As an avant garde artistic statement, denitia & sene are a testament to the current musical landscape in Brooklyn.
To those beloved personalities in entertainment whom we lost in 2012.
London blog Some Of It Was True comments on H Grimace songs and includes a video.
Celebrations of the winter solstice from around the world.
How the Annenberg Foundation is trying to garner support for the endangered bears of the north.
FauxFrench offers the classic song “Trois Gymnopédies” by Erik Satie.
How those affected by the hurricane are handling the holidays.
Free Government Information announces the launch of The Freedom of the Press Foundation, created to help the public "donate to journalism organizations dedicated to transparency and accountability."
How one man went from making leg lamps to running a museum paying homage to "A Christmas Story."
Game of Thrones is heating up this winter.
Lemony Goodness offers a delicious White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookie recipe.
The Ardsley Curling Club in Irvington, NY gives us a lesson in sliding stones across frozen bullseyes.
The Luyas make music with experimentation and a little bit of magic.
The Afrobeat blog offers two good concert options for "our last day on earth." But since the 20th and 21st have passed and the world has not ended, maybe just check out the bands.
Because coming to grips with the fact it was a sled the whole time is tough!
Reflecting on landing for the first time in the Big Apple.
An anonymous post on The Books They Gave Me discusses Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone impact on their life.
Lady Gaga hits 32 million Twitter followers. Why this is more important than her music, for now.
Managing Partner of Z!NG Revolution, the company that furnished the new Wired store in Soho.
Red Kite Prayer discusses Union Cycliste Internationale's initiative to create a confidential doping hotline.
Some of the more amazing scientific discoveries made in 2012.
Are music festivals on cruise ships the wave of the future?
The Iron Whisk offers a delicious Pecan Linzer Cookie recipe.
No Pain No Pop offers an audio/visual collaborative video from Matthew Barnes and many others.
A recent grad shares life lessons you won't learn from HBO's Girls.
Friends from Kentucky who have successfully turned their social chemistry and mutual artistic interests into an off-kilter garage rock band.
Disavowing "death of the (insert cherished musical tradition here)" town criers and the "headphones album."
How the United States could become self-sufficient in energy by 2035.
Will drones ultimately settle the foreign disputes of tomorrow?
How one company is learning to analyze all the buzz around new and future technologies.
Joe Markowitz offers ways for citizens irritated by unfair tax cuts to act.
What does the future hold for drug policy after the recent developments in Colorado and Washington?
Some of the ways in which our world might come to a terrible, disastrous end.
Led by 18-year-old emcee Patrick "Wiki" Morales, Ratking is proof that hip hop runs deep into the veins of New York City.
One BTR writer goes back to the technologies of the past to see just how far we've really come.
How depicting creative rivalry outweighs historical accuracy in this classic period piece.
Sadie Mintz, 105, recalls her old jewelry store in Hollywood and the earrings that became immortalized by Marilyn Monroe on LIFE magazine's cover.
Or how John McCain learned to stop worrying about Benghazi and start warming up to Susan Rice.
An unusually broad collaboration of researchers from MIT, Boston University, and Tufts University suggest that music theory and composition may shed insight into novel biomaterials.
Famous music rivalries that start nasty and end friendly.
Tension over trade and the economy snowballs as China's economy outshines that of the United States.
A union of mainstream taste and marginal spectacle, Day has written for the likes of Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot, Diddy, and Big Daddy Kane. In 2013 her focus now shifts to her solo work.
Joshua Katcher comments on John Bartlett's newest sustainable collection.
Nature's special resilience takes back Chernobyl.
Wednesday night marked the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York City.
Voice over actors and motion capture/3D filming specialists are suddenly getting their fair share of the spotlight.
Music's ultimate renaissance men make excellent barometers for how music creation has changed over the centuries.
Blonds’ music is so good that, according to the band, it will “swallow your soul.”
How renegade comic book artists took on Disney ... and won.
Identity theft in the 21st century and how to avoid it.
The Daily Film Dose reviews the 1930's version of Abraham Lincoln.
Locals trek to Manhattan's Upper West Side to watch their favorite Macy's Day Parade floats come to life.
We talk with a celebrity impersonator about the trials and tribulations of embodying the incomperable Cher.
What angry Thanksgiving Facebook rants about American imperialism and "#firstworldproblems" have in common.
On November 20, 2012, Toronto indie rockers Metz returned to Brooklyn to play at the Knitting Factory, supported by local artists YVETTE and Bennio Qwerty. Two nights before, Metz visited BTR for a session of Serious Business on BTR, which will air at a later date. In the meantime, here are some photos from their set: And here's YVETTE: Bennio Qwerty: All photos by Bryan Bruchman. For more from this show, please visit our Flickr set.
Is imitation the highest form of flattery or the lowest form of creativity?
Mattbites offers a delicious streusel baked french toast recipe.
Social crafting websites are the new craze among netizens, with Pinterest being the most popular. What are some alternatives?
How easy getting a fake id can be and what lawmakers are doing about it.
After the Rodeo may be the best delicacy out of Vermont since Ben & Jerry’s.
The music blog Portals interviews Mac DeMarco.
How the once secret promotional tool for musicians puts a human touch on music (blog) discovery.
How Mark Yarm's book has become an integral part in the history of the genre.
The Discerning Brute discusses the benefits in the bedroom of a vegan diet.
The Rise of the Celebrity Death Hoax.
Now that the finger -length disc drives are less expensive to produce, will retailers and DIY musicians invest en masse?
Sean Parker continues to push the envelope on how the internet can be used to change societal norms.
New York City celebrates our veterans with their annual parade down Fifth Avenue.
Why liberals should not tout Obama's Pyrrhic victory as the end of conservatism as we know it.
Robin of Knead to Cook offers a mint chocolate crinkle cookie recipe.
An advanced look at the new gaming system.
Through music, positivity, activism and good energy, Staff Benda Bilili stands for something far greater than a band, but a tide in the current of global change.
theuntzandtheindie offer a track from the London duo Maribou State.
Victim of an ex posting your nude photos on the internet? You may want to consider your legal options.
The long-term effects of adult films in a high-speed internet world.
The Days of Yore interviews critically-acclaimed writer Jonathan Lethem.
Artists of a new movement are finding new ways to transform trash.
Who's the dirtiest political party in the country, Democrats or Republicans?
Marion Nestle discusses a report in the most recent issue of Mother Jones that reveals how the sugar industry has tried to manipulate scientists and government officials.
After rising from grimy dive bars to international tours, Mangan has learned a thing or two about the ways of the world.
We kick off Dirty Week with Mistress T talking shop about being a professional dominatrix.
Shedding some light on dark matter, physics' greatest mystery.
A UC Berkeley professor talks about the mysteries of the human brain.
Photos of the raceway before yesterday's announcement to cancel the marathon.
One photographer's look at downtown Manhattan after Sandy.
How a low-frequency vibration in New Mexico has stumped scientists.
Michelle Young chronicles a visit to the historic Salmagundi Club for a GroupMe venture launch party
Ranking America shows statistics comparing the United States' freedom of the press to other countries.
The strange case of the Toynbee Tiles and those trying to track their origin.
some of it was true posts new videos from favorite London-based bands.
What began as a love for all-things Chris Rock has evolved into a creative career move for this NYC based comic.
How to visit NYC and not annoy everyone who lives there.
A snapshot of NYC-based entrepreneurs in their twenties making their way in an uncertain economy.
Emily Spivack, author of the blogs Threaded, Worn Stories, and Sentimental Value, posts the story about a coat from a sale she found on ebay.
A frugal guide to making sure you end up at the right celebration this weekend, courtesy of our favorite local blogs.
New York City has some amazing walking tours available for tourists and natives alike.
Robin of Knead to Cook offers a Spinach Cumin Hummus Recipe.
We talk to the photographer behind PopSpotsNYC, a site that celebrates of pop album cover photos taken in NYC.
The music of Miro Belle invites listeners into a dreamland of instrumental wonder.
How businesses can further connect with their audiences through apps.
How musicians and distributors are trying to find unique ways to reach their audiences.
Some children's apps get a bad rap for exploiting parents' wallets, but others can teach valuable lessons.
Joe Markowitz of Hope and Change discusses a new Obama presidential campaign video.
App developers engaging in competitive copycatting and spying practices are increasingly under scrutiny from Apple and Android.
Matt Armendariz recalls memories of Italy and bruschetta for breakfast.
The pros and cons of seeing Star Trek-level technology at your command in home appliance apps.
This London-based indie rocker left medical school to pursue his utmost passion in the arts.
What Steve Jobs would have done and Apple can do now to reclaim their place in the tech world.
How Twitter's Twindex is providing political polls for the president race.
Lane Crothers discusses the benefits of living in the United States.
How the candidates are besting each other on Twitter.
The Executive Vice President of Edison Media Research.
Remixing music, genre, and identity, electronic music producer Yarlen can enter a room and immediately get attention.
No Pain No Pop features Echo Lake's video for 'Another Day."
MTV proves how overrated gamification is by turning the election season into a fantasy sports league.
How the Students For Life in America organization is trying to sway the vote.
How Dan Mustard went from the streets to the recording studio.
BTR stops by Chelsea's annual hot spot for the latest art priced between $100 -$10,000.
How protestors are seeking justice in cases against the NYPD.
The need for scrap metal has led to sewer cap theft. Could fiberglass caps be the solution?
Robert B. Reich discusses the debates and the significance of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Friday report.
What the right's dismissal of the Ron Paul campaign and the left's silence on the Chicago teacher's strike says about the widening cracks in the two-party system.
5 great, underrated indie flicks for you to watch in place of the big blockbusters.
Ten years down the road less traveled, The Brew has evolved from a quartet of dedicated rookies to a notable starting line-up.
A professional women's arm wrestler who has competed for the past 15 years.
From Little Mermaid II to the latest dish on Ghostbusters 3.
BTR's favorite curmudgeon rummages through the latest edition of KIDZ BOP.
What's the right age to expose children to technology?
A couple of months ago, Patrick Stickles and the rest of his revolving door of Titus Andronicus accomplices fired off the first warning shot that the New Jersey band's next step might see them breaking away from the epic guitar gestures that defined 2010's phenomenal punk opus The Monitor.
What people are doing to fight this global problem.
As a discrete New Englander, AS can attest to you that it doesn't take long for summer to flip Western Massachusetts the bird once September rolls around.
Hundreds gathered outside the U.N. to protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Why immigration reform isn't Obama's biggest failure and why no one should expect the DREAM Act to pass by 2016.
Back in August, AS properly assessed "Proceed to Memory," the first listen in over five years off of Pinback's return album Information Received (due out October 16th on Temporary Residence) and pointed out the veteran San Diego indie rock project's new found focus on restrained loudness.
How the world's economic super powers are facing their toughest challenge yet: accommodating a possibly unsustainable senior population.
Tegan and Sara have made a habit out of emerging victorious in the stylistic evolution game by taking bold new steps with each effort, transcending from indie folk into power pop and in their latter two releases, hook-heavy synth pop.
Three Trapped Tigers make instrumental rock cool, beautiful and jam-worthy.
Schools across the country crack down on things deemed "controversial."
A new culinary trend where no part of the animal goes to waste.
How and why the healthy vitamin-packed leafy green has grown in popularity.
Cork band The Karman Line dropped an EP last year featuring upbeat electro and ambient electronic sounds. This new one popped up on Soundcloud ‘Hangman’ leans towards the latter, more of a Nathan Fake vibe with twinkling melodies than a “partay partay” thing.
Will water shortages lead the world to vegetarianism? What might that look like?
4AD is an independent label who have a superb roster (The National, Tune-Yards, Bon Iver, St. Vincent) so a new addition is always worth investigating.
