This bread-based tart combines cheese, apples, pears, and spicy preserves.
Part two of our list of favorite albums from last year that the music press didn't care enough about.
A recap of the year in discovering the talent of tomorrow, one week at a time.
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When it comes to papaya spots, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
The Vancouver surf-rockers riff on comic books, first takes, and balancing group dynamics
BTR and One Warm Coat make it easy to give back this Holiday season by donating your old coats to a local drive.
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Different eras, different places, different Christmases.
A year end list from the blog Stadiums and Shrines.
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Researchers discuss the many developments and uses of algae research for efficient cultivation, biofuel, animal feed, wastewater treatment, and potential support.
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New developments in hydrogen cars may nudge plug-ins out of the alternative fuel vehicles market.
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Researchers in the UK and Japan have noticed a reduction in the frequencies with which people partake in sex.
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Does growing teenage apathy mean Mark Zuckerberg’s empire will ever actually diminish?
This lunch take out spot is more than just a break for the wallet.
Attitudes on city-wide consumer and commercial bans in New York and California.
Crisis Arm talk about armies of cats, their most recent release, and how they came to be “more like a family than a band.”
Add a little weight to your habanero sauce to create the perfect dip.
LAN parties were popular in the early days of the internet, but have experienced a resurgence with a new game.
Misconceptions about LinkedIn, social-media stat comparisons, and surprising successes.
Dish + Drink covers the do's and don'ts of holiday party etiquette.
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New Jersey's top-notch pizza isn't exactly a secret.
BTR DJs Meredith, Rehka, and J Dayz give insight into their experiences in the art of musical multitasking.
The final night of Hanukkah is celebrated in Brooklyn and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lights up Manhattan.
Krill shares their thoughts on the Boston music scene and staying together after a break-up album.
Interesting occupations, frugal lifestyle choices, and assorted statements from the current pope.
From TV, to movie theaters, to the gaming realm, second screen experiences have infiltrated all kinds of media.
Spice up your burgers with this homemade sweet and hot habanero sauce.
Make a bottled batch of cocktails for your next holiday party and avoid mixing drinks all night long.
New research reveals we might not be the cognitive jugglers we once thought we were.
Hearty vegetable soups make for a great winter meal.
I’m a musician, but also a teacher, warehouseman, civil servant, therapist…
Rock your next stir fry with some less traditional ingredients.
Pair your next tuna melt with eggs and salsa for a game changer.
The Southern VT-based thrashgrass band that’s also farmers market friendly.
Chef Michael Isabella describes his busy life of Mediterranean cooking.
A (sort of) defense of the ill-fated film about the legendary NYC club.
This latke Thanksgiving sandwich could be the newest craze in holiday foods.
Food, shopping, buildings, and others make their debut in the porn (descriptor) scene.
By Dane Feldman Photo by Dane Feldman. PLAE, like the Verandah, is located in the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort on Amelia Island, Florida. It is also one of my family's favorite spots to dine when we are in Amelia Island because the menu is often eclectic and the service is great. The food This year, my parents and I each enjoyed our own salad (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, roasted chickpeas, cucumber, carrots, hearts of palm, brie, and balsamic dressing) followed by seared ahi tuna with seaweed salad and three dipping sauces. For my main course, I ordered the cedar plank salmon with caramelized grits and granny smith apple jam, which was served with mushrooms and green beans. These grits had to be the best I've ever had. PLAE has small plates, medium plates, and large plates, so sometimes when we dine there we share everything. This time around, all three of us were sure we wanted an entree, but PLAE is definitely a great place to share. The drinks I ordered a salty dog (vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, and a salt rim), which I enjoyed. The salty dog is my go-to whenever I'm at PLAE, but it's not quite the highlight of my meal the way the cocktails at the Verandah sometimes are. The ambience/service The service at PLAE is what really makes this restaurant so unforgettable. My parents and I like to dine there on our last night of the trip each year because it's closer to where we stay than downtown Fernandina Beach making it a bit more stress free the night before a flight. This time around, when my mom called to make a reservation she was notified that the restaurant was bought out by a party of 50 and so it wouldn't be open to the public. She told the hostess over the phone how much we enjoy dining at PLAE and that we saved dining at PLAE specifically for our last night in the area. The hostess put the owner and head chef on the phone who immediately promised to seat us as long as we didn't mind sitting in the bar area. My mom agreed. When we arrived, we were seated at a table in the bar area where only one other group was dining. The jazz band played in the far corner just softly enough that it wasn't intrusive. Our waitress checked with us to make sure we were comfortable regarding the party in the other room and, of course, we didn't mind. After taking our order, the waitress came back with complimentary salads. Already we knew we would be treated well despite the attention given to the party. When we finished dinner, the chef/owner came out to thank us for being flexible. He gave us complimentary honey cake and brownies to take home and had a long conversation with my mom about how he remembered us from our last visit. The food at PLAE is definitely great, but knowing that we received such wonderful treatment from a knowledgeable and helpful group of wait staff made our experience that much more enjoyable.
