Willie Colon
Hop on the Worldwide Hour and hear from Nuyorican renaissance man Willie Colon, tribal collective Kasai Allstars, and congotronics from the whistle blowing Konono No.1
DJ Wynn is giving thanks for a great year and hopes that you take the time to do the same. This mix features music from Kasai Allstars, Cesaria Evora, Jair Rodrigues, and Willie Colon.
Warm up with a delivery of the world’s music arranged by DJ Wynn. Featuring warmth from Orchestra Baobab, Willie Colon, Alex Konadu, and Pedrinho Rodrigues.
DJ Wynn continues his weekend dancing shenanigans with music from Johnny Pacheco, Fela Kuti, Willie Colon, and Helado Negro.
This Worldwide Hour features new music from Oy, a collaboration between Swiss-Ghanian vocalist Joy Frempong and German producer Lleluja-Ha. We’ll also listen to William Onyeabor, New Cool Collective, and Jorge Benjor.
Celebrate true Spring weather with music from Orchestra Baobab, Willie Colon, and Simarro Massiya.