too often we—myself included—assume public profiles are a true indication of someone’s life. As a result, we set standards for our own life to match those who seem truly happy, in love, successful, or any other adjective that we deem desirable enough to identify ourselves with. Unfortunately, we can never win in this situation.
Sorry basics, but pumpkin spice ain't got nothing on caramel apple.
Touring is quite the production—musicians and crew can be traveling for more than half to an entire year. That can cause some serious depression when having to return home and get back in the swing of things.
Try this recipe for your last BBQ before winter!
A tribute to the survivors of toxic mothers, the bravest souls that could ever exist.
Hello Kitty is making wine. Meow.
This week, BTR went to check out Westfield World Trade Center, a 365,000 sq. ft retail destination and transit hub which features an incredible, neo-futuristic, skeletal-like form designed by Santiago Calatrava.
Yet another study found that fitness trackers don’t help users lose weight. Could actual human contact be the difference maker?
People want less stress, they don’t want to be put on the spot more often. Video calling adds a layer of preparation that only increases phone-related anxiety.
Har Mar Superstar is the party starter that gets you dancing, crying, or both. His tunes are not only jam-packed w/ grooving melodies to get you moving, but also melancholy beats to spark a tear.
It's fall, so there have been more than a few pumpkin spice monsters that have been born.
We talk with anthropologist and writer Stephen Le about whether or not we should be eating the diets that our early ancestors once did.
If you're eating ice cream out of a plain-old-cone, then you're missing out.
Though most Americans favor marijuana legalization, there are still those fighting vehemently against it.
Visit the cocktail bar Apotheke, if you want to be both sexy and serious.
Swoon to the lovesick true-blue rock'n’roller Justin Dean Thomas—a NYC-based musician strumming his guitar to the beat of your heart, while singing sweet nothings ever so sultry into your ears.
Kitchen robot is coming in 2017, and it can cook pretty much anything. For the small retail price of $14,800, a robot chef can be installed in your kitchen, where it can cook up thousands of different meals.
It’s happened to all of us: the steady decline into a Facebook hole. Is our constant access to memories and people poisoning our mental health? BTRtoday explores.
According to a study on the health benefits of resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, your body could receive some of the benefits of hitting the gym without sweat-inducing exercise.
Everyone has skeletons in their closet, but Frank Warren has over one million of them. During the past 12 years, Warren has collected secrets from around the globe as part of his community mail art project, PostSecret.
We are living in a science-fiction world. Want proof? Your pizza might be cooked by robots.
You never listen to people’s words--you listen to their actions. Promises mean nothing to you, neither do intentions.
Oh my goodness. Something wicked and weird and potentially delicious this way comes. Ice Cream Ramen is a thing.
BTRtoday talks to major marijuana advocacy groups to find out why the rich and famous are finding their ways around marijuana laws.
What does healthy really mean? The FDA is going to find out.
This weekend, BTR went to check out the Lower East Side Pickle Day on Sept 25th, 2016.
Paleo diets have become more and more popular as people have begun favoring natural foods. But what’s the science behind them?
The ability to make small talk engaging and worth sitting through shows that a person is a good conversationalist and is at least decently intelligent.
Is it just me, or are Oreos in the midst of a major comeback?
This Australian-duo has made their roots in L.A., but that doesn't stop them from touring constantly! Catch them live and you'll find yourself saying, "hell yeah!" by the very first note!
Because why text your friends when you can text your therapist?
Booze is awesome, bars are horrible. Now you can have expertly mixed cocktails without leaving the comfort of your own home, or lifting a finger.
In a debate billed as the be-all end-all, both candidates put forth entirely predictable performances.
If there's one thing I love about being a Jew, it's the promise of delicious food at each and every holiday.
Rockabilly, blues, swing—whatever you want to call it, Bloodshot Bill gives you the tunes to slick your hair back to and swing your hips to like a real cool cat!
A recent study performed at the University of California, Irvine has claimed that taking selfies is actually good for a person’s self esteem and can help lower stress.
BTRtoday explores how the selfie can transcend narcissistic art.
Doritos launches a creepy new chip! But you'll only be able to try it in Japan.
The 2016 election captures all eyes at home, but major global events—like Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war in the Philippines—slips through the cracks of American consciousness.
Burgers and beer, what could go wrong? A whole lot.
Music therapy is a growing technique that many psychologists and psychiatrists are using to help people in need. BTRtoday speaks with music therapists and researches the practice.
Want to maximize your nap time? Drink a cup of coffee first. Because science.
Travel to Cuba is fine so long as one is a mindful traveler; he or she must be aware of the issues that the citizens are facing, and do so with both open eyes and an open mind.
Your kitchen is way more fun when you get superfluous appliances!
This week BTR went to check out the Bulletin Market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
The food industry has a vested interest in making their products appear healthy for its consumers, but at UCSF researchers have again reminded us, profit is still the biggest motivation.
The quickest and easiest way to shut down a woman’s sexual interests and kinks, as well as any opinions she might express, is to declare her hysterical and possessing of “daddy issues.”
Meet the garage band of your dreams. Based in NYC, Dirty Fences' catchy melodies & raging guitar riffs take you back to a time when bands like The Ramones and The Clash were chart toppers!
This hybrid food concept might just work.
Pumpkin Spice Pizza is now a thing. I think I'll pass.
It's grape season! Best enjoyed in both pure and liquid form.
On lower mid-range, gear, giant hits, and love.
Robotics has found an application in law enforcement, but the more they are used the more questionable their relationship with the police and the public becomes nebulous.
Aducanumab, a new experimental drug for Alzheimer's, is giving hope to millions. Will it succeed in larger trials and become a household name? BTRtoday investigates this exciting development in the search for a cure.
Paqui chips are the world's hottest chip--and they come in individual, coffin shaped packaging.
BTRtoday chatted with bestselling horror novelist Michaelbrent Collings about his inspirations, toeing the line between imagination and actualization in his work, and advice on how to make it as a writer.
If you expose babies to potential allergens early on, they may be at a lower risk for developing intolerance!
You’ve always loved differently than others--you were much more aware. You find problems after the first date. How can you not?
Plants can hear themselves getting eaten, and they don't like it!
Alzheimer’s makes it difficult to remember things like names, places, and loved ones, but for some reason music can be a cure! BTRtoday speaks with Ruth Drew of the Alzheimer’s Association to find out why.
Extra Virgin, in the West Village, puts a twist on the classics.
This week BTR went to go check out an installation by Martin Puryear which is sitting in the middle of the Madison Square Park lawn.
As the world gets busier, how much more convenient can fitness get?
If the point of feminism is to liberate women from socially constructed roles that prevent bodily and personal autonomy, then feminists have to accept that not all women are the fairer sex.
Faulkner—an indie group putting an end to genres. With the help of producer RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) & the group's general magical vibes, they're creating a masterpiece you just have to hear for yourself!
