Boozeless doesn’t need to be boring. For everyone out there who has chosen to curb their drinking this New Year’s, BTR has rounded up a few fun tips to help you survive your sober celebration.
A hangover on New Years Day seems like an inevitable, if not horribly depressing, beginning to each new year. But 2016 doesn’t have to begin in a shame spiral! Use this tips to avoid your hangover altogether.
Every New Year we create a list of resolutions, but more often than not we struggle to complete them. Is it really healthy to demand these expectations of ourselves?
BTR’s burrito connoisseur gives you her five favorite bites from this year.
The new year brings a fresh start, and we list five New Year’s Resolutions most make (and break) in a hope to aspire toward some positive changes in the new year.
The deep dark days of winter bring with them bone-chilling effects. Luckily, though, there’s a healthy, effective way to warm your bones--with bones!
This week BTR went to check out the Bergdorf Goodman “Brilliant” holiday windows on 754 5th Ave--the theme this year seemed to be crystals and bling, in great abundance.
Whether you’re a hardcore professional or simply a casual fan, fitness expos are the preeminent events for scoring free exercise gear, learning about the newest industry trends, meeting celebrity experts, and watching the most grueling competitions.
This cozy dish is perfect comfort food for the deep dark days of winter. It’s aromatic, filing, and the type of yummy that keeps you coming back for seconds, and licking your plate clean.
BTR chats with Tenenbaums, a dream rock trio from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The group shares some of their new sounds they'll be experimenting with, including synths, on their upcoming release.
Wasn’t New Year's, like, yesterday? Where does the time go? While the years may not actually pass any faster, our perception drastically shifts as we age, giving us the illusion that time moves faster and faster.
Take a break anywhere, anytime, with these tips on incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine.
A favorite amongst BTR's Hannah Sutker's college roommates, this recipe takes up minimal time and is comprised of only four ingredients. It’s the perfect snack at a party or on game day!
A few weeks back, I posted a lukewarm review of Samurai Papa. But Mama is back in town, and she sure as hell knows what she’s doing.
If television mirrors reality, we can conclude that the winter holidays are a time for joy, giving, and unavoidable disaster. BTR relives some of the best TV holiday catastrophes to help you avoid your own seasonal meltdown.
An Austin-based software design firm has invented “smart tattoos” that can monitor health activity and authorize purchases.
BTR catches up with two members of 'Nuf Said, a five-piece, world-touring funk and jazz band based in New York City.
You might be in the mood to cook your loved ones an elaborate meal this Christmas. Unfortunately, sometimes creating a feast ends up causing you more stress than joy, which is the last thing anybody needs during the holidays. Follow these simple tips for a seamless dinner.
BTR speaks with employees who work on Christmas Day to learn why a quarter of Americans clock-in during the holidays and struggle to balance time for family.
In college, Rebecca Chodorkoff and friends fondly invented a signature cocktail, aptly named The Hotface, because of the uncomfortable facial flush it provoked upon consumption. Today, she elevates the Hotface, bringing it to heights that far exceed its’ former glory.
’Tis the season to regift that thing you got last season! From pickles to not-weed, BTR staffers talk about the worst gifts they have ever received.
This recipe is perfect when you want a simple, delicious meal that doesn't require too much prep!
For those experiencing anything but holiday cheer, here are some simple tips to beat the holiday blues, save money, and save face.
It turns out that giving a present isn't just good for karma; here's how spending money on experiences and other people can lead to happiness.
As winter’s cold embrace envelops the state of New York, we seek shelter in dishes that provide comfort through warmth (and butter). Try BTR'S Hannah Sutker's killer recipe for pesto!
This week BTR went to see the Macy’s Holiday Windows in Herald Square--their holiday windows have been a cherished tradition for years.
Whether motivated by holiday-induced weight gain or by alcoholic benders, even the laziest among us can fall into harmful fad diets around the new year. However, these diets aren’t an effective means of losing weight.
It’s remarkable how much you can drown out the sound of your family fighting about Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton with the sound of your own chewing.
Today marks Winter Solstice, the shortest, darkest day of the year. It’s a turning point, though, as tomorrow our sun will shine brighter, our days will grow longer, our depression less severe (hopefully).
BTR catches up with Brooklyn-based improvisational artist Ben Seretan. He's traded coasts, instruments, and passions on a quest to rediscover happiness.
Cozy up with some egg nog and a blanket; Here's a selection of some of the most memorable poems about dusk that you can read until dawn.
This holiday season, for the sake of your loved ones, keep your food to yourselves! Because if BTR's Rebecca Chodorkoff sees one more picture of slice of pie that she can’t eat, she's going to lose it.
Daybreaker is the best party you’ve never heard of, and the reason you’ll never want to sleep in again.
Nothing gets me going quite like cheap tacos on a summer’s day at the beach. But cheap tacos on an unseasonably warm winter night with two charming co-workers, that ain’t so bad either.
According to some futurists, we may be on the cusp of a “post-smartphone era” in which personal computing enters the next logical stage in its evolution: wearable drones.
BTR chats with New York-based rocker Anna Rose about her rock roots, constantly evaluating your surroundings, and her forthcoming release.
The nocturnal staffers who clock in after the sun sets sacrifice time with their families--but how are they also surrendering their health?
Wraps are a food that should hence-forth cease to exist, and here’s why. Wraps are one of those faux-healthy choice options which offers no redeeming factors.
This drink will wake you up and give you a buzz at the same time! Try the Amalfi Sunrise.
Some psychologists say that late risers are more intelligent. Several studies corroborate such assessments, linking higher intelligence with nocturnal tendencies.
NYC restaurant tycoon Danny Meyer recently announced that he is going to end tipping in his establishments.
New York City’s resident Rocky Horror Shadow Cast performs in a galaxy far, far away. Midnight performances typically consist of sex jokes, flying toast, and rowdy audiences drunk on cheap booze.
BTR lists 10 of our favorite film scenes that take place in the twilight hour. (Warning: Major Spoilers!)
There's a fair share of controversy surrounding the bagel; find out where Dish and Drink stands on some of the bagel's greatest debates.
This week BTR went to check out the Wired Interactive Window--a place where visitors can use a touchscreen display and build their perfect wish lists for the holidays.
Many busy gym-goers rely on protein bars for a conveniently portable snack, but these supposedly healthy foods may actually conceal detrimental amounts of sugar.
There are a lot of delicious foods to look forward to this holiday season, why waste your time on the gross stuff!?
Op-Ed: It is not the cold that bothers me--it is the dark days of winter.
BTR chats with Baltimore-Based indie rockers, The Milestones. They draw from a variety of influences, including ambient rock, blues, and alternative.
When it’s not working out, should you simply ghost out?
Faro in Bushwick, though a newcomer to the scene, has collected quite a few accolades during its short but influential run. It was only right that Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff make the trip and decide for herself.
How the first electric fridge emerged after the Great Depression to promote modernism through consumption.
Chicken Jazz Turntable (yes, that is the real name of this restaurant) can be found on the second floor of an unassuming building in K-Town.
Move over diamonds--DNA is the new forever. A new line of hyper-personalized jewelry lets you wear your lover’s fossilized genetic code like a mosquito caught in amber.
BTR catches up with singer-songwriter Alec Chambers to chat about what learning piano on YouTube was like!
Journalist and blogger James Renner speaks with BTR about the power of online interactive journalism to uncover cold case murders.
For your next Holiday Party, try my mom’s go-to simple dish for a potluck: Garlic Feta Dip with Roasted Red Peppers. It’s easy as can be, and downright delicious.
From funny phrases to powerful poems, Magnetic Poetry helps inspire the writer within us all. BTR chats with the creator of Magnetic Poetry.
This Thirsty Thursday, drink the pain away people. Or, more accurately, drink the pain of an absolute stranger, or friend, as you add distilled human tears to your cocktail of choice.
The common belief that asexuality equates to frigidity encourages a negative understanding of sexuality.
Get your kids involved in the kitchen! It might little scary or irresponsible to give a kid a knife and say “Mince this garlic for me,” but there are plenty of ways to get youngsters involved in the kitchen that won’t end in bloodshed.
The Board of Health in New York recently passed a controversial provision which would force New York restaurant chains to label items that exceed a sodium limit--they are now facing a lawsuit.
BTR staffers share the worst jokes they've ever heard.
This week BTR went to check out the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, a well recognized symbol of the holidays in NYC.
The existence of this fitness trend still confuses gym-goers: is it simply a color statement, or something more?
In the United States, approximately 10,000 women will be diagnosed yearly and 3,700 people will die from cervical cancer.
BTR chats with Brooklyn based band Infinity Girl about their sophomore LP and their plans for a future release.
It's time for the 8 Days of Hanukkah! Here’s a list of as many tasty Jewish foods as there are nights of the Holiday, each miraculously delicious in their own right.
The adorable pictographs are no longer just an afterthought designed to spruce up our texts.
Last month, Chipotle had a significant E. Coli scare, during which they were forced to temporarily close 43 of their storefronts in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, the company may be rethinking their commitment to locally sourced ingredients.
Are you sick of reading Ramen? Too bad. Because Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff has developed a rating system, and she won't stop until she finds the perfect bowl.
How artists are enriching daily routines with literature.
A new invention lets you watch tomorrow’s weather forecast play out inside of a magical glass case.
On the nostalgia of doo-wop and technology’s ability to capture the past.
The FDA has approved GMO AquAdvantage Salmon for sale and consumption, and asserted that it has no foreseeable ramifications health ramifications. However, due to reasonable concern, some of the country’s most influential grocers are opting out.
Reflecting on the lost art of writing letters and the value of print over digital.
BTR staffers take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to see if the results align with their own perceptions of themselves.
169 Bar is one of those places that Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff knew about before it was cool. Check it out!
In the spirit of Holiday cheer, our favorite candy company, Reese’s, released a limited edition peanut butter cup in the shape of what they claimed to be a Christmas Tree. But what customers found didn't quite make their mouths water.
BTR accidentally went to a nude resort and shot a bow and arrow.
Researchers propose a new way to classify habitable alien worlds.
How can we feast happily and healthily this holiday season, and help others to do the same?
This week BTR went to check out the Union Square Holiday Market; the market is open until Dec. 24th, 2015.
Unless you want to look like a Minotaur, you might want to listen up.
So, what’s in a type? Research reveals the failure of online dating in creating truly compatible matches.
BTR chats with the lead singer of We Leave At Midnight about their upcoming sophomore release.
A new study suggests that there's no such thing as "good" and "bad" foods. Find out why your roommate can eat ice-cream at midnight and you can't.
BTR talks with a leading nano-scientist about turning a long-awaited dream into reality.
BTR’s burrito connoisseur dishes about her 100th burrito.
Mechanical micro-robots that imitate bees could one day pollinate crops.
BTR's Rebecca Chodorkoff explores one of Chinatown's many hidden gems.
BTR catches up with the pop-rock band East Love to chat about their creative process and their future plans.
A new bikini helps you clean the oceans as you swim.
What if the tables were to turn? Some female lawmakers hope to find out.
If you're truly basking in post Thanksgiving laziness, stick to your classic leftover standards, like turkey sandwiches or soup. But if you want to get creative, try thinking a little outside the tupperware box! Here are a few innovative ideas for dealing with your full fridge!
The Holidays are tough: How does one maintain a hearty buzz without A. Falling asleep, B. Being labeled the family alcoholic or C. Sobering up in time for dessert. The key is variety, and frequency! Follow this helpful guide to a booze-filled journey to Turkey-town.
BTR staffers determine whether or not intimacy can be created through staring into one another’s eyes.
BTR rounds up the best "Mirrorgrams" of of the world!
There are so many things to love about Thanksgiving dinner, but here are a few of our favorites! BTR staffers tell you what they look forward to every year.
On Thanksgiving, it seems like everybody insists on hanging around the kitchen, offering to “help.” Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and relinquish just the tiniest bit of control. Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff tells you how deal with having too many cooks in the kitchen.
Panasonic’s interactive mirror reveals novel capabilities to the near future of home appliances.
This week BTR went to check out the McCarren Park Greenmarket, a farmers market that has been held every week since 1997.
BTR chats with multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vazquez (Fair Coyote) about the creative process for his debut EP.
In Holiday times, many households look forward to leftovers almost as much as Thanksgiving dinner itself, but what about all of the leftovers that don’t get eaten. Filmmakers Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin explore.
Sherry Turkle, founder of MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, sets out to encourage greater reflection on technology’s ability to shape our human identity.
BTR visited Shia LaBeouf’s event #AllMyMovies at the Angelika Theater, where the actor committed to watching a marathon stretch of his own films accompanied by fans.
Lately, Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff has been embracing the homespun brunch. This is especially true when it comes to Scrambled Eggs. Follow these simple tips to get perfect scrambled eggs.
Some South Koreans gorge meals via webcam for adoring fans.
A sister restaurant to Williamsburg's Samurai Mama, named Samurai Papa, resides nearby in Bushwick. Does it measure up? Read to find out.
The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is the newest trend in fitness, but does it really work?
BTR chats with Emma Witmer about her teen angst-inspired debut and the beauty hidden in junk shops.
Netflix and Hulu have given us everything we’ve ever dreamt of, and it’s killing us inside.
Some might call this genre “comfort food,” but let’s be honest, nobody eats it when they’re comfortable. These depression foods might just be worth the tears, though. So buck up everybody, your life might suck but at least pizza exists.
From bacon eggnog to bacon-wrapped avocado fries, it doesn’t get any more gluttonous than this.
On a quiet evening, visit Randolph Beer, in Nolita. It's the perfect cozy place to unwind after a tough week.
BTR lists the five best meals in the world that are absolutely worth the plane ticket price to indulge in.
A B&J’s ice-cream without dairy? Preposterous. D+D's Rebecca Chodorkoff tells you why a vegan Ben & Jerry's line is total malarkey.
