Xiu Xiu
It’s Weirdvember! Actually, it’s not, but there should totally be a national month to celebrate weirdness. Maybe the true weird move is to say that every month it’s weird month. Well, it’s at least weird hour here on BTR, and we’ve got some new tracks coming your way from Shigeto and Joanna Newsom, plus some old favorites from Death Vessel and These Are Powers. Remember that band? They were awesome. Check them out on today’s show!
This week Hanabi reviews brunch at Central Kitchen in San Francisco. Basically, it’s delicious! Such a great space too. There’s also a cool new gadget on the market, it’s one of Hanabi’s favorite things, an immersion circulator by Anova for Sous Vide cooking! Yay!!!! Also you gotta check out this Dish & Drink:
I hate music! I hate guitars! I hate melodies! I hate the disco beat! It's the Rock Show on BTR, back and badder than ever!
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