Lethal Dialect isn’t letting up on the tunes front with this new downloadable single from his forthcoming album Magnum Opus.
There's no real quick fix to dieting, but with a significant change in eating and exercise habits, we can improve.
Leftside is one of the preeminent artists setting the pace in the Jamaican music scene with his fresh island drawl and multicultural dynamic.
America's favorite breakfast meat has induced a flavor craze.
Finally, some new tunage from Body Language. The Social Studies EP was released in various forms, remixes were added, videos were made but now the band are ready to move on with the Grammar EP out next week on the Lavish Habits label.
Blank on Blank's David Gerlach talks about breathing new life into long lost interviews through the use of multimedia.
How Aaron Sorkin's HBO show measures up to the real deal.
On photojournalism and what it takes to really expose the severity of war.
Vancouver based DJ and producer Taylor Deitcher, who’s better known under his pseudonym FELIX CARTAL, is dropping his album Popular Music on Monday (through Dim Mak).
Cowbird, Zeega, and Narratively are multimedia platforms enhancing and easing the processes of journalism.
We thought we’d hold off on writing about Jacques Greene’s latest release until the special date that is today. It’s hard to believe, but today marks exactly two whole years since Jacques Greene first upped “(Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want” to YouTube, which is the track that ultimately threw him headfirst into the limelight.
Middle East social media expert talks about the difference between the uprising in Syria and others in the region.
Last year electro stalwarts Shadow Dancer surprised us all with an ambient mix put together to mark the summer solstice. Named “Al’s 4.43am Mix”, the hour-long ambient journey sat perfectly with the annual moment of sunrise on the longest day of the year. At turns elegiac and wistful, heartbreaking and uplifting, it showed a side of the Shadow Dancer name often forgotten – the side as inspired by soundscapes as video games.
A very grown up Abigail Breslin makes an appearance at the debut of designer Stacy Bendet's latest collection.
Taking truth for granted is a dangerous thing to do as a consumer of news media.
Identity in music can be a tricky thing. Where some artists opt to build extensively rich and quixotic imagery around their craft, others dodge the concept of image entirely or alternatively hide behind a rigid veil of mystery.
The Free Wood post Editor-In-Chief talks providing political satire with news that's "almost reliable."
Thought-provoking, determined and fashionably astute, meet this Seattle-based collective of jazz musicians.
For our 50th Truancy Volume we wanted to take stock in our values in what we have built here at TRUANTS for the past few years and stay true to the artists we hold dear the most.
What do students gain from unpaid internships in the media and entertainment industries?
Shoppers and Fashionistas kick off the beginning of New York Fashion Week.
Through ads and sprawling payphone infrastructure, NYC joins the grid of American cities with publicly-supported wifi.
The truth and rhetoric surrounding America's prison system both in the news and in hip-hop.
Our previous familiarity with twenty-year-old Sky Ferreira was via her 2010 single “One”, a infectious burst of stuttery electro-pop bubblegum that deserved to be a bigger mainstream hit than it ultimately was (it peaked at #64 on the UK singles chart). Fast-forward a couple years later, and the L.A.-born star-in-waiting is still pushing out under-the-radar winners though of a dramatically different sound.
How open source is changing the relationships between citizen and government, game and gamer.
You know you got a cold R&B joint when rappers are tripping over themselves trying to add sixteens to it, and with Miguel’s “Adorn” being one of the hottest sexual healing jams of the year, it’s no surprise that it’s become the freestyle go-to for emcees to express their sensitive side on.
Past incentives to spur voter turnout range from free doughnut and beer giveaways to sex toys.
The occasional problem with having the same R&B and hip hop names hooking up in collaboration over and over is that one record can be mistaken for another and songs get overlooked.
Three easy steps to get you on your way to becoming a contributing member to the Freegan society!
As hinted by the amazing singles (and non-attached freebies) that preceded it, buzzed-about Brit-soul newcomer Jessie Ware has pulled off one of the year’s strongest R&B collections with her freshly released debut Devotion, a masterwork of calm, cool and collected soul-pop heavily influenced by the sumptuously understated grooves and heavy emotional ache of the 80′s most tasteful Quiet Storm slow burns mixed in with a subtle nod to today’s quasi-underground dance trends and, at the core of it all, the careful caress of Ware’s velvety voice landing as a cross between Sade, Whitney and Aaliyah.
Adrian Fischer of FlyingFisch challenges the ignorance and hatred he finds around him with a message of inspiration.
Not every twenty something intern bums most of their music collection from torrenting sites... Or at least ours don't?
Now that it has been proven that online hip-pop phenom Hoodie Allen needn’t have to flip a Hype Machine-smash indie sample to get folks to part with their dollars (his samples-free “official debut” EP All-American ended up garnering Top 10 entry placement on the big Billboard album chart), it comes as a little bit of an extra treat that the rapper/ singer would backtrack to the style that first got him on the buzz train for new freebie release “Feel The Love”.
How New York City's landscape and attitudes are changing with the addition of new bike lanes
A stuntman in the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt film reveals the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the bike courier biz.
A lens into the institutional popularity of Pedicabs and the drivers behind the handlebars.
Miami-based producer Stephen Swartz, most notably of “Bullet Train” fame has unleashed another smart yet catchy electro banger that should be on everyone’s radar.
An interview with Morrigan McCarthy of Restless Collective, a photography and multimedia collective.
Although A.C. Newman is better known for his work as the frontman of the indie rock group The New Pornographers, he has been releasing solo material since The Slow Wonder dropped in 2004. Now he’s all set to release his third solo studio album entitled Shut Down the Streets.
Recycle-A-Bicycle is a non-profit organization that accepts used bikes, refurbishes and sells them, then uses the proceeds to help the community.
With less than a month until the release date of their highly anticipated sophomore album, The xx have unveiled yet another new track.
The popularity of bicycles in NYC has been met with a rise in bicycle theft, causing many bikers to rethink the security measures they take.
Jake Stanczak, AKA the notorious dubstep pioneer Kill The Noise, is no ordinary club sensation.
They describe themselves as a group bound by sex and synths – a band making sex pop music for the masses.
Can a young Canadian politician and music entrepreneur breathe life into Motor Town with a new bike company?
“Refined” by South Florida’s misfit Robb Bank$ featuring a beat from one of the most innovative trap hip-hop producers, Spaceghostgurrp.
How crowdsourcing, offering large scale solutions, is transforming typical business models.
The quick deal that made the founders of Instagram rich.
A list of five odd jobs that let you keep your sanity and financial security.
Excellence personified gets re-injected with heart pumping faultlessness courtesy of production knight AntonyToga. Tippled by loopy, funky flavour and precision marked aural coolness, we should rename AntonyToga: Antony “Winning” Toga. Follow AntonyToga’s band of The Starving Burgers HERE. DJ MEDHI & THOMAS BANGALTER – Signatune (AntonyToga Dynasty’s ReBoot Mix) via
Tenants of three buildings in Sunset Park, Brooklyn stage a mighty resistance against their neglectful landlord.
Yep! This has Giorgio Moroder influences written all over it alright! With ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’ retaining a blatent ode of respect towards the master of electro and the disciple of the synth.. this next selected piece of dreamy energy has been written and produced by DJ L’Aquarium that is nothing short of French “cosmic disco” delicacy. DJ L’AQUARIUM – Let Your Voice Be Heard (Morodisco Edit) via
The blame game over the economy roles on as Washington contemplates separating investment and commercial banking.
Morphed from the hills of Kingston, Canada, a sturdy new producer hails a new set of bootlegging strings & chords via the fingers of Bryson Lee. Like a brand new pair of shiny new pants, Bryson introduces himself via an extremely high-end and commercial vocal strain. Uniting his own tastes by this choice of vocal sample, I would always have to conclude that hearing Adele’s vocals via a “less-is-more” attitude is the only way to hear this buxom lady sing her heart I’m afraid. Fusing together Turn’s Instrumental of Lilla Sallskapet’s ‘Jag Vill Ut’ and Thomas Gold’s remix of ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ links this remix to a path of boom-boom-freedom, and happy joyful sing-a-longs for all her dearest fans in question. Bryson Lee’s ‘Swedish Spaceman’ Mash Up rallies up the troops like no tomorrow and blesses all those hearts which choose to take on the voyage known as progressive house. It is, just perfect. Adele & Thomas Gold vs. Lilla Sallskapet & Turn – Set Fire To The Jag Vill Ut (Bryson Lee Bootleg) AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. The Killers & Sander Van Doorn – Swedish Spaceman (Bryson Lee Mash Up) via offers a new spin on the bartering system, giving new meaning to the concept of artistic community.
Emphatic and totally uncompromised for just over two decades now, the originator of classic excitement and vintage hammering techno beats had the honour of closing the Castle Stage located within the Tommorrowland 2012 festival  back on the 29 July 2012. Two hours of unadulterated electronic sounds followed amidst his own hosted area called “Dave Clarke Presents” where other respected legends such as Derrick May, Chris Liebing, Green Velvet, Miss Kitten, DJ Pierre and Joseph Capriati were all in attendance. To aurally taste this exquisite two hour closing set, then click HERE now. via
A six piece group of low-key, highly talented musicians out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Outside of the classrooms, these occupations might be your best bet for paying the bills as a musician.
Amid a top heavy bass line and a lead driving riff that is full of groove and super-uber-slick-tones of UK garage, this Instrumental from Jamie Grind will indeed sound even more revered in the next five years as it current sounds now. A remix of this calibre does the generic world of certain Originals a world of good. Released on 24 September 2012. PROFESSOR GREEN – Avalon (Jamie Grind Instrumental) via
How cymatics, a budding branch of science is approaching sound in a unique way.
Protestors took to the streets in Times Square on Friday to support of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.
Earl took to twitter to reveal some details on his new album. He wants to make a “pretty album”, and expects that he may loose some fans along the way (and gain some as well). Fans of his song “epar” are likely to be “bummed” and no one should expect him to be the 15-year-old rapper that spoke about “raping girls”. Some of the expected featured guests include the usual suspects Tyler, Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Syd tha Kyd, as well as The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams. That’s really all that we got on the album so far, but it’s enough for me to say that I’m a lot more interested in hearing it than ever before. via weallwantsomeone
Noise music pushes the boundaries of what we commonly refer to as "music".
Tame Impala have announced a few more tour dates that basically signal NYC as the place to be (just kidding…kind of..) The band is returning on November 7 for another Music Hall of Williamsburg show (tix), as well as a November 10 show at Webster Hall (tix). I saw the band at Lollapalooza and will surely be at one, if not both shows. They were that good. Here’s the band’s full set of dates, posted after the jump. (via) Tame Impala — 2012 Tour Dates 09/29 Brisbane, Australia Parklife Festival 09/30 Sydney, Australia Parklife Festival 10/01 Perth, Australia Parklife Festival 10/06 Melbourn, Australia Parklife Festival 10/07 Adelaide, Australia Parklife Festival 10/14 Cologne, Germany Gebaude 9 10/14 Paris, France Bataclan 10/16 Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique 10/17 Hamburg, Germany Gruenspan 10/18 Oslo, Norway Rockefeller 10/20 Stockholm, Sweden Debaser 10/22 Copenhagen, Denmark Vega 10/23 Berlin, Germany Postbahnhof 10/25 Vienna, Austria Fluc 10/26 Milan, Italy Magazzini Generali 10/27 Lausanne, Switzerland Les Docks 10/29 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paradiso 10/30 London, England O2 Academy Brixton 11/01 Manchester, England HMV Ritz 11/02 Sheffield, England The Leadmill 11/03 Glasgow, Scotland O2 ABC 11/07 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg* 11/08 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer* 11/10 New York, NY Webster Hall* * – w/ The Amazing via weallwantsomeone
Deaf dancers find their internal rhythm to beat the sound of silence.