From sushi to traditional Indian dishes--learn the multitude of ways Americans butcher cultural cuisines and food etiquettes from all over the world.
Oh, dumpling, my dumpling, you make my heart sing. I’d rather eat you than most anything!
BTR went to check out “Scenario In The Shade"--an immersive installation created by artists Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe and Jennifer Herrema.
Are you sick of whey and soy powder yet? In a market saturated with whey and soy-based products, alternative forms of protein are rising in popularity.
BTR’s only native Texan explores the treacherous world of Yankee Barbeque.
BTR chats with Lucien Fraipont of Brussels-based band Robbing Millions about their upcoming debut.
The strange persistence of competitive eating contests for the sake of sadistic entertainment.
From ouija boards and pagan rituals to run-ins with potential murderers, BTR staffers share their strangest moments. Buckle up, it's going to get weird...again.
Remember lunch you guys? It’s that meal that falls around midday, every day, and I believe that it even used to happen on weekends, before the advent of all-things-brunch. It’s an atavistic concept, but, by golly, it just might be worth a shot.
BTR staffers share their strangest moments; buckle up because it’s going to get weird. From people peeing in the streets to sleeping on stairways, the world sure is awkward.
BTR's Rebecca Chodorkoff says there's no good Mexican food in Manhattan. According to her, Tortilla Flats, located at 767 Washington Street, is no exception. But that doesn't mean it ain't fun.
BTR chats with Brooklyn-based band Animal Years about recording in a cabin in the woods and where they got their very unusual and awesome name!
The small city of Trikala, Greece, recently entered into the second phase of its trial with eco-friendly driverless buses. Developers hope to observe how the technology will respond to the presence of cars, cyclists, and stray animals.
Super Week: Super strength, super speed, super sight: you name it, and Mother Nature delivers. From invincibility to invisibility, BTR takes a closer look at the super freaks of the animal kingdom.
Here’s an update for those concerned with the bitter battle of the holiday cups. This story is already getting far more attention than it deserves, (which, realistically, is probably none) but here is some more for good measure.
Starbucks dared to remove tiny reindeers and tacky little tree ornaments from their holiday season coffee cups, opting instead for plain red. And some folks ain't happy about it.
Super Week - BTR staffers weigh in on their favorite crime-fighting, planet-saving superheroes. Surprisingly, Batman and Superman didn't make the list!
Super Week - How an online magazine immerses itself in different cultures to unearth buried stories. Founder of The Velvet Rocket sits down to chat with BTR about immersion journalism.
In three short weeks, Bravo’s wildly successful cooking show Top Chef returns for its 13th season. Do you love cooking competition shows, but you’re tired of being outside of the action? Here are some fit-for-TV dinner party themes, just in time for the return of your favorite show to binge on.
BTR chats with the founder of Punk Talks, a project that provides mental health services to touring musicians who struggle with anxiety or depression.
Does the thought of a raw, vegetarian meal make you gag? Do sad salad bars make your blood boil? Read about why BTR's Rebecca Chodorkoff might finally hate vegetables.
Super Week: The new series “One-Punch Man” revives superhero story lines and sets the stage for a new anime genre. Read on to find out what it is and why it works!
PHOTOBLOG: This Week, BTR went to check out the French Bulldog Meetup at the McCarren Dog Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Simple techniques to transform any travel accommodations into a gym using only what’s in your carry-on.
Glenn Donaldson tells BTR about sketchy Craigslist communion and the importance of supporting quality songwriters. He also speaks of his prolific band, The Skygreen Leopards.
By either cultural or nutritional hidden consequences, some foods are not as benign as you've been lead to believe. Why you should rethink making these “Superfoods” a staple of your daily diet.
How does the lack of language to translate highly advanced technology and sciences affect our ability to become active participants in where they will lead society’s future?
Pies ’n' Thighs is a Southern comfort food joint with locations in Williamsburg and, more recently, on the Lower East Side/Chinatown border. Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff has been eating there for years, and it never disappoints. If you’re darn hungry and don’t mind being incapacitated after a super heavy brunch, make the trip.
Synergy Week – Some predict that robophilia is the way of the future, while others argue against the ethics of sex robots. It’s hard to say for certain what year the practice could, should, or would eventually settle into society’s status quo--or by what terms tomorrow’s haters will bash it.
Thousands of years ago, the only animals capable of hunting giant herbivores were equally gigantic carnivores. Get an up close and personal look at these crazy beasts!
Every true love story begins with tragedy and strife, and BTR's Rebecca Chodorkoff's newly blossoming romance with Chiang Mai restaurant in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is no exception.
Google recently patented a new design for a solar-powered, communication-enabled contact lens. Google has been careful to report to the press that this does not necessarily mean that the technology will develop into a consumer product.
Listening to Worthless, the effervescent brainchild of Curtis Godino, is a bit like watching one of the madcap’s liquid light shows. Warped reflections of instrumentation echo and burble to the surface; harmonies stretch like endless taffy into the land of ebb and flow.
Light, lemony, and a little spicy; this seafood pasta is the perfect way to highlight freshly caught ingredients. The flavors are simple and classic, best enjoyed with a couple of bottles of white wine and some friends for company.
Synergy Week - Research reveals that Europeans and Asians received a portion of their DNA from Neanderthals. But just how much exactly, and how?
BTR heads to Fest 14 and checks in with a few fans who make this punk pilgrimage year after year. The show featured popular headliners like Andrew WK, The Menzingers, and Weston, a Philly-based four-piece who reunited for this event after being inactive for the last five years.
Everybody has their go-to cheap well drink of choice when they go out. But what does it reveal about who they are? Keep this guide in the back of your mind when navigating the bar this weekend; it just might help you meet some worthwhile folks, and avoid some unsavory ones.
Synergy Week - Have you ever wondered why the X-Men can fight alongside the Avengers and Spider-Man in Marvel Comics but not on the big screen? Here's a breakdown of the reason why that is: comic book character movie rights.
Synergy Week - How climate change means more wine festivals. New research into what attracts millennials to wine has surprising results.
This week Chipotle hit a rough patch when an E. Coli outbreak was traced back to the stores in the Pacific Northwest. Is your burrito worth the risk?
Since it was released in 1993, Tim Burton's ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas' has amassed a cult following, and prompted a divisive debate: is the stop-motion film a Halloween or Christmas movie? The feature's director has weighed in, but does he really have the final say?
Synergy Week - Along with exercise and good nutrition, proper sleep is one of the key components to a healthy and productive lifestyle. This fact is slowly but surely being recognized by the business world, and many companies are adopting revolutionary “sleep on the job” practices.
Anthony Bourdain has released a prequel to his graphic novel 'Get Jiro!'. The outrageous, gory and absolutely over-the-top comic is now on bookshelves near you.
PHOTOBLOG: This week BTR went to Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea to check out the Simon Hantai exhibit, Blancs. The exhibition will run until December 5, 2015.
Here’s the run-down on the must-have marathon gear from the 2015 NYC Marathon Health and Wellness Expo.
It’s not without a hint of irony that the Brooklyn trio Dances--who self-admittedly “formed from the skull of a rat”--can trace their roots back to a far gentler image of serendipity.
Get over your post-Halloween blues with this rigorous Dish + Drink retox regimen!
Synergy Week - The Quantified Self movement believes that to know the numbers behind behavior is to allow for healthier decisions on physical and mental wellbeing. These quantifiers are utilizing self-tracking technology to measure all the different facets of life.
The extravagance of brunch can be trying on the pocketbook of a twenty-something, who may or may not have drained the last of their week’s paycheck on whiskey sours and late night tacos. So every once in a while you just have to bite the bullet and make your own gosh-darn brunch.
Mystery Week - In Sulawesi, Indonesia, researcher Jacob Esselstyn found something quite curious in his trap. A furry rodent possessed a pink snout resembling that of a hog; underneath, its lower incisor teeth were remarkably lengthy.
Mystery Week - To the naked eye, the place looks no different than any of the other looming office buildings or retail spaces. But unlike its slumbering neighbors, there’s something quite different lurking on the second floor of 163 Varick Street in Manhattan, NYC.
BTR's Samantha Spoto is burrito-ing her way through the seasons. Read as she recounts her October round-up.
Engineers at Texas A&M have prototyped a wearable motion-sensor device that translates American Sign Language into English.
Zen Anton is a songwriter who cuts straight to the marrow. His music carries an honesty that shrugs in the face of vulnerability, bearing all for the listener--who might struggle to disentangle the bones from guitar strings. It’s clear that this form of storytelling is a part of him, and that there is nothing else he would rather choose.
BTR's Rebecca Chodorkoff has a strict "No cheese left behind" policy. It is enforced with a strong hand. Simply put: she loves cheese, and you should to. Here are a few that you need to taste.
Snow leopards remain one of the least-researched big cats on the planet, but with the aid of key technologies, researchers come closer than ever to understanding these elusive animals.
In the second installment of his experience taking Addium during a 30-day trial period, BTR staffer Zach Schepis talks about whether or not the experimental pills provided him with boosted cognition. He also reflects on the withdrawal experienced from caffeine addiction.
After a long day, there’s almost nothing more satisfying than cracking open a bottle of beer or wine, sitting down, and putting your feet up, but some take this procedure a step further and extol the benefits of the “booze bath”--which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
Grandma’s Apple Pie Shots are an interactive drink that require multiple coordinated instigators and a willing participant. They’re also shockingly delicious.
Sometimes your body needs a break from all that alcohol. That’s when you drink wine, babies! Sweet, sweet wine. Because we all know that doesn’t really count, right?
Mystery Week - Magical Mystery Tours will book your next vacation without telling you the details until the airport. BTR sat down with Denise Chaykun to talk about mystery travel and how she and her husband ended up in the French Riviera a few weeks ago.
American college students believe themselves to be less empathetic than previous generations. Maybe the media and rapidly developing technology have played a role in making young people feel that they are more self-absorbed and disconnected from others.
This is the ultimate harvest dish for fall. Savory, sweet, and hearty, this squash dish is the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken or lamb.
Mystery Week - It seems that for as much as we know, there is even more that we do not. Scientists may have discovered water on Mars, but is there life? We know there’s life on Earth, but how did it originate?
PHOTOBLOG: This week, BTR went to check out the 25th annual Halloween Dog Parade at Tompkins Square Park. The park was filled with people and their pooches, dressed to the nines in homemade costumes.
There is almost nothing better than freshly baked bread right out of the oven, smothered with butter. It’s time to stop depriving yourself of this daily joy! Here are a couple of quick breads that you can make with ingredients that are probably already lying around your kitchen.
It’s true that Heartracer are unabashedly retro at their very essence, tapping into the ‘80s mainstream vein like true artisans of nostalgia. But it’s an homage that manages to expand beyond mere imitation of its predecessors.
Mystery Week - Next summer, the world's tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster will open: The Velravn in Cedar Point, Ohio. But what exactly is it that makes us as humans so eager to get on board these seemingly life-threatening rides?
Fear Week - Millennials are often labeled “entitled,” “lazy,” or “spoiled.” Despite these opinions, being young is no joke--in fact, being a Millennial is extremely scary.
Looking for something different in your weekly brunch? Try Meme Mediterranean, in the West Village. BTR's Rebecca Chodorkoff did, and she doesn't regret it.
It seems like New York City has a ramen spot on every corner. But the dish’s prevalence doesn’t temper Rebecca Chodorkoff's constant cravings, or her willingness to try new places in her search for the perfect bowl. Recently, she tried Yuji Ramen, in Williamsburg. Things got fishy.
Fear Week - There are as many fears as there are people in the world--in fact, it may be fair to say there are even more fears than individuals since each person can be afraid of more than one thing. In honor of discussing our fears, some BTR staff members have faced their phobias to explain where they come from or why they feel such fright.
Scientists prepare for the world’s first in-womb stem cell trial. They have the unprecedented opportunity to treat pernicious conditions like brittle bone disease by restoring damaged or altogether deficient tissues.
New York City has started to wind down after another successful CMJ Music Marathon, but the buzz around certain bands continues to linger. One band in particular caught the attention of us here at BTR, an alternative foursome originally from West Palm who have found their way into the Brooklyn scene called Hypoluxo.
Fear Week - Due to an incredibly rare form of brain damage, a woman known as SM is entirely immune to the feeling of fear. SM suffers from Urbach-Wiethe disease, an extremely rare condition that causes the hardening of the temporal lobes due to calcium deposits in the brain.
The New York Mets are on the upswing, and they’re nipping at the heels of a miracle. In honor of the unlikely trajectory of these underdogs, acclaimed Brooklyn-based ice cream shop Ample Hills Creamery created a delicious limited edition flavor: Party Like It's 1986.
BTR writer Zach Schepis decides to try an experimental new brain-enhancing drug called Addium in the first part of an ongoing series. Very little research is available on the supplement; only first-hand experience will tell.
One of the easiest ways to elevate a delicious cocktail is by infusing your liquor base. Infusions are simple and versatile--limited only by your own imagination. So brainstorm your flavors and start experimenting! You’ll be enjoying your sophisticated concoctions for months to come.
Fear Week - Ysabelle Cheung writes and archives sounds to reconcile her fear in becoming deaf after she was diagnosed with a rare disease.
Dish + Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff sits down for a slice with Corey Mintz and Tim Reitzes, two of the creators of 'The New York Pizza Project': a lush, coffee table photography book documenting classic New York City slice shops.
Fear Week - In honor of the upcoming holiday (which is Halloween not Christmas--by the way--put away the damn music) BTR has scoured the Earth, or at least the internet, to find the scariest places to visit... if you dare!
The monthly CatLadyBox comes curated with an assortment of feline-themed commodities like jewelry, accessories, makeup, books, and other kitty-cat knick-knacks.
