The Top 10 countdown on BTR!
John Talabot. Frankie Rose. Slow Magic. Daphni. Wild Yaks. Black Gum. Diiv. Murals. Purity Ring. Grass Widow. TNGHT. Burial. And so much more…
DJ Wynn continues showcasing his favorite records of 2012. This week the spotlight shines on Action Bronson and Tame Impala
We’re counting down the Top 10 Artists and Albums on BTR!
DJ Emily’s got your Tuesday mix on BTR!
The Top 10 Artists and Albums on BTR!
Last Thursday in November. Next to last day of the next to last month of 2012.
The Top 10 artists and albums on BTR!
Tuesday with DJ Emily is ready to go on BTR!
The Top 10 Artists and Albums on BTR!
Your Tuesday mix on BTR!
The Top 10 artists and albums on BTR!
Congratulations to President Obama for being re-elected as the POTUS. DJ Wynn has put together a celebratory set featuring Flying Lotus, Dan Deacon, Meyhem Lauren, and Ty Segall
DJ Emily has your Tuesday mix set on BTR!
Top 10 Artist on BTR!
DJ Emily is filling in for DJ Lottie on this Thursday Mix!
The Top 10 artist and albums on BTR!
Sunday’s With DJ Drew on BTR
Andy Stott. Eola. Saul Williams. Golden Triangle. Murals. John Maus. Bix Beiderbecke. Grass Widow. Caddywhompus. Steve Hauschildt. Isle. Blue Hawaii. And more…
The 25th of October. 2012. 6 days until Halloween. 4 days until the full moon.
Fun times this Tuesday on BTR!
DJ Wynn digs up a Halloween mix that features Dead Man’s Bones, Eternal Summers, Action Bronson, and Meyhem Lauren
October 18, 2012. 10/18/12.
Good times this Tuesday with DJ Emily!
Your Top 10 countdown on BTR!
DJ Wynn spins new tracks from Tame Impala, Ty Segall, and The Luyas
Sunday’s with DJ Drew on BTR
Tame Impala. Jason Lytle. Freddie Gibbs. Flying Lotus. METZ. The Luyas. Rustie. Guantanamo Baywatch. Ty Segall. Balmorhea. The Raveonettes. Slow Magic. Heaps more…
Tame Impala. Balmorhea. Freddie Gibbs. Dum Dum Girls. TEEN. SpaceGhostPurrp. Night Panther. Ty Segall. Flying Lotus. Jason Lytle. And more, it’s Thursday night…
Over the last 50 years, Arthur Pollock has photographed some of the landmark events in our country’s history, including Vietnam War protests and the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion. He has also documented countless day to day stories and features for some of the country’s top news outlets.
Latola talks about the haps on BTR Today. Then, a conversation with DJ Wynn (recorded Saturday night on Graham Avenue in Bushwick) touching upon music, the Frajil Movie Project and Nicolas Jaar.
BEWARE! Of Falling Rock! Only on the Rock Show, Only on Breakthru Radio!
BEWARE! Of Falling Rock! Only on the Rock Show, Only on Breakthru Radio!
That’s photographer Andy Freeberg talking about his project called Guardians. It’s one of two exhibitions he has up right now in California. Both of his shows depict people occupying space with works of art, but the worlds Andy documents in these two shows couldn’t be more different.
Beware of Falling Rock!
Animal Collective. Girls Names. Grizzly Bear. XRay Eyeballs. Atlas Sound. Das Racist. TNGHT. Baroness. ASPE. Timber Timbre. The hunches. Ty Segall. Dope Body. Y more…
Sunday’s With DJ Drew here on BTR
Suck my kiss, it’s The Rock Show!
We couldn’t be more excited about the new King Tuff album here!  Happy Birthday put out one of our favorite albums of the last few years, and anything else from frontman Kyle is definitely something worth checking out.  There’s a lot of garage rock on the show today, perfect for a relaxing summer Saturday, but we’ve also got a ton of electronic music, folk, and pop for you, too.  And don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates.
This episode of Wiretap Music on BTR, we’ve got so much new music from the Bay Area that you aren’t going to believe it. Doseone, James & Evander, Silian Rail, Birds & Batteries, Ty Segall — and it don’t stop there.
What a wonderful Rock Show this could be
May 17. 5/17. 17/5/2012.
00:00 Mic Break 02:31 CFCF – Exercise 5 (September) 06:53 After Light – Rustie 10:23 Invisible Daughter – Effacer 14:11 A Subtle Escape – Orcas 18:08 Mind and Eyes – Nite Jewel 22:34 Honey – Kwes. 25:44 Over the Ocean – Here We Go Magic 29:08 Trouble – The Babies 33:21 Mic Break 37:12 Your Old Lady – Andre Williams and the Sadies 40:00 Motherland – Diamond Rugs 44:17 Ms. White – Ty Segall 45:33 Where Is the Weekend – Terry Malts 47:33 Wonderland – Allo Darlin 51:03 Criminal Kids – Literature 53:09 As Times Change – Sea Lions 55:47 Hey Baby! – Andre Williams and the Sadies 57:25 Love Went Away – Sugarman 3 59:41 Mic Break 62:41 But It’s Alright – Sugarman 3 64:48 Finish Here We Go Magic May 04 2012 – The Green Door Store – Brighton, UK May 05 2012 – The Sebright Arms – London, UK Nite Jewel Apr 29 2012 – Brandeis University – Waltham, MA Jun 01 2012 – John Anson Ford Amphitheater – Los Angeles, CA Sea Lions
“SCHOOL’S OUT on BTR’s Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! 8 different BTR DJs are representing 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with a lack of SCHOOL! Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
I don’t think you can handle this radio show, but in case you can here it is… whatever dude, it’s your funeral!
