Yellow Magic Orchestra
Seriously, who attacks a bubblegum J-Pop girl band with a saw at a fan meet and greet? A fanboy, that’s who. A message from DJ Hanabi to all lonely fanboys, stop it. Just stop it. That’s not how you treater a lady.
Japanese music is blowing up! In Japan. But, it’s also blowing up right here on BTR. DJ Hanabi sees to that for you. We take all the work out of it and save you on airfare.
Well of course it's a Japanese music show, this is the show where we play awesome Japanese music. Now, sit back and enjoy some great tunes by the likes of Flipper's Guitar, Access and The Hiatus.
What a show eh? We have the super awesome Yellow Magic Orchestra beating their way into your hearts this week. We also have the amazing hot gothy/ darkwave girl of the week in the form of Aural Vampire Apparently she’s so hot that their manager made the dude wear a gas mask so as not to distract from her awesomeness. Not to be outdone is Nujabes because this dude has skills.