NPR is on fire with album streams today. On top of Dive Fits and Yeasayer they are also streaming Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s new album Mature Themes. The album is released on August 21st via 4AD and can be heard here or right below. via weallwantsomeone
The Emoti-chair is a chair embedded with voice coils that project different sound vibrations into several locations of the body.
At The Drive-In took the stage opposing Florence + The Machine. Florence is cool and all, but come on people. There was no excuse for missing these guys, who are only doing this one-off reunion that is sure to be a rare treat for those of us lucky to be in the audience. The band didn’t disappoint, bringing us all back to the earlier times in our lives when their music captured our angry minds. Musically it was one of the – if not the most – rocking sets of the festival. The band sounded great, time hasn’t changed their ability to perform together. It makes me curious as to where they will go next. via weallwantsomeone
Misophonia, the neurological disorder that makes certain sounds excruciating.
Sleepy Wonder’s no new kid on the block, yet his latest artistic endeavor casts an original spotlight onto his career and his music.
Titus Andronicus have announced that their new album will be titled Local Business. It will come out via XL Recordings on October 23. The band recorded the album this spring while in upstate New York. Owen Pallet is a featured guest playing the violin. Check out the 10-song tracklist below. 1. Ecce Homo 2. Still Life With Hot Deuce and Silver Platter 3. Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With the Flood of Detritus 4. Food Fight! 5. My Eating Disorder 6. Titus Andronicus VS. the Absurd Universe (3rd Round KO) 7. In a Big City 8. In a Small Body 9. (I Am the) Electric Man 10. Tried to Quit Smoking via weallwantsomeone
A modern form of scarification has started to become a more embraced form of body modification.
When an American patriot nearly misses dinner, Pizza Boys intervene with amazing new solution.
Kanine records co-founder, Lio Kanine, shares his thoughts on branding indie music in the age of file sharing.
Editor's note: From LBPT's vast photo archive via LBPT
Wanted to write a quick thing about relationships with places. It comes in the wake of a midnight walk around Knightsbridge, conversations with friends, and reading an article on the subject, you feel me? We tend to think about the places we live in static terms, when the reality is much more dynamic. Relationships with places are really a lot more like relationships with people. And who might be a good person for you today, might not be so good for you in a few years. Or maybe he or she will be because you genuinely value the time you’ve spent getting to know them, understanding them. Depends on what’s important to you, nahmean? Chicago, where I spent a year working, is like the girl who came out of nowhere, took care of you, and it grew to be the absolute realest thing. But still you had to wonder about what else was out there. London, where I am now, is the makes-your-heart-skip-a-beat beautiful girl who’s got dope style, taste, everything you think you want, but the conversation never clicks. Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s you, but there’s not a lot either can do to change it. And Miami, where I’m from? Miami is like the fly girl you think (hope) might have more to her if you got to know her for real. via LBPT
Web browser plugins that filter out advertisements like Adblock Plus are forcing websites to rethink their marketing strategies
Based in London, Ben Ash makes modern, maximalist R&B, all breakbeat drum samples and Technicolor synths. Equally warm are the human elements: reverb-laden guitars, live pianos, impassioned and screwed vocals. This union—between the robotic and human—is made possible by a pop sensibility that is universal. Check LBPT’s exclusive Q&A below. One. LBPT: How did you get into making tunes? TIP: I was influenced by my dad & mum who are musical and they brought me up jamming at home. LBPT: Saturn: The Slow Jams EP comes out July 16th. What’s the story you’re telling? TIP: Slow jams, love songs and R&B are what I was brought up on but I’m influenced by electronic music with a twist, futuristic sounding synths and warped bass lines, which ties in with the space, sci-fi theme. LBPT: ‘Paint It Red’ features Mikky Ekko all the way from Nashville. How did that collaboration happen? TIP: Just online. I heard his stuff, loved his voice and, when Mikky was in London, we got in the studio. We have only met once and recorded once so I’m looking forward to more one day. LBPT: A lot of musicians working today came up on 90s melodies and production. How does the decade’s music influence yours? TIP: Heavily. It was the era that I was starting to get into music at school, whether it was hip hop, Britpop, 90s R&B, grunge, garage. There was a lot of different genres back then compared to now, when everyone seems to like a bit of everything. LBPT: You’re signed to PMR Records, also home to Jessie Ware and Julio Bashmore. What’s the vibe like in the office? TIP: We are like a family. All good friends and I am a fan of everyone on the label. Genuinely love all the music at PMR. Exciting future. LBPT: To my ear, London has always had a sound even as it’s evolved over time. What about the city gives the music that texture? TIP: Its so diverse, so many cultures and that comes out through music more than anything. Whether it’s grime or punk, it feels like there’s a lot of pain and emotion in London music—like it couldn’t have been made anywhere else. LBPT: Top five slow jams of all time? TIP: Not top but first five that I love which come to my head right this second: Sinead O’Connor - Nothing Compares Otis Redding – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long R. Kelly - Sex Planet D’angelo - Brown Sugar BrownStone - If You Love Me via LBPT
Celebrity endorsements don't necessarily guarantee success for advocacy campaigns.
Editor's note: A photo in LBPT's photo series. LBPT is a music and photo blog via LBPT
Texas may be known for a lot of things, but derivative African culture is not typically one. Unless, of course, you consider Hard Proof, an Austin-based collective of ten musicians.
How social media and an ever-developing job market has necessitated personal branding.
Cars and trucks make way for pedestrians as they take over the streets of NYC in a city-sponsored event.
It’s a good time to be making music in Chicago. Chicago rap, particularly the irreverent East Side drill scene, is getting national attention. Meanwhile, the otherworldly sounds of footwork, a foster child of house’s original inception on Jackson Ave., still influence prominent UK/US producers. From this mix come Supreme Cuts’ Mike Perry and Austin Kjeultes. Sample the cut Belly (which I like to think is named after Hype Williams’ directorial debut) from their Whispers In The Dark LP. LBPT: How did both of you end up in Chicago and start making music together? SC: We both moved to Chicago to go to school and pursue music. We met through DJing and started talking music and became buddies. LBPT: Whispers In The Dark is an expansive record. How has your music changed since the Trouble EP? SC: We are more fearless. We still have all the secret techniques from Trouble but we stumbled upon tons more through experimentation. I guess we’re more confident. LBPT: How did you hook up with Haleek Maul and what can we expect from that collaboration? SC: Haleek hit us up about a year ago saying he loved our music and wanted to work together; we’ve been working with him ever since. We just got back from kicking it with him in New York. Chrome Lips is our mixtape with him and it comes out on August 21st. We got to indulge in our darkest sides as Supreme Cuts and at times most agressive. On the flipside, we got Haleek on more diverse beats than he would usually choose for his own records. LBPT: Can listeners in Europe expect a Supreme Cuts tour soon? SC: I will cut off my right leg or consider harming a loved one for a European tour! Please help! I miss my friends over there!!! LBPT: Katie Got Bandz or Sasha GoHard? SC: K.G.B!!! (But Do You Know Who I Am? is almost a masterpiece.) LBPT: Most inspiring spots in the city? SC: The MegaMall. via LBPT
How five famous faces received this menacing nickname.
The truths and myths about getting bitten.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will target predatory lending practices, but critics ask whether its constitutional.
How the quartet's promising self-titled debut album displays their musical dexterity.
The always entertaining Kool AD kicking with some off-the-wall flavor. via Ass The Blog
It may be the subversively patriotic cover art, or the military-style drums and woodwinds, but I totally see this as Dream Team 2012 victory music. I can picture LeBron, Melo, Kobe, Durant and company marching out of London, looking ahead stoically as James Harden and Andre Igoudala carry wooden stakes adorned with the heads of the Gasol brothers behind them. Blake Griffin, knee issues aside, trying to dunk over a member of the Queen’s Guard in earnest. Kool A.D and Heems shuffling behind, lamenting the lack of Indian NBA ballers, while Talib Kweli praises Tyson Chandler for his excellent lateral mobility and weak-side help defense. The conversation would end briskly once Tyson inquires when Blackstar 2 is coming out. But still, the summer Olympics are gonna be awesome. Talib Kweli & Das Racist - The Actual Eastern District Presents Mosholu via Ass The Blog
We catch up with Kevin Diamond of the Brooklyn quartet, talking about NYC scenes and benefit shows.
After watching a two-hour interview with Cash Money’s in-house superproducer (and cheerful doughboy) Mannie Fresh, I’m concerned the Clique’s creative output is due another look after pop is done eating 90s NYC/Memphis/Houston. Peep Noz’s interview for fanboy-gold tales of the label’s crazy work ethic and collectivism in its heyday. In preparation for the eventual rediscovery of Back That Azz Up, I’m putting up some later Juvie, when he proved his reedy-ass voice could work on something other than modified bounce beats. Slow Motion was probably his peak, chart-wise, but Rodeo made Juvie sound smoove. The same Juvie who participated in the recording of Hot Boys’ Kesha. via Ass The Blog
A Q&A with professional card shark and annual contender in the World Series of Poker.
UPDATED ARTICLE: Interview with Slow Magic!
A cursory glance at Nas’ illustrious, if pockmarked, career leaves most at a loss for how exactly to categorize one of rap’s greats. Sure, he’s in everyone’s Top 10 and is certainly a monolith in rap’s cluttered, always-in-flux landscape. The landlord of Thug Mansion, no doubt. He made “Illmatic”, the lyrical gold-standard and holy grail, after all. But his life has been marked by several missteps and failures, in terms of his career, his personal life, or in the case of the feud with Jay-Z, both. The failed stabs at commercialized rap. The Bravehearts, rivaled perhaps by third-tier Wu-affiliates in terms of sheer inconsequentialness. The hopelessly tin-ear for beats. The movie “Belly”. But perhaps his largest and most personal disappointment has also fueled one of his career’s greatest and purest successes. “Bye Baby”, off his latest offering “Life is Good”, is a lush and compelling look at the crests and troughs of his marriage and divorce with Kelis. Nas waxes nostalgic, and sounds comfortable, honest, at peace and never bitter. “You screaming at the racist cops in Miami was probably the highlight of my life Like Hiyo look at my wife Gangsta, me and twenty cops ‘bout to fight, crazy night Bailed you out, next morning we got clean Like it never happened and later we at that Heat game Just another day in the life of two people in love But it wasn’t enough” Nasty Nas as narrator and storyteller. This is like nothing on “Illmatic”. But it doesn’t have to be. Life Is Good. j via Ass The Blog
A scholar argues that the presumed enemy number 1 of the 1975 film Jaws may have been unjustly vilified.
And the work it takes to get just the right performance from them.
The director of Ace & Son Moving Picture Company discusses animation production.
There's a noticeable dearth in the number of women currently producing films in Hollywood, but the numbers are rising.
18+ - Execution. via
A collective of musicians and composers are using looping and software to push classical music into the present.
DJ iLL Tariq - Bend Dat Back ill Tariq demands, urges, and pleads - a driving compulsion - an obsession - to succumb and “Bend Dat Back”. Its repetition is hypnotic, an opiate of hammering beats and percolating, bursts of alarming samples. Clocking in at 3:40 - its a sort of composition that could endlessly loop - inducing one into a trance consisting of dips, catwalks, and hands. Bend Dat Back. Sndcld via
In honor of our beloved team member who left us far too soon.
Travis from Serious Business and Mr. Jason from Old School Studios clue us into the music production craft.
