BTR Editorial
Part two of our list of favorite albums from last year that the music press didn't care enough about.
We all have dreams and BTR offers up their high fantastical hopes of their perfect New Years Eve concert.
A year end list from the blog Stadiums and Shrines.
Let the BTR staff help you spend all your retail gift cards this holiday season.
JR Larson joins Collective Craft to curate the Roger Smith hotel in New York City.
The final night of Hanukkah is celebrated in Brooklyn and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lights up Manhattan.
Krill shares their thoughts on the Boston music scene and staying together after a break-up album.
Looking for something to get that special music-lover in your life? Take a few hints from BTR's DJs...
The Holiday festivities pull in to Grand Central Terminal.
BTR catches up with Medicine frontman Brad Laner to talk about the songwriter’s prolific career.
A somber memorial for the late Lou Reed offered his music and zero apologies.
Psychedelic indie pop band The Interest Group shares their thoughts on vinyl, recording in the dead of winter, and artistic vulnerability.
Check out the brand new World Trade Center West Concourse and the art it has to offer.
Nearly a year after it formed the sinkhole beneath Bayou Corne, Louisiana has become one of our nation’s worst industrial disasters that no one knows about… and it’s still hungry.
The Black Label Bike Club of Brooklyn, NY hosts the 10th Annual Bike Kill in the heart of Bed-Stuy.
Puppies and pooches came out in packs to strut their stuff in this second annual costume contest!
The Brooklyn-based electro-pop group that offers a moment in time captured in a visual.
Rolling Stone reporting the 71-year-old rock icon and Velvet Underground leader has passed away.
CMJ was as nice on the eyes as it was on the ears.
The Greek-born accordionist color-coding her album for you.
Pick-Your-Own apples has never been so nice!
The 31st Annual Bed-Stuy Restoration 10k Race.
The 26th Annual Deepavali Festival shoots for a Guinness World Record.
The 4th Annual Sweet Sugar Festival in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Fort Tryon's 29th annual Medieval Festival brings a storm of swords to Manhattan.
Big Freedia bounces the Guinness Book of World Records on September 25, 2013.
The Cardboard Tube Fighting League takes to McCarren Park for some hardcore competition.
The 87th San Gennaro Feast is taking over Little Italy once again.
Do you go into cardiac arrest when you can’t find your iPhone? You’re not alone.
NFL fans celebrate opening day right with some good ol' fashioned tailgating.
What's better than world class tennis? World class food and entertainment to accompany it.
Just in time for Roadside Assistance, get your rockstar vacation on with help from Thrillist.
Where the people go (and don't go) in New York City for summer.
Afropunk Festival provides for good music and a chill time in Brooklyn style.
The historic Saratoga Race Course celebrates its 150th anniversary.
Coney Island hosts the 23rd Annual Sand Sculpture Competition!
New Yorkers line-up for the interactive attraction as the 2013 Summer Street Festival draws to a close in the Big Apple.
The world’s first lab-grown burger was unveiled to the world this week.
Kickstarter hosts its 3rd Annual Film Festival in North Brooklyn, NY.
Protestors congregated and marched throughout midtown Manhattan protesting NSA surveillance.
The English chill-fi project lurking in the depths of Soundcloud.
Small time Brooklyn band hits the road to show you how to do your own tour.
Father John Misty stops by the Surf Lodge in Montauk for sunset by the beach.
Thursdays at Bryant Park has a lot more to offer than just foliage.
The South London folk quartet who can explain what they’re about in four tracks.
In Brooklyn Bridge Park a fence transcends its nature to divide and shows us how a community comes together.
The hard numbers behind the growing demand for plastic surgeries in the last 13 years.
France's Bastille Day is celebrated in Manhattan.
Demonstrators gather across the country to express outrage at Saturday's verdict in Florida.
Two new outdoor exhibits at MoMA fuse form and function.
New Yorkers showed their true colors by coming out in form to celebrate the 2013 Pride March!
The ethos of Kalakuta Millionaires is very un-millionaire... and pretty darn awesome.
The songwriter opens up about supporting the LGBT community and coming of age with Chris Carabba.
The Coney Island Mermaid Parade shows up in fine form after being saved by a Kickstarter.
