This week, we all rejoice in the return of our secret weapon, Iain Lowery, to the fold. Will he bring that high-energy entertainment that we've become so used to? Only time will tell, and we have a bunch of that for you today. About an hour, as per usual, which contains just enough tunes to shake an average-sized stick or pointing implement at. Also, Album Of The Month from The Hipshakes, and Classic Album from Pavement.
This week, Jason & Iain manage to get to the end of the show, almost as easily and entertaingerly than normal. Learn how to modernize your laptop, how to name your shop if you are based in the town of Diss in Norfolk, UK, and other interesting and impressive stuff.
Well, this week it's the Jayman on his sweet lonesome, which can mean only one thing... FOOOOOOOOOOOD FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Oh.. Poop.. You need more than one person for that... Oh well. I guess I'll just play what the heck I want, and Iain can't do anything about it, cos he ain't bloody well here. :o) Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
Well, last week's special "Tweet Cast" show didn't really fire up a sea of interaction like Iain thought it would; so, I had to kill him. This week's show will be just me, The Jayman, and I will then attempt to grow a brand new Iain, which will probably take a few weeks. So, bear with me as I sail these rocky waters alone. I may be cold and lonely, but I'm doing it all for you people! So be grateful, even if my offerings are slight. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
This week, Jason and Nan have a brand new Classic Album, in the form of "I'm Scared" by Jacobs Mouse; an absolute classic, but one of the best live bands, ever! 2! Oh, and there's also some other stuff, but you'll find that out.. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!