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a staple for fall. Now you can buy it in your grocery store!
Vaping is a cultural phenomenon. But what’s the deal? BTRtoday delves into the ins-and-outs of this new underground craze.
Some of the best Korean BBQ in NYC is located just around the corner from the BTRtoday office!
A recent investigation found that the primary trade association paid scientific researchers to downplay the effects of sugar on obesity in 1967.
Here's the deal: Freddie Prinze Jr. has a cookbook. Why, you ask? I have no earthly idea.
Navy Gangs is a mixture of the Omaha rock’n’roll scene with the hustle & bustle of NYC—these good friends bring melodic guitar riffs and hard hitting beats.
Olo is a 3D printing system that uses your phone as part of the printing process.
Is the rise of home recording better or worse for music? BTRtoday speaks to acclaimed rock producer Martin Bisi about the dangers of Dropbox and false utopias.
The food at EN Japanese Brasserie is refined and delicious!
The 2016 presidential election is out-of-this world crazy, but it’s just one of many times when ridiculousness ruled the race for the White House.
If you're craving an authentic, comforting, Italian meal, look no further than Morandi!
Could it be toxic mold creating ghastly visions, mice scratching around in your walls, or actual paranormal activity? BTRtoday explores the truth and talks to Gotham Paranormal to find out!
A butcher in London is serving up hands, feet, and ribs.
BTRtoday talks with James Warnock, Director of Outreach for the Human Rights Foundation, about liberating the repressed citizens of North Korea through supplying USB sticks filled with information about the outside world.
This week BTR went to check out “Cool Globes”, a public art installation in Battery Park City, NY.
Hypertension affects nearly one third of American adults, but it can be reversed with the help of consistent exercise.
Nobody can deny the major role Palin had in giving ultra-right insanity a microphone and a stage in politics. But the beast that she helped birth has outgrown her, and her role is quickly disappearing.
You can watch how gummy candy gets made, and it ain't pretty.
Meet these Nashville-based brothers who have been rockin' since they came out the womb. Jeff The Brotherhood is a punk rock/garage band delicacy you have to hear!
Once a year, druids, wizards, and witches gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the Summer solstice—the longest day of the year! For generations, festival goers have gone to worship mother earth, but it’s also become a destination for youngsters aching to experiment with drugs and party hard at a sacred location. BTRtoday explores this festival of light, and asks whether it works to mix spirituality with getting fucked up.
It's football season! Here are the rules for getting the most out of your game food.
Opposition research serves as a means for political candidates to undermine and attack their opponents, making it vital for campaigns at all levels.
Sorry, guys. The five second rule doesn't really work.
On discipline, flow, and laughing until she cried with Anthony Braxton.
While the auto industry continues to develop artificial intelligence and robotics, this very technology is also being utilized at sea with self-driving boats and ships made for scientific endeavors.
BTRtoday speaks with Spanish photographer Rubén Salgado Escudero about his photo series, “Solar Portraits,” where he tackles the problems of accessing electricity in rural locations around the world, specifically in Myanmar.
You can get pumpkin spice flavor on just about anything.
BTRtoday speaks with online security expert Hemu Nigam about the implications of WikiLeaks and the affect the site has had on cybersecurity.
Here’s one trend from rave culture that is making its way to becoming as big a sport as soccer!
Some groceries are dropping in price! Find out why.
Every night you can look at the sky and see beautiful stars, but in cities and towns where there is too much light pollution in the sky, one can only get a small glimpse of their beauty. BTRtoday takes a look at the best places around the world to see stars.
This week BTR went to check out charity: water at Brookfield Place New York.
A 2015 revealed—unsurprisingly—that narcissists are more like to post Facebook status updates about their fitness routines.
Current science reporting is excellent clickbait but it fails to live up to its sexy headlines, leaving readers with the stale taste of having been fed false hopes.
Jamil Rashad, aka Boulevards, is the funk master, R&B god of the big city. He has the power to make any crowd melt their troubles away and swing their hips.
Labor day, like most holidays, is all about the food.
Peter Thiel is a billionaire megalomaniac who put Gawker out of business and wants to harvest the blood of the young so that he can live forever. Weird.
You can freeze Rose wine and make a slushie! That's amazing!
Nostalgia is often portrayed as negatively clinging to the past, but it can have positive effects in helping people conquer fears and challenges.
Perfect beach food.
On sea changes, relationships, peace within, and the rewards of working with Erik Blood on the awesome new album "Night Showers."
Aerospace company Lockheed Martin has created a virtual environment that allows students to take a virtual trip to Mars.
BTRtoday talks with Dr. Alan R. Hirsch about the connection between nostalgia and our sense of smell.
Birthday Cake Kisses; Yum, sign me up!
Despite Hollywood's recent nosedive into computer-generated tastelessness, physical effects aren't dead! BTRtoday speaks to two up-and-coming filmmakers, Rahum Brown and Allen Cordell, on the ways in which they're bringing the old-school back to life.
A quick and easy recipe that promises to impress!
We all have our stoic nostalgic days. When it’s rainy and grey, you may think you’re being depressive, but it’s actually healthy for the brain. BTRtoday talks to neuroscientists on the matter!
From the ostrichcopter to the sharkjet, Dutch inventor Bart Jansen has opened the door wide to the bizarre construction of animal drones. BTRtoday investigates how the worlds of roadkill and unmanned aircraft collide.
A beautiful dinner at a literal castle.
This week BTR went to go check out the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range in Chelsea.
A study conducted by international technology security firm AV-Test found that many popular fitness trackers have glaring security issues.
Tinder isn’t new, nor is OkCupid, Grindr, Scruff, Fetlife, or any others. They are the latest in a long line of methods people use to get dates, have sex, get married, get divorced, get some head, and generally have a good time being what we call human.
Poached eggs are one of those elusive yet delicious treats that make you wonder what mad genius came up with the idea to begin with. Here's how you get it just right.
Rock'n'roll has always been all-inclusive--not a shy kid left behind. This is especially true for the Toronto-based group shy kids! They've got a lively vibe, with melodic punk and ambitious indie beats.
The Summer 2016 Olympics are a unique snapshot of global politics. The emergence of the first-ever Team Refugee proved to be an important, and intriguing, glimpse into the state of our world. But was it a positive one?
Do you love marijuana edibles? Well, you might just be a kid at heart!
Pokemon Go has swept the globe into a whir of augmented reality gaming the likes of which has never been seen—but it comes with privacy implications that simply can't be ignored.