Oh, how my foggy eyes deceived me. What was cloaked in security soon became drenched in deceit. I felt the crawling shadows clouding my judgement. My once honed and sharpened intuition became lax - calm and vulnerable - exposed and accessible. As I was in my height of comfort, you pounced. Frenzied and furious, your talons tore my delicate flesh to shreds. Your gaping mouth, dripping with blood, furled and parted - exposing your pronged, ticking tongue. And as I observed the last moments of ebbing consciousness, I readily accepted my fate. Unchained. Unhindered. Unhampered. Free. ”Tiers” is a menacing, hexing track from Concrete Floors. Like its moniker, the track itself is cold and impenetrable. Accompanied by unrelenting synths and severe instrumentation. Airing on the side of maddening, it wails and fluctuates with chilly determination. Like a hunter stalking its prey, lurking in shadows, consumed with the thrill of impending victory. SNDCLD via
The production behind creating short films tends to be much more intensive than one might think.
Magic Fades - She Beat All The Haters When I hear the words “Magic Fades” I know I’m in for an audial treat. The recently released single, “She Beat All The Haters” features clandestine, near-falsetto ascending vocals that seem to tip toe alongside robotic hand claps, whispered ahs,  and hazy synthesizers. Featuring two new tracks and remixes by Slow Head and Obelisk, it’s avant-nu r&b. Fantastic. Get the 4 track single here. via
A comedian who rides the highs and lows with the guard of wit.
B.A.P - “No Mercy” File under: Korean, Korean hip hop, crotch grabbing via
Can a consistency of authorial and narrative style entrap artists in a meta-narrative of expressionistic sequentialism?
Beating the sophomore slump, with musician Anthony D'Amato.
Anoraak has been a favorite of mine for sometime now when it comes to “that sound.” I don’t want to pigeon hole him into chillwave so screw the genre’s in this particular case (or always) since it’s a smorgasbord of stylings anyways. From italo disco, to Motown-schooled funk, and sepia-toned pop music, Anoraak has a unique sound that fits right in line with that SoCal mentality despite the fact that he’s from France. The track above, ‘Made Up’, is an unreleased track made available via youtube for Anoraak’s upcoming US tour. I will be sure to check it out August 4th here in San Francisco. Anoraak was so kind to have also release a remix from Les Loups. It’s a bit glitchier than the original but it mostly stays true. #untz/tom via theuntzandtheindie
The prime choices for upcoming villains in the next Batman installment.
Download: 04-look-at-where-we-are.m4a ‘look at where we are / remember where we started out’ When this track comes on the car stereo my knee instinctively braces itself for a hand to be rested on it; it is the perfect simple reminder  to take in the person next to you, appreciate what has happened to get you there together, and to look forward to whatever lies ahead. The song is Hot Chip’s new album’s signature smoldering slow jam a la One Life Stand’s I Feel Better. Love.  #indie / tory Tags: hot chip via theuntzandtheindie
A look into the lasting impression of some literary works published posthumously.
While knee deep in one of the most annoying Powerpoint projects of all time, we have had one of those day dreamy mornings of packing it all up and heading west to Hawaii to build a sustainable treehouse bed and breakfast and live our life amidst the surf and sun. Yeah, one of those mornings. What better soundtrack for it all than Trails and Way’s new cover of Ghost Beach’s Miracle? The Oakland quartet bursted into the summer scene with their beautiful song Nunca, and now this tropically infused cover can carry me right through Labor Day. The band calls their take a “dreamy, sun-bleached bossanova jam.” Yep, sounds perfect. ‘I never wanted to work for pieces of paper / but I guess that’s all I get’ As a bonus track, here is Nunca. #indie / tory Nunca / Trails and Ways via theuntzandtheindie
Whenever Tensnake releases something I am already assuming I’m going to like it. You’d think that would be a good thing, but I definitely like going into a show or listening to a song with little to no expectations. The thing with Tensnake though is even with my natural high expectations most everything always comes out amazing. This rework is just that. It’s a perfect little groover with some space… just the way I like it. My friend and electronic cohort likens electronic music to coming home with a chick. He doesn’t want to just walk in the place and go to town. He wants some space to feel things out. Maybe a nice glass a wine and some good conversation and then the good stuff. It’s the same with electronic music in my humble opinion. If you want a cheap bang Tensnake is not your man. This guy knows how to work a crowd or a girl. Wait what am I talking about again? #untz /tom Tags: Sugardaddy, tensnake via theuntzandtheindie
He rhymes like Busta, but unlike the flow impresario, bounce rapper Nicky Da B raps to outpace the music.
Some of the biggest blockbuster sequels slated for 2012.
So I have a full plate of music this weekend with Com Truise and crew and The String Cheese Incident. I am short on time today, but we at least wanted to get out our thrice weekly dose of music over here at TheUntzAndTheIndie corporate office (that’s a joke). So Sailor & I eh? Stockholm band Sailor & I have carved a niche for themselves with their thematic indie music. ‘Tough Love’ is an extremely catchy and emotional tune. It also gets the full on treatment from Aril Brikha. He’s an Iranian who emigrated to Sweden at a young age. In his early teens he developed an interest in electronic music – artists such as Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean Michel Jarre. Brikha obtained an Atari and started to use a sequencer and, after initially emulating the music of others, he began composing. Friends who heard his material told him it was ‘Detroit techno’. Brikha had no idea what that was… gotta love it. #untz & indie/tom Tags: Aril Brikha, Sailor & I via theuntzandtheindie
On the best years to be born as a musician and finally chiming in on the Emily White-David Lowery debates.
One BTR writer learns that getting free perks on your birthday isn't quite what it used to be.
Restaurant chains and their alternative birthday songs, from to Chili's to Chuck E. Cheese's.
A brand new Hunters track showed up recently over at THE FADER. This track here should get you really excited for their full length LP which should be out maybe early next year (??). So, turn the volume on your listening device up and get psyched! Listen. Streamable: Street Trash (soundcloud) via GT
Brooklyn’s own Sleepies is getting ready to put out its kickstarted LP, Weird Wild World on August 21st. The LP was produced by The Men‘s Ben Greenber who totally captured their “nice kid freak punk” energy. The vinyl is set to be released by the 16oh label and the digital release will be handled by Mr. Dream‘s GODMODE (part of the Frenchkiss Label Group). This right here is the first single off of Weird Wild World. Listen. Streamable: Seriously (Evil Radio Edit) via GT
More and more parents are planning out their children's birthdays rather than leaving it to chance.
Straight outta Echo Park comes SNEAKPEEK and their grungey dreamy psychedelic noisepop. The LA band is self-releasing their self-titled debut LP via Bandcamp on August 14th. SNEAKPEEK is presently streaming four tracks from the LP on their bandcamp page. This slow burner is track number 6. Listen. Streamable: STAY IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD (bandcamp) via GT
An editorial on Rihanna's single, "Birthday Cake" and what exactly a pop star owes to their fans as a role model
I recently saw Baltimore noiserockers Dope Body play a show (w/ Roomrunner and Zulus) at the Cake Shop, and let me just say they totally melted my brain. This track here is from Dope Body‘s latest LP, Natural History, which came out around the end of last month via Drag City. Listen. Downloadable: Weird Mirror (mp3) via GT
The founder of Pop International Galleries discusses NYC's Pop art history.
Ohio-based collective of indie rockers has known each other since grade school, but came together just six months ago to start a band because they thought, well, why not?
NYC noise rock unit Zulus is getting ready to release their self-titled debut LP via NJ’s Aagoo Records. The LP comes out on July 10th. (Record release party is at Free Candy on the 14th, details below.) This here is the lead single off of Zulus, which maybe you saw over at IMPOSE? If not… Listen. Downloadable: Kisses (mp3) via GT
The fight against domestic sweatshops and how the definition of a sweatshop is changing.
The birth of America's favorite pastime and the fields where it began.
Ten of the most bizarre and irrelevant products to come out of America.
Brand new video from Chicago’s fantastic Inspector Owl, whose new album is finally available. Really dig these guys, and they’re even better live. Catch ‘em if you can. via BYGSG
How Syd Nathan's label became a shining example for the entire independent record industry.
A new video from one of my favorite young bands. Hope they come back through the U.S. before long. via BYGSG
A conversation with Roger Sadowsky about making all-American guitars.
Wanna know what my “wheelhouse” is musically? THIS is my fucking wheelhouse. Via The Big Beat radio show. via BYGSG
A Word with Marion Nestle on the farm bill and its expensive multitude of earmarks.
One of my favorite bands around right now. Can’t wait to hear WWIII. via BYGSG
A tech startup celebrates Social Media Day with a flashmob at Hudson River Park in NYC.
Over the past few years, Zorch has independently-released two EPs and made a name for themselves playing at festivals like SXSW, where everyone from Esquire to NPR was singing their praises.
BTR talks to author Steve Young about a thoroughly American idea from a thoroughly American company.
Two new videos from Denton, Texas’ kick-ass Video. If you don’t know them, you may recognize the singer, TV’s Daniel, from a couple of my other favorite bands around right now, Mind Spiders and Bad Sports. via BYGSG
Numa Numa guy, Star Wars Kid, Keyboard Smasher: Where'd these internet stars go?
Day 1 of adventures for BTR's Matt Lehtola at Brooklyn's Northside Festival
Can listening to music help you become successful?
If you somehow weren’t aware, awhile ago James Blake embarked on an interesting side project entitled Harmonimix, which basically saw the producer remixing and redubbing hip-hop and R&B tracks into tripped-out, avant-garde creations–previously taking on songs like Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills” and Outkast’s “Sorry Miss Jackson”. Well just today via Facebook, the artist and his respective label R&S announced that Blake will be reactivating his Harmonimix moniker, and let out streams of the first two tracks that will see a release. Both coming as remixes of East London grime MC Trim, “Confidence Boost” has been lurking on the Internet for a few years now, and “On The Road” made it’s way onto BBC Radio 1 via Benji B at the beginning of this year. Stream both now below. via LFTF
How a tie between two women vying to join the Olympic team has resulted in harsh criticism directed at the USATF.
Two filmmakers speak on the issues facing women veterans they tackle in their latest project.
A few of our favorite costumes from this year's event.
50 Cent- OJ (DJ Tim Dolla Remix) Aaliyah- Come Back In One Piece (Lotic Remix) Tyga- Lap dance (JWLS Bootleg) via LFTF
How success is outside of the mere paradigms of winning or losing.
On August 21st, Brooklyn rock pop outfit Yeasayer will release their third full length album Fragrant World, the follow up project to their critically acclaimed 2010 release Odd Blood. So far we have heard two tracks off the upcoming LP, the stronger of which is available below for stream. Matched with some super psychedelic visuals, “Longevity” brings in otherworldly vibes into traditional pop structures in the same fashion as we saw on their last album–the kind of stuff that’s so out there that it’s not. via LFTF
A jet-setting DJ with expertise in the most magnetic shades of house music, Italian artist Stefano Noferini knows the international club circuit well.
How the Gotham Girls Roller Derby league has become one of the most competitive in the country.
For over ten years, Frenchman Jean-Baptiste e Laubier aka Para One has been crafting eccentric melodies, first–like many–finding inspiration in the world of hip-hop as a beatmaker before stumbling upon the sweeping intricacies of dance music. And although the artist’s latest offering Passion may be his 3rd album to date, it’s undoubtedly his most complete–taking account nearly every musical influence the 33-year-old has experienced thus far in his life and fusing them into one of the most solid pieces of work 2012 has had to offer so far. Call it house, call it futuristic r&b, call it soul hip-hop –whatever the fuck it is, it’s damn sure intelligent. SImply put, I don’t think there’s been an artist in this day and age that’s dared to combine the varying soundscapes Para One has on Passion. Each song is inherently different from the next, both in direction and sound. From the 90′s hip-hop influences on “The Empire” and the “Poisoned Apples” interlude, to the uptempo funk tendencies of “When The Night” and “Sigmund”, to the modern R&B takes of “Every Little Thing” and “Lean On Me”, it’s hard to describe what it is that ties them all together, but there’s definitely something there. At the very least, this unique contrast keeps things sonically interesting–an ecstasy-fueled roller coaster ride packed with peaks and come-down points, vigor and restraint. via LFTF
How Brooklyn is becoming a leading location for a variety of hydroponic projects.