The doughnut is one of those guilty pleasures that almost everybody can relate to; it speaks to the child in all of us. And nobody says it better than Brooklyn-based doughnut shop, Dough, who celebrated their one year anniversary in Flatiron last week.
Fear Week - Fear is a natural and necessary element of survival but must be tamed on a large scale. But how does fear manifest itself, and why is it so difficult to overcome even when we know it’s irrational?
PHOTOBLOG: This week BTR went to see the Mike Kelley exhibition at Hauser & Wirth. This show featured an array of the late Los Angeles artist's work, namely his illuminated “City” sculptures and a sprawling installation that has never been exhibited before in the US.
It’s fall, and that means it’s time for squash and pumpkins, and yes, it’s time to start gearing up for the holidays.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit premature, but Latkes, (potato pancakes traditionally served during Hanukkah) can and should be enjoyed year round.
Fear Week - Tracing the evolution of fear tactics that have taken root in the presentation of our daily news cycles. David Altheide tells us about how a history of violence conveyed through the media has come to isolate our society.
For Richmond, Virginia’s pop-bombastic The Trillions, the progression from their debut 'Tritones' to last January’s 'Superposition' is the difference of three years and one hell of a musical evolution.
Last Sunday, I visited the delicious Bed Stuy haunt SCRATCHbread to eat one of my favorite breakfasts ever for what would be the last time. Unfortunately, the Oct. 11 was their last day in operation because the business went under. I write this review as a PSA to SCRATCHBread to rethink their decision, and a plea to patrons of this incredible hole-in-the-wall to band together and find a way to reverse this unfortunate turn of events.
Bond Week - Anti-panda animosity looms amongst individuals critical of conservation efforts. While some argue that pandas exhibit poor dietary and sexual practices, others claim that the creatures are largely misunderstood.
Bond Week - There are many ways to bond with those around you. Perhaps you share a love of TV or a love of coffee (or maybe a love of both). Here are the many ways in which BTR staffers bond with their friends and family.
The ambience, service, and food at Black Tree on the Lower East Side were all extraordinarily above average, and the rotating menu means that each week there is something new to try. Dish + Drink writer Rebecca Chodorkoff knows where she's going on her next date; Black Tree is worth visiting, and absolutely worth returning to.
Doctors save babies with first-ever 4D-printed biodegradable implants. Three infant boys who suffered from a life-threatening respiratory condition called tracheobronchomalacia are alive today.
Illa J, the brother of late hip-hop artist J Dilla, has released his long-awaited, self-titled sophomore album, produced by the Canadian production duo Potatohead People (made up of Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical)--and it is exceptional.
Fish is one of those things that is deceptively easy to cook yet also deceptively impressive. One of Dish+Drink writer Rebecca Chodorkoff's favorite ways to cook fish is en papillote, or “in parchment,” a French technique which more or less ensures that flavor and moisture will be infused into your fillet. The flavoring in this particular recipe should provide a balance of richness, zest, and just a hint of sweetness and spice.
Bond Week - The unique history behind James Bond series writer Ian Fleming’s Jamaican estate may be a mystery to many. The Goldeneye estate and other tourist destinations offer a taste of the secret-agent experience.
Hanji, traditional Korean paper made from mulberry bark, is a centuries-old material. Last week, several experts discussed the ways in which the paper can be utilized.
Bond Week - As psychology theorist Abraham Maslow posited in his 1943 paper, “A Theory of Human Motivation,” humans have a fundamental need to emotionally connect with one another. Recent research suggests that need might actually be critical to our health, and how experiencing high-stress situations with others can strengthen bonds.
The beer-cocktail is an alcoholic treat that is criminally under explored. But beer-based mixed drinks hold their own, and definitely deserve some more love and range. The Penny Loafer is a beer mixed drink that is mature, and refreshing: a drink that your grandfather would enjoy while sitting on his porch in Florida, in a rocking chair, watching the sunset.
Bond Week - Studies show that humans engage in flock behavior more often than we think. Stand on the corner of Fifth Ave and 49th Street for an hour and you’ll see thousands of people passing through Rockefeller Center, walking alone or moving in hordes.
Last week, October 5-11th, themed events and food popped up all over New York City in celebration of Comic Con and Super Week. Acclaimed sandwich shop No. 7 Subs, was no exception, rolling out their You Fight To Win Guardian Sub. Dish + Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff braved the unknown and tasted it.
Boston-based artist Jenine Shereos chats about knitting hair into leaf shapes. Auburn strands intricately tie into an outline of an autumnal oak leaf, while a series of maple renditions appear to have been sourced from the scalp of a brunette.
Put away your tank-tops, your cut-offs, your whimsical floral dresses. Instead, break out the sweatpants and sip on some red wine while your cooking pot does all the work. It’s sweater weather and these are the best, laziest one-pot meals perfect for the season.
Bond Week - Companion makes sure users never walk home alone, but there are some bugs in the app. BTR reviews the features.
PHOTOBLOG: This week BTR went to check out Comic Con, one of New York’s biggest and most attended pop culture conventions. Costume wearing enthusiasts can be seen all around the west side heading to and from the Javits Center, where they can indulge in all things comic-related.
Four best friends from Richmond, Virginia, comprise the rock collective known as Manatree. In some capacity or another they’ve been writing music for nearly a decade now. A couple of the members have even known one another since preschool.
Bond Week - Everyone is familiar with mushrooms, with their stems and caps serving as the poster children for fungi worldwide. Research suggests that mushrooms can create underground networks to help plants communicate.
When the weather turns cold, I always start to miss my mom’s cooking. So I called to find out what Mama Chodorkoff is making for dinner, and how to replicate it.
Mobile Week - Institutes and individuals embrace digitization for cultural preservation. Libraries and museums have evolved with the times, as have artists.
Last month was National Bourbon Heritage Month, but because it was so hot here in the Northeast, we were focusing on drinks a bit more refreshing and less potent. Now that the transitional weather is finally upon is, we can celebrate bourbon for autumn, while still enjoying the last bits of warm weather that are still lingering.
Mobile Week - When you search the hashtag #Vanlife on Instagram, nearly 300,000 photos and videos appear. A curated collection of camper vans beside golden, Rocky Mountain landscapes and lakeside views from the Pacific Northwest adorn the screen. Ryan Sellmeyer, one of the many photographers posting to the tag, spoke with BTR about putting rubber to the road and the endless adventures that await.
Elysian Cafe, a French bistro, is located on Washington Street between 10th Street and 11th Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. The restaurant operates out of a saloon from the late 1890s, much like its sister restaurant Amanda’s, which operates out of a brownstone from the same time period.
Over the years, many members of Animal Flag have come and gone, but the current lineup brings serious talent to the project: lead singer and guitarist Matt Politoski, guitarist Sai Boddupalli, bassist Zach Weeks, and drummer Alex Pickert. BTR chatted up Politoski about the evolution of Animal Flag and the thriving music community in Boston.
Research confirms the existence of a feel-good hormone linked to long-term exercise.
Mobile Week - Food does not have to be stationary to be enjoyed. In fact, the coolest dinners rarely remain in one spot. From Dinner in the Sky to an underwater restaurant, BTR rounds up the five coolest mobile meals.
Farm Road Hospitality opened a pop-up at Madison Square Eats this September in the hopes of spreading the word about their upcoming brick and mortar shop. The team curates delicious state fair-inspired food and boasts a seasoned chef who has worked at countless places, including Momofuku.
New findings suggest selfies are more deadly than sharks and pose a serious issue to travelers. As explained by Mashable, four of this year's selfie-related deaths were the result of falling, while others were caused by photo-takers being hit by a train.
Mobile Week - If you've kept your eyes on the road lately, chances are you've seen a car adorned with a bumper sticker. Some drivers use one, but some use 10. Many students use stickers to support their college, while parents use them to show that their kids have good grades. Regardless, everyone with a bumper sticker has something to say.
Williamsburg's Brooklyn Brewery has been churning out some of the city's favorite brews for decades. The neighborhood boasts some of the hippest places in the world to get together, but for those willing to wait in line, you can find rare beers for $5 and enjoy a tour as well.
Mobile Week - The state of New York is a stark exercise in living, breathing contrast. Groups are rallying to secede Upstate New York from New York City.
There’s a possible genetic link to the disliking of cilantro. More than that, the taste of cilantro is often associated with the taste of soap. In fact, our primal instincts of smell and taste play a role in whether or not we like the herb.
When the iPhone 6+ came out, I cursed the heavens for allowing such a big phone for my tiny hands. Not only has Apple risen as the aesthetic authority of the tech world, but their products also have more reliable operating systems and don’t break down after several months like their competitors.
Most of the people who know me know how much I love food, but only those closest to me know just how much I love sandwiches. I probably eat too many of them (sometimes two a day), but part of that comes from the ability to create anything I want and put it between two slices of bread. Sandwiches don’t have to be lame and can sometimes require just as much preparation as any other meal.
Mobile Week - In a matter of weeks, one of the planet’s great migrations will begin as humpback whales set off from cool polar feeding grounds and swim towards tropical waters. With trajectories that can exceed 5,000 miles in a single direction, their voyage is the longest-known of any mammal’s on Earth.
PHOTOBLOG: This week, BTR went to check out a solo exhibition by London-based artist Danny Rolph, titled 'RECOLLECTION'. This series consists of many different visually striking plastic panels that have been collaged and painted on to create sharp, emotive compositions that are reminiscent of graffiti and also pop art.
There’s something to be said for the hard-working bands in the “indie-rock community” (whatever the hell that means, at this point) who have managed to rise above the teeming echelons of no-namers--many of which will forever remain buried in the netherworlds of the underground music blogosphere. Then there comes along a group like White Laces.
Mobile Week – As of last year, 90 percent of American adults were cell phone owners, according to Pew Research Center. Here is how we at BTR perceive this omnipresent technology.
Starbucks' first new fall drink in four years is the Toasted Graham Latte, which was introduced on September 23. The espresso beverage is a perfect combination of sweet flavor with the comfort of autumn.
La Bouche, located on Garden St in Hoboken, New Jersey, is a quaint French cafe serving traditional French and western European cuisine. I’ve now been to the spot three times since I moved to Hoboken and each experience is better than the one prior.
Pop Week - Some have speculated that the influx of investors and their immense capital against the limited number of viable tech companies has created an incredibly large bubble that’s bound to burst and leave many devastated.
Pop Week - It’s 2015, the age of the internet, and the average person has never experienced a better chance of being heard. With public platforms like Twitter,, Kickstarter and the like, the individual has arguably never been more empowered to impart change on the world, no matter the scale.
Between impressively creative dishes and beautifully concocted cocktails (there are over 20 on offer), Dullboy in Jersey City, NJ is setting the bar high for intimate cocktail bars in the area.
The 25th First Annual Ig Nobel Prizes honors scientific achievements that “make people laugh, and then think.” While the awarded experiments may not be the most significant discoveries of the year, they serve as a reminder that science can be playful, mysterious, and surprising.
He’s tall and wily. He flails across stages with a manic glint in his eyes; he plays chess and not checkers. His songs are explosive, short, and sweet, like a hand-grenade appetizer. Juan Zaballa (better known by his stage name Tall Juan) is an eccentric artist.
Pop Week - Where is it cool to let your whole body shake uncontrollably, hold onto the reigns of an invisible horse and gallop, or find a wall, bend over, and let your hips go insane? The dance floor. From twerking to the Bernie Lean, BTR shares our top five dance moves of the last decade.
Last Thursday, Sept 24, coffee news center threw a kick-off party for the NY Coffee Festival, doubling as a sixth anniversary celebration in conjunction with local chain, Everyman Espresso. Roxanne Lim had the opportunity to attend this party.
Maker Faire: An engineering event that showcases the greater possibilities of science and everyday objects, from flying drones to fire-breathing robots.
Welcome to a special happy hour edition of Thirsty Thursday here on Dish + Drink. This week, I wandered to Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood for a few drinks on my way home to Hoboken. After just missing the happy hour deal at a place nearby, my friends and I decided to try Swine on Hudson Street.
Pop Week - Dadeville, Alabama, a sleepy town of about 3,200, has made headlines in the past few weeks. Dadeville City Council proposed to ban saggy pants, mini-skirts, and short-shorts in the name of mutual respect. Dadeville’s proposed fine is $25 dollars for the first offense, eventually leading up to $200 dollars per following offense and potential jail time.
Pop Week - In the Oku volcanic plain, 200 miles northwest of Yaounde, Cameroon, lies a body of water known to local villagers as “the Bad Lake.” On the night of Aug 21, 1986, its surface suddenly erupted in a 300-foot-tall toxic spray that sent a lethal mist roiling through the countryside.
As this month comes to a close, burrito connoisseur Samantha Spoto reaches 90 burritos. With three months to go before the year's end, it seems Spoto will not only meet her goal of 100 burritos, but she will exceed it. Check out where she ate this month.
The highly anticipated video game allows users to explore 18 quintillion fully developed planets. The creators write that the game was inspired by chief architect Sean Murray’s experience growing up in the remote wilds of the Australian Outback.
Stars Cafe in Shelter Island Heights, New York, offers great breakfast and lunch for those looking for a quick stop before heading off to the beach. The cafe is a casual and inexpensive, yet altogether pleasant family-owned operation on Grand Ave.
Pop Week - Many figures in pop culture are incredibly popular for a reason. That said, we at BTR will unveil the reasons we admire our particular favorites so dearly.
PHOTOBLOG: This week BTR paid a visit to the Strut Your Mutt festival in Hudson River Park. The festival features a five mile race, treat stations, dog yoga, face painting, photo booths, and a doggie kissing contest. All money raised during the festival and walk goes to saving homeless animals and helping pay for any medical procedures they may require. The festival also featured many lovable pooches that were looking for new homes and could be adopted immediately.
Colombian big band leader Gregorio Uribe has become a colorful fixture of New York City’s vibrant Latin Jazz community. His debut album 'Cumbia Universal' is set to drop Oct 2, but the arrangements have tasted air for close to a decade now.