BTR takes a look into the world of North Dakota – three quirky friends who know what it means to have fun and go your own way,
Looking for something to get that special music-lover in your life? Take a few hints from BTR's DJs...
Snapchat’s rejection of Facebook’s buyout offer is bringing the popular app a lot of attention…
Dane visits a favorite seafood spot in Florida.
Old reflections, new analysis about the assassination of JFK 50 years later.
Whip up a batch of seasonal sangria for Thanksgiving dinner tonight.
23andMe cheaply, painlessly analyzes your genetic makeup. How will the growing availability of such information change us?
Sweet potato latkes combine the celebrations of both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.
Located in Newberry, Fla., Sabore is unsurprisingly terrific.
Is being addicted to our little light producers new, or was it always inevitable?
What Neilsen's incorporation of social media into TV ratings means for your favorite shows.
The Hudson Valley reggae band fusing island influences with a familiar feel.
Amelia Island's Espana is impressive and consistent in both flavor and freshness.
At the crossroads of charity, public education, good intentions, and youth literature, is the story of a cause.
This cocktail is far from the expected brunch bunch.
Toasties Deli in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood is a pleasant experience all around.
A supplement called bovine colostrum could help 2016 Summer Olympic athletes battle Rio’s pollution.
BTR chats with L.A. based post-punk group Virginia Reed about eerie vocal effects, getting married, and their rock that loves to haunt.
This recipe for chicken francaise includes swiss chard and hot sauce.
How Russia uses import bans to keep old satellite states in line.
This bourbon milkshake is both refreshing and warming at once.
Mammal experts examine inter-species nursing.
The Holiday festivities pull in to Grand Central Terminal.
This unique dish can't be found at your local seafood restaurant.
A UK pilot program intends to increase breastfeeding rates with monetary incentives but does not address society's issue with the practice.
Commemorating the life of a hero who forever changed the way our nation would come to view the LGBT community.
With Thanksgiving on its way, this recipe will help spice things up.
The New York-based jazz pianist who is on a neverending quest to search for the swing.
Sometimes, cliché or not, chicken soup is the answer to feeling under the weather.
Status quo says that under cooked milk is worse for you than under cooked meat, but beneath the rumor mill and scare tactics, is this old fashioned delicacy getting a raw deal?
Oatmeal is a healthy alternative to some of the more fattening brunch foods.
We’re a tricky generation to win over it seems…
A popular New Jersey deli owns up to the hype.
Looking at the connection between atheism and statism, Bill Maher, and how we treat each other.
BTR catches up with Medicine frontman Brad Laner to talk about the songwriter’s prolific career.
Since the midseason finale of Teen Wolf, the show’s social media has hit a bumpy patch with fans.
Try this healthier spin on a classic winter favorite.
A somber memorial for the late Lou Reed offered his music and zero apologies.
Two announcements by the FDA bring a spotlight to the efforts of an often overlooked regulatory agency.
A classic French 75 calls for gin and champagne.
Some people don’t like their yoga vanilla flavored. Some people need to spice it up a bit.
Enjoy these green tomatoes with curry and chutney as a simple appetizer anytime.
Almost at the 35th year anniversary of the massacre, former Peoples Temple members reflect on their lives.
A brief history of why people go absolutely crazy for bands and singers, then and now.
Try this variation of Thai red curry at home.
Try the lighter side of chili with this recipe for white chicken chili.
The Marquette, Mich.-based band that celebrates Christmas in June.
Mermaid Kariel has created an underwater life from everyone’s greatest fairy tales. She inspires others around her with her mermaid aerobics classes, hand-made fins, mermaid photo shoots, children’s book, and much, much more.
The sushi at Asian Bistro makes it more than just a diamond in the rough.
A brief guide to the secretive world of invite-only torrent communities.
Psychedelic indie pop band The Interest Group shares their thoughts on vinyl, recording in the dead of winter, and artistic vulnerability.
On the shocking tweets and looping chase-scene video that circulated the internet weeks ago amid the government shutdown – and the ongoing debates over the investigation that continue over a month later.
Whip up some of this hearty and wintry risotto for dinner again and again.
Court clashes in Texas lead to Supreme Court files.
Check out the brand new World Trade Center West Concourse and the art it has to offer.
Nearly a year after it formed the sinkhole beneath Bayou Corne, Louisiana has become one of our nation’s worst industrial disasters that no one knows about… and it’s still hungry.
Thirsty Thursday this week is all about fresh-squeezed juice and tequila. Ole.
Whip up this healthy farmer's market mash with some seasonal ingredients.
Does Rent The Runway de-value luxury brands by allowing the masses access to them?
The annual punk festival that keeps us coming back year after year.
Amidst great social gains for the left, the Supreme Court may be opening a pandora’s box with its latest campaign financing case.
