Aubrey Sanders
Aubrey Sanders is a Managing Editor, a Staff Writer, and the author of BTR's Tech Trends column.

While her feature articles focus primarily on wildlife, conservation, and space, she is equally fascinated by emerging technologies and the subtle ways in which they alter our perception of the world.

When she's not writing, she's spending as much time under an open sky as possible.
Recent Posts
Swiss company Flyability nabbed the UAE's US$1 million Drones For Good Award with its crash-proof drone that can access all the places you don’t want to.
Subtle modifications to users' field of view in virtual reality may aid those who are prone to VR-inspired motion sickness.
An agreement with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems to begin testing its unmanned aircraft.
Meet Photon, the world’s first robot capable of growing alongside children and teaching them the basics of computer programming.
On the heels of the announcement that Germany produced so much renewable energy that it had to pay its consumer base to use it, Portugal powered its lights for four days straight using only renewables.
If only someone would invent an ingestible robot to perform a search-and-rescue mission for the innumerable wayward objects that have taken the long tumble down the gullets of the orally curious.