Since 1976, Hatsuhana has boasted two locations in New York City where they combine incredible freshness with great service and a pleasant atmosphere. My first time at Hatsuhana’s East 48th Street location was overall a wonderful experience for these reasons.
Pop Week - Despite the fact that many young people watch content from video sites more than television, there is still a barrier between what is found on each; namely, professionalism and style. One video maker, Frank Howley, has made a name out of taking a cinematic approach to pop culture parody.
Brunch at Jack's Wife Freda is something of a New York staple, despite how new the restaurant is. The Mediterranean-inspired food is fantastic, the service is wonderful, and the atmosphere is truly delightful.
Stress Week - There’s a way to calm the angry ocean of the mind that many of us may have written off or never considered: it’s called Zen meditation, and it’s becoming a big part of daily life at companies around the country.
Stress Week - Workspaces are uniquely tailored environments that allow for people to create and produce within the confines of their walls. The design of these spaces is intended to blend utility, efficiency, and comfort for workers to reach a certain goal, whether that’s creating a new app or writing articles for a publication.
Several BTR staff members checked out Sabores on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. The highly-rated Mexican joint serves up spicy sauces, fresh guacamole, and even margaritas as long as you bring your own tequila.
After writing music together for the last three years, The Winter Passing has great reason to celebrate. The Irish five-piece released their debut LP, 'A Different Space of Mind,' just last week. BTR checks in with The Winter Passing and gets the rundown on their LP.
Stress Week - Many people perceive stress as a subjective experience that takes place within the privacy of their own internal landscape. But research indicates that stress can actually be transmitted from one person to another in a phenomenon called “empathetic stress.”
Located on the site of an ancient monastery in London, Alcoholic Architecture invites guests to walk through a cloud of breathable spirits that will gently intoxicate them with a one-to-three ratio of alcohol to mixer.
Irish visual artist Eimearjean McCormack works with various media, including silkscreen printing, alternative photographic techniques, and innovative hybrids of such methods. She is currently earning an Master’s in graphic design.
The autumn season may have just begun, but pear is already trending. So, instead of switching to heavier cocktails while Indian summer is sticking around, I’m offering up a recipe for a pear nectar margarita. It’s sweet, it’s refreshing, and it’s the perfect transition cocktail from Indian summer to full-blown fall.
Stress Week - Those who enjoy the challenges of NYC may argue that the competition is beneficial for betterment and that the rewards are ultimately worth the struggle. Here’s how we handle the stress in our own lives.
Stress Week - In case your doctor didn’t tell you (perhaps you're stressed because you don’t have a doctor), living in a state of high stress for an extended period of time is incredibly detrimental to your health. However, a little stress might be good for you.
In a small city packed with bars and restaurants, 1 Republik manages to maintain a large crowd most nights of the week. Despite the true plethora of other spots, in the short time I have lived in Hoboken I have already been to 1 Republik for dinner twice.
Nintendo and indie developer Yacht Club Games announced they would be releasing an amiibo toy model of Yacht Club's popular Shovel Knight character. Physical merchandise for an independent video game on store shelves is an unprecedented move, especially considering Nintendo's past relationship with indies.
Here on Dish + Drink, we publish a good deal of stories relating to a meatless diet. Thanks to resident vegetarians and vegans, we’re all learning more about what it’s like to lead a plant-based lifestyle. While I am not part of this group, I do look to make more conscious decisions than many Americans.
Stress Week - A strange new technology three years in the making called Thync can purportedly alter a user’s mood. Vibe Squad representative Audrey Orozco came to the BTR offices where Third Eye Weekly hosts Zach Schepis and Lisa Autz tested out the technology.
PHOTOBLOG: This weekend, BTR paid a visit to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy. Since 1996, Figli di San Gennaro, Inc. (Children of San Gennaro), a not-for-profit community organization, has arranged this 11-day festival to celebrate Italian culture and tradition. The tiny three block neighborhood gets packed every year with New Yorkers and tourists alike eager to see the sights, take a chance on the sketchy carnival rides, and try the diverse food. This year the streets were nearly impenetrable with the amount of people. The festival boasts a number of events, such as a cannoli eating contest, food tastings, marching bands, and comedy shows.
Stress Week - Football season is underway, and so too is the grueling and emotionally taxing side-game of fantasy football. The season is a bitter test of will and endurance that leaves the richest minds bankrupt, replacing any shred of hope with one simple question: “why?”
A group comprised of seven Berklee College students who are fusing traditional surf-rock elements with dreamy pop hooks that make it impossible not to dance.
Finding vegan food in cities like New York is becoming an easier feat with each passing year. The Vegan Shop-Up is looking to change that. The all-vegan pop-up market that started this past August hosts a variety of vendors that sell both food and cruelty-free goods.
The Brass Rail, located on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, offers bottomless brunch on weekends starting at 11:30am. Brunchers who typically hop across the Hudson River for bottomless options can rejoice in the fact that The Brass Rail offers the same deal for a comparable price.
Fall Week – Autumn’s almost officially arrived, so many of us should be pleased. A survey showed that 29 percent of Americans found fall to be their favorite season.
Fall Week - On the morning of Oct 14, 2012, millions of people around the world watched as Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner strapped himself into a capsule towed beneath a 55-story polyethylene balloon and ascended Spaceward from a dusty launch site on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico.
Exactly one year ago, I reviewed Tisha’s Fine Dining in Cape May after having gone on an extended weekend trip to the tip of New Jersey. The restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Cape May on the Washington Street Mall, was just as busy this time as it was the last.
Interested in space exploration? Ruckzuck might be the band for you. The psychedelic trio hailing from Long Island, NY, has the power to transport you to alternative dimensions. Ruckzuck consists of lead singer Faith Kelly (who also plays the keys, ukulele, and kazoo), Nick Bedo (guitar), and his brother Matt (drums).
Creating safe spaces for wildlife goes beyond lowering the road kill rate. BTR looks at some ways that humans can accommodate their local animals.
We know the joke about white girls and pumpkin drinks, but why do we care? Why can’t we admit that the drinks are delicious? In honor of Fall Week, Dish + Drink takes a look at why the pumpkin spice latte gets a bad rap, and why it's directly associated with "basic" women.
Fall Week - Joanna Ebenstein, cofounder of the Morbid Anatomy Museum, recalls childhood curiosity on death. She talks about how she’s bringing the taboo topic to mainstream discussion.
A new survey about the perceptions of color in terms of fashion has found that people who wear black tend to be seen as confident, serious, and reliable.
Fall Week - The sun crosses the celestial equator. Trees begin to transform into their foliage states. The autumnal equinox serves as a balance of sorts, and marks the sign of yet another new beginning. Nights and days reach equilibrium of sunlight as the sun wanes and prepares for another winter. Before the frosty season begins however, autumn is celebrated.
For such a new restaurant, Little Town Social already has something of a storied history. The bar, located on First Street between Park and Garden in Hoboken, NJ, is owned by Chris and Albie Manzo, who are known both for their other NJ restaurants and for their appearance on 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.'
Fall Week - Mike Burgess, creator of skydiving school Skydive Central New York based in Syracuse, NY, is remarkably down-to-earth (get it?) for a guy who has trusted his life to a parachute just under 17,000 times.
This dish is a rice stir fry, with ties to both standard stir fry and standard fried rice. So, if you’d like to turn this into a fried rice dish, you can do so easily by adding eggs and even some carrots or broccoli.
In this fast-moving, snarky world we live in, there's this persisting idea that media's not good if it's too popular. Until recently, I had been very concerned about abiding by these self-imposed rules.
Fall Week - With the drop in temperature, vibrant visual schemes of leaves changing to various shades across the red, yellow, and orange spectrum, plus the absence of mosquitoes, what’s not to love about fall hiking?
Labor Day has come and gone, which means grilling season for many is quickly nearing its end. Yes, we can pause to mourn, but we can also just take our steak-eating indoors. This sweet, salty, and savory steak salad can be made year round as long as you have a saute pan or skillet and a few ingredients. It’s delicious, filling, and about as lean as anything containing steak can be.
PHOTOBLOG: This week, BTR went to go check out 'Energy & Abstraction,' an exhibition of drawings by Gordon Matta-Clark at the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Matta-Clark was a well-known conceptual interdisciplinary artist in the '70s.
Fall Week - It used to be, television followed a regimented schedule: new seasons and series premiered in the fall, new episodes aired each week through the winter, finales marked the end of seasons in the spring, reruns were played during the summer. Now, although fall is still the time for premieres--this year, more than 120 series are returning or kicking off--it isn't the only season for premieres.
Starbucks' famous Pumpkin Spice Latte has recently hit stores in honor of the impending fall, but this year the beloved drink actually includes pumpkin. However with its popularity dwindling, will this help the coffee drink's reputation?
Even in mathematics, there are exceptions to every rule. Lilith, a power trio based out of Boston, Massachusetts, manages to embrace the zany perfectionism of the genre while simultaneously eschewing some of its esotericism.
Open Week - BTR talks with Free the Nipple freedom fighter Rachel Jessee. She’s an actress, model, performer, and NYC’s GoTopless spokeswoman. She shares her experience from the NYC parade and some insights into how we can all do our part to spread more awareness.
Despite loving brunch and booze, Molly Freeman had yet to enjoy the two together. In order to remedy this tragedy, she dined at The Crooked Knife's 30th St location with a group of friends for boozy brunch.
On one summer night, Molly Freeman ventured to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to check out L'isola's wood fire pizza. Though the pizza was delicious the service was slightly lacking.
Open Week - There are many types of grand openings, including restaurant debuts and movie premieres, and some members of the BTR staff have had a chance to check out a few. From nerdy midnight movie premieres to band documentary releases, not to mention the re-opening of The Westcott Theater to a Central Perk pop-up cafe, these are the grand openings attended by BTR staffers.
There’s a prismatic depth to the sounds of Modern Merchant, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock band who just dropped their second EP, 'Values,' on Aug 29. With it, John Parson, Sydney Weiss, and Jesse Stanford deliver a record that revels in complexity rather than shying away from it; each of the four tracks showcase its own unique compositional maturity.
Ordering food with emoji is a rising trend in meal delivery, but does it truly have staying power or are there simply too many problems with this system for it to have a future?
Open Week - For the past three and a half years, politicians in the know have lived in fear of Politwoops, a website dedicated to cataloging all of the groan-worthy and regrettable tweets that they can’t help but generate every so often. Back in June, however, that agreement came to an unexpected end.
The Museum of Imaginary Musical Instruments displays musical fantasies, expanding what we think is possible. Some modern creative vibrations find themselves in film, where made-up instruments find a proxy to reality.
Open Week – Neighbors have become less neighborly throughout the years, and they often don’t know each other’s names. What do such trends indicate about contemporary American society?
Twenty years ago, St. Marks was a totally different place, crawling with crusty punks and cheap dives. Nowadays, it's not as grimy, but it is ripe with tourists, NYU lanyards, and restaurants. There remains one reminder from decades ago; a less observant person might just miss it walking down the street. It's a basement bar with only a dusty red sign that says, "GRASSROOTS TAVERN," in between Mamoun's and yet another smoke shop.
Open Week - Learning about other people by interacting with them tears down the stereotypes and psychological walls that divide us from one another, and while that is certainly not the only way travel opens your mind, it is perhaps the most important.
NASA astronauts have successfully grown and eaten a batch of lettuce grown in space. The science of food in space is a constantly evolving field, and one such advancement has just recently made headlines. As you read this, the crew of the International Space Station are picking their meals from a selection of food that includes scrambled eggs, shrimp cocktail, beef tips with mushroom, pudding, and chocolate chip cookies.
The documentary ‘Never Get Tired’ chronicles the success of DIY punk band Bomb the Music Industry! and other elements of the scene. Samantha Spoto watched the film recently at the SVA Theatre in NYC.
Learning how to grocery shop for yourself is no easy feat and can end up with one-third of your groceries wasted if you don't do it right. D+D rounds up some shopping tips for a week of healthy meals and zero waste.
Open Week - Honesty is a quality that most people make a conscious effort to value. Whether in a personal relationship, a professional endeavor, or when voicing political views, honesty is consistently among the traits which individuals value most in others. However, it’s oftentimes difficult or impractical to be totally honest in every situation.
PHOTOBLOG: If you're in New York and want to see a unique public art installation, check out 'Fata Morgana' in Madison Square Park. The 500 foot long sculpture by Teresita Fernandez was made from cut-out mirror-polished metal disks that hover above the park's walkway.
Blowing the walls off of expectations and any kind of timidity with stylized punk and razor sharp commentary, Boston's Tomboy are making more noise than a raucous self-detonating bomb. But it’s a bomb with intent.
Open Week - When the Open Era began in 1968, it was actually because players were looking to be paid to play the sport they loved. Though this culture of "open" tennis has seen many events, 2015 may go down as a notable year for the sport. Will Serena Williams make Open Era history?
The flavor of spinach is much less potent than that of kale, and thus it can be masked more easily by the inclusion of some yogurt and fruit. With kale, this is not so, making it more difficult to blend a smoothie that tastes good enough to drink.
In Hoboken, NJ, The Stewed Cow boasts a mechanical bull, serves up rare whiskeys, and has a mean brunch special for only $20. Here, patrons can find Old Fashioneds, bacon, heaps of brisket, and tons of biscuits.
Labor Week – Driverless rail systems and line extensions have been installed in several cities, and there are more in the works. BTR looks at the perception and expansion of this technological evolution.
Labor Week - While the wage discrepancy between men and women in the United States today has garnered a great deal of recent media attention, difference in salaries is only one component of a much larger and complex issue. Could the US see a more gender-balanced workforce in the near future?
In Denver, CO, the foodie scene is pretty impressive. Healthy spots are available more than in many other cities, and this includes an abundance of vegan and vegetarian options. Making these kinds of choices are especially easy at City, O' City.
