It’s New Year’s Eve and we present you with part three of our partial and absolutely in no way thorough or comprehensive round up of music from 2016. And by “from,” we mean stuff that was added to the BTR library during 2016. Have at it!
In this, the first of an epic three-part year-destroying series of The Music Digest, your hosts delight, enlighten, and brighten your damn day with great music and conversation. Bonus: we finally let you know how to get in touch with us!
Did you know that there was a time in our nation’s history when wrestlers made albums? Also, The Guardian just found out that musical male duos are a thing, apparently. And JLM didn’t know there’d be homework -- no fair!
Another week, another round of music reactions. Also another artist from Minnesota because we seem unable to throw a cat without hitting an artist from Minnesota… but we also shouldn’t be throwing cats, so there’s that to consider.
In this episode of The Music Digest, Bryan B and J talk, a lot. They also pick a batch of great new music from our weekly BTR library updates. But mostly they talk about t-shirts, pop stars, and questionable band names. Also, they make reference to this 90's gem by Helium.
Max Goransson is the lead singer and guitarist in Quiet Loudly and the bassist in Clouder -- two Brooklyn-based projects well known by BTR. Neither band is particularly active at the moment, as Max is currently living in Boston, but he was in town for a few days and stopped in to listen to and talk about some music with us.
Bryan B and JLM are back for their second week hosting The Music Digest. In this episode they discuss nine songs and the discussion hits on Minneapolis, record labels with cohesive styles and sounds, U2, and New Jersey.
DJ Patrick K and Matt have moved on and we wish them well. We were fans of the podcast they did and hope to do our version in our own way while aiming to match the quality of what they did before us. We are Bryan B and JLM -- we've known each other for many years, have played in about a band and a half together, and have worked together at BTR for the last few years. So, settle in and see what you think of us seeing what we think of some new(ish) music as we listen to it for the first time -- or at least close to it.