NYC by way of Chile this jazz artist is one to watch.
The fifth annual Colorado-based community skateboard arts showcase comes to NYC.
MiniBoone, Cult Fever, Shark?, Clouder, Lisa/Liza, and more grace us with their presence over the weekend.
The experimental punk queen who adds a bit of her travels into her songs.
#FBrape Campaign urged Facebook to include gender-based derogatory content in their definition of hate speech.
How the crack team behind the Dark Knight trilogy botched the origin story of the most recognizable superhero in comics.
Music and art fill 5th Avenue in Manhattan for the ninth annual Museum Mile Festival.
The Brooklyn by-way-of Athens, GA trio that transforms dreams into records.
Colorful pianos have been scattered across New York City in the hopes of bringing music to a city in the full swing of summer.
The French afrobeat group that’s following in the footsteps of Fela on their home turf.
Our nearest star has aligned itself with the Manhattan streets once again to give New Yorkers a spectacular sunset.
CitiBike has finally arrived to New York City.
The electronic-duo that’s making musical use of the daily commute.
The Brooklyn festival for foodies and music lovers fights off bad weather in Prospect Park.
The Chicago-based band that’s rewriting the non-rules of punk in their own narrative.
The renowned feminist author and blogger talks to BTR about the strange role women have played in the gun debate.
The Bronx-based reggae group that’s adding more things to the traditions of the genre than you might think.
The grand finale for New Museum's StreetFest shows NYC is a city just chuck full of ideas.
The cool high school teacher everyone remembers, this time making some cool grooves and sweet soul up North.
The oldest trophy in professional sports pays a visit to New York City.
Staying positive with the sunny side of the up-and-coming Americana songwriter.
Santa Monica and State College passed community bills of rights to protect their environments.
New Yorkers show solidarity with their rival city in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks.
She's a fitness guru and the foremost "houserobics" musician, a genre she coined herself.
The Brooklyn-based artisanal flea market is back.
They've been together a mere seven months and they're already creating a buzz.
They only have three members but the sheer volume and intensity this group evokes is mind-blowing.
The accessible and economical arts showcase returns to Manhattan.
Automakers unveil their latest concept cars and alternative fuel hybrids at the 113th New York Auto Show.
He forgot to eat and sleep at times while making his latest album and we appreciate the dedication.
A new art exhibition from Nick Cave! (But not THAT Nick Cave.)
Miami DJ Jubilee is taking the world of Electronic Dance Music by storm.
An elephant parade from Ringling Bros. Circus draws a crowd of animal rights protesters in NYC.
New Yorkers show their Irish pride in Manhattan over the weekend.
Young, British and making way cooler music than One Direction. Get to know Port Isla.
This talented artist made the trek from his home in Switzerland to The States and is making a name for himself in the jazz community.
To celebrate Armory Week in NYC, BTR visited the second annual event held in an old elementary school in Nolita.
We don't want to cry wolf, but you probably should never eat anything from a plastic container. Here's why...
It's hard to imagine, but here are some alternate endings to popular superhero movies that are a bit more realistic.
Get to know this Brasil, by-way-of Bloomington, Indiana garage revivalist outfit!
The infamous New York graffiti artist makes his gallery debut.
Intimate images of the benevolent South African president from Pop International Galleries
Joseph Stashkevetch's amazingly realistic sketches look less like hand drawings and more like black-and-white photos.
The Harlem landmark kicks off Black History Month with a sneak peak at upcoming performances.
With the lockout now ancient history, the Islanders-Rangers rivalry heats up again at MSG.
The Souljazz Orchestra is doing Canada proud with their unique multicultural blend of afro-jazz sounds.
Seminal sports photographer Neil Leifer debuts his new collection at The Morrison Hotel Gallery in Soho.
TBTB is one of the few theaters in the country dedicated to working with actors and writers with disabilities.
Our staff sharse home photos of our favorite furry friends!
Have you heard the one with the Australian singer-songwriter who decides to give up everything he owns in Sydney to play music in the USA?
Curator Ntin Mukul displays the work of 14 artists thinking on a global scale.
Transcend the winter blues with music from Boston, MA's In Like Lions who capture the essence of the summer barbeque.