Matt Ruby speaks with comedian Alingon Mitra. Jacqueline Soller and J. McVay on ‘Sorry To Bother You.’ John Knefel on the grim future for voting rights. A performance from Buck Meek’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Dinosaur Pile-Up is the UK-based grunge trio of Matt Bigland, Michael Sheils and Jim Cratchley. Though the sound they’ve mastered has strong associations to a certain era and city, the huge, catchy, riff-heavy verse-chorus-verse dynamics the band employs definitely feel their own. Even more impressive is the group’s super sharp, tight vocal performance and pure rock power. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO while on tour with Chevelle to show us how it’s done. Eleven Eleven by Dinosaur Pile-Up is available now.  
DJ Wynn continues his journey through the A to Z of world music from his collection with Up, Bustle & Out, Vagabond Opera, Wasis Diop, Xplastaz, Yelle, and Zozo Afrobeat.
Frontline's Andres Cediel joins us to discuss his documentary Rape on the Night Shift, catching up on the shooting in Charleston, and listener mail.
David Brooks writes about smoking weed as a young man, a round-up of the 11 Guantanamo transfers since August, and a progressive white woman denies her whiteness and identifies as green. Also, listener mail on dismantling trans* hierarchies.
DJ Meredith motivates you through an, *XTREME EXTENDED* mix, playing the hardest beats from every corner of the world! These tracks are guaranteed to get you through any type of workout with ease!