Now you can read us on your iPhone and iPad! Check out the BTRtoday app. One of my best friends has a younger brother: he's 16, uncomfortably tall, and won't eat anything unless it has ketchup on it. Yes, that's right--he essentially won't touch food unless the sauce is nearby. Steak, eggs, even pasta! I myself have always had a bit of a complex relationship with the condiment. On the one hand, I find it a crucial addition to fries, hamburgers, etc. However, to me Ketchup out of context is unnerving and at times downright disgusting. I think my aversion traces back to a half-baked science experiment a classmate and I took on in the 5th grade; when we stained white T-shirts with Hershey's chocolate syrup and ketchup, then tested detergents to see which removed the stain more effectively. Spoiler: the shirts were ruined and smelly and the stain-removers didn't do shit, and I was forever scarred by the smell of dried ketchup. Which is why a newly surfaced video that shows exactly how ketchup is made, (in gigantic batches, with vats and gloves and huge stirring paddles, accompanied by a sterile narration) is pretty much my worst nightmare. It's almost enough to turn me off of the stuff forever. See for yourself!
On synths, early Swans, fan expectations, and his upcoming sci-fi noise opera.
Facebook’s special algorithm enables it to analyze users' data and determine how much of a liberal or conservative he or she is.
Despite ample evidence that GMO crops are safe to eat, there is a steady current of anti-GMO politics that has become the liberal mirror of climate change deniers on the right, or the anti-vaccination movement that exists on both sides.
Personally, I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Sure, every once in a while I find myself craving something sugary. Sweet Corner's Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie is the perfect antidote.
BTRtoday talks with people who lived in war zones and dealt directly with the conflict; they share stories that are both heartbreaking and enlightening.
This is a simple, delicious meal that requires just a few ingredients, and even less time! Whip it up on a lazy weeknight when you want something comforting and delicious that's not too labor intensive.
BTRtoday speaks with Rory Aronson, CEO of about his company’s new home farming robot and the rising popularity of growing produce at home.
KFC has created a sunscreen, the scent of which is based off of their famous Fried Chicken.
Many older adults, as well as teenagers, have chosen to revisit an old home for various reasons, whether it be nostalgia or to take care of unfinished business. BTRtoday talks to Jerry Burger, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Santa Clara and author of “Returning Home: Reconnecting with Our Childhoods,” about his research regarding returning to an old home to help understand the motives and results of these visits.
Five Leaves is an absolute treat. If you have the chance, visit them for a special meal!
This week, BTR went to go check out the new kinetic art installation at Brookfield Place, titled: AIR PRESSURE.
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. Melody Ding about a study she co­-authored measuring the estimated economic cost of physical inactivity related illnesses and conditions.
With polyamorous relationships, the biggest complication is feelings. Contrary to popular opinion, people in polyamorous relationships are not immune to jealousy.
Whose cookie is poised to lead the nation?
Meet the boys from Mexico who are spreading the love of post punk synth all over the place. Listen to their newest album, "Friendship," on our podcast and catch them on their upcoming US tour!
Bullying is a major issue for kids today, and the advent of technological advances have created an altogether new beast: cyber-bullying.
7/11--your favorite late night destination for junk food and energy drinks--is bringing back a long-lost popular promotion, involving their infamous slushies.
It might seem harmless, but sugar can induce similar chemical reactions in the brain as cocaine. How can we recognize and fight addiction when so much of our food contains added sugar?
I used to be mega-polite and accommodating in restaurants. Not anymore!
Ford Motors has promised to get self-driving cars on the road in the next five years. By 2021, the company wants driverless vehicles to be the norm.
Rosebug is the newest quintessential Brooklyn-based band that is a must hear for you to know and love! One listen to their catchy and lovely tunes and you’re hooked for life.
Your sweet tooth may be controlling you. If you crave sweets, or just opt for the sweetest treat every time, then you may be able to learn a lot about your personal traits!
Short sellers are sometimes portrayed as betting against the greater good, but they play a crucial role in financial markets.
New York is home to many mysterious and sickly-sweet smells, but according to writer and mapmaker John Tauranac, it used to be a lot worse. BTRtoday gives you the poop scoop on all things stinky in the city that never sleeps.
Despite it being a cornucopia of overzealous imagery and taste, it’s hard to leave the album without feeling a nebulous yet strong sense of melancholy, disguised by the abundance of saccharine elements.
This week BTR went to check out the ping pong tables at Bryant Park. The tables are completely free and are available daily from 11AM to 8PM weather permitting.
Research suggests that unsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, fish and vegetable oils can help control blood sugar levels.
How is it that we have long accepted fart, poop, and phallic humor to the point that they appear easily in children’s movies and comedies, and yet queefs are a step too far?
Meet Portland’s punk rock Sleeping Beauties. They’re not afraid to tell you to piss-off, and then grab you in with music that’ll get your heart racing and your head banging!
In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs within its borders. Since then, the country has witnessed a reduction in drug use, addiction, HIV infection, and prison overcrowding. Could such a radically unfamiliar policy hold water in America?
Ever felt like you’re not from this world? Well, maybe you’re not! BTRtoday talks with "Starseed" alliance creator and alien abductee psychologist to find out more about these other worldly people.
On odd corners, spooky jams, gender balance, and elephants.
Misfit is a company founded in 2011 that makes fitness and sleep trackers, and they've been met with remarkable success.
Libertarianism has made its way into American political consciousness in recent years. What exactly does this political philosophy mean and stand for?
Love him or hate him, at the very least you definitely know who Kanye West is. Is he crazy, a genius, or a little bit of both? BTRtoday explores.
Participating in the bizarre collective of people eagerly hunting imaginary creatures in AR stirs up an odd feeling of togetherness.
Israel became the first country in the world to enact legislation that aims to prevent eating disorders by encouraging healthy body image through the media. Should this groundbreaking law be enforced globally?
We talked to Haddad about Guapa and about the politics of being gay and Arab in the midst of political revolution.
Breanna Barbara is putting the edge back in Americana. She takes blues, rock, and old school country to create melodies oozing with passion—you won’t hear anything this year with more heart!
It's always fun to watch a hero defeat a villain, but what led to the villain? What systems are still in place? For "Star Wars" screenwriter Michael Arndt, a "global goal" is essential to any good script. BTRtoday examines his model with the help of award-winning writer/director Nat Livingston Johnson.
Protests can take on eye-catching forms, from traffic-blocking birthday parties to farmers spraying cow’s milk at police. But no matter the method, it’s the underlying stratagem of the demonstration that matters most.
Meet Beat Club—the side project of Jeff Kite, keyboardist for Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. It’s noisy, it’s eerie, it’s fun, and it’s catchy AF—take a listen to the future!
In the cities of London and New York, parking tickets are handed out like candy. But there is someone new to help fight these tickets off. This support comes in the form of a robot called DoNotPay, who assists people in disputing their parking tickets.
A hundred nude women gathered in front of the RNC to protest sexist rhetoric and policy of the Republican party. Though this project made headlines, nude protests are nothing new.