This fish recipe requires just a few simple steps and yields a delicious meal.
Vimeo is offering independent filmmakers from the Toronto Film Festival $10,000 for temporary digital distribution rights. And it’s going to change the film industry.
The transcontinental neo-rock outfit making time after their day jobs.
Start the week fresh with this healthy and delicious protein shake.
Bake these fall fruity muffins for your next brunch get together.
The debate over rape jokes was rekindled after tweets wishing rape on Emma Roberts surfaced in response to the premiere of American Horror Story.
Rickshaw Dumplings is shaping the way we eat dumplings in NYC.
Can we finally take the “remains” out of human remains? Please?
BTR tunes into the mind of Crystal Dorval, exploring soundscapes, music as therapy, and ultimately, what makes us human.
Pokemon, a pop culture phenomenon that flourished across a variety of mass mediums, put us under a spell, and found a place in our adolescent hearts.
The Brooklyn-based label recovers after being buried by the Sandy storm surge in Red Hook.
Eat this healthy meatloaf alternative instead of classic meatloaf this fall and winter.
Examining how the Occupy movement has evolved far beyond the realms of Wall Street and the consciousness of 2011 participants.
A round-up of where to find your not-the-garden-variety rock stars who are pushing up daisies.
By Dane Feldman Photo by Dane Feldman. This week, I bought my first batch of grapefruits of the season, which means I’ll likely go on a grapefruit recipe rampage. This ginger greyhound is just my jumping off point, but I can see this cocktail becoming a staple for me this winter. What you'll need: 2 oz dry gin 2 oz fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice Ginger ale Ice Directions: Put the ice in the bottom of a rocks glass and pour the gin over it. Squeeze the grapefruit juice into the glass and add in the pulp as well. Top off with what should be about 3-4 ounces of ginger ale and stir. I used half of a grapefruit and its pulp to add another dimension to the drink, but for those who aren't pulp fans it isn't a must. The ginger ale brings out the flavor in both the grapefruit juice and the gin, which makes this a more three-dimensional greyhound. For anyone looking for more Halloween-themed food and drinks, check out BTR's Halloween's Here Pinterest board.
This original marinade makes for a citrusy and flavorful oven-baked chicken.
Being bad never felt so right as it does on Mischief Night.
The Black Label Bike Club of Brooklyn, NY hosts the 10th Annual Bike Kill in the heart of Bed-Stuy.
Puppies and pooches came out in packs to strut their stuff in this second annual costume contest!
What the godfather of punk's final collaboration with Metallica says about his legacy.
This stuffed acorn and delicata squash recipe will spice up any fall dinner and even Thanksgiving.
A wealth of mismanagement found in rape kits still buried in police storage facilities for decades.
This spicy side dish is simple to cook up and goes well with a wide variety of other foods.
The Brooklyn-based electro-pop group that offers a moment in time captured in a visual.
How would you feel if your college dorm was built over a Native American burial ground?
Rolling Stone reporting the 71-year-old rock icon and Velvet Underground leader has passed away.
This brunch staple is as flexible as can be.
Our Unofficial Sushi Month coverage continues!
SpongeBob SquarePants and his resilience should be emulated in a world rife with twisted moral compasses and bad-guy protagonists.
Combine some seasonal vegetables with filets of flounder for this healthy dish.
BTR explores the fascinating life of one of NYC's most celebrated buskers and how this world-wide community is fighting for its freedom of expression.
Users are outraged at Google as Deborah Peel of Patient Privacy Rights offers her insight on privacy.
Salsa Y Salsa is quickly becoming a BTR favorite happy hour spot.
Detroit’s John J George describes his efforts to restore and revitalize his city through Motor City Blight Busters.
Dane and Eatopia's DJ Hanabi venture to MetLife Stadium and eat some fanfare.
This spicy side dish pairs well with almost anything.
Someday you may find yourself in the middle of an argument between the frontman of Talking Heads and the bassist of Gang of Four about the future of the record industry...
CMJ was as nice on the eyes as it was on the ears.
A look back on the madness, music, and meaning behind what brings us all together for one special week.
Butternut squash soup is a fall classic that can't be reckoned with.
A look at how businesses simultaneously make money and help communities through a novel economic concept.
A little recap from our BTR's own CMJ showcase from over the weekend, just in case you missed it...
The Greek-born accordionist color-coding her album for you.
No brunch is complete without silver dollar pancakes.
Always the underdogs, experts remain skeptical of a hopeful outlook for developing countries.
BTR Catches Up With Lio Kanine of Kanine Records.
Yes Virginia, it is possible to not pay rent in New York City. Which isn't to say it's a good idea for everyone...
Asuka Sushi is a reminder that there's no dining experience quite like being treated like you belong.
Heavy metal finds a home in Brooklyn at Saint Vitus during CMJ Week.
