As the year comes to a close and 2015 edges ever closer by the day, the UK Hip Hop scene reflects on 2014 with a healthy smile as heads rocks back and forth. Like always in December Sinista & Stark Note play some of the best tracks of the year and reflect on the dopeness. With tracks from the likes of English Frank, Phili N Dotz, Genesis Elijah and many more. Everyone at the UK Hip Hop show would like to wish all the listeners of Break Thru Radio a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
After last month's 50th extravaganza you might expect a bit of a come down with this instalment of the UK Hip Hop show. BUT NO!!! Sinista & Stark Note return with golden sounds from the treasure chest that is the UK Hip Hop scene. With music from TPS Fam (their "Hot Water Music" effort is Album Of The Month), Three Headed Beast, Manage and many more. Mark B & Blade's Album "The Unknown" features in Classic Corner to the delight of your ear drums this month. So chill out, pump it up and enjoy some fresh UK sounds.