New music in rotation from Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells, Kyler Morrison Band and Ex Debutante. Plus some old favs and a Top 10 remix. Turn it up.
This mix features new music from Hollie Cook, Joan As Police Woman and a BTR Top 10 Countdown (remix).
Jonathan Pilkington Kahnt (aka JPK) joins J this week, filling in for Bryan. JPK is in the bands Mount Sharp (with Bryan), Flying Pace, and Quiet Loudly. Additionally, he’s a gifted singer and…
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the fallout from Michael Wolff’s new book on his days with the Trump campaign and administration.
DJ Emily’s found some talented new acts in her home state of Oklahoma. Enjoy tracks from Rock Paper Gary, So Help Me’s and Space4Lease on today’s mix.