CMJ checks out the hip hop scene at the Knitting Factory Thursday evening.
From the Canadian drama “Degrassi” to a lieu of programs of the CW, these Toronto actors have it made.
DJ Diaper in da house; a new method of music education for babies that greatly contributes to their development.
This risotto recipe separates itself from the pack with langostino tails and string beans.
Highlights from a Q&A with renowned indie label execs who give their two cents on the future of the industry.
Biotech companies are mixing pesticides and GMOs beyond regulations from Europe to Kauai, Hawaii.
BTR takes a closer look at the Welsh group, Joanna Gruesome, and Texas's answer to Vampire Weekend.
Curl up on the couch this fall with a hot bourbon and cider.
A new case study report found that teens who overcome obesity are more likely to develop an unidentified and untreated eating disorder.
This spicy spin on guacamole is simple and delicious.
Pick-Your-Own apples has never been so nice!
Hurry out to the apple orchards before fall's end.
Perspectives the Demilitarized Zone’s ecology and the separation of North and South Korea.
The 31st Annual Bed-Stuy Restoration 10k Race.
The one time Bostoner and street performer is carving out her future legacy in real time.
Make delicious soup for autumn using just a few fresh ingredients.
One of the nation’s largest public school systems finds itself the battleground over religious right ideals.
We’ve seen celebrities in and out of rehab, but they don’t go to just any old rehab facility.
This week's Sunday Brunch is all about the perfect pumpkin bread.
The Union Square W Hotel bar, Olives, stands out among the pack of other expensive NYC hotel bars.
Publisher and editor from the Drug Chronicle Series discuss drugs and artistic expression.
Revamp a classic with this recipe for a more modern version of chicken parm.
Controversy abounds over the construction of a natural gas pipeline through lower Manhattan.
The 26th Annual Deepavali Festival shoots for a Guinness World Record.
Step 1: Upload Selfie, Step 2: Wait for the sweet, sweet “likes” to flood in… Feels good man.
This light and seasonal gin cocktail delivers a smooth kick.
Trader Joe's seafood blend gives this dish the perfect boost.
Drinking yourself to death is easier than you think.
The 4th Annual Sweet Sugar Festival in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Indulge in these doughy and dense pumpkin spice cookies this fall.
Nostalgia has taken the pop-punk generation by storm but does BuzzFeed deserve all the credit?
The Miami-based experimental soundsmith who stays up to put them out.
This fall-inspired smoothie is a great way to shake up your post-workout meal.
This week's Sunday Brunch recipe is a simple one that won't compromise taste.
New research further dissociates anesthetic comas from sleep, gaining a deeper understanding of how our brains work.
BonChon on John Street is one of the best college spots in NYC.
A journey into the world of lucid dreaming and how it can come to affect our bodies, minds, and creativity.
Grilling doesn't have to restricted to summer with these chicken burgers.
A new political party in Canada joins a wave of European laws banning religious articles in public spaces.
Keep fall going with this boozy recipe for a pumpkin milkshake.
A new app allows users to document, visualize and track their sleeping patterns - all at the push of an on-screen button.
If we can’t cheat death, perhaps we can cheat sleep? Details on experiments in polyphasic 'cat napping'.
Seasonal farmer's market vegetables make a great roasted side dish.
Fort Tryon's 29th annual Medieval Festival brings a storm of swords to Manhattan.
October's here with these homemade pumpkin walnut muffins.
Questionable new research into sleep deprivation and fatigue has baffled sleep experts.
Getting to sleep may not be the restful repose we once thought it was, especially with the use of medication.
The Brooklyn country band that only gets better with age.
Wholly Roller announces the newest record and video from the Austin-based band Love Inks.
Tasty Picky Bars are the perfect combination of fat, protein, and carbohydrates meant for athletes.
Forget about the tired pumpkin recipes for fall and try this one for pumpkin oatmeal.
Young adults are playing a crucial role in reforming a system that is, in the words of Attorney General Eric Holder, "ineffective and unsustainable."
Pommes Frites, a Belgian french fry shop, is a great snack spot in NYC.
Dance United works with disadvantaged youths and in the UK to get their lives on track through dance programs.
The lies that "Friends" told us about real life, boundaries, and social norms.
Thousands of women are shackled at the behest of severe drug laws, resulting in deepening problems with prison conditions.
Wow house guests with these healthy recipe for single-serve pumpkin mousse.
Big Freedia bounces the Guinness Book of World Records on September 25, 2013.
The plight of the American poor is a more complex story than the powers that be would have you believe.
Controversial new electronic tablets are finding their way into American correctional facilities, affording prisoners access to both email and mp3 downloads.
Thomas Mitchie contrasts the differences between how society functions today and what a free society might look like.
Tim Dillon and Dane collaborate on this fall-festive recipe for blackened duck orange.
The story of an education program at an all-female prison in New York City that was evacuated for Sandy.
