Two Inch Punch
Hey we go again/././ Yeahhhhh, ok so this week's show we're dropping some heaviness... But don't get scared away because we'll through in enough melodic love tones to keep your inner child in a perpetual coming-of-age state. So turn it the hell up, find a comfortable spot to have your mind blown_ this is the glitch//idm show! -ed-
Welcome BAcK!!! This week on our awesome show we are bringing the intensity and the subtlety. We got some new stuff I think you'll be into, and of course, some of our old favorites... Other than that, we'll discuss life transitions and your spiritual journeys! ok, let's do it///// Glitch/DM -ed-
Awwww yeah. We went hunting this past week and found a whole bunch of new artists and new tunes that were on the mind-bending side of IDM and Glitch. But it's definitely also a family fun night style of a show too. So bust out your board games and get the sweet tea, because we're about to go on an adventure that will last you, at least an hour...
I'm pretty excited about the show today. We have a lot of new school IDM type of stuff that mixes the heavy beats with the right amount of glitchiness and melodic flavor to keep you in the groove. I'm not totally sure what setting to suggest, so it maybe best just to get in your car, turn this up and drive somewhere that makes you feel happy?
Really cool show this week! So over the last week I have been doing some heavy digging, and was able to find a few new artists to add to the Glitch/DM repertoire. This should open up things nicely over here (and in your ears). Because of that, the show is a little bonkers this time. One minute you will be chunkin' and funkin' and the next you will be soothin' groovin'. Let's do this!