For the last 25 years my guest, photographer Paul Shambroom, has been photographing American power. In the 1990s he was granted unprecedented access to the US nuclear arsenal, and he traveled the country making images of weapons command sites and intercontinental ballistic missiles. After 9/11 Paul embarked on a new project, documenting the training facilities, equipment and first responder personal involved in the major efforts to prepare for a another terrorist attack on US soil.
This week I spoke with Andrea Polli, a digital media artist who works with science and technology to create public  installations, video and sound works called “sonifications”.  Andrea’s work deals heavily with climate and weather, so for her projects she frequently collaborates with atmospheric and other scientists to collect data, conduct interviews and make field recordings that she turns into her work. Andrea is an associate professor of fine arts and engineering at the University of New Mexico, and the co-author of Far Field: Digital Culture, Climate Change and the Poles which will be published in September. I spoke with Andrea over the phone about the intersections of science and art, the seven weeks she  spent in Antarctica, and the projects she has on the horizon. Particle Falls from Andrea Polli on Vimeo.
This past weekend people from across brooklyn and new york city descended on the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick for the 5th installment of Bushwick open studios. For the 2 day event hundreds of artists opened their studio doors to the public, while many more hosted pop-up galleries and put on group shows in their apartments and backyards, and the numerous permanent gallery spaces in the neighborhood opened new shows, staged special events and stayed open late.