A beginner's guide to NYC food trucks.
“Making beer in a big facility is all automatic. We’re doing this by hand,” -Mark Daniels, microbrewer
I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with this track but 19-year-old Ro Random adds to it’s beauty.  Good thing he’s legal. posted by @clarkbs via
We celebrate Food Week with a few recipes handed down to our staff from generations of great chefs.
Although this isn’t my favourite track off Pryde’s Haha I’m Sorry EP, (that honour goes to Give Me Scabies), Orion’s Belt definatly has the sickest white girl rhyming.  And Riff Raff is always fun to look at. posted by @clarkbs via
What makes some dining halls downright better than others?
K.Flay is a SF-based rapper who makes her own beats. She’s got one foot in hip hop and the other in indie rock. I discovered K.Flay‘s music because one of her fans emailed me and demanded I have her on the show (cuz she is so good). I am glad I found out about K.Flay. She is making some really interesting and intelligent hip hop (if you wanna call it that). Check out her stuff and our chat. You won’t be disappointed. (Did I mention that I get her to do a freestyle ode to Cheerios?) the interview show with K.Flay K.Flay “Sunburn” This is my fav track off K.Flay‘s latest Eyes Shut EP. via
Flappers and gents get their Gatsby on at the annual Governor's Island picnic.
On the new phenomenon of dining without visual stimuli.
Hailing from Oakland California, TRAILS AND WAYS came out w/ a few short + sweet albums last year… but I think this track just broke these kids. If you haven’t heard their latest single, say hello to your new favourite song. It’s like falling in love again w/ that hipster girl that broke your heart that one time when you were stoked… but this time things are cool. Enjoy. TRAILS AND WAYS – Nunca via
Slam poet extraordinaire, expect to be bedazzled by a girl on the brink of glory.
How barista competitions are redefining the ritual of making coffee.
Visit the DDG Sessions on Facebook Yes Nice – Empty Spaces Posted by John via
In the wake of the Great Recession, a new class of fathers are emerging.
How Chris Schoeck and a new documentary are trying to revitalize the Olde Time Strongman tradition.
Why are male sex-trafficking victims not being given the same attention as female victims?
I had a bet with myself the other day. I bet that nobody had ever done a decent cover version of PJ Harvey's dark, aggressive classic, 50 Ft. Queenie. I lost. To be honest, it's not that radical a cover. The big difference is that Harvey's guitar part is played instead on violin, so it loses a lot of its bottom end. Not sure if that's necessarily an improvement, as it fails to churn your guts in quite the same way. Seeing as how the original is one of the rare tracks I can listen to over and over again, I can certainly see the appeal of covering it in the first place. And it's certainly a blast. Tracy Bonham - 50 Ft. Queenie via Doklands
A word with Michelle Legro, whose popular Tumblr displays new eye candy from old photographs.
And so as the queen starts to celebrate her diamond jubilee, the nation looks around in bemusement. Britain is not a nation of republicans, nor is it really a nation of monarchists. We're mostly just a bit embarrassed by the whole situation. It's like when someone puts on a song at a party and neglects to tell everyone that it's the super-extended remix, and everyone else end up circling the hifi for the next 15 minutes waiting to put on the next track. Not that we're advocating that her maj should drop dead so that someone else can have a go. Nothing so crass. No, it's the whole institution of the monarchy that makes us cringe. It's just naff. No, we don't want a president either. Can we just not do away with having a head of state all together? That would suit us a lot better. We can come up some other method for deciding who to send to international meetings and pick someone who actually knows what they're talking about. That would surprise everyone else no end. Anyway, here's the Stone Roses from their first album, singing about chopping the queen's head off or something like that. It's done to the tune of Scarborough Fair, so you know it's going to be tasteful. God save 'em. The Stone Roses - Elizabeth My Dear via Doklands
How masculinity is interpreted by both academia and the media.
A look at the crowd attending this year's edition of the annual Tennessee-based music festival.
The Damned were a preposterous band. Best known for releasing the first UK punk single (New Rose in 1976), they were always prone to a bit of theatricality. On the one hand, that's quite in keeping with punk being an offshoot of glam rock. On the other, stating that fact was a bit of a heresy at the time, received wisdom being that music was going through a year zero. People were always a bit suspicious of The Damned. They were known to hang out with Motorhead, which would never do. However similar some of the music was, punk and metal were pretty much polar opposite, culturally. But all of that could be forgotten when they released singles as great as 1979's Love Song. It opens with one of the great bass riffs, played by Algy Ward. He didn't last long in the band, not having a daft enough name. Rather a shame, as they could have done with a few more songs like this: 2 minutes long, ethanol-fueled, and threatening to throw a piston rod at any moment. The Damned - Love Song via Doklands
Let us take a look at a few of the more bizarre and painful acts of backbone display enacted by boys “becoming” men.
Did you enjoy the jubilee celebrations? I bet you didn't enjoy it as much as the stewards for the Thames flotilla. What a patriotic bunch they were. Sure, they may not have actually been paid any money for the work they did. And they may have had to sleep rough under London Bridge. And they may have had to undress in public to change into their uniforms. And they may have been without any sort of toilet facilities. And they may have been threatened with loss of benefits if they didn't do it. But at least they got free plastic ponchos out of the deal. I wonder how many of them, as Ewan MacColl puts it in Ballad of Accounting, kiss the foot that kicks them. In this case, the foot belongs to a company called Close Protection UK, and they boot they wear is a steel toecapped bastard. It's the national boot. We all own a bit of it. This is what we've become. Kick those peasants back to the 18th century where they belong, back in the good old days when the underclass couldn't vote, rather than relying on them not giving a fuck. Maybe you could do your bit: spread the line that voting never changed anything, perhaps tell people that all politicians are as bad as each other. Every little helps. We've got to find someone to rob if we're going to maintain our comfortable lifestyles, and the poor may not have much, but they've always been most generous. Ewan MacColl - Ballad of Accounting via Doklands
How a couple is trying to uncover the lost artistry of what it means to truly be a man.
Jeffrey Iqbal has learned to keep his Indian roots inherently ground into his homeland American soil.
Brian Chippendale is the drummer for Lightning Bolt. When he's not doing that, which is increasingly the case these days, he sometimes records noise rock under the name Black Pus. Here's the thing: as part of Lightning Bolt, he's a fantastic drummer, flailing about all over the place and pulling a cyclone of sound around him. You really would not guess that listening to his Black Pus work - what I've heard of it, at least - which uses a far simpler style. I suppose he's giving the extra space to all the other musical elements, but I miss the muffled busyness. Anyway, those reservations aside, Kharma Burn is fantastic. This isn't just a gritty sound. It's a tornado that has picked up bricks and bits of concrete and is blasting your ears with them. Some top radio static distortion going on here, and the drums actually have a bit of spring and bounce to them. It's taken from the album Black Pus 4: All Aboard The Magic Pus, which if nothing else is a magnificent title. Still want a new Lightning Bolt album though. (No, that live LP they released 6 copies of doesn't count.) Black Pus - Kharma Burn via Doklands
How the once dominant U.S. Olympic basketball team has dealt with ever-increasing competition.
Are MP3 players performance enhancing, and should they be allowed in the Olympics?
Is patriotism as good as cold hard cash?
So sorry to inundate you with two covers in a row, but this one is too good not to post. Special shoutout to my favorite cholita who posted this on her blog.  She also has a clothing and accessories line up which can be found here.  (You’re welcome, Dre.) via
The debate over London's 2012 Olympic Games.
A lot of exciting things are happening here at The Digital Outhouse, and I wish I could share the news with everyone, but just like Apple we like to keep these things under wraps. Unlike Apple, when we actually unveil what it is, it won’t be a big deal, and the line to see it will probably be 2 people long (my Mom and Dad). Hey, speaking of wonderfully-new things, Teen Daze’s new album All of Us, Together (which is due out June 4th) is currently streaming for free at Free things are always just swell. via
Olympic sprint trainer (and jazz aficionado) Brooks Johnson on the similarities between art and athletics.
Approximately 9 months ago, I conducted an interview with Slow Magic, an artist who had been releasing some gnarly music at the time. We talked about philosophy, and other interesting things like that. We also discussed the possibility of shaking hands and performing his (though honestly, I can neither confirm or deny that Slow Magic is indeed male, so how about we go with “it” moving forward) music live. Anyway, It is now June, and we find that Slow Magic has finally released its first LP, Triangle. More importantly (or of equal importance I guess) is that it is now gracing the masses with its presence on stage. In fact, I’ll be seeing it next week at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco with Teen Daze (holler back if you’ll be there too). I couldn’t be more excited to see what its music sounds like live. In the meantime though, I’ll be enjoying this fresh collaboration between Slow Magic and Beat Culture (another noteworthy artist on the rise). It’s the best of chillwave (or whatever you want to call it, really) and the Beach Boys. I couldn’t ask for more. Well, I could. But I won’t. via
Ironically, my favorite song by Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer happens to be the only song that Anthony Green (of Saosin and Circa Survive fame) sang the vocals for. In fact, Most people actually believe that the song is by him, and not the Philadelphia based band that officially lays claim to it (though there is an equally large contingent of musical snobs ready to correct you at the drop of a hat). But wait, does anyone actually care? Or rather, is it even that big of a deal? Probably not. I’m just glad I have the option to enjoy a quirky punk-ish rock-ish song every once in a  while. It sure beats that one Fallout Boy song. (Source: pnotrn) via
Tokyo's MAN WITH A MISSION twist bombastically hip pop with the ever intriguing mystery of anonymity.
The genre Grimes is under is called “Future Pop”.  Late last year, I posted this, which also falls under that same genre.  If this is the future of pop music, then I think I’ll be OK with that.  However, the chance that the masses will like this in the future are slim to none, sad to say.  Then again, I’m no Nostradamus. via
Stockholm-based dream pop trio Postiljonen has yet to disappoint. For months, behind frosted windows they recorded utopian dream-laced ballads. New motivation arrived as spring emerged from the depths of winter. More sits ahead for these three. Talk of a proper release casually creeps into conversation. But for now, a new track  rises with a well-rested sun. via Escucharemos
How some Syrian metal bands are are making their mark on the global map against all odds.
Vancouver’s Teen Daze has emerged with a new album from his side project Little Chords. A beautifully laid-back set of ethereal lo-fi jams, Afterlife, presents a care-free middle ground between Jamison’s Teen Daze and Two Bicycle projects. The release comes at an exciting time for Jamison as he’s set to embark on European tour in April and his debut Teen Daze LP, All Of Us, Together, is set to drop May 22nd on Lefse. Check out a couple tracks from Afterlife below— you can stream and buy the whole thing here. Little Chords - Always/Never Little Chords - Remember via Escucharemos
How Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers' "Van Sessions" became a YouTube phenomenon.
