We got a moody show this week. But in a good way, not that lame, overly emotional moody. It's almost like we are in a dream that takes place in 1993 and 2045 at the same time... Think about it.
I'm pretty excited about the show today. We have a lot of new school IDM type of stuff that mixes the heavy beats with the right amount of glitchiness and melodic flavor to keep you in the groove. I'm not totally sure what setting to suggest, so it maybe best just to get in your car, turn this up and drive somewhere that makes you feel happy?
Feeling the heat this week! This show reminds me of cookouts and summer vacations. As in every show we will attempt to inspire and at the very least, crawl into your brain and plant the seed. So crab a can of orange or grape soda, break out the slip-n-slide and turn up the tunes!!!