Why is it the victims of child sexual abuse that are doing the time and not the offenders?
Welcome fall with this hearty combination of sweet potatoes and black beans.
Why solitary confinement is counterintuitive to correcting criminality.
The Brooklyn-based dance punk band that invites you to join their break-up party.
Kick off fall with homemade oven-baked pumpkin fries.
Having recently broken the usage algorithm, Candy Crush continues to entrance.
Make mayonnaise-less egg salad without compromising flavor.
From slot machines to SAT questions, can computers truly reproduce random selections?
Dish + Drink's quest for the best burger in NYC continues with a burger from Schnipper's Quality Kitchen.
Is there an equation for the perfect city? Experts say there might be.
Shake Shack and Cronut creator, Dominique Ansel, team up to make custard.
Human rights researcher shares her thoughts on media coverage and women’s rights in India.
Study concludes that algorithms used by online dating sites do not predict successful, lasting relationships.
Celebrate fall and National Bourbon Heritage Month with bourbon cider.
The Cardboard Tube Fighting League takes to McCarren Park for some hardcore competition.
Add figs to your next oven-baked chicken dish.
Fighting crime is a game of numbers and a series of patterns, as technology predicts future outbreaks.
Photos of some of the coolest street art pieces in the second largest city in Belgium.
The 87th San Gennaro Feast is taking over Little Italy once again.
Reel in fall with homemade curried pumpkin seeds this week.
The Human Brain Algorithm, fact or fiction?
Wow guests at a cocktail party with these easy stuffed tomatoes.
Tyler Elick and Danny Wax created the Spreadsheets app to measure performance in bed and bring couples closer together.
The once Long Island-based, now Brooklyn-based rapper with the old soul of a record store employee.
Spice up your grilled cheese with brie, fruit, and caramelized onions.
When it comes to the Physicians Assistant are they more Physician or Assistant? The prognosis is not always the same.
A trip to Cape May might be worth it for Frescos menu.
Examining the involved development of newborn puppies into trained guide dogs.
Turn leftover salmon into a delicious and fresh lunch.
Back from North Korea, Dennis Rodman’s words and gestures prevail through the media.
Would you pay more taxes because of your contribution to the deterioration of the environment?
Bourbon Heritage Month is in full-swing with this cocktail float.
Whip up this restaurant-style Italian dip for your next cocktail party.
Lexbake combines two of my favorite sweet treats for one epic dessert.
Whip up this farmer's market veggies and chicken dish before summer's end.
Do you go into cardiac arrest when you can’t find your iPhone? You’re not alone.
NFL fans celebrate opening day right with some good ol' fashioned tailgating.
Serve this hot habanero cheese dip next Sunday afternoon during the game.
The White Plains, NY powerpop band who’s doing what they can to bring the scene back.
While college graduates are having an increasingly difficult time finding jobs, some young people are opting to become an apprentice rather than an intern.
Some of it was True offers a great new video from the London singer.
Our smart phones have become a reflection of our lives, which includes the less talked about aspects like masturbation and STDs.
Spice up your french toast with challah bread and extra eggs.
The original Shake Shack lives up to its reputation.
Try this healthier version of classic banana bread.
A Philadelphia artist uses a loom to depict contemporary images, from nude selfies to used condoms.
BTR brings you the New York Fashion Week on the street.
Scientists assess the risks of the Fukushima spills.
Try this bourbon sidecar variation with fresh citrus juices.
New methods of collecting evidence are breathing new life into the age-old death penalty debate.
Reel in autumn with this recipe for homemade apple sauce.
The grounds at the 2013 US Open offer some great spots for foodies.
Behind new photographs of wildlife growing in the aftermath of Chernobyl.
What's better than world class tennis? World class food and entertainment to accompany it.
The ever-prolific Chicagoan being himself in the only way he knows how.
This Californian storytelling event, focused on sexual exploits, brings openness to eroticism.
East to West offers an introduction to the dub-oriented techno band Squarepeg.
Grill these homemade chicken burgers this Labor Day.
Serve refreshing gin mint lemonade at your Labor Day brunch.
What we need to keep moving forward in todays world is less of the same.
Mira Sushi & Izakaya is a great spot for food and drinks, just maybe not for happy hour.
Fast food workers demand better wages in New York City and across America yesterday.
Make vegetable shrimp curry at home.
Design for Mankind exhibits her autumn glasses collection for Rivet and Sway.
A look at the variety of innovations from this successful, young trailblazer.
Just in time for Roadside Assistance, get your rockstar vacation on with help from Thrillist.
Where the people go (and don't go) in New York City for summer.
Before summer's end, try out these refreshing watermelon martinis.
Political strategist Bill Lynch recently died, but his legacy carries on.
Saute some seasonal swiss chard before summer's end.
An MIT Professor who helps teach kids computer coding talks about the best ways to use tech in education.
Afropunk Festival provides for good music and a chill time in Brooklyn style.
