For our final three episodes of the year, we took a look back at every artist we played in 2017 and assembled a batch of tracks by those we most wanted to revisit and hear more music from. All of the…
For our final three episodes of the year, we took a look back at every artist we played in 2017 and assembled a batch of tracks by those we most wanted to revisit and hear more music from. All of the…
For our final three episodes of the year, we took a look back at every artist we played in 2017 and assembled a batch of tracks by those we most wanted to revisit and hear more music from. All of the…
Our longtime friend, number one fan, recurring guest, and future intern - Michael Eades (of YK Records) - makes an unexpected last minute appearance for the final weekly new music episode of the show,…
How the hell is it December already? The answer doesn’t really matter because we have plenty of music for these days of waxing coldness and waning daylight. Music Director Lottie (Miss Lottie to…
Sometimes Bryan and J eat too much candy, and sometimes they don’t eat enough candy. We’re not quite sure which situation this is, but what’s for sure is there’s some great new music out this…
No games this week. Just lots of new tunes from the likes of Nightmares On Wax, The Ghost of Paul Revere, Hoops, Fits, and Superchunk. And, obviously, some The Music Digest brand tangents… this week…
Play along at home, as Bryan and JLM make bets on the content of songs and how they relate to their titles, in yet another amazing game on The Music Digest! We brainstorm more new show ideas, talk…
Shamir brings on tangents about vaporwave and household AI.
More new music gets listened to, reacted to, and tangentially discussed! We tackle old favorites including Diane Coffee, Mo Douglas, and Slaughter Beach, Dog, and get acquainted with Flat Worms, Salt…
Every artist in this episode is new to BTR this week, just like most weeks. And they’re all on Bandcamp, just by lovely coincidence. And we talk about our website and old school BrooklynVegan…
Bryan and JLM talk a bit about last week’s MONDO.NYC Music Festival, the NY Comic Con, and nostalgia in general before digging into some super tasty new music and another excellent listener contribution!
BTRtoday Music Director, Lottie (aka ‘Ms. Lottie’) joins us this week as we listen to some of the tracks that end the new releases we added to our music library this week. What makes a final track a final track? How does Ms. Lottie pick the music she brings in? What’s Bryan’s new single sound like? Will we answer any of these questions? Spoiler alert: maybe.
Are short songs better than longer tracks? We sorta try to find out this week on the show - but mostly we just listen to a bunch of great new music, including a special submission from YK Records that opens up The Great Debate once again! Also covered: the show’s open-door guest policy, our first Tumblr post, and human beings as fingers. Somehow, it kinda makes sense.  
This week, Bryan and J discuss social media and even create a tumblr for the podcast. Also, they listen to a lot of great new music -- no duds at all despite one of the band’s names.
This week we craft a brand new type of music podcast game right in front of your… ears. Bryan and J work their way through a batch of 6 brand new lead tracks, and attempt to correctly guess if their co-host thinks it’s a “hit” (whatever that means.) Play along at home and let us know if you won by leaving us a message at (408) SUB-INEV!  
This week’s slate of new music leads Bryan and J to talk about many things relevant to the actual music, but also leads to tangents on how to not pack books when moving, game shows we can’t fully remember, cereals both for breakfast and dessert, the differences between glockenspiels and xylophones, Carnegie Hall and unions, … and oops, they say “homonym” when they mean “homophone!”
This week Bryan and J aim to keep it as live as possible - all for your listening pleasure! Tough subjects like figuring out which 90's animated MTV characters we are, jalapeno chips, and potentially broken turntables are all tackled with gusto. We also find time to listen to some great new music.
J sets up a couple of vague games for Bryan as they listen though this weeks music. Featured tangent for this episode: discussion of Dent May leads to discussion of Elton John which leads to discussion of the documentary on Tower Records, All Things Must Pass.
Both Bryan and J are back and have some catching up to do! We check out some new releases, and things take a dark turn and perhaps get a bit more NSFW than usual. You can still call us at (408) SUB-INEV to leave a voicemail for us to play on the air or do a dramatic transcription reading!