Delicious cold noodles to eat on a hot day!
The United States Constitution is often held up by Americans as scripture, but with so many other countries practicing democracy and protecting freedoms of their own, what makes ours so special?
This is a great way to turn your side of rice into a dazzling dish in and of itself. This is also a great way to integrate chanterelles, a delicate summer mushroom, into a dish.
Getting shot at, evading dropped bombs, or risking arrest—these are just a few of the woes of photojournalism. BTRtoday talks to photojournalists about their wild and dangerous occupation.
Taco bell is testing out Cheesy Cheeto Burritos and I want to barf just thinking about it.
By employing the same masculine rhetoric of success and grandiosity that has made him millions in the private sector, Trump assures his flock that he will shape America like he has shaped his fortune.
Personally, I’m always looking for something creative and new to do with leftovers. Making some type of breakfast hash with un-eaten protein from the prior night’s dinner is a great solution.
This week, BTR went to check out a performance piece on the High Line by artist Eduardo Navarro. Passersby we're invited to try on custom made bronze masks which blocked out all light other than the sun.
BTRtoday speaks with fitness writer, author, and creator of The Anti-Diet Project Kelsey Miler about rational fitness and developing more sensible, personal health habits.
A new model can predict, with 70 percent accuracy, whether your next tweet will be in the name of protest.
Here are some homemaking tips for impressing company and becoming the Lifestyle guru you've always dreamed of being.
You may have seen the quote “punk is dead” in all kinds of places. However, if you believe it, you just aren’t punk rock—it’s not dead, you just can’t find it!
I recently tried Sweetgreen for the first time, and since doing so I've developed a master plan to get free salads for life.
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Long about his findings in investigating near-death experiences and founding the Near Death Research Experience Foundation (NDERF).
Making a sandwich is a fucking art, okay? And I’m an artist.
Meet Dulls, the Philadelphia-based group inspired by your favorite ‘90’s grunge bands. They’ll hit you hard with nostalgia, all while simultaneously giving you music like nothing you’ve heard before!
Drone racing is a new sport that uses unmanned aircrafts and special “point of view” goggles to let people fly a virtual race.
At a seminary in Chile, a group of elite priests rose to power. Those who didn’t follow their directives were wrongly cast out. Later, it became clear that those in power were involved in grotesque acts of sexual abuse towards children. BTRtoday speaks with one of the innocent priests who was wrongly cast out, and later reinstated. Vincente discusses, faith, misconduct, and what happens when power takes control.
It’s happening. The culmination of all things snoody; you can now take a tour of the fucking earth, and eat gourmet ass food while you do it. That is, if you’ve got 135,000 dollars to spare.
The spectacle of national elections has turned into never-ending reality television on steroids. Is it any surprise that a former reality star could actually win the White House?
I'm a big fan of artisan food products. A snob, if you will. I tried to make my own butter, and failed miserably.
With hemp's mind-blowing variety of applications, it begs the question: why is it illegal, and why can’t we grow it?
This is a great, versatile dish that can be enjoyed night or day, cold or hot! All you need is a dependable cast-iron pan and a few important ingredients. It’s difficult to screw up, and easy to enjoy!
We all love watching zombies from afar, in books, movies, and television, but we definitely wouldn’t like them if they were eating our brains. BTRtoday takes a look at the reality of the undead taking over and how we could survive the outbreak.
This past weekend, I all but disappeared into the depths of THE BEACH. I ate a lot of food, some good, some bad. Here's what went down.
This week, BTR went to check out Summerscreen at Mccarren Park in Williamsburg. This free event features all kinds of movies and is accompanied by free food and drinks!
A collaborative analysis conducted by international researchers found that obesity causes premature death, and the risks of mortality related to obesity are much higher in men.
Is America ready for a female president? Hell no, but we’re gonna be.
I woke up this morning and realized something. Something horrible: This summer I have consumed what can only be described as a criminally small amount of Ice Cream.
If you're looking for some true-blue rock 'n' rollers, here they are.
Why do some Christians forbid practicing martial arts? Why isn’t self-defense taught in Hebrew school? Is it only Eastern religions that do this? BTRtoday asks religion expert Dr. Swidler about the ins and outs of spiritual self-defense.
One of the best things about summer is the plethora of fresh produce available. This salad highlights some really special summer veggies.
Not long ago, electric cars were a novelty, but now they’re the clear path of the future. BTRtoday speaks with Electric Car Insider editor Christopher Alan about the future of the electric automotive market and why electric is destined to overtake gas.
You, too, can be one of us! It’s not that hard! And it tastes damn good.
Say hello to the New Zealander of your ‘80s synth dreams! The L.A.-based songwriter, Andrew Keoghan, is bringing back the smoke and mirrors of the ‘80s in the best way possible.
Is one better than the other, or do the two ultimately serve different purposes?
Swedish pop duo Roxette has been releasing quality pop music for decades. They shift with the times but stay true to their vision, and the duo's new album "Good Karma" is no exception. BTRtoday speaks to Demi Lovato/Kesha guitarist Max Bernstein about this undeniable force for good.
Juice is delicious. But, is it worth nine dollars for a bottle? You decide.
Congressional Republicans have done a stellar job blocking legislation and court nominations during the Obama administration. Is there any chance this record of inactivity and partisanship will hurt them in coming elections?
Oh, Broadway. Heart of NYC! The theater is one of the defining characteristics of this fine city. And what's another one, you ask? Food guys. It’s food.
With an increase of STDs among young people, and a collective shift towards online dating, it’s time for sex-ed to get a makeover.
Ramen is winter food, right? Wrong. Not when there’s cold ramen on the table folks, and that’s exactly what Bushwick staple Shinobi Ramen had waiting for me on a humid summer eve.
WWOOF connects nomadic volunteers with organic farmers for an exchange of cultural and educational experiences for manual labor in hopes of growing sustainable global communities.
Every once and a while, it’s important to have a little one-on-one with the most important person in your life. Yourself!
This past week BTR went to check out the Hester St. Fair, which featured artisanal food vendors, craft makers, $3 Tiger beers and more.
The BioRing is a forthcoming fitness tracker designed to monitor everything from sleep quality to calorie intake, all from your finger.
Homeless people should not be punished or demonized for expressing their sexuality.
The perfect meal just got better. Instead of sticking to plain old salt and pepper when flavoring your burger patties, try this combination!
Tacocat is the must-have band for your summer playlist. You gotta love 'em! They're fun, colorful, punk rock, and love cats--and if the Internet has taught us anything, it's that the world loves cats!
Bob Dylan got booed, Joy Division got their noses bloodied, Andrew W.K. got trash thrown at him, and Europe really hated Macaulay Culkin's band. BTRtoday talks about when crowds lose their cool.
Eggs are just eggs, right? Wrong! There is such thing as a superior egg.
