Negus Negast plays w/ a strong beat & solos as an initial burst of brass & drums create a bombastic flavor before making way for heavy horns
Happy New Year to one and all, and welcome to the first UK Hip Hop Show of the new year. Now, because it's the first show of the year that also means that it is the Birthday/Anniversary show, and can you believe that this pokey little show that plays British Rap Music has now been running for four years!!! We haven't changed much in that time and this show is no different. We have a bag full of dope sounds from the likes of Booda French, Natrill and more, Task Forces "MFTC 5" is the Album Of The Month and we are featuring TY in classic corner. So sit back , relax and enjoy our four year anniversary…
The Cold Has Hit!!! February is here and just because we have arrived at the shortest month of the year doesn't mean there will be less dopiness. Stark Note is back from his Arctic Mission and joins Sinista once again to take you through some of the fresh sounds coming out of the UK this month. So sit back and let the UK provide you with some heat in these treacherous times.