Abdu Ali left his community in Baltimore to seek inspiration in Brooklyn, NY. What he discovered, however, was far from what he was searching for. After returning to his roots, Ali reflects on the destructive environment that he left behind and shares with BTR some insights into what he learned along the way.
With Labor Day just a couple days away, a barbecue may be planned during your long weekend. For an alternative approach to the standard fest of meats, Tanya Silverman and Veronica Chavez share some vegan words of advice.
Labor Week - A decade has just passed: on Aug 29, 2005, one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States tore through the Greater New Orleans area. How far have the efforts of volunteer organizations gone to help New Orleans in the wake of Katrina?
This week we are chatting with professional cinematic photographer Mitch Waite. Waite, who lives in London, will go over the basics of cinematic photography with us, plus what the must see films of 2015 are so far!
Work can be draining; learning can be strenuous. How can you get through these feats efficiently and effectively? BTR staffers have experimented with several strategies, and can profess what works best.
Grand Banks is an oyster bar located on Pier 25 in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood. The oyster bar boasts delicious cocktails, an incredible lobster roll, and digs like you can't believe. As a matter of fact, the bar itself is located on an historic schooner built over 70 years ago.
Labor Week - There may be more than one million species of insects in the world. Many of the schemas we hold about insects are negative. However, while insects are not exactly beloved creatures, they perform an astonishing amount of beneficial work.
Labor Week - We've discovered one more alternative travel option. It pays considerably well and often affords you perks that are probably out of your current pay grade, like luxury resort stays or weeks spent on a yacht. The only catch? Must love kids!
On Monday, Dish + Drink's Dane Feldman was fortunate enough to attend the very first day of the 2015 US Open. The fourth and final tennis grand slam of the year began on Monday at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York and will run for two weeks.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out the opening day of the 2015 US Open at Flushing Meadows' Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, NY. Players compete in their first round matches under the scorching sun while fans try to stay hydrated and race to the shady spots on the grounds.
Although #NoFilter may have been a popular trend on Instagram a few years ago, the app and its users have begun to embrace more editing on photos uploaded to the feed.
Labor Week - In a major city like New York, the line between a person’s professional and social life can be incredibly hard to define. For careers which demand long hours in what can often be cramped office settings, the tendency for employees’ professional lives to bleed into their social circles is all the more likely.
Through the process of chip grafting, artist Sam Van Aken has created a “Franken-tree” that can bear up to 40 different types of fruit. As its name suggests, the tree is capable of bearing up to 40 different types of “stone fruit,” or fruit with large, hard seeds, of the genus Prunus.
PHOTOBLOG: This week, I went to go check out free kayaking on the Hudson River. The event, which occurs everyday in August as well as every weekend in September, is hosted by the Downtown Boathouse: a volunteer nonprofit committed to providing public awareness and access to New York City's harbor.
In this month's installment of Guac is Extra, columnist Samantha Spoto details her most recent burrito encounters. As August comes to a close, she reaches 79 burritos on the year. With just 21 to go by New Year's Eve, it looks like she'll have to up the ante.
Drawing from some of the heavy, darker elements of the local scene and fusing them with pop sensibilities, the band has created an album that’s catchy as hell while still revelatory.
Labor Week - Last month, workers in New York City saw the passing of an historic bill: legislation mandating that all fast food chains raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. The measure will roll out over the next few years.
The Chequit Inn serves a breakfast/brunch buffet every morning in the lobby, where guests of the hotel can enjoy fresh juice, fruit, coffee, freshly baked goods, and a pleasant time on the porch.
Surface Week - The Cappadocia region of Turkey’s Central Anatolian highlands has long been treasured for its gorgeously alien geological formations and sinuous underground dwellings, but a new discovery in the Nevsehir Province may prove to be the crown jewel of the area’s archeological riches.
Surface Week – Brooklyn has become a brand name around the country and the world. How much of Brooklyn’s reputation is real and how much of it is hype?
Commander Cody's, run by Jim Hayward, is a Shelter Island staple. It's the perfect spot for locals to escape, and an ideal way for visitors to get a real sense of the down to earth vibes found here.
‘Zarkana’ ushers viewers into a playful albeit bizarre world with comedy, acrobatics, and dazzling visual spectacles. Veronica Chavez reviews the show she saw in Las Vegas.
Whitewash consists of lead singer and guitarist Sam Thornton, bassist Jonathan Ben-Menachem, rhythm guitarist Aram Demirdjian, and drummer Evan Glazman. We chatted with the band about sexual innuendoes, grandmothers, and the release of their debut album 'Shibboleth', out now via Tree Machine Records.
SALT Waterfront Bar & Grill is located on Menantic Road on Shelter Island, NY. The restaurant and bar serves fresh fish, burgers, cocktails, beer, and wine to big crowds alongside Menantic Creek.
Surface Week - There are many reasons for women to put on makeup: to accentuate certain features, to display their mood, or to portray themselves in a certain way. There are as many reasons to wear--or not wear--makeup as there are women. Some women of BTR weigh in on why they don makeup.
This week we catch up with Rhoda Mills, physiotherapist specializing in couples, who authors the blog Relationship Realities!
Canadian visual sociologist Kyler Zeleny has amassed thousands of Polaroid photographs. Over 100 of them are displayed online, and the public is welcome to submit collecting flash-fiction submissions about the photographed people.
Surface Week - Brian Hynek, Associate Professor at the Department of Geological Sciences and Research Associate for Laboratory Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, is part of an ambitious, nomadic yearning: Mars.
Today, when we think of an Old Fashioned, we think of the popular, but classic whiskey cocktail. Those who know booze history, though, know that the Old Fashioned is the name given to the alleged earliest cocktail: any base spirit, sugar, water, and bitters.
Red Maple is located within The Chequit Inn on the corner of Grand Ave in Shelter Island Heights in Shelter Island, New York. Just this past weekend, Dane Feldman spent four days on Shelter Island eating his weight in lobster rolls, touring the back roads of the island, and vegging out on its isolated beaches.
Surface Week - We so often forget that walking is a viable means of travel--maybe even the best means of travel, but walking long distances just isn’t practical, right? Wrong. BTR chats with two adventurers about walking weeks or months at a time.
BTR staffers discuss the best natural surfaces we’ve come across in our travels, from hiking the soils of a volcano's slope in Costa Rica, to snowboarding down sandy dunes in Colorado, or touring the scenic American West.
Surface Week - Pushing against the crassly consumerist culture that permeates journalism and the magazine world, 'Delayed Gratification' was born. It’s a quarterly publication dedicated to stories that never made the limelight, and providing thorough coverage to those that only captured our attention spans briefly.
As summer nears its end, it’s time to start thinking about dishes that easily transition from summer to fall. This recipe calls for a heavier sauce than most summer dishes, but includes rose, which is incredibly popular for sipping in the hottest months.
PHOTOBLOG: Battery Dance Company performed in Robert Wagner Park in front of the New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. The public performance welcomed a crowd to witness the dancers as well as a beautiful summer sunset.
Dish + Drink's Dane Feldman takes a look at the history of rye whiskey, why it disappeared, and why it's come back into the forefront again. Rye is the "original American whiskey," and after a long period of dormancy, it is looking to reclaim its spot as the nation's favorite spirit.
Bent Knee is intent on twisting influences and genres into something that, ultimately, ceases to resemble the original shapes that formed it. They devise cataclysmic song structures with the wit and veracity of a malfunctioning robot intent on destroying its master.
Surface Week - Marine archaeologists prepare to renew excavation efforts of a 2,000-year-old Greek shipwreck. Researchers believe that the ship, which likely sank between 70 BC and 60 BC, was traveling along a major luxury trade route from Asia Minor to Rome.
School Week - While teachers are necessary for many lessons, there are some skills we can learn alone. We at BTR have taught ourselves how to play the sitar, sew, and stir fry.
The bRUNch running club turns every Sunday into a race, with the promise of a scrumptious brunch outing at the end. BTR spoke with bRUNch founders Alexandra Weissner and Cortney Logan to hear more about the inner workings of the running club.
Gott’s Roadside stand offers juicy American burgers, Napa Valley wine, and the magical sensation of stepping into the past.
School Week - In an age when the cost of a college degree continues to soar, many Americans seek to pursue education in non-traditional ways. Enrolling in privately owned for-profit schools has become a rather alluring option. However, the for-profit school system is under fire for swindling students and taxpayers out of billions.
Mexican Slang, the punk-ish, psychedelic power trio from Toronto, Ontario, dropped their EP 'Inside the Velvet Castle' in July. BTR chats with band member Annabelle Lee of Mexican Slang about the evolution on her sound and the band’s super strange album art.
This smoothie recipe includes Greek yogurt, carrots, and peaches for a vitamin- and protein-packed breakfast, snack, or post-workout boost.
School Week - At University of Southern California (USC), writing professor Mark C. Marino asks his class to examine five of their own selfies and consider the potential implications from the perspectives of race-ethnicity, socioeconomics, sexuality, and gender.
This week we get a lesson in expert blog creation with Marko Saric, author behind HowToMakeMyBlog! Saric will take us through finding the best topic, building an audience, creating compelling content, marketing, and more!
A new Facebook study has found that found emoji, "haha," and "hehe" have surpassed "lol" in usage. The Hash's Molly Freeman and Dane Feldman weigh in on how they laugh online.
Most Ward Eights include more than a dash of grenadine and sometimes they call for a maraschino cherry, but this one is a bit boozier than the classic. So, I cut it with extra citrus, and only added a dash of grenadine as well as some Peychaud’s bitters for additional depth.
School Week - With the rising cost of tuition and lack of market places for creatives, art school seems to be exclusive to elites. Art degrees, essentially, are usually only applicable to those who have a disposable income, or have the energy to work multiple jobs in order to sustain a living.
School Week - Director and producer, Cevin Soling, demonstrates how America’s public school system is more akin to prison in his documentary, 'The War on Kids'. The film illustrates these points by presenting a side-by-side examination of an average American public school and a minimum security prison for adult offenders in Ohio.
At this point in time, the stereotype that food on college campuses is a joke still holds up for many. Tons of schools are serving mass-produced food to their students, and plenty of these same colleges and universities even offer fast food from chains like Dunkin' Donuts and Wendy’s.
College is not the time for designing a sophisticated domestic setting. Therefore, it’s best to be discerning of what not to pack for school. From your favorite books to toasters, BTR staffers have rounded up the best items to leave behind.
This recipe brings together garlic chili shrimp with lemon, goat cheese, zucchini, white mushrooms, and fresh egg pasta. Three kinds of pepper add another layer of flavor to this zesty and spicy dish.
School Week - An estimated 250,000 people teach English abroad in over 40,000 schools and yet still the demand is far from filled. Particularly in Asia, schools are hiring year round, and in many cases, a BA is preferred but not required.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checked out Stargazing on New York City's High Line. The Amateur Astronomers Association provided telescopes for visitors, as they do weekly. This free event runs until the end of October.
The Fayetteville, Arkansas group of rag-tag musicians create songs that walk the fine line between suggestive complexity and a simplicity that makes everything not only palatable but rip-roaring fun.
School Week - Princeton Review dropped its book 'The Best 380 Colleges' yet again for 2016. BTR staffers take a look at their alma maters’ rankings, both good and bad, and take a walk down memory lane.
In a friendly competition, Dish + Drink's Dane Feldman fights his roommate for the title of best French fries. The jury's still out on whose were better, but the recipe for both steak fries and shoestring fries can be found here in the meantime.
Excess Week - Everyone has certain things we can't get enough of. In honor of Excess Week here on BTR, some of the staffers disclose items, people, or pastimes that they love almost to the point of excess.
This edition of Sunday Brunch is a special one, albeit an also slightly disappointing one. A week ago today I had the opportunity to spend my brunching hours at Yankee Stadium for the first time since before the new stadium was erected.
Amanda's Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ boasts incredible reviews, an impressive menu, and a wonderful wine list, but it'll cost you a pretty penny (or two).
Excess Week - Meg Wolfe, author of the blog The Minimalist Woman, explains her methods of uncluttering a home to avoid the habit of hoarding. She tells BTR that she was fortunate enough not to endure the most severe symptoms of hoarding before adapting to her minimalist lifestyle.
Sony Pictures Animation has outbid Warner Bros. and Paramount and will be working to create a movie about emoji. The movie announcement came at a time when box office numbers seem to favor quirky, animated stories.
Try to imagine an apathetic Buddy Holly who just moved to Brooklyn from the countryside, loves to get drunk, and sing pop numbers with a loose gang of garage twangers. If you can imagine that, you might have something close to Flower Girl.
Excess Week - BTR examines the phenomenon of bioluminescent tides, which cause the oceans to glow like starry skies. In reality, the mystical blue scintillae scattered like stars across the ocean’s surface are a type of microbial, single-celled phytoplankton called dinoflagellates.
America has a food waste problem, a very large one. The nation's obsession with “sell by” dates and perfect packaging has led to an epidemic of food waste.
A medley of iconography, fine art, and street culture, FAILE’s latest exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum offers a refreshing and stimulating blurring of art mediums and genres. The installed pinball machines and 'Temple' offer a unique and immersive experience to visitors.
This week we chat about social media with author Brandon Mendelson, author behind The Brandon Show and social media expert. Brandon will expose all manner of lies told by social media proponents looking to make a quick buck.
Molly Freeman recently checked out the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at The Conrad Hotel in Battery Park City. While the views and drinks were enjoyable, she found the whole venue to be a bit overrated.
Excess Week – As much as you love your partner and want to wake up next to each other every day, that doesn’t mean you necessarily love all of that person’s stuff, or care to have it cluttered all over your own. When moving in with a significant other, it helps to organize correctly.
