Matt Jones is an artist working in Brooklyn NY. His paintings and drawings are deeply influenced by the big mysteries of the universe — from string theory and outer space to ghosts, spirits and the paranormal.
Artist Wendy Klemperer makes sculpture of animals. The creatures in her work are amazingly expressive and convey complex movement and emotion that reflects the hours wendy has spent observing animals in the wild, in nature films and in the works of other artists like the painter Delacroix and photographer Eadward Muybridge.
On the heels of last week’s Polar Vortex — which sent temperatures across the country plunging to record lows — it seems appropriate that this week’s guest is artist Andrea Polli. Andrea’s work deals heavily with climate and weather. For her projects, she frequently collaborate with atmospheric and other scientists to collect data, conduct interviews and make field recordings, which she uses in her work. These projects take the form of installations, video and sound works call sonifications.