Music a la Four Tet, S U R F I N G, Zorch, John Maus, Thee Oh Sees, Miro Belle, Glam Shell, Lymbyc Systm, Night Manager, Ty Segall Band, Whirr, Stagnant Pools and more
So much new music! Hell yeah. Two Gallants, Ty Segall Band, Grass Widow, Future Twin, Permanent Collection, Birds & Batteries. Come and get you some!
Rock all day, Rock all the damn night.. I don't care! Fight me, loser! I dare you!
Iceage. Gypsum. Night Panther. Peaking Lights. TV Colors. DIIV. Moons. JJ. Quilt. The Expressions. Clams Casino. Ty Segall Band. Future Shuttle. Magik Markers. And more...
So much new music from the Bay Area this month. Ty Segall Band, Grass Widow, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Birds & Batteries, and so much more
Grass Widow. Ty Segall Band. Diiv. Mister Lies. JJ. Ground Up. Physical Therapy. Son Lux. Jamie Lidell. Booby. Dead Mellotron. Flying Lotus. And more...
recorded in: Latola talks about winners (like the amazing soundtrack for the original Predator, by Alan Silvestri) 00:00 New Dentro 00:49 Latola 01:09 Winning Week 01:37 Latola talks Predator 04:07 Goodbye Bro 05:33 Get To The Chopper 07:00 Blackboard Jungle Dub - Lee "Scratch" Perry 12:05 Latola talks Predator 17:42 Can't See - Dead Mellotron 21:10 Bye - Dead Mellotron 26:13 Latola talks most winning wax sellers on Insound in 2012 thus far 31:44 Fineshrine - Purity Ring 35:14 How Long Have You Known - Diiv 38:47 Latola talks about the new Diiv album, Oshin 42:09 I Bought My Eyes - Ty Segall Band 46:38 Latola says goodbye 48:15 LO-HI - Peaking Lights 55:34 Dream Beat - Peaking Lights 62:01 Morning Star - Peaking Lights 63:37 Finish ("Glitter") Dead Mellotron Live: Jul 1 at The Level Room in Philadelphia, PA Jul 02 at Mercury Lounge in New York, NY Jul 16 at Circle Bar in New Orleans, LA ("Fineshrine" art) Purity Ring Live: Jul 6 at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, ON Jul 7 at Club Soda in Montreal, QC Jul 11 at Mr Small's Theater in Philadelphia, PA Jul 13 at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, IL Jul 14 at The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI ("Conveyor" art) Conveyor Live: Jun 28 at Mercury Lounge in New York, NY Jun 30 at M-room in Philadelphia, PA Jul 01 at Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh, PA Jul 02 at PJ's Lager HouseDetroit, MI Jul 03 at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY Jul 04 at The Indy Hostel in Indianapolis, IN ("Slaughterhouse" art) Ty Segall Band ("Oshin" art) Diiv
DJ Drew's Sunday Show here on BTR
Grass Widow. Thee Oh Sees. Dope Body. Hot Chip. Ty Segall Band. Zorch. SpaceGhostPurrp. Com Truise. Kurt Vile. Suuns. And more...
Oh, what do we have on the show for you today?  You know, just some BRAND NEW Japandroids, Ty Segall, King Tuff, and Tallest Man on Earth.  Does that sound like your dream concert?  ME TOO.  Good thing BTR knows what's what and has the sense to bring all this goodness straight to your listening ears.  And don't forget to check out Facebook and Twitter for all of our latest updates.
TBH, the Rock Show is widely considered to be the hottest show on BTRtoday... It makes hot chocolate look like chocolate ice cream, IHMO. And that's a fact!