BTRtoday explores the origins and success of the word cool and how the development and use of slang is innate to our linguistic nature.
The battle for truth in labeling with GMO products has been a hard-fought one. There's change on the horizon on a national level, but not everybody is happy about it.
Pokémon GO is Nintendo’s latest iteration of their Pokémon property, and has taken the world by storm.
On 20th century music, unsteady bass, creating light and dark, and the exciting new album.
Talking about death before a terminal diagnosis--certainly while you’re still breathing--is more critical now than ever, as people prepare for the embarrassing realities of aging “ungracefully.”
Guess what? A whole lot of the food you eat isn't what you think it is.
Relations between the United States and Russia have been icy of late. BTRtoday explores the dynamics of this relationship and whether the two global giants are headed for—or already in—another period of cold war.
Fried fish tacos are one of the most perfect foods on the planet. The ones at Tacombi aren't the best ever, but they're pretty good.
So what happens when a movie gets made by a robot? BTRtoday sits down with filmmaker Oscar Sharp and his collaborator Ross Goodwin to discuss.
With veggies, cheese, and fresh herbs, this summer salad is the answer to your question of what to make on a balmy evening!
Traveling offers learning experiences that simply would not be possible while sitting behind a desk all day.
Some restaurant owners are taking advantage of the new Pokemon Go trend!
This week BTRtoday went to check out juggling in Bryant Park. Each week several juggling instructors stop by the park to offer free juggling lessons to passersby. The lessons take place every weekday from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. on the Bryant Park green or the dock.
The athletic exercise training program CrossFit emerged in the earlier 2000s and experienced an enormous boon in popularity, but it certainly has its physical downsides.
Classic cliques are increasingly superficial and transient sorting mechanisms compared to the true definers: race and class.
Eat trash and be free with High Waisted, the surf rock band that's leaving a trail of sparkles across the U.S.! Influenced by happiness, confetti, Dick Dale, and doing whatever the hell they want.
Stop in on 7-Eleven's birthday and get a free slurpee!
New creative and less violent ways of protesting are starting to flourish. Activists and revolutionists are sick of being treated like meat! Are they effective? BTRtoday explores.
Is In-N-Out delicious? Don't ask me, because the food coma it induces means that I simply can't remember.
Desalination of ocean water may soon be a key facet of human survival. Italian think tank PNAT’s response is the Jellyfish Barge: self-sustaining cultivation systems that look like giant jellies.
For a quick, easy meal that will be ready in minutes, whip up some coconut shrimp!
Meet Julie Rhodes, the blues singer taking Americana music to a place it desperately needs to go. BTRtoday speaks with her backstage between shots of tequila and live sets of rock and roll!
A quick review and analysis of the Amazon Echo, a digital personal assistant, and what the future holds for this type of technology.
BTRtoday speaks to noted geneticist Elliot Hosman and famed “RoboCop” screenwriter Michael Miner about the dangers of “moral enhancement.”
Finally, there is science to back up what I’ve always known to be true in my heart: pasta is good for you!
BTRtoday speaks with Benjamin Friedman of the Cato Institute about whether the United States’ hyper-interventionist foreign policy is sustainable in the long term.
Try this recipe on a hot summer day. It’s best if prepared a few hours before eating so the ingredients have time to marinate. The end result is a fresh, tasty dish that is perfectly sweet, nutty, and crunchy!
All around the world, expansive rooftop spaces are being used to grow delicious vegetables. The Brooklyn Grange (located on top of the Brooklyn Navy Yard) is a wonderful example of how to make the most of under-utilized spaces.
Stuffed clams seem like a daunting, involved task. However, in reality, they couldn’t be simpler. Try this recipe!
We talk to Montana State Senator Mike Phillips about devoting half the planet to wildlife.
Get excited, Chipotle fans--your favorite casual Mexican chain is adding a classic Mexican staple to its ranks.
The project is titled: “The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation.” The 10 swings each make different instrumental sounds such as guitar, piano and harp
Combining the exercises and stretching of yoga, Pilates, and ballet, barre classes are growing in popularity.
Despite lingering optimism in what America represents for freedom and self-government, it seems we have outgrown our form of representative democracy.
Wondering how you can be patriotic and stuff your face at the same time? Follow this guide for the essential red, white, and blue foods you should be cooking and eating this Fourth Of July.
Ladies and gentlemen, go-go listen to the Death Valley Girls! They're the L.A.-based band with all the loving tenderness of a buzz saw and a '60's-pop sound with a punk rock kick.
This is just a glimpse of what females in music deal with daily.
If you’re searching for a responsibly produced, 100 percent domestic meat treat, look no further!
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but can imitation do more than flatter--can it help us to truly live in the moment? Thespian Christopher Petit sits down with BTRtoday to discuss how an acting discipline called the Meisner Technique can accomplish exactly that.
Don't be intimidated by restaurant-like meals! You can definitely replicate them within the comfort of your own kitchen. Try these tasty and easy crab cakes!
Admiral Grey is a New York-based singer, bassist, writer, actor, and dancer extraordinaire who appeared this spring in Normandy Sherwood's play Permanent Caterpillar.
BTRtoday gives you the rundown of the three biggest presentations at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, from a slamming new Xbox to exciting developments in virtual reality experiences.
Oil spills are slow-churning environmental disasters, but unless they’re enormous, the media is nowhere to be found.
Food For Thought is a family-run company that consists of James Young, his wife Diana, as well as James’ brother and sister. They make delicious products, with a mindset rooted in sustainability.
Campaign canvassing that aims to reduce voter prejudices toward transgender individuals appears to be working through conversation.
If you’ve tasted the rare and decadent Wagyu beef, chances are you know what all the fuss is about.
BTRtoday speaks with Dave Stieber, a teacher and spoken word poetry coach in Chicago, about why poetry is something worth holding onto.
The Summer Fancy Food Show was a mecca of delicious morsels; teeming with food lovers, distributors, and passionate artisans galore.
We explore a study that demonstrates believing in innate sexual differences is a predictor of sexist attitudes, whether hostile or benevolent.
This pasta salad is as simple as it is delicious!
This year was the 47th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which was considered the beginning of the modern gay rights movement. This year’s parade also held a moment of silence for the recent victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.
Power Plant Fitness founder Jim McAlpine speaks with BTRtoday about opening the first cannabis-friendly fitness center.
Whether or not these speaking patterns are as common to women as people believe, they are not unique to women. Yet people are only hyper-aware of the way women talk, not men. Women are heard for how they speak; men are heard for what they say.
The Nude Party is a HiFi, crazy six-piece band from the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. They're a rambunctious bunch who don't give any f*cks and know how to have fun.
Shhhh...Starbucks' secret it out...and it's purple.
The Illuminati aims to usher in a New World Order, and how will they do that? One word: Beyoncé! Well, maybe. BTRtoday dives into this conspiracy.
