Take your honey to a badass show in Brooklyn & you'll have one unforgettable day of love.
Welcome back to New Vibrations!!! This week I'm spinning some real great shit! And by spinning I in no way mean vinyl because we're hi-tech over here and use technology, but I like to pretend like I'm old school and am spinning records. So enjoy these dope records I'll be spinning for you... I did something special for you guys 'cause I'm a tad hungover, so the first half of the playlist are, of course, brand spanking new releases just released within the new year (or maybe a few in Dec./Nov.--still v new!) And then the second half of the playlist are tracks I rounded up from previous shows, because January is a month of retrospect and reviewing your past and I wanted to do just that with the show and dang I've played some great music on here! So enjoy and I love you all my bbs! xoxo
Check out Garbage Garage today with a salute today Minneapolis spinning tracks from Lizzo, Haley Bonar, Low, and more...
Get your ears ready for some tunes that'll make you feel crazy, safe, and wild all in one! It's quite satisfying.
On tap on the Listening Booth with DJRePete: new alt rock from Del Caesar and Flying Pace, and electro crossover with Scam Avenue and Sad13!
Today on the show we’re honoring Sharon Jones, plus a new track from Thee Oh Sees…