Philadelphia’s favorite smooth-fiers Work Drugs are back with yet another summer cruisin’ tune. ‘Lisbon Teeth,’ a single off their forthcoming album, is about “one crazy summer in Europe… Drunken nights in Paris back alleys, afternoons on the beautiful beaches of Portugal, early evening ciders on the banks of the Thames. The girls names we couldn’t pronounce… and the faces we couldn’t forget.” Summer escapades feel that much closer. Take it for a spin below. Work Drugs - Lisbon Teeth via Escucharemos
Sometimes, the best way to get over the fear of a new destination is to try and score some weed.
If Bebel Gilberto were from Finland… I’ve recently come across a brilliant trio from Helsinki by the name of Regina. Their latest effort Soita Mulle (Call Me) emerged in September. Their song ‘Ui Mun Luo’ (google translated to My Swims Create) possesses a sort of laid-back bossa nova-inspired sensuality. Before I knew anything about Regina, I heard this song I expected to understand a few Portuguese words— they never came. Iisa Pykäri sings in a language of which I cannot utter a single word; however, the pure joy and enthusiasm that Regina brings to their songs is unmistakable. Their emotions are simple and in no way dialectal. Take Ui Mun Luo and Haluan Sinut for a spin below. Regina - Ui Mun Luo Regina - Haluan Sinut via Escucharemos
BTR talks with the author of travel guides for National Geographic, Lonely Planet, as well as her own blog, The Indie Traveler.
Formerly Ghost Bees, Tasseomancy talks about the change of their name and sound for their newest album Ulalume.
Stockholm’s Einar Andersson & Hampus Klint have emerged together as Ditt Inre under the veil of their sultry six-track EP, En Värld I Brand. The release will see the light of day May 29 on the ever-indulging bearer of good news, Cascine. The duo crafts a dreamy dance pop which at first gleams with sun-soaked ambivalence, but, at its depths, thoroughly realizes a steeping sensitivity. The boats rocks as wind simmers the sails. The stars bob endlessly above. A haze rises like cool mist after a nighttime rain— the dark pavement warm still; the soft brume brims with the transient reverie of day. -Jorden via Escucharemos
A brief guide to free enterprise's latest venture: the great unknown.
Looking for Foodie Heaven? Look no further than Madison Sq. Eats.
Five (of 69) of DJ Jake's most treasured prospective entrepreneurial ventures for you to endeavor at your own risk.
//photo by erez avissar Do I even need to tell you about this by now? DIIV is basically writing new Cure songs, which sounds like a diss but is actually the best thing to happen in a long time. Formerly called Dive and made up of guys like Zachary Cole Smith from Beach Fossils and Colby Hewitt from Smith Westerns, DIIV is relasing their new album Oshin on Captured Tracks (who the fuck else) in June. I missed their show last month in San Francisco because I am no good and their tour just ended, but go see them wherever they pop up next and scoop any vinyl you see real fast. DIIV – Doused via Unpiano
27-year-old CEO and media personality, Shama Kabani, talks to BTR about going from recent graduate to social media authority.
Just a quick follow-up on the live Modeselektor appearance in San Francisco: the show was bonkers.  The moments leading up to the headline were tense, featuring a DJ unknown to most of the crowd (myself included) playing insanely fast and loud Juke mixed with Drum and Bass.  Anxiety bubbled up in pockets as people pushed their way into the main room, bumping beers out of hands and separating couples. The tension came to a head, and finally Modeselektor took to the stage and opened with the slow and infectious Grillwalker.  At this point the club was too crowded to move about freely, and everyone hypnotically bobbed in time together, completely losing themselves in the gigantic sound system.  Modeselektor knows exactly how to control a crowd and they had people losing their minds all night.  The build into up-tempo classics was quick and it felt like they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience was. These are the magic club experiences that keep people chasing the dragon, doing key bumps in the bathroom after a 20 dollar cover for Euro House night on a Wednesday.  Skip all that shit and just keep your eye on when the Monkeytown artists are coming around.  You can still do some bumps in the bathroom, but I guarantee a good time without it too. Modeselektor – Grillwalker via Unpiano
How the Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer rocks social media.
After winning The Strangers’ poll for worst album cover last week, the new Carletta Sue Kay album finally sees it’s it’s official release tomorrow. While I can’t defend the cover any further then this sentence, the album itself more than makes up for it. It got an early release at Amoeba so perhaps you’ve heard some of the songs already and understood that this is not the raw, shrieking CSK record you may have been expecting. It’s a different feel than the video for ‘Get Along’ I posted earlier, but that hardly matters. Capturing the intensity of the live show and a voice like Randy’s on a studio recording is a tall order and these songs instead need to be appreciated on a different level. You don’t hear the “less bitter Nina Simone” in the recordings but instead get a healthy dose of Magnetic Fields style ballads, whose new album featured Carletta’s vocals on the track ‘Andrew in Drag”. Strong songwriting and glossy production is what’s going on here and with CSK release I’ll take what I can get. Carletta Sue Kay – Joy Division Carletta Sue Kay – Pretty Inside via Unpiano
The 'revenge porn' entrepreneur talks the business of being bad with BTR.
Ventura’s Tall Tales And The Silver Lining have a knack for capturing the sounds of the California coast. Conjuring up the soft sounds of 70s AM radio and the winding Ventura Highway, Trevor Beld-Jimenez and his rotating cast of players deliver a summertime night drive’s selection of jangly, rambling psych-tinged jams with the delivery that matches the best of Vetiver, Wilco and the like. Tall Tales And The Silver Lining – Collar To The Wind via Unpiano
Austin's Black Gum tells BTR what "surf sludge" means and expounds on the intricate art of Tumblr humor.
How David Rees has made the antiquated craft of artisanal pencil sharpening a business.
//photo by kit crenshaw Lazer Sword’s self-titled debut album was largely underwhelming to me.  It wasn’t bad, but it was “Glitch-by-numbers” and felt more like a re-hash of well-worn concepts that had already been extensively explored.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear a real change of pace on the second record, and the new blend of styles is pretty incredible.  Maybe it took them signing to Modeselektor’s Monkeytown label, or one of the dudes moving to Berlin, but the duo is embracing a much more minimal, atmospheric sound that sounds a lot more natural and a hell of a lot more interesting. They still draw heavily from genres and synthesizers from the past, but the blend sounds authentic and easy.  808 and 909 drum machines give everything a classic 90′s feel, there’s hints of Acid House, some Juke rhythm, and Detroit Techno holding the whole thing down.  It’s the kind of thing that could fit into a set after a classic Carl Craig and blend perfectly into some 70′s Kraftwerk.  If that last line doesn’t sell you on this, I don’t think we can be friends! Lazer Sword – Toldyall Lazer Sword – Point of Return Lazer Sword – Missed A Spot via Unpiano
How the means of regulating time has shifted from a reliance on the sun to science.
Skull X Skull 5, hosted by the Skidmarxxx (part 1). Well, what I could post that isn't NSFW anyway. Which wasn't very much. This is what I'm referring to. MP3: • Total Abuse - Buried Band here. via Sucka Pants
BTR talks to the creators of a new e-paper watch funded through a record-setting $10 million Kickstarter campaign.
I was recently lucky enough to spend some time in Washington DC working with a great crew of artists under the umbrella of a new installation by Monica Canilao. The installation is part of 5x5 and is in an old police evidence warehouse in Anacostia. It will be up through most of the spring (part 2). MP3: • Wanda Jackson - Funnel Of Love Band here. via Sucka Pants
A new theory explaining the structure of time could hold the key to understanding many of the universe's most puzzling secrets.
There has been no slow down post-SXSW for bands in NYC. From Cerebral Ballzy breaking a long hiatus with a new drummer (and playing a show with Japanther), to more of the brand-new collaboration with Jah Jah of Ninjasonik joining the Unstoppable Death Machines, the rock has continued. MP3: • Le Switch - Monkberry Moon Delight Band here. via Sucka Pants
In a wired world where we can check our email on one tab, stream music on another and write an eleventh-hour research paper on yet another, procrastination sets in almost inconspicuously.
Other gems of recent shows in NYC have included Pat Noecker from These Are Powers bringing his solo project RAFT into a dreamlike Wild West installation at the Clocktower Galery and DJ Rusty Lazer of Big Freedia and New Orleans fame holding down an entire church full of dancing bodies, all from the elevated pulpit. Also pictured are What Cheer? Brigade, The So So Glos and Daddy. MP3: • War - Brodermordet Band here. via Sucka Pants
Get to know these Irish/Malaysian siblings who meld elements of folk, dub, jazz, soul and ska.
Photos of recent times. MP3: Yes, really. • Ke$ha - Don't Think Twice It's Alright Band here. via Sucka Pants
A new compilation of essays highlights the career of the influential political essayist and music critic.
How Jenna Talackova, a Canadian transgendered beauty queen, is drawing attention to LGBTQ issues.
You’ve got five days to wait until you can get your hands on Virals’ debut EP Coming Up With The Sun (or even longer if you’re holding out for the physical release) so Shaun Hencher’s giving you a treat with this free download of ‘Gloria’. Probably the punkiest thing with heard from the ex-Lovvers frontman since the demise of said band, it’s brittle and bruised but still with that touch of sugary pop thing that got me so excited about Virals in the first place. [Download Virals - Gloria] via Abeano
St. Vincent, Hendrix, and what gender has to do with being defined both as an artist and instrumentalist.
It feels great to fall in love with a new band but, sometimes, it’s good to take a moment to re-listen to something you’d loved and kind-of forgotten. Take this polished up version of one of London duo 2:54′s original tracks ‘Creeping’ which sounds even more spookily powerful than it did in 2010. Definitely one of our favourites on the forthcoming LP, even if it has got ridiculously grey cover art. Had enough of grey just looking out the window, thanks. via Abeano
A new worldwide coalition of women are using online media and personal stories to mount a fight against catcalling.
A whole lot of people were spaffing themselves over last night’s Boiler Room (London Crew) but make sure not to miss this recorded set from Kuedo too. We listen to his Severant track ‘Scissors’ almost every day, so it’s a treat to here him mix for the live stream show’s Berlin Crew. As the confused sounding host says “Let’s travel with him to space or wherever he will take us”. via Abeano
Known as the gossipy and mildly neurotic Kelly Kapoor from Dunder Mifflin. Kaling also writes for and co-produces The Office.
As XLR8R report, Brighton’s Guy Andrews has a new record coming out soon on Hotflush Recordings. Sweet. Titled The Wait/Hands in Mine, it’s out on May 28 but you can hear a preview of the heavy, clanking, move yr body A side thanks to Scuba’s Essential Mix. Actually, go and listen to that mix again, it’s a good one. via Abeano
What role are women playing in this new 21st century world?
Together since 2008, they began with a mission to not only accomplish great sonic moments in their work, but to achieve their success through their own means and under their own terms.
Bullion isn’t being subtle about what he wants you to think about this brand new EP. That or he’s a desperate for a bit of action. Luckily there’s plenty to get down with here, from the slinky It’s All In Sound and a wobbly cover of Robert Wyatt’s 1984 single The Age Of Self (still true) to the electronic slow-dance jam of ‘Collision’ and arsewobbling psychy instrumental (Family). If you’re looking to dive straight in though, Save Your Lubb is our current favourite. You could say we ‘lubb’ it. via Abeano
Clothing, accessories, household items and even medications are currently in development or already available instantaneously due to advances in 3D printing technology.
The maturing collaboration between sciences and the arts is transforming the traditional notion of "sci-fi."
