It was a hard year but offered valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.
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Races can be important parts of training for bigger goals but you need to approach them wisely.
Running on mountains is a pleasure of the season but you need to prepare for its risks.
Athletes need rest for recovery and performance but many find it hard to make the time for it.
The nutritional practice could help endurance use fuel more efficiently but prolonged use could impair performance.
A one-stop guide to approaching eating as an elite athlete.
Training in high elevation has serious benefits for athletes but if you’re not careful, those benefits could disappear into the thin air.
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I was a siesta skeptic until an afternoon snooze helped me survive a punishing gauntlet of runs. But research shows you have to approach naps with caution.
The throb of a broken rib kept me from pinning on a race number this week. Here’s how to know when your body’s telling you to stay home.
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Sleep is critical to recovery and performance but hard to make time for when you're busy. Here's how to get quality sleep when time's in short supply.
Tummy troubles run in my family. Getting tested for Celiac Disease kept me from constant sprints to the bathroom.
With proper training, your mind could be your most valuable tool on race day.
Buried under snow and miles from an emergency room, we had to rely on first aid training and household items to treat a surprise injury.
Post-run drinks may make it harder for your body to recover and become stronger.
Steep inclines can be intimidating and difficult but with the right approach they don’t have to slow you down.
Running at night can be a beautiful experience and make you love the spot even more.
A simple stretching routine can stave off injuries and cramps when you’re forced to sit for hours on end.
Experienced athletes have an advantage but still need to build slowly and safely while they get back up to speed.
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Getting punctured by a needle can be scary but, believe me, the relief is real
The hemp-derived compound may ease soreness and relieve pain without the drawbacks of other pain relievers.
Runners can up their game and avoid the impact by skating, cycling and skiing. Until recently, it was generally agreed that the best way to improve running is to just run. But today, more and more…