How a Brooklyn-bred photographer captured a critical movement in American cultural history, and how his work continues to captivate.
Spice up classic mac and cheese with hot peppers and avocado cheese sauce.
How one teenager tried to make a star in a jar, and ended up pioneering new nuclear technologies.
A band of brothers from Connecticut who are keeping the vocals low in the mix.
Enjoy this twist on the classic Italian Oreganata with flounder instead of shrimp.
Brunch doesn't have to mean heavy French toast and greasy bacon.
The law says rape is a crime but today’s society does not discourage rape as much as we think.
BTR staff check out NYC's Mission Chinese Food for the first time.
A look into how simple it is to buy protesters for real causes.
This spicy cantaloupe soup takes just 10 minutes to make.
Amidst debate over the federal minimum wage, NYC politicians attempted to live one week on $92.
NYC Comptroller and mayoral candidate thinks it makes sense, but what will the Feds do?
The historic Saratoga Race Course celebrates its 150th anniversary.
Make your own lime-infused vodka by making lime limoncello at home.
Would increasing taxes on gasoline help balance the country's budget?
Dr. Carl Hart’s book High Price is opening our eyes the common misconceptions and propaganda surrounding drugs in our society.
Using an abundance of seasonal vegetables differentiates this fried rice from the rest of the pack.
A look into the lost history of propaganda cartoons of the World War II era.
Coney Island hosts the 23rd Annual Sand Sculpture Competition!
Adding lemon zest and zucchini to this pasta dish makes it just right for summer dinner.
New Yorkers line-up for the interactive attraction as the 2013 Summer Street Festival draws to a close in the Big Apple.
The sixth season of True Blood just ended and I can safely say I have grown to hate the show, but for some reason I still watch it.
Whip up some of this homemade spicy chili lime butter for grilled swordfish.
The Seattle-based girl group set out to expose the dark side of surf rock.
Anti-LGBT “Propaganda” laws cause national and international reactions.
Complete Sunday Brunch this week with some whole wheat blueberry muffins.
Lessons learned from the internet on those guys we all know from college.
New York Burger Co. combines too many strong flavors and is otherwise somewhat forgettable.
Tri-State businesses discuss their repairs after Sandy, and how to prepare for the ongoing hurricane season.
Sauté some garden veggies to make a spicy Mexican side dish.
Beyond Veronica Mars, Zach Braff, and Spike Lee, Kickstarter already has films to intrigue and satisfy cinephiles.
Celebrate the heat of the summer with a frozen gimlet.
A reflection on the state of healthcare after Obama's press conference.
Following the announcement of the next Doctor, a debate has sprung up over the gender and race of the iconic character.
Grill chicken using fresh rosemary and lime before grilling season is over.
Make this cold shrimp appetizer for your next barbecue.
When being “British” or “Australian” or “Chinese” or “American” is just a figment of your imagination.
A recipe for a seafood twist on summer salsa.
Put a spin on pasta and pesto with langostino tails and pistachio pesto.
The Kingston, Jamaica-based dancehall singjay sends his songs out to the ladies.
Ovrld and the band Bobby Jealousy listen to Bobby Jealousy's newest album simultaneously and chat about the songs online at the same time. Real time interview!
The world’s first lab-grown burger was unveiled to the world this week.
How DVDs changed cult movies at the turn of the century and how social media is changing the genre today.
By Dane Feldman Photo by Dane Feldman. Welcome, once again, to Sunday Brunch here on Dish + Drink. It's been a while since I posted a cocktail recipe for this segment (I know, I know, I've gotten a bit wrapped up in various egg dishes). In the spirit of summer being in full-swing, I thought it best to work on a perfectly summery brunch drink. What you'll need: 2 oz wine 2 oz seltzer/club soda 1/4 oz creme de cassis Ice 4 strawberries Directions: In a blender, combine the wine, seltzer, creme de cassis, and ice. Wash and add in 2 of the strawberries before blending. Serve in wine glasses or champagne flutes with the remaining 2 strawberries. This drink is a spin on a classic favorite: the kir royale, which is traditionally a champagne cocktail. Instead of using champagne, I used a combination of wine and seltzer because I wanted to keep the same volume of liquid without a higher alcohol content. If you plan to use champagne in this recipe, I would suggest cutting it with extra ice.
The cheeseburgers at brgr in NYC are impressively good and well worth a try.
Jody Stephens, drummer for the godfathers of powerpop, talks about the difference between critical acclaim and cult fever.
Diets may not actually be as helpful in losing weight as we think they are.
Some musings about space and just how large it really is.
How Japanese Kawaii culture redefines "twee" in global fashion and design.
The culture of atheism as an activist force, personal definition, and general philosophy.
Make limoncello at home with this simple recipe for Thirsty Thursday.
Kickstarter hosts its 3rd Annual Film Festival in North Brooklyn, NY.