Somehow, in the last few years, bread has become the enemy. But not for me!
Aditya Venkat is the founder of K Project, an online mythological web series that attempts to redevelop usually submissive characters into those of courage and strength in an attempt to inspire change in societal perceptions of women.
The Marshal, in Hell's Kitchen, provides food that highlights seasonal flavors. Its sophisticated without being snooty. Yum!
Swiss company Flyability nabbed the UAE's US$1 million Drones For Good Award with its crash-proof drone that can access all the places you don’t want to.
We sit down with Fancy Colors, a band truly for the sake of art. Comprised of Zac Cowell and Dave Heilman, these guys are veterans of the music scene--having worked with artists like Regina Spektor and Of Montreal!
A lucky BTRtoday staffer takes a trip to the Devil’s Tree, one of New Jersey’s most infamous local haunts.
Breakfast is truly the way to massage your feels; there’s something undeniably romantic about a leisurely first meal of the day, enjoyed in the sun with a special someone.
With half of American adults unmarried and 41 percent of children born into this dynamic, the paradigm is slowly shifting. BTR speaks to co-parenting advocate Dawn Pieke, and examines the myth of the nuclear family and the ways in which it is evolving.
Somebody, make the madness stop.
Emilio D’Alessandro served as a personal assistant to film icon Stanley Kubrick for more than 30 years. BTRtoday takes a special look into what the world-renowned director was really like, and some of the most important lessons he imparted to his best friend.
There's something called a Doughrito, and it's very existence makes me want to stab my eyes out, or simply cry for one million years.
Society repeatedly leaves bisexuality out of conversations surrounding human sexuality, often going to absurd lengths to rationalize people into the dichotomy of gay and straight.
Let's be honest, there's nothing better than a simple, whole roasted chicken.
The past week BTR went to the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival in Elmont NY. This historic day of racing dates back to 1868. This year, American thoroughbred race horse "Creator" took home the win for the $1.5 million Belmont Stakes.
Aquaphysical is an English company that aims to capture the physical benefits of working out on the water—literally.
Yoga and wellness tourists by no means get a free pass to do whatever, whenever, in the name of spiritual wellbeing.
Once Monday rolls around, we often feel the weekend's debauchery in our body. Our bones ache and our stomach reels from the inordinate amount of alcohol we've consumed. Try this remedy!
Is it the future already? Apparently, surgeons can operate on you from thousands of miles away by using a robot and/or a computer program! BTRtoday investigates the safe feasibility of this process.
A change to Rule 41 to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure has the potential to vastly increase the scope and ease of government surveillance.
Summer is the season for tomatoes, and for pasta salad, so why not combine the two?
Subtle modifications to users' field of view in virtual reality may aid those who are prone to VR-inspired motion sickness.
On New York, babies, visual art, and pyramids made with Legos.
Since moving to NYC, I haven’t had a toaster. A travesty, I know--what am I supposed to do, eat my bread cold? That’s ludicrous!
BTRtoday speaks with Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor about ReAnima, a groundbreaking trial which aims to reanimate the brains of the dead.
There's nothing better than a big, old cut of steak! Try this delicious recipe that's bursting with flavor. And, while you're at it, pour yourself a cup of whiskey to enjoy at the same time.
For women in our culture, hair often represents security, sexiness, and femininity. Its styling and treatment is also highly associated with professionalism. So what happens when you cut it all off?
Looking for a new starch to spice up your meal? Try Socca! This flat, chickpea bread/pancake is quick to make, tasty, and it's gluten free (in case you or your guests are gluten intolerant!).
The road to good sex is paved with bad sex. Or at least sex that is not the phenomenal stuff of every Nicholas Sparks and Woody Allen movie ever. Sex that, according to conventional social definitions, is lackluster.
This week, BTR went to check out the free bachata dance party in Bryant Park. Every Wednesday by the fountain there is a different style of dance taught to whoever attends. The lessons are accompanied by live musical performances and go from 6PM to 10PM.
Virtual reality solutions company Holodia is using their technology to make cardio workouts more entertaining and engaging.
BeAnotherLab is a collective of artists, programmers, neuroscientists, and social activists that uses VR technology to investigate human empathy.
Rey Pila is the adolescent child of Depeche Mode and David Bowie that was raised by wild Iggy Pop! This week we interview lead singer, Diego Solórzano and listen to their album "The Future Sugar."
Any good chef will tell you that prep work and cleanliness are two of the most important components of making a successful meal. I have one of those things down pat.
BTRtoday investigates the Department of Housing and Urban Development's announcement to cutting millions of dollars in funding to several homeless shelters in New York City, saying it favored permanent housing solutions to transitional ones.
Just because you’re making a side dish, doesn’t mean it should be boring. This is a perfect way to elevate plain old boiled beets, and create a dish that will make your mouth water!
Third party presidential candidates are as old as elections themselves, but the money and organization required to run an effective campaign make it almost impossible to compete.
Originating from Louisiana, the Crawfish Boil is a go-to event to ring in summer in the South.
An agreement with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems to begin testing its unmanned aircraft.
Meet the one-of-a-kind band able to hit everybody somewhere deep down—no matter what genre of music they’re into. They’re called Bad Orb, and they’ll rock your world.
Earlier this week, new evidence regarding the case of Edward Snowden came to light. Radio Dispatch sits down with journalist Marcy Wheeler to discuss.
For many, making dinner is a way to save some money! Not for me.
The dynamics of millennial population shifts are determined by rising costs, familial relationships, suburban upbringings, cultural impact, and much more.
Nature's power bar, the thorn between my toes.
We are raised with a sense of entitlement to the stuff of the American Dream, regardless of how sustainable it is—or isn’t.
A neighborhood Thai place that packs a major punch.
Welcome to the world of exclusive and boutique festivals! No more 100,000 people at a campsite and hour-long waits to get a beer. Smaller music festivals are for the true music lover.
It is bad if I eat my body weight in salmon sashimi?
This week BTR went to pick up some local produce at the Union Square Greenmarket. The market is open every Monday and sells everything from flowers, plants, wine, ciders, maple syrup and more.
London fitness club 1Rebel is rolling out a new program of high intensity spin classes on commuter buses.
Travel may seem like an extravagance that the Millennial simply can’t afford. But with these cost-cutting tips in your everyday life, you can save some major cash, which might go a lot farther somewhere else in the world.
Meet the east coasters who combine dad rock, old-school country, punk, and The Spice Girls to create what is BOYTOY—a NYC-based band that’ll surf their way to the top of your playlist.
Looking from something fresh, quick, and healthy on the grill? Look no further.
With Donald Trump making his way up the polls, we may voluntarily elect a dictator into office—hear from three courageous survivors of past dictatorships.
Whip these up and impress your guests!
