Happy CMJ! Chill out after a busy week with today's broadcast of the Folk Wave!
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Tune in today for tons of new music on The Folk Wave!
Tons of brand new music on today's show!
Travis Bretzer kicks off this edition of the Folk Wave on BTR!
Today's show kicks off with music from Travis Bretzer and Eleanor Friedberger!
Tuesday's 90-minute music mix is ready for you!
Let's punch Monday in the face, shall we?
Today's show features new music from Owen and Eleanor Friedberger!
We have got it ALL on the show today. First of all, we've got The Impressions starting off the show, who are a 1958 R&B group from Chicago. We've got So Percussion, a jazz quartet from Brooklyn. We've got new Hot Chip and all kinds of crazy electronic tunes. Plus all your favorite indie rock from the likes of Fred Thomas and Yellow Ostrich. So stay tuned for a sampling of all the best BTR has to offer!
On this week's show, we explore the concept of "shopping without spending," with Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, the two co-founders of a trendy new swapping site, Bib + Tuck. In our conversation, Sari A. and Sari B. talk about how their friendship and shared love for fashion led to this pioneering project, the nuts and bolts of how Bib + Tuck functions as a swap site, what makes Bib + Tuck a unique clothes-share resource, and a few of their own memorable bibs (gives) and tucks (takes). Plus, a playlist chock-full of awesome music, including new tunes from Gauntlet Hair, Pure Bathing Culture, Travis Bretzer and Grant Hart, as well as some not-new (but still beautiful) tracks from Loney Dear and Denison Witmer. All that's coming your way this hour, so stay tuned to Sew & Tell on BTR!
The 18th day of July. Summer 2013. Music.