Nazanin Noroozi is a New York-based artist whose work explores ideas related to family, the archive and technology.
There’s a lot to see around NYC each year and we tried to see as much as possible. Here are some of our favorite moments captured by our photographers.
Katherine Wildman is a Boston-based artist whose work explores a grotesque Utopian world.
Peter Emerick is a New Jersey-based artist who has been photographing traffic cones fro over 20 years.
Gil talks about how his passion project, drawing portraits for people in the park, has allowed him to meet and connect with people from all over the world.
Kat Chamberlin is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work explores notions of language and form.
Yes, your cat can actually have a little salami. Don’t be a monster.
Brian Michael Dunn is a DC-based artist whose work explores notions of abstraction, popular culture and craft. Michael received his MFA from Cornell Unviersity in 2013 and a BFA in painting from…
Look at these memes while you’re parked outside the office debating to go in or go drive off into the sunset never to be seen again.
Emily Oliveira is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores notions of queer utopian futurity and femine labor. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and studied performance at Brown…
The NYC Winter Lantern Festival lights up Staten Island.
J. Martin Strangeweather is a graduate of U.C. Irvine’s MFA program in English and fiction. He also holds degrees in philosophy and art history. In 2015 he won the Jennifer Cheng Foundation award…
It’s difficult to joke about a mental health issue you or a loved one is going through—but these memes make you feel less alone.
A look inside the annual craft fair.
Giula Livi is a Baltimore-based artist who interposes objects of the everyday to distort our sense of space, explore our ability to inhabit rooms, and merge the dreamlike with the rigid. Giulia…
Jemila MacEwan is an interdisciplinary artist whose work seeks out an empathetic approach to humanities destructive impulses.
Pratt’s annual Comic Arts Brooklyn celebrated comics in all its forms.
Jane Szabo is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer, with an MFA from Art Center College of
Design in Pasadena, CA. Her work investigates issues of self and identity.
Jennifer Omaitz is visual artist and a 2019 Ohio Arts Council grantee. She lives and works in Kent, OH. 
Get a first look inside the newly-renovated and expanded MoMA.
Aubrey Roemer is a multi-disciplinary artist who is pursuing a PhD in Anthropology.
BTRtoday visited the 2019 New York Comic Con at the Javits Center
Marina Dojchinov is an entrepreneur, journalist, gallerists and notable keynote speaker.
Heather Garland is a New York based artist who works primarily in painting and installation. Heather has had solo exhibitions at Honey Ramka (NY), Kent Place Gallery (NJ), Steuben Gallery at Pratt…
Lori Hepner is a Pittsburgh based new media artist working primarily in performative light painting, fine art photography, and community centered public art projects.
Take a look inside Bushwick Open Studios!
Lindsey Guile is a New York-based artist whose work deals with the space between ourselves and the photographic lens. Lindsey received an MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2014 and BFA and an MA in Painting…
The massive photo exhibit is back in DUMBO once again.
Stephen Eakin’s recent work explores the connection between objects and their associated meanings, and how the context for that meaning comes to exist.
Fascinating collections were on display at Collector’s Night
Kirby Miles is a Tennessee-based artist who utilizes the term of biomythography to concoct feminine composites.
Max Colby is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work reframes traditional notions of domesticity, power, and gender through a queer and non-binary lens.
The 5th Annual Red Hook Regatta, presented by Pioneer Works, hit the water in Brooklyn.
Kiran has earned an Honors BA from St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University, a BFA from Lesley University’s Art Institute of Boston and an MFA from Hunter College. She has exhibited in solo and…
Alex Paik is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work explores visual, material, and social interdependence through site-responsive geometric modular wall installations.
Katherine Mitchell DiRico uses drawing, sculpture, light, and sound elements to create multimedia installations that investigate how we negotiate connectivity and sense perception in today’s networked world.
Beatrice Glow is an interdisciplinary artist whose work highlights human interconnectivity while amplifying stories lying in the shadows of colonialism, migration and inequality.
The Battle For Mau Mau Island hit Jamaica Bay this weekend.
Rachel Frank grew up near Big Bone Lick, Kentucky, the birthplace of American paleontology, where large mammoth and other megafauna fossils were found, altering Western views on extinction and…
Carole Loeffler is a Philadelphia-based artist whose text work and found object based sculptures are a reaction to the post-election environment
Jeremy Olson is an American artist working in painting, video, sculpture and photography. His references range from the commercial still-life to science fiction.
