Back in town. again. This week is the beginning of my holiday-long stint in Pittsburgh, PA. And so to honor my home town, I have selected and group of weird, dark, yet surprisingly happy tracks! So let's get into it!!!
Feeling so hot this week! And to reflect that, we have a big bouncy show for you/// So this one, at times, feels like the songs are melting away, and at other times will be a head-knoddin' extravaganza of Summer love. So saddle up! It's the Glitch/DM showwwwwwwwwwwwwww. -ed-
Awwwww yeah! This week we're getting it on. Nothing fancy, just some good ole IDM music to spruce up your day. So let's do this... -ed-
Welcome back! Ok, the show this week has its dark moments, and it's raving in-your-face moments. So get ready to do some light brain work today, and enjoy the serenity of the rest. Glitch/DM showWwwwwwWWWwww! yes. -ed-
Yeah yo! Welcome back friends; this week on the Glitch/DM show we are just getting dirty and technical with it. But we're still gonna throw out the meaningful melodic vibes you all have come to know and love from us... So waste no time. here we go!!! -ed-