Excess Week - Host of Twenty-Something Traveler, Jess Goulart, shares her (nearly patented) guide for paring down your luggage to the absolute minimum. Color schemes, e-readers, and weather forecasts are some of her tips to help travelers pack light.
The Center for Genomic Gastronomy came up with the concept of smog meringues in Bangalore, India. They have since collaborated with others to make desserts that sample different air pollution.
Famed Filmmaker Wes Anderson inspires an honorary tribute, pop-up weekend gallery exhibit at the Joseph Gross Gallery in New York City. Over 70 international artists were featured.
At this point, most people are aware that green tea offers a plethora of health benefits. What you may not know, though, is that in matcha, the benefits are heightened. When you drink green tea, you aren’t actually consuming the leaves. Matcha powder, however, is made up of the ground leaves.
Excess Week - A revolutionary new immersive experience is currently in the works that could forever alter the ways in which we interact with our entertainment. BTR takes a sneak peek inside the world’s very first immersive virtual reality theme park.
This Thursday BTR went over to East River Park in NYC for a free Summer Stage concert. The patches of grass surrounding the stage were quickly filled by kids and adults eager to relax, unwind and hear some live music.
A healthy dose of P-Funk style bass whallops and groove with elements of R&B, synth-fed glam, psychedelic squabbles, and sounds that seem like the ghost of Freddie Mercury is twisting its way through the madness? Toss it in, hit blend, and you've got Danny James.
Excess Week - According to recent research, a person’s outcome in “lotteries,”--whether they happen to be born into a position of better economic and social standing and in good health or the opposite--affects their perception of the world around them.
Chia seeds have long been considered beneficial to nutrition. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I started finding them on offer in my local food stores. So, I did some snooping around to see how great the seeds really are. As it turns out, they’re pretty great; they contain high levels of fiber and protein, while they are also low in calories.
This banana fried rice may not replace pineapple fried rice, but it's great on its own and it is simple to whip up. The brunch dish is sweet, savory, and peppery all in one, while providing a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins.
Happiness Week - It’s a common parental instinct to protect children from things they may not yet understand. Subjects that may elicit fright or confusion in a child are typically shielded, up until a certain age, at which a parent decides a child is mature enough to encounter such material.
Happiness Week - Because of the hard work of curious, committed scientists, humanity can now better understand the behaviors and emotional states of the animals our species has domesticated, and even how they employ certain practices upon us.
Om Cafe in Ferndale, Michigan, is a long-standing meatless restaurant with plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. Tanya Silverman returned there for a second time when she was visiting the Detroit area.
BTR recently took a trip to scenic natural hideaways located in Berkeley, California. Lake Anza and Indian Rock Park turned out to be beautiful places that offer awesome views and athletic opportunities.
At the heart of DIY, queer punk duo PWR BTTM's spirited sets are quick and catchy songs that touch on a range of topics. From foods loaded with carbohydrates, to more serious topics like love and gender, PWR BTTM covers all the bases. BTR chats with PWR BTTM about the writing process for their upcoming full-length.
Happiness Week - Our culture seems to carry a pervasive effect in that the pressure to exceed and compete prevails despite any obstacle. An individual member who is coached by greater society continuously attempts to strive, compete, and succeed.
After checking out a few farmer's markets, Dish + Drink settles on some watermelon and homegrown cucumbers for a perfect summery treat. After all, National Watermelon Day was this week.
Artist Greg Fadell was bored by traditions of art history, so he altered inkjet prints and posters of iconic works by brushing them with chemical solvents. His work is on display at MOCAD in Michigan.
This week we talk all things cooking with professional chef Kevin Ashton. On his blog of the same name, Kevin provides recipes, advice, and reviews to help make your culinary dreams come true! Learn about selecting the perfect fish, how to grow a blog audience, what a chef's schedule looks like, and more!
Happiness Week - The urge for shopping depends on the individual; some truly despise the act while others literally can’t get enough. It can get to the point where some are even addicted. Do you shop to relieve stress? BTR examines the reality of retail therapy.
In Lake County, California, vineyards produce wine at inexpensive rates to be bottled for a variety of occasions. Those involved with the vineyard business pride themselves in producing affordable bottles of wine without sacrificing quality.
In the spirit of comfort food for Happiness Week, I thought today would be the perfect time to share an update on a classic: spaghetti and meatballs. This isn’t your grandmother’s spaghetti and meatballs, though, because this recipe calls for a combination of summer squash and zucchini noodles as well as ground turkey instead of ground beef.
Happiness Week - Regardless of genre preference, most of the abiding tunes from our teen years are intertwined within our frontal brain lobes as good, intrinsic happiness triggers. Research Psychologist Daniel J. Levitin delved into the inquiry of how music from our teen years stays a source of happiness throughout our lives.
A new app called Wonder lets users search for and save NYC and London restaurants, bars, stores, and more by swiping. Wonder also lets users click on the location’s photo for a short description and link to the place’s main site.
Happiness Week - Some tricks to stay happy include exposing yourself to more natural sunshine, looking at old photographs, and playing with animals. While it’s not very hard to figure out why such activities would make people feel warm and fuzzy, there is actual science behind why they make us feel good.
From cheese fries to grilled cheese to spaghetti, our favorites have one thing in common: carbohydrates.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out JazzReach's Yes Indeed! in Madison Square Park. The event is meant for children to learn more about blues roots as well as "blues in the jazz context."
Sonia Faruqi's 'Project Animal Farm: An Accidental Journey into the Secret World of Farming and the Truth About Our Food' boasts a five star rating on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The author studied at Dartmouth College before working on Wall Street, but she realized her true passion after volunteering at a dairy farm.
Happiness Week – How do we stay happy? BTR staffers spell out the strategies we use in our daily lives, including painting nails, hiking the forest pats, finding neighborhood cats, or translating our feelings of felicity into words.
While Mondo Drag drifts close to home for lovers of late '60s and early '70s psychedelic rock, there are plenty of nuanced surprises and enough kick-ass chemistry at work to satiate even the most skeptic contemporaries.
Buzz Week - Of the many issues that exert negative impacts on honey bees, perhaps the greatest scourge to global population is one of the smallest: a parasitic mite. However, American honey bees’ African ancestors may be immune to the pollinators’ greatest adversary.
In a search for the best bagel in Hoboken, New Jersey, Dish + Drink stumbles upon The Little Grocery's downtown location, which serves up breakfast sandwiches and other meals inside a quaint, homey cafe.
Hoboken's Sushi Lounge is different from other sushi places for a number of reasons. Its special rolls are truly special, its drinks menu is extensive, and it even brings in a DJ some nights of the week.
Buzz Week - Ever reached into your pocket to answer a text, only to find you have no new notifications? If you aren’t obsessed with your devices or regularly use a smartphone, you likely know someone that has felt these phantom vibrations.
Pinegrove's current line-up consists of lead singer and guitarist Hall, Nick Levine also on guitar, his brother Zack Levine on drums, Adan Feliciano on bass, and Nandi Plunkett on keys. BTR recently spoke with Pinegrove's frontman about the band's beginnings and where they are headed next.
Photographer Nona Faustine poses nude before former New York City slave trading spots, calling attention to history’s enduring legacy. The Brooklyn-born artist has been bringing awareness to the city's roots in slavery within her latest self-portrait series, “White Shoes.”
Buzz Week - Should we be recommending a lower consumption of coffee to the American public? Ted Fischer, professor of Anthropology and Director of the Institute of Coffee Studies at Vanderbilt University, says no.
Samantha Spoto wraps up July with a handful of burritos from all over the New York area. Calexico, Mexicali Blue, and Taco Shack all make appearances as Spoto hits 72 burritos with still five months left to go.
This week we learn about living with courage from Sonia Marsh. Sonia is the author of 'Freeways to Flip-Flops', the story of how she moved her family of five from Orange County, CA, to Belize. On her blog, Gutsy Living, Sonia explores what it means to live by your own rules.
Mexican-born 3D printing artist Fernando Sosa creates Donald Trump butt plugs to combat racism. He couldn't believe that the GOP Presidential candidate says those distasteful things, and currently, the plug is generating quite a buzz.
Buzz Week - Movie studios and television networks are looking to the past for inspiration, reviving or adapting old properties. But what of the current shows that viewers don't want to see cancelled? Can buzz from a series' fans help save them?
BTR travels to one of Social Media Director Jess Goulart's favorite spots in Manhattan, a gastropub called The Wayland down in Alphabet City. The bar serves up impressive cocktails and local fare.
Buzz Week - Dalene Heck, one of 'National Geographic’s Travelers of the Year for 2014, tells BTR she and her husband Pete decided to travel the world permanently. The Hecks learned that caring for locals’ homes is an inexpensive and intimate way to see a location.
It is Buzz Week here on BTR, and the Magic Bullet has been touted for quite some time now as a kitchen must-have. Yes, it’s smaller than a blender, but I’m finding that it is equally handy. This is especially true because the cup used to mix ingredients is the same cup users can drink from.
Rather than fear illegal downloads, movie studios and TV networks should embrace bootleg versions of their media because they generate buzz and often lead to greater viewership. Such was seen after this year's Comic-Con event and through popular shows like 'Game of Thrones.'
Buzz Week - UCF’s mental health facility provides a therapeutic app to provide stressed students with pocket-sized means of meditation. The app, called Therapist Assisted Online (TAO), is programmed to deliver low intensity-high engagement therapy.
This dish has all of the notes and flair of summer in Italy without having to spend too many moments outdoors in the sweltering weather. Fresh lemon, spinach, and rosemary meet in this pasta and grilled chicken dish alongside garlic, wine, and sauteed onion.
BTR checks out a weeknight evening session of Bryant Park Yoga. Hundreds of participants showed up for this healthy summer tradition. Going strong for over a decade, hundreds of yoga fans head to the Midtown park for these free, outdoor exercise sessions.
Buzz Week – Buzzwords seem to be a widely acknowledged component of the business and corporate world--and there is a myriad of them. Like slang terms, buzzwords go in and out of style and can reflect the times that they are coined.
Throwing a last minute dinner party? Just looking for a midday snack? Either way, this seafood potato salad will suffice. It’s simple to throw together, but stands out in a sea of over-mayonnaised potato salads. In fact, this one contains no mayo at all.
Capable of a lullaby’s croon, lamenting cries, and powerful defiance, Lila Rose has a far-reaching voice with range and conviction. She is a daring singer, songwriter, and visual artist.
Roots Week - While there is still no proven theory to explain exactly why deja vu occurs in epileptics or healthy people, scientists have pinpointed the temporal lobe of the brain as the seat where it occurs. However, there is also a persistent version of deja vu when people aren’t aware that it’s occurring.
In the midst of a sea of impressively hip restaurants on Frederick Douglass Boulevard sits a northern Italian bar and restaurant that boasts an average rating of four stars and attracts a diverse crowd. Lido serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, and the menu consists of "organic and local" food "whenever possible," as well as cruelty-free meat and poultry.
Roots Week - On the wet slopes of Borneo’s montane cloud forests, beneath a labyrinthine canopy of prehistoric tree ferns and dripping sphagnum mosses, grows one of the planet’s strangest evolutionary treasures: the plant with an appetite for flesh.
In 2005, Blossom Restaurant opened in Chelsea and provided yet another option for New York plant-eaters. Blossom doesn't just craft vegan-friendly options for people though, they create artful dishes that make vegans rejoice and meat eaters forever abandon their misconceptions about vegan food.
BTR catches up with Brooklyn-based label Miscreant Records founder Jeannette Wall to chat about what it means to unapologetically be yourself. Free-spiritedness is Miscreant’s most pervasive characteristic: a bright streak that runs boldly through their zine, shows, and bands.
The new documentary about Amy Winehouse offers an intimate look at the vivacious jazz singer's troubled path under the harsh spotlight of fame. The film gives the world a loving and exquisitely done homage to the now-iconic artist.
BTR sits down with Butterfly Bakery and Bakeri to chat about the baking industry. In New York City and neighboring Brooklyn, a plethora of food establishments exist where culinary enthusiasts can gather to try new, groundbreaking delicacies. Sometimes, it may appear as if kitchen masterpieces are emerging from every avenue, especially if you’re walking in a trendy neighborhood.
Roots Week - New York City’s ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) was first launched in 1985 by founder and director B. George. In its humble beginnings, the ARC existed in George’s 800 square foot third story walkup in Tribeca. It held 47,000 sound recordings at the time, accumulated by George throughout his work as a DJ, producer, and author.
This week we explore open marriage with the couple Matthew and Jane. On their seventh year anniversary Matthew and Jane decided to try polyamory. They began the blog Seven Year Switch to chronicle their experiences and offer an undiluted look into what open marriage is like.
The video game industry has seen a recent spat of broken or unfinished games being released to huge backlash. The most commonly cited reason is the break-neck speed of the development and publishing cycle.
This drink combines gin and fruit juices with elderflower liqueur and ginger liqueur for a tart, floral, and aromatic treat. The pomegranate juice is optional, but it’s also quite recommended.
Roots Week - In the early 2000s, a handful of patients explained to Dr. Joel Gold that they believed their lives were being recorded secretly for reality television. Like the 1998 film 'The Truman Show', in which every aspect of Jim Carrey's life is scripted unbeknownst to him, Gold's patients convinced themselves that they were merely pawns in a vast, staged scheme.
More from the summer salad series brings a Mexican-inspired dish. At the forefront of this salad is spicy grilled shrimp, which pairs with refreshing spinach, cucumber, avocado, and red peppers. Skip Chipotle tonight and make this instead.
Roots Week - The concept of home is an integral part of human identity. For starters, where we come from is one of the first identifiers used when meeting new people, and it instantly conjures up location-dependent assumptions. As such, homelessness has effects on a person's identity.
Photographer Jen Rozenbaum breaks down stigmatized intimate images, teaching and encouraging women to embrace their sexuality and version of femininity. She chats with BTR about how she perceives boudoir.