Zen isn't the best sushi spot in NYC, but it's always half price.
How social media has opened the door for flirty teenage fans to share their love for suspected murderers.
Goodbye to the fantasies of Twilight, Trublood and Angel. Vampires do really walk among us.
Some mouthwatering photos of MattBites' take on one of America's favorite desserts.
Indulge and nourish yourself at the same tiem with this coffee protein shake.
After developments in Edward Snowden’s exile, the organizers behind the 'Restore the Fourth' rallies of last month return.
Protestors congregated and marched throughout midtown Manhattan protesting NSA surveillance.
Austin Town Hall has its editors list some of their favorite albums this year.
The English chill-fi project lurking in the depths of Soundcloud.
Charismatic leaders, strict dress codes, and ritualistic practices... Is yoga more than just a pastime for health nuts?
Make a delicious and hearty dinner using only what you already have in your refrigerator.
Accounts of alternative museums and attractions to the mainstream institutes.
Cafeteria in Chelsea is a great spot for Sunday Brunch, but it may not be worth the price.
The Sharp Shadows break down how to pull off your very own tour.
Dane checks out some of the hot spots in NYC's Koreatown.
A Guide to Pit Stopping across America in style.
Small time Brooklyn band hits the road to show you how to do your own tour.
Ever considered going behind bars to take happy-snaps with convicted murderers, thieves or serial killers? A continued increase in prison tourism shows that crime really does pay.
Ben & Jerry's brings free city-inspired ice cream flavors to 11 US cities including NYC.
Ultramarathon runner Charlie Engle talks about his fifth place finish in Badwater 2013 after serving prison time.
A reflection of the efforts of a democratic women's rights activist who passed away.
Either you were that kid, knew that kid, or hated that kid who obsessed over the touring pop punk extravaganza in high school, but do the haters today have a point?
Thirsty Thursday is here and it's time for some muddle strawberries and whisky.
Father John Misty stops by the Surf Lodge in Montauk for sunset by the beach.
How a once-taboo form of entertainment is becoming a mainstream pursuit, pasties and all.
A reflection on the website and the four years it's been around.
This sandwich is a variation of the croque monsieur, croque madame, and monte cristo.
It’s not all about London, Paris, and Rome. Here are some destinations off the beaten path that make for a great trip.
This NJ diner isn't what you might expect as it serves Thai food exclusively.
Thursdays at Bryant Park has a lot more to offer than just foliage.
Combining Thai basil and chili paste makes this cucumber salad both refreshing and spicy.
What we've learned from Lance during the Tour de France's 100th anniversary.
The South London folk quartet who can explain what they’re about in four tracks.
The seven politicians who exemplify the seven deadly sins.
Use scraps from smoked salmon to make lox cream cheese at home.
Cook leftover stone fruits into a fruity compote for dessert.
Artist Robert Preston describes the process of removing his ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ painting series from Arlene’s Grocery in New York City.
Naked Juice, owned by PepsiCo, settled a $9M lawsuit regarding all natural ingredients and GMOs.
In Brooklyn Bridge Park a fence transcends its nature to divide and shows us how a community comes together.
A case for the insufferable arrogance of the most self-conscious man in showbiz.
This peach mint cocktail packs a punch with either bourbon or vodka.
When it comes to private prisons, the sinners, hold the keys.
Asuka in Chelsea is a great deal for both sushi and happy hour.
Quinoa as a breakfast component is just as delicious and nourishing as it is as a dinner component.
The Westchester folk n’ roll ensemble that invites you to join their family.
Is lust the malady we know as sex addiction or just the result of poor decision making?
The farmer's markets in July have different produce on offer than they did in June.
A look into the ever changing district of Chelsea and how its art scene flourished in this once industrial area.
Serve up these egg cups at brunch this Sunday.
Kick the weekend off with this light take on an Italian classic.
The hard numbers behind the growing demand for plastic surgeries in the last 13 years.
New York State toughens texting-while-driving laws.
A preview of the San Diego convention coming this weekend.
Fill up and fuel your body with a hearty protein shake.
Fine and Feathered shows off a simple summer outfit, some great thrift store finds.
Shake up the classic gimlet with this fruity recipe.
Even after Roger Ebert's death, his charge that video games could 'never be art' lives on.
Use overripe bananas to bake these healthy banana nut muffins.
The hilarious yet soul-killing process of finding an apartment in New York City captured on Tumblr.
Mussels and clams together is a great summer dish, rain or shine.
France's Bastille Day is celebrated in Manhattan.
Add some grilled zucchini to your sauteed vegetables for extra flavor.
Hollywood has gone a little crazy with the visual effects in recent years, but is the film industry creating quality movies?
The 405 examines the star-studded soundtrack for The Great Gatsby.
Demonstrators gather across the country to express outrage at Saturday's verdict in Florida.
The LA pop-rocker with some words of wisdom for the industry.
A Q&A on how expensive urban locales like San Francisco can better respond to hoarders.
