White Isles
This is the very last episode of the Music Digest that will feature the vocal talents of now-ex-hosts DJ Patrick K and Matt Your Other Host… End of an era, or end of an error? You be the judge! Ha Ha! Actually, fear not because you’ll be in very good, strong, and capable hands under the guidance of now-current-hosts Jeremiah and Brian! Go on, git! They’re your new family now! Bye byeeeee!!   La La La (remix) HOOPS   White Isles White Isles   Flood Network Katie Dey
Dicktations. Cate Le Bon. Scott Deadelus. Hate Week. Boards of Canada. Zula. Curren$y. Wifis Funeral. Ava Luna. Preoccupations. Levek. And more…
Bueno. Bishop Nehru. Zula. Illingsworth. Claire Cottrill. Quicksails. Wume. Purple Wizard. J&L Defer. Grimm Doza. And more…
Come Fri with me… 00:00 Latola 00:45 Getting Warm – Zula 07:22 CHEETAHT7b – Aphex Twin 14:06 Jealous of Roses – Bibio 16:36 Warm Shadows – Cigarette 20:44 We Escaped The Night – White Isles 23:05 Young, Latin and Proud – Helado Negro 26:13 You Are Never Alone – Jesse Futerman 30:25 Latola 31:25 I’m Still Here – Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings 35:22 Women – Norvis Jr and Jusmoni 38:44 Don’t Run Into The Dark So Quick – Jon Bap 42:04 Nature’s Candy – TheeSatisfaction 46:14 Triple Double No Assists – Sporting Life 49:47 Good Antennae – Dark Twaine 56:33 Ishmael – Shabazz Palaces 61:10 Maniac Depressant – Gonjasufi 63:12 Latola 65:30 Drag Open – Women 70:24 Summer’s Moon – Lewis 74:14 O Amor Em Paz – Antonio Carlos Jobim 77:51 Stages – Ava Luna 81:13 Junes – Helado Negro 87:12 Pheromones and Pineapples – Violet Eyelets 90:53 Stasis (again) – Lor Snac 91:59 In The House Of Yes – Mr Twin Sister 98:42 Latola 100:23 Whip Flash – Jonathan Witt 102:23 Loves Refrain – Jefre Cantu Ledesma 110:04 Flight of the Feathered Serpent – Fuck Buttons 119:36 Latola 121:18 Heaps of Ice – The Clamps 123:59 Finish Grasshopper Zula Cheetah Aphex Twin Don’t Run Into The Dark So Quick Jon Bap
Today I play my favorite songs of 2016 thus far though, I may have overlooked a few…
Today it’s about music for the 4th of July