Wow! Already half way through 2016! It's been a very good year for NEW MUSIC so far, so we're taking this week to pay our respects to some of the best of it. We open with a set of weirdo pop and indie rock featuring heavy-hitters like HOOPS, DRUG PIZZA, THE WORLD, THE BIBS... oh my! Then we hit you with the loud/fast stuff, like tracks from KALEIDOSCOPE, LEMONADE, RADIATION RISKS, JJ DOLL... it's just crazy. So listen hard and listen good, my dearies!
Wow! New choon from the almighty KERO KERO BONITO and it's an instant hit! Plus more great pop from KIP MCGRATH, GRAPE ROOM, THE PILLS, and more more more! It's all pop this week and it rules. Deal with it!
Today we take a listen to tracks from The Prits, Grimm Doza, Treehouse, $3.33, Useless Eaters, Josh Zielinski, Kaleidoscope, and Hush!
Hey hey hey! Classic set this week! We kick things off with some new good stuff from THE PRITS, CHOOK RACE, SMILES on the rock end of the spectrum. Then we take a turn into more postpunk/weirdo territory with TREEHOUSE, FILTHY HUNS, DUMB WOLVES, and more more more!
Oh yesss... Oh, yesss... This week on Overnight Sensation, "RnR" does NOT mean "Rest and Relaxation." It means "ROCK and ROLL," dammit! Hard rockin' new hits from the almighty SHEER MAG, GINO and the GOONS, Scott Deadelus, Dicktations, come on! It doesn't get and better than this.
Wowee, this week's show is a real winner! We react to new songs from Twerps, Okay Kaya, Waxahatchee, Klaus Layer, Julian Cubillos, and Elvis Depressedly.