BTR Editorial
This week we are chatting with professional cinematic photographer Mitch Waite. Waite, who lives in London, will go over the basics of cinematic photography with us, plus what the must see films of 2015 are so far!
This week we catch up with Rhoda Mills, physiotherapist specializing in couples, who authors the blog Relationship Realities!
This week we get a lesson in expert blog creation with Marko Saric, author behind HowToMakeMyBlog! Saric will take us through finding the best topic, building an audience, creating compelling content, marketing, and more!
This week we talk all things cooking with professional chef Kevin Ashton. On his blog of the same name, Kevin provides recipes, advice, and reviews to help make your culinary dreams come true! Learn about selecting the perfect fish, how to grow a blog audience, what a chef's schedule looks like, and more!
PHOTOBLOG: The Spanish Around the World Carnaval took place Saturday on 91st street between West End Avenue and Riverside Avenue in Manhattan. Plenty of festive children and adults strolled through the area to learn about Spanish culture, which they did so through craft making and cupcake decorating.
This week we're chatting with Historical Gastronomist Sarah Lohman, whose blog Four Pounds Flour explores the history of recipes in 18th & 19th century America (among other things!). Lohman also has a book due out in the fall of 2015 with Simon & Schuster.
PHOTOBLOG: The semi-annual pop-up food market, Mad. Sq. Eats, is currently underway in the Flatiron District. BTR checks out the spring installment of the event in its own backyard.
This week we're chatting with Erin Cronican, an actor, singer, and director based in New York. Her blog The Erin Cronicals explores the lightness and darkness of being human, with some excellent and relatable anecdotes and helpful artistic advice.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR explores NYC's Meatpacking District, which has evolved over the years into one of the city's most interesting neighborhoods. Though many of the meat distribution companies that once occupied the area no longer exist, this area of Manhattan retains it's name.
This week we are chatting with best-selling author Stacy Juba! Stacy's blog Characters at a Crossroads explores all topics in writing, including how to stay organized and get inspired, plus offers sneak peek and behind the scenes of her work!
PHOTOBLOG: Cherry blossom season has finally arrived in New York. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, the blooming trees can be seen almost anywhere. BTR visited Central Park to get a good look at the trees, some of which were just beginning to bloom, while others were well on their way.
This week we're chatting with the lovely and talented cartoonist Bridgett Spicer, author behind the comic series "Squid Row" and upcoming spin-off series "Randie And Ryan." Tune in for secrets into Bridgett's creation process and what's next for the beloved characters!
PHOTOBLOG: An Earth Day kick-off took place on Sunday, April 19 at the Audubon Center Boathouse in Prospect Park from 1-4 pm. Activities included fishing lessons, a mulching and garbage clean up class, button making, and a performance by Bash the Trash.
This week we chat with Romanian artist Domokos about his work on Bread Blog!
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out US landmarks from the Washington Monument to Central Park, as well as the Vietnam War Memorial, the Brooklyn Bridge, and even the view from the top of the Empire State Building.
This week we chat about the beautiful art of creating stamps with stamp museum curator and artist Ginny Lloyd.
Graffiti can be seen almost everywhere in New York City, and can either intrigue or deter onlookers. It takes someone with a certain talent to create the beautiful wall pieces seen in some areas. Detailed murals, portraits, and colorful words pop up on almost every couple street corners.
This week we get inspired to teach with Vicky Davis, author and voice behind Cool Cat Teacher!
PHOTOBLOG: Macy's Annual Flower Show beautifies Herald Square store.
This week we have a laugh with humor blogger Charlie Hatton!
PHOTOBLOG: The Coffee & Tea Festival NYC brought tea, coffee, and treats from all over to the Big Apple.
This week we learn all about oysters with professional connoisseur Julie Qiu.
PHOTOBLOG: NYC held its fourth annual Vegetarian Food Festival this past weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion.
PHOTOBLOG: The significance walking can have is represented through this Central Park exhibit.
This week we're going to burger heaven with the author of The Bob's Burgers Experiment!
PHOTOBLOG: 'Gazing Globes' sculpture exhibition adds to wintery scene in Madison Square Park.
This week get prepared for disaster with John Beck, author of Geek Prepper!
PHOTOBLOG: New York's puppy population is rockin' outerwear this winter.
This week we learn about the art of creative social media marketing with Dustn.TV!
This week we're going gluten free with Iowa Girl Eats.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR takes a look at 'Snow Monsters' in Flatiron Plaza.
This week we chat with Seattle personal chef Aubrey Jenkins!
This week we chat Brands&Films with Erik Renko!
PHOTOBLOG: New York's Javits Center hosted the 'New York Times' Travel Show this weekend.
Tune into Biology of the Blog for more from The Messy Baker!
This week we talk cheap, casual eats with Daniel Koontz!
This week we chat with Lyndi Fultz about being an nwaFoodie!
PHOTOBLOG: BTR gets a dose of winter from snoozy cats to snowy mountain tops.
This week we're chatting with Croatian fashion journalist Sandra!