XO kid
Guess what? This week's show is a bit of a grab bag! Meaning, I stick my hand in the bag, pull out a song, and whatever comes out, I MUST play it. Fortunately, everything fits together quite nicely, and it's all great, warm, fuzzy bedroom pop, and indie rock... DJ Patrick K, you've done it again! Congrats!
We're keeping it goddamn chill on this week's 'sode... Super chill, bro. So sit down, relax, take a chill pill and enjoy :)
The show is really getting back on track, now that we're quite settled into the new year. This is a TRUE Overnight Sensation, with the first set consisting of HIGH ENERGY indiepop/rock n roll, and the secong set composed of wild a weird bedroom music. You're gonna LOVE it. I swear to God!
WOW! Lots of new music this week from the likes of XO Kid, Loftons, Weylin' Rose, Andrew Ashbrook, and MANY more. Plus some old new hits from Marie and the Atom and Exuma. Truly a wonder to behold :)