This week, Bryan selects four second tracks… that’s four tracks that are the second tracks on their respective releases (not tracks that are four seconds long), and two singles. They also pitch a music video featuring an entire small town of people either in Italy or Hawaii (depending on who you ask) that build a Guinness World Record beating party sub with ham and pineapple… call them if you’d like to use that idea: (408) SUB-INEV.
The Music Digest receives not one but two calls from our #1 fan, Michael (our guest on the show from April 8, 2017), and J picks all the music based on the cover art. You can call us too! Dial 408-SUB-INEV or 408-782-4638 and get your voice and/or a poorly transcribed version of what you said read on the show!
We really think you should call us at our voicemail box and leave a message. In fact, maybe someone already has (stay tuned!)... also, we compare sisters to sisters, but not really, talk about a trip to Montreal that was weird, and realize the question we’ve always wanted to ask -- and answer -- is: What kind of food would you eat to that song?
We try to use the magic of the internet and modern technology to boost subscriptions, J writes a sketch for SNL then invokes the Tin Woodsman, Bryan questions the existence of Vlogwave, we shout out our biggest fan, talk grilling secrets, and perhaps even listen to some totally awesome new music. Don’t forget to give us a call to have the chance to get your voice on the show at (408) SUB-INEV!
In this episode, Bryan and J explore the important topics of whether Alan Alda has ever been in a Wes Anderson movie (he should be), why going to rock shows in Manhattan sucks now, whether the ten year cycle for nostalgia will be defeated by how niche everything got in the late aughts, and so much more. They’ll also listen to a lot of great music along the way… and so will you if you choose to do so. And you should.
This week we’re light on the tangents and heavy on the solid tunes and iced coffee. The winning streak continues, as one song manages to chill Bryan and J out so much that we can’t help but like everything we hear (but also it’s actually good music, so that helps).
J is back again and the hostful duo accidentally put together a random crop of songs that actually make for a good mixtape. There may be no talk of winning in the episode, but they surely win real big, nonetheless -- no duds in the bunch this week!
While JLM is away, Bryan sits down with Ana Becker of the band Fruit + Flowers to check out some music and chat about bands, nostalgic record shops, candy, time travel, and the beauty of finding a music community.
In this week’s episode, we break with the standard format a little bit, to try making something resembling a mixtape out of some music we’ve discovered over the course of 2017 so far… unlike most episodes, in this one it’s all about listening to how the tracks juxtapose, transition, and -- hopefully, just hopefully -- flow. And it’s all based on the original track numbers of the songs we chose, so we’re counting on a little bit of serendipity to help us out along the way. Let’s see what happens.
In our most winningest episode ever (maybe?) we get a little existential and even get stuck in a time warp! WOWZERS!
After a week away, J is back -- but thanks to Ms. Lottie for filling in last week! Despite any discussion of “winning” in the actual episode, the crop of artists with new music out featured this week obviously leads to a win.Won’t you come and win with us?
This week, BTRtoday music director Miss Lottie stops by to fill in for J, while Bryan offers up a fresh selection of tracks using yet another random selection scheme.
In this episode, Bryan and J play nothing but album closing tracks and discuss the various approaches to picking that special one to end on. Also, want to add your voice to the show? Give us a call and leave a message at (408) SUB-INEV and if we like it, we may play your message on the program, or read a transcript of it (if you give us permission to do so).
This week we cover all our favorite subjects: band names, knob twiddling, fashion, and the purpose of art. It gets DEEP. Want to add your voice to the show? Give us a call and leave a message at (408) SUB-INEV and if we like it, we may play your message on the program, or read a transcript of it (if you give us permission to do so). Check out the Friendship Fever episode of The Subliminal Inevitable Show here.