Our dude Tom Richman has kept moderately quiet since our Introducing feature on him a few months ago, which bestowed a plethora of trap dignified soundscapes, including a few production pieces for outlandish Kansas City rapper Maal A Goomba. It seems Richman has taken a liking to collaborating with eccentric, left-field MC’s, as his latest offering comes as a beat for buzzing NYC rapper Le1f, who’s known best for utilizing his gay/homosexual background to step outside the confines of “traditional” rap music. Entitled “&Gomorrah” and off Le1f’s Dark York mixtape–which was called by the Fader “one of the most provocative rap releases so far this year“–the song demonstrates why Tom Richman is one of the most interesting producers to emerge so far in 2012, lacing Le1f’s bravado rhymes with a trudging, grime-influenced instrumental that boils and simmers as the song goes on–remaining on the tipping point of craziness but never going over. Download the song now below, and while you’re at it peep the rest of Le1f’s mixtape, which features production from Nguzunguzu, Morri$, 5kinAndBone5, and more. Le1f- &Gomorrah (Prod. By Tom Richman) via Live For The Funk
Four years after PETA's $1 million challenge, scientists believe cultured meat can be made commercially viable in the near future.
“Ellipsis,” the straight forward house tune that has been floating around DJ sets across the pond for well over a year, is finally set to see a vinyl release next month on Hinge Finger, the label run by Will Bankhead (of The Trilogy Tapes) and Joy Orbison. This is good news for vinyl addicts and bassheads alike, because it seemed like the track might end up being another one of those UK dubplates that never sees an actual release. On May 31st, the Joy Orbison tune that samples the “we just used to like… do our own thing” phrase– a quote that more or less embodies the current ethos of the UK Bass scene– will be released alongside a remix from Shed’s Head High alias. Pre-order the tune here and stream a rip of it below. via Live For The Funk
Following a concert on a stage in the park, thousands congregated in Union Square for the official march down Broadway Street.
Occupiers take to the streets of a rainy New York City in a display of solidarity.
Absolutely loving this new one here from R&B songstress Brandy. Yes, that Brandy. Unlike some of the more standard, traditional radio R&B/pop tracks we’ve heard come from her in the past, “Put It Down” brings about a more edgier, badass feel to it. Now of course we can lend most of that to the song’s unique Bangladesh production, but with tracks like Usher’s “Climax”, and now this–it’s nice to see old school R&Bers step outside of their comfort zone, and get fresh with the times. “Put It Down”, which features a rapping Chris Brown, will appear on Brandy’s forthcoming album Two Eleven, slated for a release later this year. Stream the album’s lead single now below, and look for it out on iTunes May 8th. via Live For The Funk
Ever wondered what a George FitzGerald production might sound like if a real singer went in over it instead of the song containing George’s now signature chopped up vocal hooks ?? Well, wonder no more. FitzGerald, known for his releases on Hotflush, ManMakeMusic and Aus, has collaborated with UK songstress Py to bring us a futuristic, house-tinged R&B slow burner that is sure to get a lot of play from us in the coming months. This one is part of a mixtape that Py will be releasing next month alongside other productions from some of the UK scene’s most buzzed about DJs. Stream/download “Lungs” below. Py- Lungs (Prod. by George FitzGerald) via Live For The Funk
Internet has changed the way we listen to music. Mobile devices and access to online networks has led to some very innovative ways of consuming, experiencing and sharing sound.
She may be a Joni Mitchell in the making, but LA-based singer-songwriter Kyla Graves didn’t always make her money through the explorative anecdotes of her guitar playing.
The other night, Clams Casino stepped to the BBC Radio 1 boards to debut a guest mix for the Benji B show, something that if you follow Clams’ output, you know doesn’t happen very often. Entitled the “Evolution of Clams Casino” and put together by the man himself, the mix features the producer dipping into all the beautiful instrumentals that have got him to where he is today, as well as previewing a few new joints of his that have never before been heard. Clams also manages to sprinkle in tunes from today’s brightest electronic music artists, including Girl Unit, Actress, and forthcoming material by Night Slugs, Digital Soundboy, Hyperdub, and 4AD. Download the guest mix now below. DOWNLOAD: Clams Casino Guest Mix For Benji B (Sharebeast) via Live For The Funk
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As the Feds hold Facebook accountable for privacy policy, users are taking their own measures to secure personal information.
I don’t think that Pete Doherty and I have very much in common – my drug habit is very much under control, thank you for asking – but it would seem that our list of musical idols shares some overlap. After all, if I were to itemize my guitar heroes 1-2, they’d probably be Bernard Butler of Suede and Graham Coxon of Blur, the former of whom produced The Libertines’ very first single “What A Waster” and the latter of whom was enlisted to play guitar on his 2009 solo album Grace/Wasteleands. So should it ever come to pass that we were locked in a room together, I suppose we could talk about that. Coxon’s relationship with Doherty, at least musically, goes back further than that though, as he turned up to play “Time For Heroes” live with Doherty as early as 2004 and covered said tune in a visit to BBC’s Live Lounge in Fall of that year. It was released commercially as a 7″ b-side to “I Can’t Look At Your Skin”, one of his own solo singles circa 2006′s Love Travels at Illegal Speeds, his sixth solo record. His eighth solo record A+E is out this week; DIY talks to him about the record and The Telegraph finds out about his fashion sense. Pete Doherty is, against all odds, still alive and not in jail and though The Libertines reunion hasn’t done much since 2010, with both Doherty and Carl Barat turning their attention to less lucrative solo pursuits, they technically remain an ongoing concern with both occasionally promising/threatening to do something again in the near future. MP3: Graham Coxon – “Time For Heroes” Video: The Libertines – “Time For Heroes” Video: Pete Doherty with Graham Coxon – “Time For Heroes” (live 2004) via Chrome Waves
Facebook helps you connect and share with people in your life. But, do you want those people in your life to be your employers too?
It’s kind of funny to hear M. Ward introduce this song to his audience as being “by another American band called Yo La Tengo“, at least in the context of it being 2012. After all, these days Ward is a reasonably big name – thanks as much to his work with She & Him and Monsters Of Folk as his solo work – and Yo La Tengo are generally regarded as indie rock royalty. Rewind to 2001 and while Yo La Tengo were still pre-eminent on the scene, M. Ward was not so much. This live recording was part of the Live Music & The Voice of Strangers album, self-released by Ward and sold on tour supporting his second album End Of Amnesia – presumably to help pay for gas. It’d be nice to think that Ward is much better off these days, as he readies the release of his latest A Wasteland Companion on Tuesday, but have you seen the price of gas lately? Maybe he’s not. Yo La Tengo are in town at the Toronto Underground Cinema on April 21 to provide a live soundtrack to The Sounds Of Science as part of the Images Festival, as they did for 2002′s The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science. That’s a Saturday. MP3: M. Ward – “Saturday” Video: Yo La Tengo – “Saturday” (live in Pittsburgh, 2011) via Chrome Waves
Why mobile social networks across the world don’t need to fear a global Facebook takeover.
If you thought that any combination of it being a Sunday night and Easter would result in a lightly-attended Perfume Genius show at The Drake on Sunday night, you’d have been wrong. Which is to say that I was wrong; the handful of tickets remaining were snatched up when doors opened and by the time I got there, it was officially sold out. And with good cause – Mike Hadreas’ second album under as Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It – is a stunning record, giving his emotionally stark songwriting with just enough sonic adornment to make it not just palatable, but delicious. Perfume Genius weren’t the only draw; supporting them on this tour were fellow Pacific northwesterners Parenthetical Girls from Portland, who’ve garnered their own loyal fanbase over the past decade and added to it locally having been here for two nights in January supporting Los Campesinos. While there were enough similarities that this bill made sense in some ways, in others you couldn’t imagine a more disparate pairing. Fronted by the magnetic Zac Pennington, their set was more musical theatre than conventional concert with his flamboyant yet dry delivery leading the band through what felt like selections from a synth-rock opera, enhanced by some great audience repartee and a few forays into the crowd. Importantly though, for all the theatrics, they still had immediate and hummable tunes underneath it all and their sincerity was never obscured by camp or irony. Even if it had, it’d still have been fun but that it wasn’t was even better. Irony wasn’t any kind of risk with Perfume Genius; Hadreas is all about raw, unvarnished honesty. Seeing him at Matador 21 in 2010, circa his debut Learning, it was impossible to not be impressed how he silenced the theatre with just two keyboards and his voice. This time, he was again accompanied by Alan Wyffels on synths but also a third player alternating on guitar and drums, and while the extra instrumentation went a long way to filling things out and pushing them forward, the live readings of the Back material still felt more immediate and stripped down than the record, yet still dramatic in their content and often abrupt in their finish – when the songs were done, they were just done. He played for barely 45 minutes, drawing mainly from Put Your Back N 2 It, including a faux encore that Hadreas distinguished from the main set by ducking under his piano for a few seconds before re-emerging. He commented that the last time he played this room, back in the Fall of 2010, there was maybe a tenth of the people who were here this time but even so, the packed house remained dead silent and respectful throughout the set. Considering how personal and intimate Hadreas’ music is, it’s hard to imagine him having to establish the sort of connection with the audience that was so evident here on a larger scale, but considering how powerful that connection is it’s hard to imagine it not reaching and resonating with more people. What happens next is for the future to tell, I suppose, but this night was near perfect. The Republican and NOW have interviews with Mike Hadreas while The Montreal Mirror profiles Parenthetical Girls. Photos: Perfume Genius, Parenthetical Girls @ The Drake Underground – April 8, 2012 MP3: Perfume Genius – “Hood” MP3: Perfume Genius – “Dark Parts” MP3: Perfume Genius – “All Waters” MP3: Perfume Genius – “Learning” via Chrome Waves
Despite their having a great number of great and interesting covers to their name, I genuinely didn’t think I’d have occasion to post any more Luna on account of the fact that they ceased to exist seven years ago as of this past February and the ’90s reunion bandwagon has not yet rolled through Luna-ville, nor is it likely to anytime soon. So with that in mind, the fact that the last two Luna albums – 2002′s Romantica and 2004′s Rendezvous will be getting released on vinyl for the first time this Friday for Record Store Day as part of a reissue campaign is as good an excuse as any. Not that 1999′s The Days Of Our Nights, which this Guns N’ Roses cover closed, is part of those reissues. I don’t know if there are rights issues to the record, what with it being issued on an imprint of an imprint of a major label that ceased to exist shortly after this album came out or if it’s just not high enough in the hierarchy of popular Luna releases, but I do know that it was hard enough to find when it was technically in print – I had to go all the way to Dean Wareham’s old stomping grounds of Cambridge, Massachusetts to get my copy (okay, I didn’t go expressly to buy it there but that’s where I found it). In any case, it’s a rare occasion of a cover being included on an album proper rather than saved for b-sides, but as the interview with Dean and Sean preceding the live version also included below indicates, it was supposed to catapult the band to fame and fortune. Or not. The half of Luna that was Dean and Britta carry on as Dean & Britta, and have been busying themselves with their 13 Most Beautiful and Plays Galaxie 500 shows, though one would think that some new material of their own is percolating. Sean Eden and Lee Wall also seem to be keeping busy. As for GN’R, you’ve probably heard the kerfuffle that ensued when questions of would the original lineup of the band reunite to play the induction ceremony last night were downgraded to would they even show up together and then even those were dashed earlier this week when Axl announced via Facebook that he was declining the induction altogether. They inducted him anyways. I would like to think that if/when Luna are inducted to the Hall Of Fame, they’ll reunite for the occasion. They’re eligible in 2017. MP3: Luna – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” MP3: Luna – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (live on World Cafe) Video: Guns N’ Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine via Chromewaves
Rapper Loedis may be the next (or only) great thing coming out of the Poconos right now, at least in the form of beats and rhymes.
