The best artists, albums and songs from 2017
DJ Emily is playing some of her favorite tracks from 2017 over the next three week here on the Tryst. Enjoy the mix!
DJ Emily is bringing you some of her favorite Alt-Country albums played on the show in 2017. Turn up the music and enjoy it this Friday. Tunes from Lydia Loveless, All Our Exes Live In Texas and Roselit Bone in the Mix.
For this special edition of the show, we pause to take a look back at the 40 record labels I've featured so far, from Graveface (Episode 1) to Flying Nun (Episode 49)! I want to hear from you! Would you like to hear interviews with the people behind these labels, or do you prefer just enjoying the sweet mixes that I put together? Also, I want to know about your record label, or your friend's record label, or the label you just discovered and want more people to know about! Leave a message at (408) SUB-INEV or find me on social media at @subinev!
Week 1, no injuries yet, but we celebrate the start of the NFL season with a show of awesome tunes dedicated to blood, broken bones and the inevitable injuries that plague anyone who plays the game of football.
On the show today we’ve got brand new tracks from Oh Sees and the Fresh & Onlys, plus talking about an exciting Joshua Lightshow Show!
Trevor Sensor is a  23-year old songwriter from Sterling, Illinois. With a voice that reveals his clear musical lineage (Guthrie>Dylan>Waits) and a fresh punkish attitude, the prolific Trevor has a lot to say. Musically, he’s been in some great hands already - working with Jonathan Rado of Foxygen and the creative talent of Richard Swift in the studio, as well as the band Whitney backing his tunes on record, things are off to a killer start for this young talent. He stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a few tunes with us in this intimate session.   Trevor Sensor’s debut LP, Andy Warhol’s Dream, is available now from Jagjaguwar.
Trevor Sensor is a 23 year old songwriter from Sterling, Illinois. With a voice that reveals his clear musical lineage (Guthrie>Dylan>Waits) and a fresh punkish attitude, the prolific artist has a lot to say. Things are already off to a killer start musically for this young talent, backed in the studio by Whitney for his first LP with Richard Swift and Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado producing. Trevor stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to share a few tunes with us in this intimate session. Trevor Sensor’s debut LP, Andy Warhol’s Dream, is available now from Jagjaguwar. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Today's show features music from Big Thief, Golden Suits, Songs:Ohia,  and many more!  
This mix is packed with new music and DJ Emily's hand selected some of her favorite tracks. Enjoy this two hours of music.
The best of the best new indie music is all in one spot. Check out the best new albums based on what your favorite BTR DJs are playing. This is The BTR Top 10.
Starting with the Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based Captured Tracks, this week on the show was begin to take a look at the Omnian Music Group, with brand new music from Naomi Punk, Dinner, and more.
Join your favorite BTR DJs for a BBQ on this edition of Roadside Assistance. The crew has picked some tracks for this theme that you're gonna love.
This week, we start out with a look at the Bloomington, Indiana-based Winspear Records and rock out to new music from Great Grandpa, Anthony Mudrick, and Siberian Traps before revisiting some older favorites from other artists whose new releases have been getting a lot of love on the show!
New tunes from Harvey Rushmore and the Octopus, Zuli, Deer Tick and more!
The Tryst is ready for you this Tuesday with two-hours of music. Including an indie dance party to wrap up the show.
Lots of new albums are dropping this summer and we've got the best of the best of them all in one spot. Countdown the top 10 albums on BTR based on what all your favorite DJs are playing.
Why does summer go so fast? Make it stop! Or atleast slow down! DJ Drew is here to help with new new new tunes to extend the summer forever!!!! or until September!
Anthony Mudrick, Lucy Rose, Art Feynman, and The Mynabirds debut new tracks on The Jaunt today.
Go on The Tryst with DJ Emily this Tuesday. Today's mix has a Top 10 Remix to round out the show.
Get the best new tracks in rotation on BTR all in one spot. With the BTR Top 10 countdown.
It's our monthly break from the record label features, and a chance to enjoy a playlist full of great music that may have been previously overlooked on the show, as well as a few choice cuts from the latest releases. As always, you can call to share you thoughts and possibly be a part of the show at (408) SUB-INEV.
Brand new tracks courtesy of Matthew Dear, Protomartyr, Gabrielle Marlena, and The Mynabirds!
The Tryst is your two-hour Tuesday mix on BTR. Join DJ Emily for this week's edition which includes tons of new music and an all-female set to end the show.
The best new indie music out there and it's all in one spot. Turn up the music, we've got a brand new number one!
Huge Live Studio block! Huge doubleshot block! Why not? It's July! Let's do it!
It's the Fourth of July and DJ Emily has the perfect two hour set for you holiday celebration.
The best of the best new tunes to kick off the week hear at BTR! Turn up the mix with DJ Emily.
Get your Alt-Country fix on this Sunday mix. Enjoy this mix with your host DJ Emily.
Is it 4th of July weekend? Is it just another weekend in the summer? Let's figure this out together with some good tunes and an awesome doubleshot on Dealer's Choice on BTR
New tracks on today's show courtesy of Palm, Ride, Wilder Maker, Reduction Plan and more!
Two-hours of tunes for your Tuesday, hosted by DJ Emily.
All the best new indie music around and it's in one spot. The BTR Top 10 Countdown.
This week we head to Seattle to check out the latest and greatest from the 20+ year running Suicide Squeeze Records before getting into some other new releases!
New music from Rainer Maria. Get stoked!
I've dubbed this week's show "The Flood Warning" playlist. Because it's chill, yet fun
The best new music in rotation on the site. This week we have a brand new number one. Turn the music up so we can count down.
J is back again and the hostful duo accidentally put together a random crop of songs that actually make for a good mixtape. There may be no talk of winning in the episode, but they surely win real big, nonetheless -- no duds in the bunch this week!
Today on Garbage Garage we feature bands playing Firefly Music Fest, plus new tunes from Big Thief, Dot, and Celebration!
This week we dig into the past couple weeks of brand new releases before taking a little trip up the road to New Paltz, NY to check out some music from the Team Love record label!  
Brand new tracks today from Beach Fossils, Celebration, Trevor Sensor and more!
There's an app for everything -- including STDs.
New tunes from Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Celebration, Mo Meets Mongoose and more!
We talk with Dr. Prum about finding answers about human reproductive politics in animal sex selection.
This week I feature all kinds of new stuff that's all amazing and that's what I always do. So, you're welcome for delivering.
Good Tunes, Lollapalooza updates, and some info on new music from Animal Collective. It's all coming your way on today's mix.
Today on The Jaunt, we will be listening to new music by Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, Holly MacVe, Sarah Bethe Nelson, and more!
Two hours of tunes for your Tuesday. Join DJ Emily on a Tryst. You'll find new music and some older favorites in the mix.
DJRePete is transitioning from holidays to winter hibernation in the Listening Booth w/blues/jazz via Zach Brock + electro with Haley Bonar!