Weird Dreams
IS IT 2009? Someone tell me! Because it sure seems like it. We've got a new track from not only Grizzly Bear, but Animal Collective. AND Crystal Castles. Oh wait, there's Two Gallants, too, but I guess that's more 2007. Bringing it back to 2012, make sure to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter.
Dome Genesis. Alchemist. Grooms. Dan Deacon. Tomahawk. TNGHT. DJ Food. The Main Drag. Lil B. Weird Dreams. Grouper. BNB. Uncle Murda. ASPE. Blackalicious. Styles of Beyond. And more...
Tons of new music packed into this 90-minute mix on BTR!
Still Corners. Richard Swift. Weird Dreams. Dirty Beaches. Lindstrom. The Yolks. Yellow Fever. Wild Nothing. Green Ova Undergrounds. Main Atrakkionz. Casiokids. And more...