BTR speaks with Dr. Phil Rasch of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory about the affect sea spray has on cloud formation.
Some restaurants are just plain perfect.
On space, sonic architecture, big reveals, and snakes coming out of ducks.
Meet Photon, the world’s first robot capable of growing alongside children and teaching them the basics of computer programming.
What is film like from the perspective of the composer, who must tap into these very subtle mechanics, harness magic and elevate the craft? BTR speaks to indie film composer Keegan DeWitt on the body, mind and soul of a film.
Eataly is heaven.
A new study provides surprising revelations and a far greater understanding of population turnover and migration in ancient Europe.
It's summer! Let the sun do the work.
Young men from the US were starved for six months to help experts decide how to treat victims of mass starvation in Europe--What transpired has informed discussions of food deprivation ever since.
What are these things? Don't care, they're so scrumptious.
Egyptologist Helen Strudwick talks about her work in helping to discover the youngest mummified fetus in Ancient Egypt history and how new technologies are transforming how we view the past.
The only exception is dumplings...
This week BTR went to check out the "Parade of Ships," which kicks-off the start of Fleet Week. Many people gathered all along the Hudson river to witness the sailors' grand entrance into Manhattan.
PornHub introduces a new workout program that uses a different kind of motivation to keep people active and exercising.
Traveling solo is particularly important for women, if they have the means and opportunity. It’s also unsurprisingly complicated by gender, though by no means is it irrevocably ruined.
I guess some places live up to the buzz...
Meet Lou and Ben from Winstons, an NYC-based band that has only drums and guitars, accompanied by some heartbreaking rock’n’roll lyrics that are sure to get you movin’ and swoonin’!
Well, not quite sea monkeys, but microorganisms that are tiny, itty bitty shrimp are swimming around in NYC’s tap water.
Microgreens are having a moment.
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. David Hodson, co-author of a study regarding the effects of anti-diabetic medication activated by blue or ultraviolet light, potentially making drug treatment more efficient.
Get your fish nice and smokey on the grill with this simple recipe!
On the heels of the announcement that Germany produced so much renewable energy that it had to pay its consumer base to use it, Portugal powered its lights for four days straight using only renewables.
BTRtoday talks with the creator of New Jersey's “Bernie Man Festival,” a weekend event aimed at culling together a variety of musical performances, arts, and cultural events to promote presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
Lego, the toy meant to inspire creativity in children, is quickly becoming one of the big currencies of a strange criminal underworld.
Easy, tasty, fresh, and healthy!
Professional cycling is well known for its blood doping participants, but a recent discovery of tiny bicycle motors revisits questions of how far athletes will go for an advantage.
Grill everything in sight.
More people will reach the summit of Everest than will climb to the top of an old growth redwood tree. Yet recent explorations have revealed an arboreal universe of extremely tiny life that we've never before noticed--some that previously has been unknown to man.
BTRtoday gets a first-hand account from Sarah Josey, who lives in a tiny home trailer for half of the year in the Alaskan wilderness with her husband Kael and their dog Sulley.
Damn good, damn easy, damn fun to make.
This week BTR went to check out the NYC Cannabis Parade in Union Square.
With America’s growing obesity problem, the lack of physical education in schools is disconcerting.
The Spanish town of Palomares has a grave history from deadly American explosives that once littered the region, but how and why has this been erased from mainstream history?
Try this recipe to accompany a spicy summer meal!
The wildest chicks heading the most badass band you’ll ever hear! This week we talk with Toronto-based band Dilly Dally about their big break, punk rock, and Lady Gaga.
Cosmologists, nuclear physicists, and philosophers gathered at the Hayden Planetarium last month to discuss the very real possibility that we all may live in one big complex computer simulation. Philosopher David Chalmers sat down with BTRtoday to discuss the implications of it all.
More food recalls.
Zooniverse is a citizen science portal that harnesses the powers of the Internet and the human brain to help scientists tackle mountains of data that would otherwise take them decades.
Just because I didn't eat them doesn't mean I don't miss them.
If only someone would invent an ingestible robot to perform a search-and-rescue mission for the innumerable wayward objects that have taken the long tumble down the gullets of the orally curious.
On writing songs about oppression in taxis and why inspiration is a fickle bitch.
Now you can read us on your iPhone and iPad! Check out the BTRtoday app. Life is hard, especially in space, where the odds are truly stacked against you. There are heart and bone changes, sleep disturbances, and muscle ailments associated with space flight. In fact, space is one of the harshest environments known to man, and that’s why it’s particularly exciting to learn that life can not only sustain itself there, but it can thrive. Last month, China Daily reported on a study conducted by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences which showed that mouse embryos aboard the retrievable research satellite SJ-10 had begun to develop in just under 80 hours, advancing from the two-cell stage to the more refined blastocyst stage. This is the same amount of time it takes on Earth. [China Daily;] These findings were captured on a high-resolution camera that took photographs every four hours and sent them back to Earth over the course of four days. Scientists now plan to compare samples from both Earth and abroad in an effort to further analyze the effects of microgravity on embryo development. At launch, SJ-10 carried 6,000 mouse embryos. The last time something on that scale was attempted was in 1996, when NASA sent 49 mouse embryos aboard its STS-80 Spacecraft. Not a single one developed, and no other agency even tried it after that. Not until now. What makes China’s news so remarkable is that it marks the first time that embryos from a mammal have been successfully developed in space. The implications of this are huge for us, since there’s an undeniable human curiosity for journeying to the skies. Whether we roam the universe, scour the planets, or terraform them to meet our own needs, we want to explore. Duan Enkin, the lead researcher behind the study and a professor at the Chinese Academy’s Institute of Zoology, admits that much of this remains far off. “The human race may still have a long way to go before we can colonize the space,” he tells China Daily. He is encouraged by the findings, though. Where before it was unknown whether or not it was possible to survive and reproduce in space, Enkin says it has now been established that early embryo development, what he calls “the most crucial step in our reproduction,” is possible in other environments. How far could this take humans? BTR spoke to renowned UCSC planetary scientist Ian Garrick-Bethell about crossing the next frontier. “This is indeed a crucial first step,” he says, “and it does suggest that humans could one day reproduce and give birth in space.” That could be a significant advantage, especially on long journeys. “Space is the next obvious place for life to expand into,” he says, adding that a successful future will depend on mammals adapting to the harsh conditions through a combination of exercise and “pharmacological countermeasures.” Not surprisingly, most research shows that there are major physical advantages to being born here on Earth. Even so, Garrick-Bethell maintains that there could be “enormous emotional, psychological, intellectual, and other intangible benefits given to people that are born off the planet.” He believes that such benefits could “outweigh the physical benefits by far.” One disadvantage we all surely share is gravity. “It remains to be seen how these mice would develop into adults, and then again how they would survive being exposed to Earth's gravity for the first time," the Garrick-Bethell says. "If these were humans born and raised in weightlessness, would they be able to survive on the planet their spacecraft was destined for?” Space babies could be at a serious loss. “The health consequences of weightlessness are so severe,” he continues, “that many researchers think that it may be required to provide some type of artificial gravity to astronauts on very long missions, like on the main spacecraft in 2001: A Space Odyssey.” These hazards make the prospect of raising people in weightlessness pretty daunting. Garrick-Bethell thinks there are other ways to make it work. One is to create life of our own. He envisions “engineering new organisms,” ones that would live in space more effectively. Another idea is to ship out embryos to develop on their own, free of human intervention. “The idea of sending embryos to other worlds, in place of humans, has been proposed several times,” Garrick-Bethell insists. Under these proposals, embryos would be “frozen in a state of indefinite suspension, at liquid nitrogen temperatures” and grown and raised once they reached their target planet. He says this cosmic fertilization process would involve the use of “some type of surrogate womb.” The advantage of this scenario is that there would no longer be a need to support a living crew for extraordinary stretches of time. Garrick-Bethell theorizes that a crew could be out for “potentially thousands of years as they travel to their destination.” There is also the humanitarian aspect, the idea that we might save lives, but then again, how humane is it to send out helpless animals to fend for themselves? Clearly, there are moral issues, but the professor believes it is worth the cost of life, for the sake of life. “I think it is critical to continue exploring all avenues of developing life that can sustain itself in space.” What makes that spirit uniquely human is the hope that, beyond self-preservation, we are a bridge to something greater than ourselves, to a higher form of existence. “I think the idea of embryos in space is fascinating to people on a visceral level because it does contrast the most promising, fragile symbol of life, with the harshest environment we are aware of,” Garrick-Bethell says. That is an incredible dichotomy and a testament to life in general.