Friday nights usually find Torontonians spoilt for entertainment options and tonight will be no exception, but if you’re at all unsure of what to do with your evening then consider heading down to Lee’s Palace. It’s hosting a benefit concert for three young Oakville boys whom, following a tragic series of events, were orphaned in January of this year and in addition to all the emotional devastation, were left in a dire financial situation. Their uncle, however, was a founding member of The Hidden Cameras and has deep connections to the Guelph and Toronto music communities and has organized a benefit show at Lee’s that will feature performances from some of the best this city has to offer, including Owen Pallett, Basia Bulat, Sandro Perri, Bry Webb, Jim Guthrie, Nathan Lawr, Andre Ethier, Ohbijou’s Casey Mecija and Light Fires. Tickets for the show are $15 in advance and at the door, and proceeds will go to both a trust fund for the boys and Halton Women’s Place. Specifics can be found at the Facebook event and there are feature pieces on the benefit at The Grid and CBC Music. And if you can’t make it and still want to help out, donations can be made at Newman Boys Trust Fund. There’s not really any more worthy cause than this. via Chromewaves
Plantagon have already broken ground on the world’s first vertical greenhouse in Linkoping, Sweden.
BTR crashes a new showcase of contemporary art that is friendly on the purse strings.
On Earth Day Lobby Day citizens will push state lawmakers to address flaws in the system that inhibit positive environmental change.
Jon Lambert of the Princeton Record Exchange catches up with BTR about their big weekend coming up and more.
A brief history of the international effort to address energy conservation, 60 minutes at a time.
Digital Leather will make you remember what you like about American punk and garage rock. Pulsing bass, frenetic drumming, and three chord guitar parts cause the body to pulsate, dance and lose control. Preview “Young Doctors In Love” and “Enzymes” below. via
Environmentalism and beautification of cities may seem to have overlapping outcomes, but their goals have different roots.
Bogan Via – Afternoon Wonderland [mp3] (from Bogan Via EP, out now) Dead Mellotron – Stranger [mp3] (from Glitter, out May 7th) via
Andrew Padian of GreenhomeNYC talks about the realities of making residences greener in urban environments.
Electric Guest – ‘This Head I Hold’ (from Mondo, out April 24th) Rhythm & blues grooves with a nice mix of modern and classic elements. via
It's possible to minimize your carbon footprint and still have the wedding of your dreams. Here are some tips to make it happen!
Paper Moon (Sleep Steady Records) is the first full length collaboration by American emcee “Perry Porter” and French producer ICBM.  ICBM lays down interesting and diverse beats, layering samples, lots of piano, drum sequences, and synthesizer – it provides a nuanced and textured foundation for “Perry Porter’s” laid-back, fluid vocal style.  His rhymes are sincere and playful and distinctively drawling (reminiscent of Jay Z).  Paper Moon is available for minimum price of $1 on bandcamp – a bargain for a tasty slice of hip-hop! Check Out: Apollo 11 [mp3] via
Romanian world artist Anda Adam brings new life to the realm of dance and pop music, adding international flair to pulsing syncopation's.
The scientific community has established the term “Anthropocene” or the "Age of Man” to describe the environmentally destructive era we are living in.
Blogophilia 36 A monthly mix of promotional mp3s from The Dadada and other music blogs March 2012 Gapless mix ripped @ 320 kbps Download all in one zip file via
Violence in video games has been a heated topic of debate but the technology has positive benefits as well.
A conversation with video game composer Tommy Tallarico reveals how significantly video game music has developed.
DJ Jake of SimuNation explores the awkward romance between video games and hip-hop culture.
Lightships - Do Your Thing (Moondog Cover) Lightships is the solo project of the Scottish music group Teenage Fanclub bassist Gerard Love. WIth Mr. Love doing a cover of the infamous avant-garde composer and instrument inventor Moondog makes me into an instant fan. I love this cover from the album H’art Songs, to which has a more piano driven version of this track, to which I expect might be found on a future Wes Anderson flick. This song can be found on the B-side of Lightships’ debut single “Sweetness In Her Spark” which was just released this past Monday (March 26th) and in anticipation of his release Electric Cables due out April 3rd, 2012 via Domino imprint, Geographic. via
A new Smithsonian exhibit suggests making video games can be an art form, but skeptics are not convinced.
New vinyl in the mail!! Lands and Peoples’ new record Pop Guilt. It’s a fantastic album, you need it on yo ears via
The story of two different companies who surfed the wave of 'real' instruments in music-based video games.
Chairlift - Amanaemonesia Really not sure how I missed this video that came out 6 months ago but better late than never. This track is easily my favorite off the new all-around-stellar album. Directed by Caroline Polachek and Tom Hinee Digital Animation and Editing: Eric Epstein Animated Watercolor Illustrations: Rebecca Bird via
Call of Duty is only one of the video games that the US Army has collaborated with to design a new line of video games that will aid with training and recruitment.
Uncle Skeleton - The Well-Tempered Albi Now normally I would be skiddish about a track that sample a cat’s meow… for fear of a something like this video. However what this track is, is something to be listened too. It’s also one that sneaks up on you in the sense of you find yourself listening to it ten times over to find all of the little neuances of how the cat’s meow was shaped and tastefully placed. You can download this plus 2 tracks along with 3 remixes of this track for free on his bandcamp, just as an fyi I would listen to TB 2.2 as well. via
A quintet of bluegrass and Americana players, they began performing merely as means of helping the community.
A new documentary, now making its rounds on the film festival circuit, proves there is infinitely more to the seemingly simplistic game.
XXYYXX - Breeze This Orlando, FL native is probably killin’ it in the hallways of his high school. At just 16 years old he’s created these dripping-wet tracks that should get him a date to prom with the best chick in school. I highly suggest you listen to TIED2U and Love isn’t Made [ft Steffaloo]. They melt brains. Pick up his album fo’ free thanks to Relief in Abstract Records. via
Viral comedian and 21 Jump Street star Justin Hires talks about how the comedy playing field is being leveled.
On the undue influence of foreign corporations on American politics through SuperPACs.
Lantlos – Agape (2011) (Re-Up) Genre: Post-Black Metal Official Site : Recorded, mixed and mastered in July 2011 at iheartsound (Bielefeld, Germany). Tracklist: 01. Intrauterin [09:51] 02. Bliss [07:55] 03. Bloody Lips and Paper Skin [04:57] 04. You Feel Like Memories [04:32] Download via black metal shoegaze
MIT's FAST festival focuses on a new approach to innovation, incorporating the arts, sciences, and techology together.
Making heads and tails of the media's top picks for the Republican VP choice.
The NFL shows off their new line of Nike jerseys to great fanfare in New York City.
Country: France Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées... (Deluxe Edition) (2012) Tracklist: CD 1: 01. Linceul d'Hiver 02. La Traversee 03. Le Mounvement Perpetuel 04. Ariettes Oubliees I: Je Devine a Travers Un Murmure... 05. La Nuit Muerte 06. Au Creux de L'Hiver 07. Apres L'Ombre 08. Les Regrets CD 2: 01. Le Souffle Froid 02. Ariettes Oubliees II: Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur... (featuring Gianluca Divirgilio-Arctic Plateau) 03. L'Echappee (Acoustic version) Download via black metal shoegaze
Country: Norway Genre: Black Metal"Umskiptar" is Norwegian for "Metamorphoses". Artwork presents Peter Nicolai Arbo's painting of the goddess Nott, the night is personified. Burzum - Umskiptar (2012) (Re-Up) via black metal shoegaze
BTR's resident humorist on the popularity of memes and their useless presence in the world outside the Internet.
The music falls somewhere in the oblivion of rock, pop and spiritual enlightenment through musical tripping.
He burst onto the scene in 2004 with The Grey Album and has since teamed up with some of the biggest names in the business.
Obamacare on the judicial chopping block risks widening a rift among the president's coveted young supporters.
Rob Vincent talks about on and offline resources for aspiring hacktivists and why it's not such a dirty word.
The Occupy Movement makes its own record label as major artists hop onto different charity compilations.
CS, American Tapes, 2009 From the sounds of it, no-put feedback. 11 dirty editions. Download 138MB via thestaticfanatic
A new social network gives users privacy to gain traction in the uphill battle against Facebook.
CDr, Troniks, 2006 Download 56MB via thestaticfanatic
LP, American Tapes, 2006 Damion Romero & John Olson. Download 45MB via thestaticfanatic
Take a helicopter ride over the Appalachia stretch from Ohio to Virginia and what you’ll see may surprise you.
CS, Pink Triforce Tapes Side B is some sort of call in radio show they either staged or were one, or both. Download 70MB via thestaticfanatic
Great advice on protecting yourself during a protest. Know the law.
Lila Downs is reinventing traditional Mexican music by blending in blues, jazz, soul, African, and Klezmer.
CDr, Denshi Zatsuon, 2004 Download 84MB via thestaticfanatic
For some people, online medical resources are becoming the end all be all when it comes to diagnosing illness and ascertaining appropriate remedies.
As the Obama Administration opens the door to Cuba for Americans businessmen and tourists, a look at Havana today.
The authors of The Art of Access talk how public information is withheld and other forms of "inactive censorship."
An Asian-fusion rock band from New Jersey talks landing a song during the 2008 Olympics and finding success overseas.
Blood Brothers were the best at spinning out high-horror songs, like "Ladies and Gentlemen," or "Crimes" or "Giant Swan" (maybe the best example). Formulas for evoking despair and disgust. So many of their songs remind me of that one scene in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man when Stephen's going through his most fucked up period, and he wallows through that fever dream where he sees long-tailed goatish creatures, covered in stale shit, walking in a field, whining and moaning. Most of the 'plots' of Blood Brothers' songs are a lot like that: revolting, but vivid and impressive. Blood Brothers - Ladies and Gentlemen via Molars
Hundreds take to the streets in hoodies to call for the arrest of George Zimmerman.
'Swallowed' is soft and coy; acoustic guitar strums and Jessica's voice are the two most prominent elements, but there's also a harmonica (or something like that) that sounds off like a beacon every couple seconds. Bailiff's voice is just incapacitatingly pretty. If a song can have an appropriate natural accompaniment, then a raging snowstorm (observed from someplace warm) is the right choice for this track. It's soothing and languid, and it fits well with being wrapped up in a blanket, slowly falling asleep, staring out of the window. Jessica Bailiff - Swallowed via Molars
A leading example of how strength and expansive foresight inspire the independent spirit. Get to know quasi-folk artist Diane Cluck.
You may not have had the chance to head to SXSW, but thanks to Twitter, you could practically feel like you'd experienced last week’s musical insanity firsthand.
"You Still" is a miniature, but that doesn't mean it's not sharply detailed. You can derive a lot of pleasure from this song, but the difference between this and one double its length is that you only get that swell of emotion once, instead of three or four times. You have to come back to it again and again. There is something from the Kinks in here, maybe some Tigermilk-era Belle & Sebastian (the guitars, I think), and Spoon--the last because of the song structure, and that ending. Going out on a little riff like that reminds me of Series of Sneaks. This is a great short song. Put it in your pocket. The Proper Ornaments - You Still via Molars
From the contemporary art world, comes one of the most unique and heart-wrenching stories that can be told. A must read!
As Kodak goes through bankruptcy proceedings, a retrospective on the once commonplace brand name.
A recent social media campaign forces Nickelodeon to resurrect their '90s lineup, redefining what it means to be "vintage."
Not sure how this one snuck by me, but it did, and I’m mad at myself for it. To think I could’ve been listening to Blondes full-length debut for the past month is upsetting, but better late than never. The album continues the lush psychedelic house vibes created on the duo’s Touched EP, and as seen in the video above for ‘Wine,’ it’s, well, trippy. I’ve always enjoyed their work for the more chilled out vibe, but as with the rest of music created by the Brooklyn duo, one solitary song is merely a morsel inviting you to consume the entire meal. via Tympanogram