This simple, summery grilled chicken recipe requires just seven household ingredients to make. Fresh rosemary joins together with lime juice, garlic, and pepper to create an aromatic and zesty dinner that is healthy and easy to move from outdoors to indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating.
Roots Week - Today, DNA testing and tracing back ancestral roots is actually considered one of America’s most popular hobbies. How much can individuals really learn about themselves by exploring family trees?
Highbridge Park recently reopened to the public, allowing pedestrians to stroll from northern Manhattan into the South Bronx. BTR stopped by this spot on a sultry summer day to walk across the High Bridge (of the greater park’s namesake). The height of the structure offered a fine vantage point to observe the Hudson River and various highway ramps underneath. Inland, there was also some public art installed along the Manhattan esplanade, a series of sculptures titled 'Oh Sit! 14 Sculptors Consider the Chair.'
The Wandering Lake bring forth a spirited offering of electric-tinged folk that has a way of summoning sentimentality and nostalgia without ever becoming weighed down by it.
This three cheese macaroni and cheese recipe also includes black pepper, bourbon, and soy milk. The bourbon and black pepper add a nice punch and kick, respectively, while the soy milk adds a sweetness that pairs well with the bourbon.
Roots Week - When speculating why someone is depressed, medical officials, even the patients themselves, question its origin. Recent evidence suggests depression could be rooted in the body.
Reality Week - The violin is practically another appendage for Roger Frisch. He’s a musician in the truest sense of the word; if he’s not performing every day there is no satisfaction. Frisch tells BTR how he even performs when he's undergoing surgery.
BTR brunches at Sweet Chick, arriving at chicken and biscuit heaven with Southern comfort food in Williamsburg. Upon entering the door, Sweet Chick’s atmosphere hits customers immediately. With its tables and chairs resembling those of a traditional diner or cafe, the setup is homey and inviting.
Samantha Spoto checks out Otto Pizza on Portland, Maine's Congress Street. Eclectic slices, good service, and solid happy hour deals set Otto's apart from the pack.
Reality Week - In America a prevalent idea is that somewhere out there exists a formula for success, a golden ratio, a step-by-step tutorial that could lead a person from any walk of life towards the right path. Can we set ourselves up for success? How much control do we have over our destinies?
If you haven't heard the band Heat yet, get ready for some ultra-wavy, head-bobbing pop-perfection. BTR spoke with frontman Susil Sharma about how the band formed, their songwriting process, and playing a Madonna cover.
Experimental artist Jonathan Josefsson reinvents the traditional idea of carpets with layered fabrics, creating technicolor gems for everyday use. He chats with BTR about the process and philosophy behind his artistic rugs.
A rise in food studies programs shows that Americans are starting to educate themselves on how politics, demographics, and location affect the food insecurity of an area.
Reality Week - In our work-driven culture, we tend to refer to our professional lives as “the grind.” Millennials suffer from career burnout earlier in life than previous generations, which can begin to eat away at their state of wellbeing without any awareness of what’s happening.
This week we sit down with start up consultant Roy Povarchik. Roy shares on the best way to find and maintain a relevant audience, how to leverage social media, the best webinars for start ups, and more!
The Museum of the Moving Image’s newest exhibition, titled 'Sensory Stories: An Exhibition of New Narrative Experiences', provides a momentary escape from reality but leaves much to be desired.
On a recent outing with friends, Molly Freeman managed to try five different kinds of hard ciders, including those from Downeast, Magners, and Harpoon. While some were forgettable, others have become a standard for when she drinks cider with friends.
Reality Week - On June 17, software engineers Alexander Mordvintsev and Mike Tyka, with software engineering intern Christopher Olah, sent shockwaves across the internet when they released the first images of the AI’s psychedelic dreams. The name of their project? “Inceptionism.”
Reality Week - Reality television may have seemed like a preposterous idea when it first began--with shows like 'The Real World,' 'Survivor,' and 'Big Brother'--but it has officially carved out its own spot in the weekly television schedule. Now, Lifetime's 'UnREAL' manages to honor and critique reality television.
The Australian version of 'MasterChef' trumps the American version in every way. It's more inventive, more interesting, and far more full of talent. But most importantly, it omits the oh-so-annoying teardown culture that American reality TV hangs its hat on.
PHOTOBLOG: This summer, BTR staffers traveled all around the tri-state area as well as to other parts of the USA and the world. Tanya Silverman traveled to Detroit where she visited the Henry Ford Museum and the Belle Isle Conservancy. Ashley Rodriguez journeyed out West to see Mt Hood in Oregon and outdoor chess in Seattle, while Kenneth Miller cruised to Bermuda.
Finding a roommate you can actually handle living with is a very necessary, yet complicated task. Though it can be difficult to maintain a system of organization, people tend to fall back on attempting to enforce “chore charts” or leaving passive aggressive notes next to stacks of dirty dishes in the sink.
There's no grill necessary here to create an element of southwest summer barbecuing. It's the perfect meal to cook on a weeknight when there’s a heavy thunderstorm that prohibits outdoor cooking.
Reality Week - BTR spoke with renowned Hyperrealist painter Raphaella Spence, of the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York City, to further understand the processes and motivations behind this meticulously detailed practice.
Reality Week - We at BTR have made the effort to experience locations like the Jersey shore’s Shore Store to New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde, both on screen and off. What were these places like in real life as opposed to on TV or in movies? Read to find out.
Drum loops bend, twist, and crackle; swinging pendulums cast echoes and distortions off of a landscape that seems to shift before the ears have time to catch up. Let us introduce you to Gibberish out of Fayetteville, Arkansas.
This sandwich has an abundance of sashimi grade tuna just barely cooked along with fresh avocado and cream cheese, and it’s topped with a homemade soy ginger sauce.
Love at first sight is a dangerous emotion even when it comes to food, but Jack’s Wife Freda completely lived up to the hype. Eggs benedict with beet hollandaise, Stumptown coffee, and duck prosciutto make appearances.
Birthday Week - What happens to babies born on February 29? How is life different for those who only technically have birthdays every four years? BTR investigates Leap Year Day babies and how they deal with aging.
Birthday Week - In 1981, psychologist Ellen Langer conducted an experiment to see whether a group of men in their 70s could alter the mental perception of their age. Langer asked the study’s participants to mentally conjure an image of themselves from 1959--22 years earlier--and to try and behave in the present as if they were the age they were back then.
Shaka Burrito is a Hawaiian-themed burrito joint located on 23rd Street in Manhattan between Second and Third Ave. The restaurant boasts "grass fed, GMO-free New Zealand beef," as well as "non-GMO basmati brown rice and cooking oil," which means Shaka is off to an impressive start.
The members of Scout Boys may spend as much time trying to convince you that aliens exist as they do playing music. Sometimes, they manage to do both simultaneously. BTR chats with members of the Long Island-based band about their debut LP.
Party favor bags shouldn't be discarded along with childhood. Here's how to keep the goody bag trend going into adulthood. If done right, goody bags take time, effort, and care to create, which any grateful friend will appreciate.
Birthday Week – Whether or not you care to check up on your astrological readings, a separate, scientific factor may influence you to pay attention to the patterns related to your birth month. It’s disease. A recent study by Columbia University scientists looked into such correlations.
This recipe combines a banana and some farmer’s market fresh strawberries with a heaping amount of protein (whey, soy milk, almond milk, walnuts, and Greek yogurt) to create an ideal breakfast smoothie that is both light and filling. Plus, if you’re on the go, this option is more replenishing and refreshing to take with you than coffee.
This week we explore nutrition with health coach Linda Wilcox, plus the gut-brain connection! She also tells us what vitamins we need to be aware of and some startling truths about cancer.
Brandon Doman, founder of The Strangers Project, invites people to share their handwritten stories. He chats with BTR about the history of his project and how he wants to keep expanding it.
This Thirsty Thursday, Dish + Drink tastes Nantucket-based Cisco Brewers' Grey Lady ale. The Massachusetts Witbier is floral, fruity, and even a bit spicy.
Recent years have seen multiple artificial flavors become popular, including birthday cake, salted caramel, and red velvet. However, with the popularity of these flavors waning, what will take their spot? The favorite campfire treat: s'mores.
Birthday Week - Honoring a person’s day of birth with some form of shenanigans dates back to antiquity. From pulled ears to evil clowns, explore birthday traditions from around the world!
Take advantage of your birthday month and treat yourself by signing up for some impressive deals. Whether you like coffee, clothes, makeup, or desserts, there are many ways to indulge in these personal gifts.
Birthday Week - Birthday parties are fun when you’re a kid. An adult handles all the planning, heaps of people are almost guaranteed to show up, and there seems to be endless party ideas. BTR rounds up some creative birthday party ideas--whatever your taste may be.
BTR explores different pathways to birthday cake flavored indulgence, regardless of whether or not it’s actually your birthday.
PHOTOBLOG: Smorgasburg is open on weekends from April to November in NYC. On Saturdays, the flea market is hosted in East River State Park while on Sundays it takes place in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Patrons can find all sorts of food, drink, and people watching.
It started on the back porch of a party and has grown into unbreakable friendship, music and more. Ditch Cat, out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, is "gettin' it done," country with an edge.
After a holiday weekend, preparing a meal sometimes seems far too daunting. When that happens, what's better than a simple and healthy salad for a summer weeknight?
Birthday Week - In a day and age when our identities are largely subjective and fluid, we can argue that the sky’s the limit in defining them. But, even up there in the stars--surprisingly enough--you can pick the destiny of your liking. BTR examines astrological rebirths and newfound destinies.
For those of you who drank a little too much yesterday and woke up feeling completely out of commission, we're here for you. We know what it's like and we're sharing our personal experiences and our favorite cures for the common hangover.
Made in the USA Week - The most American of the American cities is now determined for 2015: Indianapolis, Indiana. But in case you were shopping for a house with the intent of paying the most median price on the real estate market, you should search around New Orleans, LA.
On the west end of Portland, Maine's Congress Street sits Hot Suppa, a cozy restaurant serving up southern comfort classics. For the Fourth of July, we are celebrating our nation with a fusion of American favorites.
Made in the USA Week - What’s it like growing up first generation American in an immigrant household? Well, it’s kind of like living two lives--an American life, and a life that preserves a foreign culture’s traditions. Many who grow up this way define themselves as having a bicultural identity.
What is the line between a cult and commune? BTR reviews a documentary, 'The Source Family,' and analyzes the ideas and history behind the formation of the cult.
BTR catches up with Utica, New York based garage pop band Comfy for a lesson in fighting writer’s block. Comfy’s founder, lead singer, and guitarist Connor Benincasa talks about their upcoming EP 'Good Luck' and the band's ever-changing line-up.
Rhubarb season is short-lived and Independence Day is the ideal occasion to serve a summer fruit compote as a side dish.
Made in the USA Week - There are many long-standing traditions to uphold during the United States of America's Independence Day. One way to celebrate the Fourth of July is with a good old fashion movie marathon. In honor of the holiday here our favorite American action movie heroes.
This week we're exploring the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake (and other amazing baked goods) with Stefani Pollack, author behind the delicious blog The Cupcake Project!
Leon Borensztein’s black-and-white photographs capture members of the working class from 1979 to 1989. The project touches on the yearning for and reality of the American Dream.
Made in the USA Week - Since the spawn of the American Industrial Revolution and on through today, manufacturing has remained a sector in the US economy. However, in today’s news stories, it’s not uncommon to hear about the ongoing outsourcing of industry.
As the Fourth of July fast approaches and Made in the USA Week nears its end, Thirsty Thursday is coming in hot with a cocktail truly inspired by the Land of the Free.
Made in the USA Week - This country is a veritable patchwork of contrasting geography and people, and whether you’re just visiting or you call it home, the only way to really conceptualize the stark cultural differences across each of our 50 states is to witness them in person.
Cold brewing has hit coffee shops all over, including chains such as Starbucks. But what about pre-packaged cold brew? High Brew's canned cold brew coffee offers a delicious and healthy pick-me-up.
Scientific experts screened the TV show ‘Cosmos’ and introduce an educational atmosphere to an audience at Videoglogy, a bar in Brooklyn. Neighborhood astronomer, Dr. Kennet E. Flores, transformed the screening room into a university lecture hall.
Made in the USA Week - Aspects of American culture, nature, and cuisine make our country truly unique. We're proud to be American for many reasons, be it iconic photographs, jazz music, tater tots, or vast landscapes.
This month's edition of Guac is Extra sees Samantha Spoto jetting off to Maine for a few burritos. The first sushi burrito in NYC also makes an appearance as she hits 61 'ritos on the year.
PHOTOBLOG: If you're in Manhattan and looking for something close by to keep you occupied or take a break from work, Bryant Park is the perfect place to go. Settled right next to the New York Public Library's main location, the park is conveniently located. Beautiful gardens border opposite ends of the park's lush lawn. While many parks have lush landscapes and beautiful flowers, Bryant Park stands out among the rest.
Is it possible to make dishes from the food delivery service without dairy? Most of the recipes contained cheese, butter, or eggs, even for those who choose the vegetarian option.
Shawn James & The Shapeshifters isn't just another rag-tag ensemble of conventional string dusters. They may build expectations by resembling their Arkansas-based, traditional-playing contemporaries, but these rogue bluegrassers have discovered a noticeably harder edge.
Made in the USA Week - Within the past year alone, the vinyl record industry has declared a major revival with tremendous leaps in sales. Data collected by Nielsen Soundscan reports over 9.2 million vinyl records sold in the US in 2014--a 52 percent increase from the year before.
Fan Week - It seems as though there are two types of concert attendees: those that are constantly taking photos and videos of the event and those that leave their phones/cameras in their pockets or at home. Since many of us here at BTR enjoy some live music now and again, we decided to chime in on the matter.