In this episode, due to the presence of outstanding artists with odd and interesting names who play wonderful music with and without harmonicas that may or may not be good in a movie whether they do or do not in fact include a Deal sister and despite the fact that they do or in spite of the fact that they don’t have 2 four letter words in their names or if they give you drummer anxiety or drummer bliss or offer a “patina of Reaganism,” Bryan and J win more than they’ve ever won before… or do they? Listen to find out.
This week, Bryan is sugar crashing, J is busy, and we try an experimental new approach to tangents! But more importantly, we just keep on trying to win.  
Bryan and J welcome Michael Eades, of YK Records, to join them as they listen to their weekly dose of new music. Michael challenges the duo’s record of constantly winning the show… will he realize the joys of winning, himself? Only 84 minutes and 38 seconds of time will tell. Also, there’s a traditional Southern accent-off, as is required by law when two gentlemen of the South are joined in conversation.
In this episode of our weekly journey through new music from Lexie Roth, Agent Blå, Coco Hames, and more, Bryan and J take on tough subjects like whistling, punk rock, and knob twiddling. But still we wonder… did we win? Only one way to find out...
In this episode, Bryan and J bliss out to the spatial relation sin sound, realize that drums are the sign of true drama, and assemble a list of the reasons that artists release self-titled albums… Spoiler alert: probably because they’re Weezer or Ty Segall.
Things get a bit more critical, sushi gets eaten, J’s brain doesn’t work, and we talk about almost everything except the songs we’re listening to! Good times! But the question is… do we win? You’ll have to listen to find out!
This week, we welcome a very special guest: BTRtoday’s very own Elena Childers! Elena produces New Vibrations, writes Nightshift Sounds, and writes and produces The Music Meetup (both a podcast and a column). Listen along to see if she lives up to her rep as a “cool girl” and to hear whether we “win the episode” or not. Spoiler alert: she does and we do! Note: Weird Omen, heard in this episode, will also be featured in the Music Meetup podcast/column, this coming week, so make sure to check back for that!
Spoiler alert: we win again. The music in this episode is so good, how could we lose? We also tackled tough subjects like badass rock n’ roll, the real purpose of Texas, terrifying animals, band name pronunciation, and of course, poking.  
On this episode, we listen to so much music by Canadian artists, you’d think Justin Trudeau were guest-hosting. Also, we revisit the “classic” genre known as “chillwave” from about 7-9 years ago, realize Father/Daughter Records is running the table in terms of quality music releases, and generally -- dare we say it?? -- win the episode (we dared)!
This week on the show we take a first listen to tracks from Aquaserge, Oak House, Tim Darcy, The Sadies, and more.
In this episode, we digest music from near and far and think about how a band’s home climate affects their musical approach and style. Also, Bryan gets up on his high horse about which Portland is THE Portland.
This week, we welcome our second-ever guest to the Music Digest studio! Mike Mehalick is the mastermind behind the music blog, Speak Into My Good Eye, and the recently-launched Good Eye Records. We gathered around with a few beverages, a pile of music, and a whole bunch of NJ and music industry-related tangents. Blox Cord is Speak Into My Good Eye’s collaborative monthly showcase at The Footlight in Ridgewood, Queens, and the next one is happening on Thursday, February 9, featuring Caverns, Eagle Daddy, Funcrusher, and The Off White. We mention this video for Makeunder's song "Great Headless Blank" from their Good Eye Records EP of the same title.
On this episode, Bryan and J listen to some of the newest music of the new year, now that there is finally more new music in the new year to listen to. They also contemplate the idea of forming a new comedy band and Bryan is afraid of the TV at the office.
In today's episode, we explore the appeal of eating food while on mic (spoiler: there is none) and take on a fun activity! Check out our collaborative artwork based on the Kid Kaola track...
It’s our first episode of 2017 that actually features new music and it’s nice to be looking forward instead of backward. Join us as we hear the future music of tomorrow… or something?
It’s a new year for the world, but for the Music Digest, we’re looking back to music from years past. We revisit why we liked some artists and wonder what happened to some of them. Also, let’s consider: if these songs had all been living in a bunker until 2017, what would they think of the world they emerged to see?