Sunday Brunch serves eggs this week with a spicy southwest spin.
The SPCA faces cases of animal hoarding, which is a severe psychological problem.
Venture to New Jersey for some quality dining al fresco.
Two new outdoor exhibits at MoMA fuse form and function.
Josh Fox’s sequel examines air and water contamination, this time demanding action from politicians.
A photographer creates interesting portraits of her alter-ego.
The most dangerous type of hoarding has nothing to do with boxes of newspapers or wheelbarrows of old knick knacks.
Kick off your weekend with this healthy breakfast shake.
Office theft goes beyond just stealing someone else's lunch from the office fridge.
Update your home with a functional and stylish bar cart.
Switch up your pesto with some walnuts instead of pine nuts.
The Minimalist Woman discusses actually finishing projects and how that relates to life.
If what you hoard can be packed into a hard drive, does that disqualify its possession as a disorder?
While Americans have been enthralled with A&E’s Hoarders, how many are guilty of digital hoarding?
Dane interviews Dominique Ansel, head chef and owner of the bakery responsible for the trademarked Cronut.
The once famous Mexican electronica duo starting from scratch in New York.
Sauté veggies with fingerling potatoes for a hearty and healthy side dish.
Whether you are a classified hoarder or not, these tips can help you gain more control of your everyday life.
Fryar's beautiful video by Olivier Groulx is featured.
In the world of social media, what is (and isn’t) acceptable around Birthday time.
Combine celebrating America and enjoying Sunday Brunch with this champagne cocktail.
How actively (or inactively) should one celebrate their own birthday?
Bake some red, white, and blue cookies this holiday weekend.
Activists spend their holiday exercising their right to protest NSA surveillance.
The Days of Yore interviews the Swiss director Hoyte van Hoytema, who directed Let The Right One In.
Bake an American flag cake from scratch for this year's July 4th barbecues.
The Big Apple gets a baby boom. I hope they grow up to be better than the hipsters...
Neverending Footsteps visits Saigon and Vietnam for her birthday before heading to the United States.
Celebrate Independence Day with homemade jell-O shots.
Free events throughout big cities this July 4th Weekend.
As protests continue to unfold in Turkey, Turkish Americans share their support.
Copyright reform and the most recognizable song in the world.
Grill steak instead of burgers this Independence Day.
The science-focused blog explores the physics of one of the most traditional ways to listen to music.
Jules and Jess check out a locally sourced restaurant in the East Village.
Why should you be forced to grow up, especially on your birthday?
Celebrate America's birthday by grilling some North American rainbow trout and corn.
New Yorkers showed their true colors by coming out in form to celebrate the 2013 Pride March!
These two healthy red, white, and blue breakfasts are in the spirit of Birthday Week.
The ethos of Kalakuta Millionaires is very un-millionaire... and pretty darn awesome.
A rundown of the best five games of the classic console by BTR's tech guru.
How transparent are intentional shifts in body language?
Try this recipe for a guilt-free bagel experience.
Try this recipe at home for spicy shrimp and vegetable curry.
How the sheer fact that we know anything about Edward Snowden puts critics on defense.
New York City artists and businesses examine past, present, and future efforts for a resilient, post-Sandy era.
More transparency in hospital billing practices is only half of the battle towards reducing medical costs.
Fresh cucumbers make for great summer sides.
Thirsty Thursday on D+D takes a look at the Lantern's Keep, a swanky bar in the Iroquois Hotel near Times Square.
Researchers manipulate the genes of zebrafish so that they glow in the dark and shed light on the harm common plastics can do to humans.
The Mickey Mouse club is known for making stars, but for Club 33 beneath Disneyland, you practically need to be a star to get in.
Serve this zesty marinade over grilled salmon for a tasty summer dish.
The songwriter opens up about supporting the LGBT community and coming of age with Chris Carabba.
Can someone judge the authenticity of a smile by simply observing it?
Cooking Classy offers a delicious, light cupcake recipe for summer.
BTR staff members try a variety of meats at NYC favorite Bareburger.
The Coney Island Mermaid Parade shows up in fine form after being saved by a Kickstarter.
Twitter and Google have released transparency reports in the past, but what does that mean in light of the NSA PRISM scandal?
Check out what to find this week at your local farmer's markets.
NYC by way of Chile this jazz artist is one to watch.
Fear and demand are pushing developments in surveillance technology and changing our privacy forever.
Put these lemonade cubes in your iced tea for a refreshing spin on the Arnold Palmer.
Try these simple steps to make your own sorbet at home.
Apple has been known as one of the greater America companies, but should you buy in?
A new editorial intern wornette reminisces about clothing items past, and balancing the bold with the basic.
Baked sweet potato fries are a great alternative to regular French fries.
Arguments divide Supreme Court and Americans over Maryland v. King Decision.
Your help is still needed one month after the EF5 tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.