Lizzo’s “Boys” has raised the meme bar to the highest it’s ever been.
Vanessa Albury is the Founding Artist and Director of Coral Projects, an artist-run, site-specific art exhibition underwater.
Jacqueline Bell Johnson is a California-based artist whose work explores the intersection of organic and architectural structures.
Mark Addison Smith is a New York-based artist whose design specialization is typographic storytelling that allows illustrative text to convey a visual narrative through printed matter, artist’s…
The wild, immersive Bushwick nightclub experience runs through August.
Sophia Krupsha was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania in 1998. Her work explores local history, cultural identity and the industrial landscape
Get inside the secret immersive experience of Shadow Traffic’s Lost Horizon Night Market.
A disposable camera caught some deranged rockers taking over the unsuspecting state of Delaware.
Katy McCarthy is an artist based in Brooklyn and working primarily in video and sculpture. Her work laminates historical moments with contemporary experience, often focusing on the role of…
Sarah Walko is a multi-media artist whose work is inspired by literature and by the structure of storytelling
Kirk Maynard is a mixed media artist and educator whose work focuses on the political undercurrents of culture and identity in America.
Shaina Lynn is a New Orleans-born, LA-based actress, writer, poet, Afro-Futurist, and multimedia artist that demands the healing of the Black woman’s experience in America.
The poet, musician, cartoonist, producer and author passed away 20 years ago today, but his art lives on.
Jay Milder is an American artist and a figurative expressionist painter of the second generation New York School
Artist Tattfoo Tan’s practice focuses on issues relating to ecology, sustainability and healthy living.
Althea Rao is an interdisciplinary artist who calls herself a cultural facilitator. She creates social engagement models to facilitate open and playful conversations around topics that are…
Anh Thuy Nguyen’s work consists of installation, sculpture and performance that allegorize the interpersonal affect between bodies against the landscape of displacement, absence and nostalgia.
Sarah G. Sharp is an artist and curator whose interests include alternative social histories, language, place, technology and craft.
Jez Riley French is a UK-based sound artist who uses intuitive composition, field recording, improvisation and photography.
Nora Byrne is an artist who was born and raised in New Hampshire, on a dirt road next to a river. Currently she lives and works in Istanbul, developing sustainable ways to create and inspire critical…
The traveling public art installation Prismatica brings color and creativity to downtown NYC.
Ken Solomon is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work promotes pauses.
Simone Couto is a United States-based interdisciplinary artist, poet, writer, curator, and educator, whose practice focuses on installation and exhibition making.
MaryKate Maher is a sculptor from Brooklyn, New York. Her work addresses nature, not as a harmonious self-regulating state, but as a series of tenuous negotiations and truces liable to fall apart at any second.
The Barely Legal Brunchin’ Biddies, The Cthululemon, Bernie Sandwiches and more trekked out to a wintry Prospect Park this weekend to vie for big picnicking prizes.
Priscilla Dobler is an interdisciplinary artist, born in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and raised in Tacoma, Washington by an immigrant mother and grandparents; her work explores the complex identity into…
This week Kimberly Speaks with Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco about his current project he did in collaboration with Gabo Camnitzer titled Aesthetic Behavior; Developmental Sequences, which is now on view at NurtureArt. 
Marco North is a filmmaker, photographer, author and musician based in Moscow, Russia.
Yasmeen Abdallah is a transdisciplinary artist, curator and educator focusing on socially-engaged issues and practices.
Julia Betts is a Pittsburgh- based artist whose work veers toward the intersection of sculpture, performance and installation.
The 15th annual Idiotarod unleashed costumed teams shopping cart-pushing idiots on the streets of Brooklyn on Saturday.
Karine Falleni is a New York based artist whose practice is an inquiry into recording a visual trace of her physical movement in space. 
Molly Valentine Dierks explores the expanding field of sculpture through her work across media
It’s Showtime NYC lit up the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Arms and Armor department with hip-hop dance.
Kylin is a multidisciplinary artist whose work employs ancient symbolism, ritualistic repetition, transformative energy, natural and supernatural systems and the physics of space, material and…
Cari Freno is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Her work draws inspiration from the fields of psychology and education and their focus on the human condition.