White Denim
School's out, my friends! Time to take on the summer. This theme makes our DJs conjure up visions of sunshine, beaches, and getting away from it all. That and more will be explored in the edition of Roadside Assistance. Join your favorite DJs and get ready for the summer.
SXSW invades the Listening Booth as DJRePete spins your survival mix exclusively comprised of artists playing in Austin this week!
For today's show I made a mixtape about moving to Den 6.0
Getting weird today, guys... Bear with me OK... Now, see usually I don't do this, but uh... Well, go ahead and give 'em a little preview of the Rock Show..
"I know you really want it Cuz your Daddy's always on it And he knows just how to flaunt it He got pictures in his wallet And he wanna be your lover Does he look just like my mother Does he cover you like butter And just leave you in the gutter" -Beck, on The Rock Show
In honor of Housing Week, Latola, Avi, Jake, Thompson and Patrick talk about New York City rents and living conditions.