Pop Week - It’s 2015, the age of the internet, and the average person has never experienced a better chance of being heard. With public platforms like Twitter,, Kickstarter and the like, the individual has arguably never been more empowered to impart change on the world, no matter the scale.
Stress Week - There’s a way to calm the angry ocean of the mind that many of us may have written off or never considered: it’s called Zen meditation, and it’s becoming a big part of daily life at companies around the country.
Open Week - For the past three and a half years, politicians in the know have lived in fear of Politwoops, a website dedicated to cataloging all of the groan-worthy and regrettable tweets that they can’t help but generate every so often. Back in June, however, that agreement came to an unexpected end.
NASA astronauts have successfully grown and eaten a batch of lettuce grown in space. The science of food in space is a constantly evolving field, and one such advancement has just recently made headlines. As you read this, the crew of the International Space Station are picking their meals from a selection of food that includes scrambled eggs, shrimp cocktail, beef tips with mushroom, pudding, and chocolate chip cookies.
Labor Week - Last month, workers in New York City saw the passing of an historic bill: legislation mandating that all fast food chains raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. The measure will roll out over the next few years.
School Week - In an age when the cost of a college degree continues to soar, many Americans seek to pursue education in non-traditional ways. Enrolling in privately owned for-profit schools has become a rather alluring option. However, the for-profit school system is under fire for swindling students and taxpayers out of billions.
America has a food waste problem, a very large one. The nation's obsession with “sell by” dates and perfect packaging has led to an epidemic of food waste.
The video game industry has seen a recent spat of broken or unfinished games being released to huge backlash. The most commonly cited reason is the break-neck speed of the development and publishing cycle.
Reality Week - BTR spoke with renowned Hyperrealist painter Raphaella Spence, of the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York City, to further understand the processes and motivations behind this meticulously detailed practice.
Fan Week - This year’s E3 conference showed off technology the likes of which we’ve never seen. BTR gives a run down of the talks and offers insight on what the results of the conference mean for the future of gaming.
Rain Week - For the vast majority, storm chasing is simply a hobby, undertaken by those who are fascinated with these acts of nature, and who wish to observe and photograph the events out of curiosity. Technology offers researchers a greater scientific understanding of severe storms.
A new iOS app called PooTime aims to help users track their bathroom time and keep them entertained in the process. BTR reviews this novel app which tries to enhance the toilet experience.
Throwback Week - Nostalgia has long been more than just a topic of conversation between friends. Brands are using the feeling as a tool to market their products to Millennials.
Vacation Week - Video games have always been a great way to escape the stresses of daily life and become someone (or something) else. Today, games are so immersive that they can provide an escape as a vacation.
Blacklist Week - For as long as there have been message boards or comment sections, there have been trolls. Researchers from Stanford and Cornell created an algorithm that can detect these malicious commenters.
Is the new watch a milestone in technology, or will time only tell the fate of Apple’s wrist wear? BTR evaluates the new device in terms of tech, practicality, and fashion.
Nerd Week - Singularity University is a cutting edge school and think-tank solving the world’s biggest problems. BTR talks with the school’s Aaron Frank about their ongoing endeavors.
Climate Week - One of the latest alternative fuel concepts to shake up the auto industry is the flow cell, introduced by the Liechtenstein-based company nanoFlowcell AG. BTR reached out to Dr. Stephen Granade, the current Principal Research Analyst at Dynetics Inc., to hear his insight--and skepticism--on the technology.
Monitoring Week - In recent years, environmental issues have become an ever-present topic of discussion in the US and abroad. A lesser-known environmental crisis is currently taking place in South America. International demand for gold leads to destructive mining operations in South America’s rain forests.
Unprepared Week – Is doomsday prepping still a fringe behavior?
Entrepreneurs from New Orleans released an app for users to find public or private restrooms.