Super Special Wrestlemania version of DJ Drew’s Sunday show this April 1st!
This week on Art Uncovered, artist and curator Rachael Morrison. Rachael works as a librarian at the Museum of Modern Art, and right now she’s got two ongoing projects that draw from the Museum’s collection. The first is an exhibition called Millennium Magazines that looks at the ways artists and designers are using the form of magazines, newspapers and zines to make innovative work in print. The show features publications from all over the world covering topics from food to architecture and includes New York based publications like Cabinet, Esopus and Showpaper.
March 8! 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:36 We Are All Teenagers-Tim Fite 04:00 Went to the City-Crooked Fingers 07:16 Pirates-Mr. Gnome 10:07 I Am With You-Ty Segall 14:43 Mall Dreams-Terry Malts 17:24 X-Xray Eyeballs 21:36 Lottie on BTR 22:44 Satisfied-Tom Waits 26:46 Got To Have Rock And Roll-Heartless Bastards 30:39 Rusty Old Clock-Limes 33:49 A Night And A Day-Pepe Deluxe 37:52 Zombie Boogie-Richard Swift 40:43 Elegant Design-Pond 44:47 Naked Cities-Buke And Gass 47:54 Lottie on BTR 49:17 What Have You Done-Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens 52:53 Let Them Talk-Spoek Mathambo 57:50 Apologetic Shoulder Blades-Baths 60:18 Blaksuit-Gonjasufi 62:24 Jam Karet-Young Magic 65:44 You-Gold Panda 69:17 Lottie on BTR 69:58 Break My Heart-La Sera 72:04 Oh What A Feeling-The Organ 74:44  King Bubbles In Sand-King Creosote 76:28  It’s A Kiss-Jamie Lidell 80:09 Clattering Hooves-Jenny Wilson 84:48 Never Go Solo-Islands 89:29 Lottie on BTR 90:51 Flesh Of My Flesh -Orange Juice 94:01 Finish Terry Malts photo: Terry Malts Mar 9, 2012 Rickshaw Shop-San Francisco,CA Mar 17, 2012 1234 Go-Oakland,CA Young Magic photo: Leif Podhajsky Mar 13, 2012 SXSW-Austin,TX X-Ray Eyeballs photo: Veronica Ibarra Mar 8, 2012 35 Denton Festival-Denton,TX Mar 11, 2012 Andy’s Basement Bar and Grill-Denton,TX
It’s almost March, which means we’re heading into the heaviest month of winter, but it also means that there’s only one more month until spring!!  That means we need to celebrate and beat the winter blues, which is why I started this week’s show with some really great punk bands, to energize us and keep us warm while we wait.  In the meantime, check out BTR’s Facebook and Twitter!
February 2, 2012. 2/2/2012. Cool. 00:00  Lottie on BTR 00:33 A Heavy Abacus-The Joy Formidable 04:08 Down-Summer Camp 06:39 Waiting For Something-Nada Surf 10:11 Bad Feeling-Veronica Falls 13:19 Brother Sparrow-Agnes Obel 17:13 Museum of Flight-Damien Jurado 20:01 Bail Eternal-Francois & The Atlas Mountains 23:29 Lottie on BTR 24:38 Salsaness-Radiation City 28:31 Boxes-Peggy Sue 32:47 Was It A Dream-The Do 35:47 Pile Of Gold-BLOW 37:57 Drinking Problem -Surfer Blood 41:25 Headcage-Matthew Dear 45:09 Lottie on BTR 46:16 Burned-Royal Baths 53:31 No No-Ty Segall 55:07 Nothing Will Surprise Me-A Place To Bury Strangers 58:23 Sometimes-Eddy Current Suppression Ring 60:23 Death By Diamonds And Pearls (MightyMetronoms Remix)-Band Of Skulls 63:54 Feedin’ Birds-Gonjasufi 65:50 Lottie on BTR 66:50 Where We Belong-Shayfer James 70:02 You Will Surrender-Jail Weddings 72:37 Please, Judge-Roky Erickson With Okkervil River 76:58 Rising Below-Dirty Three 82:34 You are the one-Adanowsky 86:06 Manon-Niki & The Dove 90:50 Lottie on BTR 92:01 Truth (feat. RZA)-Alex Ebert 96:18 Finish The Joy Formidable photo: The Joy Formidable Mar 12, 2012 The Independent-San Francisco,CA Mar 13, 2012 The Independent-San Francisco,CA Mar 14, 2012 The Music Box-Los Angeles,CA Nada Surf photo: Nada Surf Feb 02, 2012 The Tractor Tavern-Seattle,WA Feb 07, 2012 King Tuts-Glasgow,Scotland A Place to Bury Strangers photo: A Place to Bury Strangers Mar 11, 2012 The Urban Lounge-Salt Lake City,UT Mar 12, 2012 The Independent-San Francisco,CA