Washed Out
The Listening Booth gets into festival season with new folk from The Mammals playing Meadowgrass + bands playing All Points East in London!
Today it's about music for the 4th of July
Main Attrakionz. Amara Toure. TheeSatisfaction. Washed Out. Fela Kuti. Levek. Mark Ernestus. Geotic. Jon Hopkins. And more...
It took us two shows to chronicle Hanabi’s trip to Mexico. So, settle in for some good old fashioned tales of continuing adventure in the land down under, Texas.
Just as the rest of the country is experiencing a winter that will not go down without a fight, San Francisco experienced a fogless day in the 70’s, which for us is full-blown summer. So, with all that summer weather swirling around Hanabi figured we needed to discuss small batch, hand-crafted ice cream. MMMMMMM, Smitten!!!!!!!! No, Hanabi isn’t smitten, that’s the name of the ice cream shop.
Hanabi and Insane Dane managed to have killer weekends, from attempts at romance in Monterey to Cambodiatown in Long Beach to decent sushi in New Jersey, we had quite the weekend.