Bacon egg and cheese sandwiches are a true breakfast staple and have even cracked their way into the brunch realm. With entire restaurants devoted to the bacon egg and cheese, it seems only fair that I include my own recipe for Sunday Brunch. Surprise surprise, it includes avocado.
Fan Week - Have you ever been starstruck? We at BTR have served Johnny Depp, bumped into Alec Baldwin, and chatted with Kirstie Alley. Check out our experiences of celebrity encounters.
I’ve been to Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen a small handful of times now since my first review, but once in a while a restaurant strikes me and a follow up review seems necessary. This is one of those instances.
Composer Gizem Gokoglu's output is immeasurably diverse, including soundtracks to short films, re-scores of cinema classics, and original compositions for jazz orchestras. She talks to BTR about writing film scores and making music from afar.
Fan Week - What are cult films? Why and how do they maintain a devoted audience for so many years? BTR looks into the culture of cult classics like 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' and their legacy with fans.
BTR staffers found an assortment of Jelly Belly bags worth taste testing. Here’s what we thought about the Cocktail Classics, Superfruit Mix, Sours, and Tropical Mix.
Audio-visual mobile creation app, Generate, gives multimedia artists a platform to mix their original beats with images of their choice, making abstract beauties look easy.
This week we chat with Dallas McDonald, a lifetime sufferer of anxiety. On her blog, Scatter Brain Rants, McDonald offers helpful insight into living with anxiety, including anecdotes and suggested therapies.
This review focuses specifically on the Gainesville location of World of Beer, where I enjoyed a flight of four beers. WOB offers so many beers that it’s truthfully a bit overwhelming, which is why ordering a flight—or two—is the way to go here.
Fan Week - Festivals are fabulous. You get to enjoy the outdoors, try new foods, immerse yourself in a sea of eclectic individuals, and of course, listen to live music. BTR rounds up all the handy tips you need to make it through the sea of flower crowns in one piece.
Fan Week - This year’s E3 conference showed off technology the likes of which we’ve never seen. BTR gives a run down of the talks and offers insight on what the results of the conference mean for the future of gaming.
For people with demanding work schedules, it’s difficult to find time to eat right and stay healthy. The tech gurus of Silicon Valley rely on protein powder beverages for their daily nutritional intake.
PHOTOBLOG: The 33rd annual Mermaid Parade took place on Saturday in Coney Island, New York. The country's biggest art parade brought in an enormous crowd of wildly costumed participants.
Comedic Instagram account showcases air collages of famed artists and artworks, separating the reality from their lies. BTR chats with the Brazilian collagist Loro Verz about his project.
Fan Week – Watching online cat media is actually good for humans, so stop your incessant scoffing. A recent study proved that people who watch online cats videos experience bursts of energy and positivity, plus exhibit fewer negative emotions after seeing clips.
Along with the first official days of summer comes plenty of excitement on my end when it comes to exploring the farmer’s markets. Over the weekend, I came across spring onions, which I’ve not cooked with before. As you may have seen over the years on Dish + Drink, we’ve done a lot with onions of all kinds, but this one is pretty awesome.
PHOTOBLOG: The fourth annual Seed Experience vegan festival, expo, and conference took place on June 20th and 21st at Brooklyn's Expo Center in Greenpoint. The center was lined with vendors performing food demonstrations, offering tasty samples, and selling some of their treats.
David Block of Human Experience is not the easiest person to get a hold of. He just wrapped up a festival in Bali. He premiered one of his sets to an eclectic audience numbering in the thousands and representing close to 50 different countries. We finally pinned him down for an interview and it was worth the wait.
Anyone who cooks as often as some of us here at BTR will find it pretty simple to conjure up images of their most prized kitchen possession. You know exactly what we mean if you fit into this category, too. For us, the essentials range from a simple knife to a celebrity-signed container.
Fan Week - 'American Idol' and 'Fashion Police' are among many reality shows that promoted teardown culture. However with both shows in trouble this spring, it could indicate that an end to teardown culture could be on the horizon.
These muffins are small, but packed with protein and potassium, which makes them ideal for serving alongside eggs, mimosas, and even bacon.
Relationship Week - Accepting a Facebook request, liking an Instagram post, favoriting a Tweet--these are actions that lead to everyday virtual interaction with one another, all of which begin online friendships. Could online friendships be more genuine than offline ones?
Relationship Week - Avid wedding planners and dress consultants may market their services by playing into the stereotype that “all girls dream of their wedding day.” However, Millennials are choosing to get married later in life and many of them desire less lavish ceremonies than those of previous generations.
Uma Temakeria has unveiled the first sushi burrito in New York City. The long-awaited fusion item debuted on Thursday at their brick and mortar shop on 14th and Sixth in Manhattan. As it so happens, Thursday was also International Sushi Day.
You won’t believe the raw power of the garage rock band Winstons. BTR catches up with Lou Nutting and Ben Brock Wilkes who make up the garage soul duo shredding up New York City.
On June 8, Seattle-based Starbucks announced six new flavors of Frappuccino in celebration of the blended beverage's 20th anniversary. The variations are dubbed Fan Flavors in honor of customers' favorite ingredient combinations; they include Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Lemon Bar, and Red Velvet Cake.
Relationship Week - Research has highlighted time and time again that our clothing choices are deeply intertwined with our self-perception and personality. BTR staffers weigh in on the outfits that make them feel the most confident.
This week we talk going vegan with Hannah Ellis, owner of Oops! I'm a Vegan! Hannah will dispel vegan stereotypes and even share a few awesome vegan dessert recipes!
Netflix has made a few changes to its site, but how will they affect users? BTR examines the company's plans and evaluates how this entertainment service's model relates to that of competitors.
Relationship Week - Romantic comedies--movies wherein comedy is derived from the romantic plot--have long been successful on the big screen. Now, romantic comedies have hit television, to varying degrees of success.
This cocktail, Japanese for summer orange, combines low-calorie ingredients like club soda, vodka, and sake with orange notes from Cointreau and a fresh lemon twist. It is heavily boozy, but light in flavor intensity, which makes it an ideal choice for imbibing any time.
This time of year is a rather busy one at my house mostly because my family spends so much time coaxing our garden to life. However, this year we've had to fight off a groundhog from eating all of our vegetables.
Relationship Week - When you’re 22 and you pack a backpack for a post-grad tour through Europe, and your parents ask what one of your major travel priorities is, you probably won’t say “sex.” Travel and sex often go hand in hand; here's how to play it safe and have fun.
BTR’s own DJ Laura spent the weekend at Bonnaroo catching the hot rays from the sun and soaking up some great Jam Session-style music.
Stick ‘n’ poke tattoos are emerging in mainstream tattoo culture, establishing a new image to the traditionally disaster-ridden underground, DIY practice. After all, they’re legit tattoos; they deserve a degree of respect.
Relationship Week - BTR peers into the strange world of objectum sexuality, where people fall in love with inanimate objects. Erika La Tour Eiffel belongs to an extremely rare minority of the population who self-identify as “objectum-sexual”.
It has been quite a while since I ran a recipe that resembles something of a “garbage” dish. This one does just that and combines leftover shrimp and arugula with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and rigatoni.
PHOTOBLOG: The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art displaying medieval art and architecture. It has been open to the public since 1938. Pieces of five separate European monasteries or convents were shipped to the United States and reassembled to create what is currently The Cloisters.
Relationship Week - With research indicating Millennial couples’ likelihood and acceptance of individual, separate sexual partners, standard relationship norms are changing--possibly for the better.
Being in a band is a bit like being in an open relationship--if you don’t have complete honesty chances are it’ll fall apart. Golden Drugs out of Oakland, California has found the perfect relationship balance.
Over the course of the past year or two, zucchini pasta, or “zoodles,” have become quite popular. Zoodles are spaghetti-shaped zucchini slices and are much lower in carbohydrates than actual spaghetti. There are several ways to make these, but the most simple is to use a spirelli.
This frozen boozy concoction combines fresh avocado and mango with rum and almond milk. Do brunch cocktails differently as temperatures top off around 90 degrees in the New York area this weekend.
Rain Week - Acid rain causes long-term effects, such as the jellification of Canadian lakes. While the pH level is largely recovered in many of these bodies of water, ecological changes will persist.
Rain Week - In our stimulating world, it proves difficult for HSPs to escape the sensory overload. For a highly sensitive person, excess stimuli can create an overwhelming and anxiety-inducing experience that feels unavoidable.
The rather small Maguro, located on the border of Rose Hill and Kip's Bay in Manhattan, boasts impressively fresh fish and a 4.4-star rating.
Never mind the Lords of Dogtown--here’s a different platoon of riders from the concrete vistas that you should know about. Over Lord, Theory Lord, and Splice Lord talk hand-me-down accordions and the connection between skateboarding and music.
Rainworks is a Seattle project operated by Peregrine Church and his comrades where they take super hydrophobic coating and spray it through stencils of messages and art around the city's sidewalks.
Rain Week - For the vast majority, storm chasing is simply a hobby, undertaken by those who are fascinated with these acts of nature, and who wish to observe and photograph the events out of curiosity. Technology offers researchers a greater scientific understanding of severe storms.
Unfortunately, because halibut hails from the North Pacific, it can be rather difficult to find it at a reasonable price--or at all--in the Northeast. It's around right now and this recipe is light, with a subtle dry heat that it perfect for the warmer months.
This week we are talking about literature with the author of the Internet's longest running lit blog: Literary Kicks. We cover the evolution of the written word, the social issues being discussed in today's literature, and which author's we should be paying more attention to.
In honor of Rain Week, BTR staffers Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis describe the sensations of oncoming rain onto themselves.
Green tea and honey go hand in hand as do bourbon and honey, and bourbon and lemon, of course, which makes this cocktail perfect for the upcoming warm nights.
Rain Week - With more and more modern technology--television, internet, radio, internet radio, smartphones, and apps--there are numerous ways of getting the weather report for the day before venturing outside. BTR staffers chime in on how they get their weather reports.
Yes, you read that right. Dish + Drink has in fact traveled to the beautiful country of Thailand and back again with the help of BTR's own Zach Schepis. He recounts his journey, which includes the spiciest curry he's tasted to date.
Rain Week - A new travel company guarantees a sunny wedding by bursting out the clouds. It's quite expensive, but is weather control really so ridiculous compared to all the other extravagant marriage practices out there?
Whimsical chalkboard signs are a common sight for storefronts, but the drawings may cause more confusion than outreach. Some of the most effective chalkboard phrases are ones that maintain relevancy.
A quick side dish of corn and beans is a great way to provide a balanced meal alongside fish or chicken. This recipe also contains a homegrown kung pao pepper that gives a whopping amount of heat, so if you’re looking to go the mild route, swap the kung pao for a red bell pepper instead.
Rain Week - Beaches naturally fluctuate between periods of growth and decay, however, the US coasts are vulnerable to erosion due to climate change. Can we save America’s coasts from vanishing under these forces?
Brooklyn's annual Go Green! Festival is designed to show an appreciation for our environment through information and demonstrations. A variety of vendors with environmentally friendly merchandise were present like Holly's HeART by Hand, Taproot Organics, and AE Wooden Toys. Charlie & Sarah provided a clothing swap to exchange clothing without all the packaging of newly bought garb. Food vendors included Sugar Couture and Two Books Pizza among many others.
Up until very recently, there was very little to dislike about the almond. In light of Rain Week, Dish + Drink takes a look at the link between California's water consumption and almonds.
Rain Week - There seems to be a general division of camps between those who relish the experience of a rain storm and those who pray for nothing more than a larger umbrella. But the calm immediately following a downpour carries with it a universally soothing aura. BTR consults a bubble expert about new findings that reveal the secret behind rain’s distinct scent.
For Jason Baldock and Gemma Dietrich of the British neo-soul inspired duo Rope Store, an underground bunker surrounded by three feet of concrete makes the perfect muse for songwriting.
Throwback Week - A notion has long implied that men and women were always held on different planes of superiority. This concept however doesn’t align with the findings of recent research.
Another installment of Sunday Brunch here on Dish + Drink brings forth a healthy and hearty frittata made without the oven. Fresh baby arugula, mushrooms, and feta cheese come together in this dish.
The original Haru first opened its doors nearly 20 years ago. It is “not only one of the longest standing establishments” on the Upper West Side’s famed “’restaurant row,’” but Haru also claims to be “one of the pioneers of Japanese cuisine in New York.”
Throwback Week - Extinct means dead, gone forever. Or does it? Scientists of the de-extinction movement work to revitalize lost species, while others research the evolution links between extinct animals living ones.
BTR chats with Peter Kegler from California surf rock group, Babewatch. Kegler talks about how these guys are not very serious, and reveals how they got their band's name.
Remember those shoes with the wheel... in the heel? These gems from the 2000s could be making a comeback. Steer clear of kids who might be rolling down a mall near you.
Throwback Week - This summer, MTV will premiere a semi-remake of the classic '90s horror movie 'Scream'. However, rather than continue the story of the 1996 movie, the show will adapt and update the original plotline.
It may be June, but afternoon thunderstorms render grilling out of the question at least once a week. It’s best to be prepared to cook inside on the days that rain is likely. Instead of moping, I choose these days to throw together something simple that still feels elaborate.
A new iOS app called PooTime aims to help users track their bathroom time and keep them entertained in the process. BTR reviews this novel app which tries to enhance the toilet experience.
This week we catch up with amateur astronomy and photographer Phil Ostroff. Phil will teach you all about what instruments you will need to photograph the cosmos or, if you don't have a few thousand dollars, how to find people who will help you do it for free!
As is mentioned in probably every cocktail blog on the internet, the Old Fashioned is argued to be the first cocktail in existence. It has made a huge resurgence in the last several years and many will attribute this trend to the popularity of 'Mad Men.'
Throwback Week - Nostalgia has long been more than just a topic of conversation between friends. Brands are using the feeling as a tool to market their products to Millennials.