Hello! Hello! Yes, it's another episode of World Hip Hop. I know you're happy about it! Let’s go and get into it. Let’s also stay focused too. Come on!!! It’s August, summer is running out.
Love? We need it. Hate? We can do without it. Money though, can’t live without that lol. I think we all need love sometimes. We never need Hate, who wants that? but money, I just can’t get enough of it, and that’s the same way i feel about this super duper World Hip Hop show every Wednesday right here on Enough talking. Let’s get into it, come on!
Salute to you and all the fans who tune in from around the world. Come on let’s go! Let’s rock.
Today features music from Stank Nitty, Money Mogly, Visionaries, and more.
We need the rain, wash away the pain. Restart, rebuild. One day at a time, we fight through the madness, so we're going to rain on your parade with some good old around the world music. Respect to other cultures, beliefs and sounds. All aboard. Let’s rock!!!
Today features music from MeRCY, Roc Marciano, Ryck Jane, and more.