Pricey, delicious...but was it worth it?
The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness commonly reported by astronauts, and it holds the key to a powerful emotion of awe that makes for a fulfilling life.
Ain't no such thing as bad Fried Chicken.
BTRtoday explores the unexplained 1969 NASA file of Apollo 10 astronauts hearing an “eerie” and “unexplainable” musical whistle when passing the dark side of the moon.
Wherever mankind goes, we tend to always leave a mess behind. Unfortunately, even space is no exception.
Meat is amazing. But do I really need it all the time?
Smorgasburg, a wildly popular food market destination that is open every Saturday at East River State Park in Willamsburg.
Learn about Asphalt Green, the first facility in the United States to use PRAMA technology when they introduced the AG6 workout in April.
By offering significantly greater fuel efficiency on top of eliminating numerous health hazards associated with hydrazine, this new space fuel explodes the possibilities for scientific exploration.
Delicious! Easy! Cheap! If you're craving seafood, mussels are the way to go.
Get ready for a band that finally knows how to use that fog machine and light rig properly. Future Punx, a Brooklyn-based band, not only get the vibes just right, but they also rock the stage!
All of a sudden, nothing sounds good. Something is up!
What kind of affect do conditional cash programs have on the women of poor households these programs also aim to empower?
On the spirit of creation and singing beauty through the darkness of loss.
The Click Effect is a mind-blowing VR experience that takes viewers on a live-action free-dive a hundred feet beneath the ocean surface to listen to the clicks and calls of dolphins and sperm whales.
For the past few years, Japan’s population of workers has grown smaller and smaller while the percentage of retirees is becoming larger.
The FDA is moving towards redefining a set of standards for healthy food that have been around since the 1990s.
BTRtoday examines the harsh criticism of Rihanna’s hit single “Work” and the general unjust characterization of marginalized languages.
Pine nuts are delicious! But seriously what are they...
A recent study found that nearly three quarters of the world’s small island nations will experience increased aridity due to climate change in the coming years, posing a newly understood threat to their survival.
Filling, tasty, and warm. Cook this up when you wanna get full--really, really full!
BTRtoday chats with herpetologist Brady Barr, from National Geographic's "Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr," about his trip to the terrifying Snake Island.
Stuff your face with this delicious recipe for rich, stewed meat!
The Holi Hai Festival, aka "Festival of Colors," is a celebration of Spring, the joy of friendship, and equality for all. The event was hosted by NYC Bhangra dance company.
Lindsay Istace has created a new form of yoga that encourages participants to yell, swear, and let loose.
The palpable excitement with Breakthrough Starshot comes from our enduring fascination with extraterrestrial intelligence.
Yazan, is the most well-rounded musician you'll find anywhere in NYC, maybe even the world! His bluesy vibes and guitar riffs don't keep him from exploring all kinds of new musical mediums.
This sandwich is the perfect way to use up some neglected ingredients you've got lying around.
Ecological economics is a burgeoning field of study that aims to integrate practical, efficient natural processes for human betterment and well-being.
Times Square is terrifying, but free BBQ is heavenly.
There are lots of ways to get high. One of them is drilling a hole in your skull, then hoping for the best, and it’s called trepanation. Some argue that this ancient, and wacky, procedure can yield life-changing results.
Don't know what that veggie is? Too bad.
On touring with The Counting Crows and a May residency in New York City!
Part two of BTRtoday's coverage of the virtual reality experiences showcased at the 2016 TFI Interactive Playground.
Don’t know what to do with those relics from your past relationships that just seem to cause you pain now? Get rid of them by anonymously sending them to the Museum of Broken Relationships!
If your veggie burger bleeds, is it still vegetarian?
Extreme anti-Trump demonstrators walk a tenuous line when their freedom to assemble interferes with free speech.
Happy Cinco De Mayo! Let's get drunk!
Something was in the air. The '90s had the perfect conditions to support bold rock bands like the Pixies, Nirvana and Faith No More. Some ended on a high note, others overstayed their welcome. BTR takes a look back at this curious period and the bands that shaped it.
A homeless Italian man was sentenced to six months in jail for stealing cheese.
Mass bleaching as a result of climate change remains the most serious threat to the Great Barrier Reef. What does this mean for the reef and how can we fix it?
These beautiful buggers taste good too.
TechDay was held at Pier 94 in Manhattan, had over 30,000 attendees, and featured over 550 innovative technology-related startups and companies.
Fitness review website FitRated found that gym equipment is teeming with germs, and could give gym-goers more than they bargained for.
The reaction of mainstream media outlets on the Panama Papers refuses to address our own domestic tax corruption in favor of safely distant, more digestible, international gossip.
Why is it that the youngest foods always taste the best?
Grab your dad and your drugs, because on this week's Discovery Corner we're talking to the Brooklyn-based psych-punk band Acid Dad!
The pesticides that are sprayed over cotton fields can be found in the tampons and pads you're using. Does this mean your feminine hygiene products are poisonous? BTRtoday explores the risk.